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Oregon Federal Census Index 1900
Baker County Series T623
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Rae, Zeb J.Bourne180565
Rafferty, BridgetBaker City Ward 11631080
Rafferty, JamesBaker City Ward 11631079
Rafferty, JohnParker181370
Ragsdale, Coinna P.Huntington169285
Ragsdale, Cordin, C.Huntington169288
Ragsdale, Edna L.Huntington169287
Ragsdale, Janice E.Huntington169286
Raht, AnnaBaker City Ward 31633652
Raht, AnnaSouth Sumpter17991
Raht, Carl F.South Sumpter1798100
Raht, Charles F.Baker City Ward 31633651
Rainey, JasRock Creek176470
Ramsdell, Nancy A.South Sumpter17983
Ramsey, Michel B.South Sumpter1791791
Rancas, Alver W.Baker City Ward 31632877
Rand, DeweySouth Sumpter1791230
Rand, EdwardSouth Sumpter1791227
Rand, EthelSouth Sumpter1791229
Rand, Leonela J.South Sumpter1791228
Randall, Ellen M.Baker City Ward 41621829
Randall, Frank I.North Sumpter179758
Randall, Mary E.Baker City Ward 41621830
Randall, SamuelPrecinct No 1177289
Randolph, RoyParker181172
Rankin, AlexanderBaker City Ward 31632736
Rankin, Charles W.Baker City Ward 31633489
Rankin, Eliza M.Baker City Ward 31632737
Rankin, GeorgeBaker City Ward 11631353
Rankin, JasNorth Sumpter179724
Rankin, JohnBaker City Ward 1163933
Rankin, Joseph A.Baker City Ward 41622717
Rankin, NellieBaker City Ward 11631238
Rased*, Edith G.Baker City Ward 1162765
Rased*, Irving H.Baker City Ward 1162766
Rased*, John S.Baker City Ward 1162764
Ratcliff, CharlesBaker City Ward 1163419
Ratcliff, EdnaAlder172268
Ratcliff, Elisebeth H.Alder172265
Ratcliff, JohnRye Valley167211
Ratcliff, JohneyAlder172269
Ratcliff, MattieAlder172266
Ratcliff, RobertAlder172264
Ratcliff, SarahAlder172267
Ratcliffe, HannahExpress17152
Ratcliffe, JohnExpress17151
Ratcliffe, MiloExpress17153
Ratford, SigmundBaker City Ward 31633248
Rathbun, EdwardMcEwen178225
Raundy, Flowrence E.Willows175622
Raundy, Perry A.Willows175621
Raver, AliceNorth Sumpter179289
Raver, ChaunceyNorth Sumpter179290
Raver, EarlNorth Sumpter179291
Raver, EdnaNorth Sumpter179292
Raver, ElmerNorth Sumpter179293
Raver, FloydNorth Sumpter179294
Raver, Russell A.North Sumpter179288
Rawer, JessieNorth Sumpter179416
Rawer, WilliamNorth Sumpter179415
Rawson, EdwardBourne180672
Rawson, Edward T.Baker City Ward 41622239
Rawson, Nellie A.Baker City Ward 41622241
Rawson, Phebe E.Baker City Ward 41622240
Rawson, Samuel E.Baker City Ward 41622242
Ray, Charles W.Baker City Ward 41622723
Ray, GraceBaker City Ward 31633042
Ray, Joseph G.South Sumpter1791374
Raybon, Adda M.Baker City Ward 1163918
Raybon, BenjaminBaker City Ward 1163917
Rea, Allien A.Baker City Ward 31633035
Rea, Charles w.Baker City Ward 31633032
Rea, Charles W.Baker City Ward 31633034
Rea, ChattieBaker City Ward 31633037
Rea, Chauncey B.Baker City Ward 41621591
Rea, Edward C.Baker City Ward 41621592
Rea, Frank T.Baker City Ward 41621587
Rea, George W.Baker City Ward 41621588
Rea, Hannah M.Baker City Ward 31633033
Rea, Helen J.Baker City Ward 41621590
Rea, James M.Baker City Ward 41621585
Rea, James M.Baker City Ward 41621589
Rea, Leslie T.Baker City Ward 31633036
Rea, Mary R.Baker City Ward 41621586
Reagan, JohnRye Valley167160
Reamer, Daniel A.North Sumpter179711
Redding, Allen C.Baker City Ward 31633615
Redding, Allen C.Bourne180427
Redding, AnnaHuntington169920
Redding, HarryBaker City Ward 31633617
Redding, HarryHuntington169918
Redding, HarryBourne180429
Redding, John H.Huntington169921
Redding, MayBaker City Ward 31633616
Redding, MayBourne180428
Redding, RuthBaker City Ward 31633618
Redding, RuthBourne180430
Redding, SarrahHuntington169919
Redfield, Frank W.South Sumpter1791815
Reed, Belle L.Bridgeport16627
Reed, Birdie A.Cleary165233
Reed, Edward K.South Sumpter179887
Reed, Francis M.Cleary165230
Reed, GreyNorth Sumpter179124
Reed, Harvey J.Parker181189
Reed, HenryParker181281
Reed, JamesBridgeport166272
Reed, Jessie C.Bourne180165
Reed, JosephBaker City Ward 3163171
Reed, Joseph E.Bourne180645
Reed, Lillie B.Cleary165231
Reed, Mary R.Cleary165232
Reed, May J.Baker City Ward 11621032
Reed, Nellie P.Cleary165234
Reed, Tabor M.Cleary165229
Reeder, GarySouth Sumpter1791856
Reedy, Edward E.Connor Creek170131
Reedy, James E.Connor Creek170127
Reedy, MaryConnor Creek170128
Reel, Clara S.Baker City Ward 3163309
Reel, John W.Baker City Ward 3163308
Reel, John W.Baker City Ward 31633011
Reel, Pearl C.Baker City Ward 31633010
Reese, AlbanBaker City Ward 31632941
Reese, AmandaBaker City Ward 31632944
Reese, AnnieBaker City Ward 31632935
Reese, Campbell C.North Sumpter179228
Reese, ClarenceBaker City Ward 31632938
Reese, DavidBaker City Ward 31632937
Reese, EllaBaker City Ward 31632940
Reese, GertrudeNorth Sumpter179229
Reese, GladysNorth Sumpter179230
Reese, HarryBaker City Ward 31632943
Reese, HowardBaker City Ward 31632936
Reese, JosephBaker City Ward 31632934
Reese, WarrenBaker City Ward 31632942
Reese, WilliamBaker City Ward 31632939
Reeves, AmandaBaker City Ward 31633432
Reeves, Arrel V.Parker181556
Reeves, Charles L.South Sumpter1791284
Reeves, ClaraBaker City Ward 31633433
Reeves, Eliza J.South Sumpter1791285
Reeves, Emma F.Baker City Ward 1162843
Reeves, JamesBaker City Ward 31632759
Reeves, JamesBaker City Ward 31633431
Reeves, John R.Precinct No 1177334
Reeves, MarionBaker City Ward 1162945
Reeves, William H.Rock Creek176511
Regar, JohnBaker City Ward 31632683
Regar, Nellie M.Baker City Ward 31632684
Regene, WilliamBaker City Ward 11631083
Reichson, Anna J.Baker City Ward 41622932
Reiber, AlvinaHuntington1691164
Reiber, GeorgeHuntington1691165
Reiber, PeterHuntington1691163
Reichstein, CharlesNorth Sumpter179673
Reichstein, FredNorth Sumpter179674
Reichstein, WilliamNorth Sumpter179672
Reid, AndrewBaker City Ward 31632131
Reid, Anna M.Baker City Ward 31632128
Reid, John S.Baker City Ward 31632127
Reid, John V.Precinct No 1177369
Reid, PearlBaker City Ward 31632129
Reid, Robert R.Baker City Ward 31632133
Reid, SarahBaker City Ward 31632132
Reid, WilliamBaker City Ward 31632130
Reiff, JohnSouth Sumpter179881
Reilley, LorettaSouth Sumpter1791525
Reilly, AddieSouth Sumpter1791524
Reilly, Harry I.South Sumpter1791523
Reilly, James S.North Sumpter17977
Reilly, Lucy C.Baker City Ward 41621680
Reiman, WalterBourne180194
Reinke, Otto A.Express171146
Relling, Francis E.Rock Creek176327
Relling, Leo U. G.Rock Creek176328
Remlah, William G.Baker City Ward 1163464
Remmington, NicholasSouth Sumpter1791829
Rendall, DavidBaker City Ward 1163652
Renon, MariePrecinct No 1177288
Renshaw, Frank A.Express171240
Reppert, Hid C.Parker181355
Rest, Alexander E.Baker City Ward 2162261
Rest, Celia I.Baker City Ward 2162262
Reynolds, ClarenceBaker City Ward 31633018
Reynolds, Edwin W.Baker City Ward 31632056
Reynolds, EllaBaker City Ward 31633015
Reynolds, Eugene P.Baker City Ward 2162348
Reynolds, Fannie E.Baker City Ward 1163456
Reynolds, George W.Baker City Ward 31633014
Reynolds, James A.North Powder176111
Reynolds, Louis P.Baker City Ward 31632059
Reynolds, MadelahBaker City Ward 2162346
Reynolds, MamieBaker City Ward 31632060
Reynolds, Marguret D.Baker City Ward 31632057
Reynolds, MaryHuntington169144
Reynolds, Mary R.Rock Creek17654
Reynolds, Mar**Baker City Ward 2162347
Reynolds, MillieBaker City Ward 31632058
Reynolds, MontieBaker City Ward 31633017
Reynolds, WalterBaker City Ward 31633016
Reynolds, Walter L.Baker City Ward 1163455
Reynolds, WilliamBaker City Ward 2162345
Rhinehart, Edward N.Baker City Ward 41621869
Rhinehart, EllaBaker City Ward 41631481
Rhinehart, Flora B.Baker City Ward 11621362
Rhinehart, Minnie O.Baker City Ward 41621870
Rhinehart, Samuel W.Baker City Ward 41621871
Rhodes, JennieBaker City Ward 1163577
Rhodes, John E.Baker City Ward 1162679
Rice, Edwin A.Precinct No 1177342
Rice, Emma C.Huntington169139
Rice, JackHaines176119
Rich, PhillipHuntington169684
Richard, CoraSouth Sumpter1791362
Richard, Dicey E.North Sumpter179263
Richard, JohnNorth Sumpter179264
Richard, WilliamSouth Sumpter1791363
Richards, AngeloBaker City Ward 31633590
Richards, ClaraBaker City Ward 31633588
Richards, Fanny A.Huntington169246
Richards, HaroldSouth Sumpter1791555
Richards, JessieBaker City Ward 31633589
Richards, MaidieSouth Sumpter1791554
Richards, MaudieHuntington169247
Richards, RichardBaker City Ward 31633586
Richards, Saddie L.South Sumpter1791556
Richards, StevenHuntington169245
Richards, ThelmaBaker City Ward 31633591
Richards, WalterSouth Sumpter1791553
Richards, Zella A.Baker City Ward 31633587
Richardson, Angelo R.Rock Creek17659
Richardson, ChancyBaker City Ward 31632551
Richardson, Clara V.Baker City Ward 31633126
Richardson, ClarenceBaker City Ward 31632554
Richardson, Clarence S.Rock Creek17657
Richardson, EdnaBaker City Ward 31631945
Richardson, EdnaBaker City Ward 31632557
Richardson, EdwardBaker City Ward 31631943
Richardson, ElmaRock Creek176510
Richardson, ElraBaker City Ward 31632555
Richardson, Emma J.Rock Creek17656
Richardson, Emory H.Baker City Ward 31633125
Richardson, EugeneMcEwen178234
Richardson, GeorgeHuntington169647
Richardson, George A.South Baker174233
Richardson, GraceBaker City Ward 31632553
Richardson, HelenBaker City Ward 1163102
Richardson, IvyBaker City Ward 4162203
Richardson, JamesBaker City Ward 1163101
Richardson, JamesBridgeport166161
Richardson, JesseRock Creek17658
Richardson, LarkinsSouth Sumpter1791748
Richardson, Lona J.South Sumpter179852
Richardson, LottiBaker City Ward 31632552
Richardson, LuluBaker City Ward 31632556
Richardson, MaryBaker City Ward 1163618
Richardson, MayBaker City Ward 31631944
Richardson, MinervaBaker City Ward 31633124
Richardson, RobertBaker City Ward 1163103
Richardson, S.Rock Creek17655
Richardson, WallaceBaker City Ward 31633127
Richmond, CatherineBaker City Ward 11631347
Richmond, Henry C.Baker City Ward 11631348
Richmond, John H.Rock Creek176674
Richmond, PearlRock Creek176677
Richmond, Sarah E.Rock Creek176675
Richmond, WilliamBaker City Ward 11631346
Rickets, SylvesterRock Creek176649
Rideneur, Jos L.Rock Creek17638
Riggs, Charles L.South Sumpter1791125
Riggs, Edward A.North Powder17629
Riggs, Ethel V.South Sumpter1791126
Riggs, Hattie M.North Powder176231
Riggs, JamesBaker City Ward 41622059
Riggs, James E.Baker City Ward 41622061
Riggs, John J.South Sumpter1791122
Riggs, Jules D.South Sumpter1791124
Riggs, Ora M.South Sumpter1791127
Riggs, Robert C.South Sumpter1791128
Riggs, Sarah J.Baker City Ward 41622060
Riggs, VinaSouth Sumpter1791123
Rigs, CyrusSouth Baker17459
Riley, Bell F.South Sumpter1791587
Riley, EdwardHuntington169820
Riley, HenryBaker City Ward 41631424
Riley, JamesExpress171364
Riley, LoreneBaker City Ward 41631423
Riley, PaulineBaker City Ward 41631422
Riley, Robert M.South Sumpter1791586
Riley, Roscoe C.South Sumpter1791588
Riley, Walter P.Precinct No 1177370
Riley, WilliamBaker City Ward 41631421
Rimbol, CharlesBaker City Ward 41622515
Rinard, BenjaminBaker City Ward 31633064
Rinard, BenjaminBaker City Ward 31633070
Rinard, DanielBaker City Ward 31633063
Rinard, GraceBaker City Ward 31633069
Rinard, JosephBaker City Ward 31633066
Rinard, LouiseBaker City Ward 31633065
Rinard, LouiseBaker City Ward 31633067
Rinard, RaymondBaker City Ward 31633068
Riner, Flossie M.Baker City Ward 41621941
Riner, Russel M.Baker City Ward 41621940
Rinerson, George O.South Sumpter179836
Ring, MaryBaker City Ward 31632212
Ring, MichaelBaker City Ward 31632211
Ring, MichellBaker City Ward 31632213
Ringe, AntoneBaker City Ward 1163665
Rinehart, ThomasBourne180619
Rink, AggieRock Creek176724
Rink, AmosRock Creek176723
Rink, AndrewRock Creek176729
Rink, Bert S.Rock Creek176710
Rink, John A.Rock Creek176731
Rink, MollyRock Creek176711
Rink, Wm A.Rock Creek176730
Rinshaw, JamesBaker City Ward 1162768
Ripley, ChristinaSouth Sumpter1791214
Ritch, P. F.Virtue173364
Ritch, R. L.Virtue173365
Ritch, W. M.Virtue173363
Ritchie, Anna C.Baker City Ward 41622670
Ritchie, JohnBaker City Ward 41622669
Ritchie, Leotta M.Baker City Ward 41622671
Ritchuie, FredrickNorth Sumpter179756
Rith, CalebBourne180510
Ritson, Barbara MayBaker City Ward 2163156
Ritson, EdithBaker City Ward 2163157
Ritson, John T.Baker City Ward 3163163
Ritson, JosephBaker City Ward 2163154
Ritson, MarinckayeBaker City Ward 2163155
Ritson, Rose E.Baker City Ward 3163164
Ritter, H. A.Virtue173233
Riverco*, LauraBourne180547
Riverco*, WilliamBourne180546
Rivers, HarryParker181369
Rivor, Abraham L.Baker City Ward 1162897
Rizer, MikeBaker City Ward 31633135
Rizer, NinaBaker City Ward 31633137
Rizer, StellaBaker City Ward 31633136
Rizor, Ben C.Alder172318
Rizor, Carl W.Alder172322
Rizor, Clarance B.Alder172320
Rizor, Dora L.Alder172314
Rizor, EdnaAlder172316
Rizor, Estella B.Alder172334
Rizor, GeorgeAlder172326
Rizor, George A.Alder172321
Rizor, Guy G.Alder172323
Rizor, Hannah J.Alder172319
Rizor, JakeobAlder172313
Rizor, John J.Alder172333
Rizor, LoraAlder172329
Rizor, MyrtleAlder172315
Rizor, PeterAlder172286
Rizor, Ruby B.Alder172335
Rizor, SamuelAlder172336
Rizor, Sarah E.Alder172327
Rizor, ThelmaAlder172330
Rizor, WesleyAlder172328
Roach, Ernnest G.Weatherby168123
Roach, Henrietta B.Weatherby168122
Roach, Ralph H.Weatherby168124
Roach, ThomasWeatherby168121
Robbinano, PeterSouth Sumpter179186
Robbins, Alice M.Rock Creek176383
Robbins, Charles H.North Sumpter179575
Robbins, Chester M.Rock Creek176384
Robbins, Daniel C.Baker City Ward 31631786
Robbins, Edith L.North Sumpter179573
Robbins, GrantRock Creek176382
Robbins, Jacob F.North Sumpter179574
Robbins, Jacob H.North Sumpter179572
Robbins, MannieBaker City Ward 31631787
Robert, AugustSouth Sumpter179844
Roberts, Alfred M.Haines176948
Roberts, AlphaBaker City Ward 31632352
Roberts, AlphaWillows175657
Roberts, Burns E.Rock Creek176319
Roberts, CharlesExpress171135
Roberts, Charles W.Bourne180469
Roberts, Don A.Baker City Ward 3163175
Roberts, EdwardRye Valley167192
Roberts, EthelBaker City Ward 31632353
Roberts, Ethel V.Willows175658
Roberts, Eunice B.Haines176950
Roberts, FloranceHaines176949
Roberts, Fred G.McEwen178316
Roberts, Ida M.Baker City Ward 416228100
Roberts, JohnPrecinct No 1177186
Roberts, LouiseSouth Sumpter179811
Roberts, MaxBaker City Ward 31632351
Roberts, Maxwell E.Willows175656
Roberts, Oscar W.Precinct No 1177355
Roberts, OttoHaines176826
Roberts, RobertWeatherby16817
Roberts, Rose G.Haines176947
Roberts, RubyHuntington169370
Roberts, SophroniaHaines176946
Roberts, Virgil V.North Powder176112
Roberts, W. H.Virtue17337
Roberts, William G.Haines176951
Roberts, William L.Haines176945
Robertson, ClaraBourne180292
Robertson, GertrudeBourne180411
Robertson, IdaBourne180294
Robertson, JesseBourne180293
Robertson, Percy L.Bourne180412
Robertson, Peter C.Bourne180410
Robertson, WilliamBourne180291
Robins, CharlieSouth Sumpter1791547
Robins, Margaret E.South Sumpter1791548
Robinson, Boyd E.Baker City Ward 1162826
Robinson, Catherine M.Baker City Ward 31632290
Robinson, CharlesBaker City Ward 31632291
Robinson, EdwardBaker City Ward 31632843
Robinson, ErvinBaker City Ward 31632845
Robinson, EugeneBaker City Ward 31632294
Robinson, Eva J.Baker City Ward 1162825
Robinson, Fred P.Baker City Ward 116295
Robinson, George C.Baker City Ward 1162824
Robinson, George J.Baker City Ward 1162828
Robinson, George H.Huntington16959
Robinson, Gladys M.Express171120
Robinson, Harry C.Baker City Ward 1162986
Robinson, Hazel G.Express171119
Robinson, James E.Bridgeport16617
Robinson, Julia H.North Sumpter179126
Robinson, William A.North Sumpter179125
Robinson, Laura W.Baker City Ward 31632844
Robinson, LouisaBaker City Ward 31632292
Robinson, LusterBaker City Ward 31632846
Robinson, Margaret S.Baker City Ward 1162827
Robinson, Martha A.Express171117
Robinson, MarvinBaker City Ward 31632295
Robinson, Oliver E.Express171118
Robinson, Oliver R.Express171116
Robinson, Verna O.Express171121
Robinson, WilliamBaker City Ward 31632289
Robinson, WilliamBaker City Ward 31632293
Robinson, William L.South Sumpter179152
Robliani, BertParker181389
Robliani, ClottdeParker181390
Robliani, FrankParker181391
Roblin, Charles E.North Sumpter179172
Robuson, JoeHuntington1691125
Rockwood, FredBaker City Ward 31632853
Rockwood, JohannaBaker City Ward 31632854
Rockwood, OltueBaker City Ward 31632852
Rockwood, WilliamBourne18036
Rockwood, William H.Baker City Ward 31632851
Roderick, LynnBaker City Ward 2162279
Robertson, Catherine S.Baker City Ward 41621616
Robertson, Nannie E.Baker City Ward 41621615
Rodger, EarnestHuntington169625
Rodgers, Geo B.Rock Creek176467
Rodifor, Ahsel W.Baker City Ward 41622810
Rodifor, ElizabethBaker City Ward 41622814
Rodifor, FlorenceBaker City Ward 41622812
Rodifor, Jennie P.Baker City Ward 41622815
Rodifor, Lester C.Baker City Ward 41622811
Rodifor, Louisa G.Baker City Ward 4162289
Rodifor, MaryBaker City Ward 41622813
Rodifor, WilliamBaker City Ward 4162288
Rodkey, EsthaNorth Sumpter179315
Rodkey, Sara J.North Sumpter179314
Roe, MichaelSouth Baker174511
Roeb, AdamBaker City Ward 11631116
Roeb, JosephineBaker City Ward 11631115
Roethler, Alma C.Haines176838
Roethler, Althena J.Haines176832
Roethler, Amos M.Haines176834
Roethler, Anna E.Haines176833
Roethler, Cora M.Haines176835
Roethler, Ernest I.Haines176839
Roethler, Hazel J.Haines176837
Roethler, PeterHaines176831
Roethler, Peter C.Haines176836
Roger, BerthaBaker City Ward 31632278
Roger, ClaudeBaker City Ward 31632277
Roger, Edward M.Baker City Ward 31632274
Roger, GeorgeBaker City Ward 31632279
Roger, GertrudeBaker City Ward 31632276
Roger, HanselBaker City Ward 31632280
Roger, Mary S.Baker City Ward 31632275
Rogers, AnnieBaker City Ward 31633821
Rogers, ArthurBaker City Ward 31632475
Rogers, Arthur G.Precinct No 1177338
Rogers, Emma I.Baker City Ward 41621621
Rogers, Frank M.McEwen178163
Rogers, HannahSouth Baker174332
Rogers, Henry L.Precinct No 1177357
Rogers, Iday M.Baker City Ward 31632474
Rogers, JessieBaker City Ward 11621317
Rogers, JohnBaker City Ward 31633819
Rogers, Lillie M.McEwen178164
Rogers, MamieBaker City Ward 31633820
Rogers, VenusMcEwen178165
Rogers, William J.South Baker174331
Rogers, William T.Baker City Ward 41621620
Rogers, ** B.Baker City Ward 11621316
Rodgers, John P.Parker181127
Rohne, AnnaVirtue173170
Rohner, Anna P.Wingville175817
Rohner, ArchieWingville175819
Rohner, AugustWingville175961
Rohner, CallieVirtue173216
Rohner, Charles F.Wingville175818
Rohner, EmilWingville175964
Rohner, Fannie R.Wingville175815
Rohner, FloidWingville175966
Rohner, GeorgeVirtue173218
Rohner, HarveyVirtue173220
Rohner, HermanVirtue173219
Rohner, JacobVirtue173215
Rohner, JamesVirtue173217
Rohner, John B.Wingville175814
Rohner, PearlWingville175962
Rohner, Pearl M.Wingville175965
Rohner, Walter L.Wingville175963
Rohner, William W.Wingville175816
Rohrman, John C.South Sumpter1791062
Rohrman, KatieSouth Sumpter1791063
Rolland, GarnetBaker City Ward 31633597
Rolland, Jennie M.Baker City Ward 31633596
Rolland, John W.Baker City Ward 31633595
Rollins, Geo H.Rye Valley167178
Rollins, JennieRye Valley167179
Rollins, Nena C.Rye Valley167180
Rollins, PercyRye Valley167181
Rollins, RuthRye Valley167182
Rondebosh, AlexCleary165361
Ronndy, FlorenceBaker City Ward 11621111
Ronndy, Lizzie S.Baker City Ward 1162119
Ronndy, Lonin P.Baker City Ward 1162118
Ronndy, Percy A.Baker City Ward 11621110
Ronner, JohnBaker City Ward 1163992
Rose, GeorgeBaker City Ward 41622098
Rose, GeorgeBaker City Ward 31632864
Rose, George D.Baker City Ward 1162982
Rose, MamieBaker City Ward 31632865
Rose, MaudeBaker City Ward 41622099
Rose, Peter W.Parker181520
Rosenberg, DanielSouth Sumpter179882
Roso, John P.Baker City Ward 1163438
Roso, Martha A.Baker City Ward 1163439
Roso, William A.Baker City Ward 1163440
Ross, BenjimanNorth Sumpter179261
Ross, FrankBaker City Ward 1162944
Ross, I. B.Virtue173249
Ross, JamesMcEwen178243
Ross, Mary J.Virtue173248
Ross, W. M.Virtue173246
Ross, WilliamVirtue173247
Ross, WilliamBourne180571
Ross, William S.Bourne180551
Rossman, JohnWillows175671
Roswell, CalebSouth Sumpter1791359
Roth, Anna Pocahontas175391
Roth, John J.Pocahontas175389
Roth, Sarah J.Pocahontas175390
Roth, Winfred L.Pocahontas175392
Rotter, JohnBaker City Ward 31632748
Roundy, Chatisa I.Baker City Ward 31632662
Roundy, JuliaBaker City Ward 31632661
Roundy, NellieBaker City Ward 31632659
Roundy, NellieBaker City Ward 31632663
Roundy, William L.Baker City Ward 31632660
Rouse, JohnUnity164124
Rouse, MichaelUnity164125
Rovny, MaxBaker City Ward 1163970
Rowan, Norman J.Parker181254
Rowe, Ada C.Parker181236
Rowe, Charles B.Bourne180586
Rowe, Christopher R.Baker City Ward 31633075
Rowe, Christopher R.Baker City Ward 31633077
Rowe, EdithBaker City Ward 31633078
Rowe, Francis J.Parker181235
Rowe, JaneBaker City Ward 31633076
Rowe, PeacricaParker181237
Rowe, SamuelBaker City Ward 1163626
Rowe, William J.Bourne180299
Rowley, Bridget E.Baker City Ward 41623029
Roy, ClaraBaker City Ward 31631634
Roy, IsabelleBaker City Ward 31631632
Roy, LarkinBaker City Ward 31631635
Roy, RuthBaker City Ward 31631633
Roy, SampsonBaker City Ward 31631631
Royal, IrvineSouth Sumpter1791351
Royal, NancySouth Sumpter1791350
Royal, RalphSouth Sumpter1791352
Royce, Lemuel E.McEwen178224
Royes, AnnaBaker City Ward 31632154
Ruby, EvaHuntington169787
Ruby, GeorgeHuntington169786
Ruby, JohnHuntington169783
Ruby, JohnHuntington169785
Ruby, MyrtleHuntington169784
Rucker, ChristinaBaker City Ward 1162889
Rudcliff, SarahBaker City Ward 31632391
Ruffin, Allice F.Alder172161
Ruffin, William C.Alder172160
Ruffin, William J.Alder172162
Rummel, Fred w.McEwen178178
Rumsay, William M.South Sumpter1791471
Rundel, HenryBaker City Ward 1163124
Rundle, RadolphusBourne180678
Rungan, Ellen G.Baker City Ward 11631349
Rungan, Mabel W.Baker City Ward 11631350
Rungan, RoseBaker City Ward 11631183
Runner, William E.McEwen178229
Running, AugustNorth Powder176185
Ruofe, Ernest J.Parker181439
Ruoff, Frederick J.Baker City Ward 41622471
Rupel, George W.Baker City Ward 31632914
Rupel, MattieBaker City Ward 31632912
Rupel, William S.Baker City Ward 31632911
Rupel, William S.Baker City Ward 31632913
Rury, AlfredWingville17581
Rury, AnnieWingville17582
Rush, Sidney N.Parker181460
Rushton*, Elvin A.Bourne180584
Rushton*, James W.Bourne180583
Rusk, BertonBaker City Ward 31633641
Rusk, Berton S.Bourne18021
Rusk, John T.Bourne18023
Rusk, LewisBaker City Ward 31633642
Rusk, Louis R.Bourne18022
Rusk, MabelBaker City Ward 31633644
Rusk, Mabel B.Bourne18025
Rusk, NellieBaker City Ward 31633640
Rusk, NellieBaker City Ward 31633645
Rusk, Nellie E.Bourne1801100
Rusk, SamuelBaker City Ward 31633639
Rusk, Sanford F.Bourne180199
Rusk, WalterBaker City Ward 31633643
Rusk, Walter W.Bourne18024
Russel, JohnBaker City Ward 316331100
Russel, SteveHuntington16991
Russell, JohnSouth Sumpter1791170
Rust, ElizaBaker City Ward 1162630
Rust, HenryBaker City Ward 1162629
Rutland, Richard C.South Sumpter1791749
Rutter, Albert E.Parker181195
Rutter, Elizabeth M.Parker181198
Rutter, Harry P.Parker181516
Rutter, John F.Parker181197
Rutter, Mahaley M.Parker181196
Ryal, David M.South Sumpter1791346
Ryan, GraceBaker City Ward 31632762
Ryan, John M.Precinct No 1177317
Ryan, LucyParker181188
Ryan, ThomasBaker City Ward 11621369
Ryan, WilliamRock Creek176472

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