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Oregon Federal Census Index 1900
Baker County Series T624
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Valad, StellaBaker City Ward 11631233
Valentine, CarolineBaker City Ward 31631784
Valentine, ClarenceBaker City Ward 31631781
Valentine, DorasBaker City Ward 41621888
Valentine, EmmaBaker City Ward 41622616
Valentine, F. L.Virtue173132
Valentine, Florida A.Baker City Ward 41622587
Valentine, Frank E.Baker City Ward 41622586
Valentine, Frank L.Baker City Ward 31631783
Valentine, Frank L. Jr.Baker City Ward 31631785
Valentine, IvaBaker City Ward 31631782
Valentine, LeonardBaker City Ward 41622617
Valentine, SamuelBaker City Ward 41622615
Vally, ChesterBaker City Ward 116344
Vally, EdwardBaker City Ward 116343
Vally, GertrudeBaker City Ward 116345
Van Boggett, BlondinaVirtue173279
Van Boggett, EmmaVirtue173281
Van Boggett, JosieVirtue173283
Van Boggett, LenaVirtue173282
Van Boggett, LizzieVirtue173280
Van Boggett, S.Virtue173278
Van Boggett, SylviaVirtue173284
Van Buren, Putman E.South Sumpter179850
Vance, BerthaBaker City Ward 31631616
Vance, EvatBourne180662
Van Cleave, CharlesCleary165148
Van Cleave, EdwardCleary165149
Van Cleave, EdwinUnity164294
Van Cleave, Horace C.Unity164293
Van Cleave, Mary A.Unity164290
Van Cleave, Mary A.Cleary165145
Van Cleave, NewtonCleary165146
Van Cleave, Newton T.Unity164291
Van Cleave, Thomas B.Unity164289
Van Cleave, Thos B.Cleary165144
Van Cleave, William C.Unity164292
Van Cleave, William T.Cleary165147
Van Cleve, ArchieDepot175112
VanCleve, Fred A.Baker City Ward 1162936
Van Cleve, LuellaDepot175113
Van Coppenolle, AimeePrecinct No 1177284
Van Coppenolle, AlbertPrecinct No 1177286
Van Coppenolle, FernandePrecinct No 1177285
Van Coppenolle, FrankPrecinct No 1177287
Van Coppenolle, TheoPrecinct No 1177283
Vandebert, WilliamBaker City Ward 31633019
Vandecar, ByronPrecinct No 117735
Vandecar, FordPrecinct No 117737
Vandecar, MaryPrecinct No 117739
Vandecar, RobertPrecinct No 117738
Vandecar, RosePrecinct No 117736
Vandennaker, CorneliusBaker City Ward 31632744
Vandennaker, JohnBaker City Ward 31632743
Vanderwalker, AugustBourne180319
Vanderwalker, JosieBourne180252
Vanderwalker, NoraBourne180251
Vanderwalker, ReinaBourne180250
Vanderwall, AnnaRock Creek17632
Vanderwall, F*undRock Creek176571
Vanderwall, Garrett W.Rock Creek17631
Vanderwall, Herring H.Rock Creek17636
Vanderwall, Leona b.Rock Creek17634
Vanderwall, Roy E.Rock Creek17635
Vanderwall, Sylvia S.Rock Creek17633
Van der Wort, LuidsayVirtue173344
Van Duyan, Charles A.South Sumpter1791292
Van Duyan, Charles S.South Sumpter1791289
Van Duyan, Cora S.South Sumpter1791290
Van Duyan, Edna L.South Sumpter1791293
Van Duyan, Walter H.South Sumpter1791291
Vanina, CharlesBaker City Ward 11631074
Vannoy, ArthurSouth Sumpter179870
Van Omer, William A.Weatherby168230
Van Ormer, HughSouth Baker174290
Van Ormer, LeroySouth Baker174289
Van Ormer, LettiaSouth Baker174287
Van Ormer, Wm W.South Baker174288
Van Patten, Charles A.Bridgeport166144
Van Patten, Frank K.Bridgeport166142
Van Patten, Fredrick G.Pocahontas175526
Van Patten, GeorgeBridgeport166141
Van Patten, Ota S.Bridgeport166143
Van Slyke, Edgar A.South Sumpter1791161
Van Slyke, LauraSouth Sumpter1791162
Van Slyke, Ray L.South Sumpter1791163
Vanstralen, Albert J.Baker City Ward 41622152
Vanstralen, Irene L.Baker City Ward 41622155
Vanstralen, Lola G.Baker City Ward 41622153
Vanstralen, Rufus E.Baker City Ward 41622154
Vanstralor, AlbertBaker City Ward 41623030
Vanstralor, Lola A.Baker City Ward 41623031
Vanstralor, Rufus A.Baker City Ward 41623032
VanWinkle, Harry W.North Sumpter179699
VanWinkle, John R.North Sumpter179698
Varney, Egbert J.South Baker17465
Varney, Egbert Y.Baker City Ward 31633171
Varns, Emil P.Baker City Ward 116263
Varns, EmmaBaker City Ward 116264
Varns, Ruth E.Baker City Ward 116265
Vass, Alma G.Baker City Ward 41621826
Vass, Ida G.Baker City Ward 41621825
Vass, JohnBaker City Ward 41621824
Vass, John R.Baker City Ward 41621827
Vass, Thomas A.Baker City Ward 41621828
Vaughan, MillieSouth Sumpter179985
Vaughan, NellieBaker City Ward 41621979
Vaughan, William F.Baker City Ward 41621978
Vaughn, AdaBaker City Ward 2163193
Vaughn, Ada F.Baker City Ward 1162940
Vaughn, Albert B.Baker City Ward 31631946
Vaughn, Ella E.Baker City Ward 31631948
Vaughn, Ida A.Baker City Ward 31631947
Vaughn, LaurenceSouth Baker17426
Vaughn, Roy N.Baker City Ward 31631949
Veale, CoraHuntington169791
Veale, RobertHuntington169790
Vealey, LouisHuntington169652
Veddes, Archibald T.South Sumpter179959
Venable, LenardBaker City Ward 31633481
Vennin, JohnBourne180282
Vennin, MyrtleBourne180284
Vennin, NellieBourne180283
Verba, FrankRock Creek176666
Vercoe, William H.Baker City Ward 1163953
Verhaag, MattWeatherby168222
Vermillion, BlancheVirtue173184
Vermillion, ClaudeVirtue173183
Vermillion, John M.Virtue173180
Vermillion, MaudVirtue173182
Vermillion, OraVirtue173181
Vernielion, CharlieHuntington169293
Vernon, Bessie W.Wingville175939
Vernon, EudenielWingville175938
Vernon, Thomas B.Wingville175937
Vernon, Thomas D.Baker City Ward 41622936
Verunda, ButtWillows175669
Veshaug*, LouisBaker City Ward 11621380
Vestoma, M.Baker City Ward 1163866
Vett, AlexanderBourne18069
Vetter, Chas A.North Sumpter179161
Vial, John L. B.Baker City Ward 31632933
Vigores, ArthurBaker City Ward 41622010
Vigores, FannyBaker City Ward 4162209
Vilgater, georgeUnity164239
Vincent, Frank L.Precinct No 1177362
Vincent, JosephBaker City Ward 1162894
Vincent, Sell J.Baker City Ward 2163288
Vinzelberg, ChesterHuntington169387
Vinzelberg, Doris S.Huntington169388
Vinzelberg, MarieHuntington169390
Vinzelberg, WillieHuntington169389
Vinzelbert, LouiseHuntington169498
Vizleburg, AugustaHuntington16966
Vizleburg, IdaHuntington16965
Vogle, CharlieHuntington169811
Vogler, CharleyHuntington169294
Volkenant, Herman M.Huntington169520
Votaw, DavidBaker City Ward 3163301
Votaw, Jennie M.Baker City Ward 3163302
Votaw, Sena D.Baker City Ward 3163303
Vriet, JohnSouth Baker174467
Vroom, William H.Parker181372

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Last Updated on 3 April 2012
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