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Oregon Federal Census Index 1900
Baker County Series T624
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Pachacek, BerthaBaker City Ward 11621126
Pachacek, EvaBaker City Ward 11621124
Pachacek, GertrudeBaker City Ward 11621125
Pachacek, JohnBaker City Ward 11621123
Packer, Alice B.Baker City Ward 41621963
Packer, Arthur P.Baker City Ward 41621964
Packwood, Jeff C.Baker City Ward 11621020
Packwood, Joanna A.Baker City Ward 11621019
Packwood, WilliamBourne180339
Packwood, William H.Baker City Ward 11621018
Paddock, WilliamBourne180516
Padrick, DanHuntington16921
Padrick, Hattie A.Huntington16922
Padrick, LinsdyRye Valley167116
Padrick, Mary G.Rye Valley167114
Padrick, OmegaRye Valley167117
Padrick, WalterRye Valley167115
Page, BryanBaker City Ward 11631063
Page, Fred N.Weatherby168221
Page, KatieSouth Sumpter17985
Paine, Edward W.Bourne180685
Paine, ThomasBourne180689
Painter, Laura M.Baker City Ward 11621250
Palestine, ChristenHuntington16972
Palestine, ChristenHuntington1691043
Pallesen, ChrisConnor Creek17022
Palma, EulaBaker City Ward 31632080
Palma, GeorgeBaker City Ward 31632081
Palma, KateBaker City Ward 31632079
Palmer, AlminaBaker City Ward 31631870
Palmer, Birdie L.Baker City Ward 41622569
Palmer, BulahParker181170
Palmer, charlesBaker City Ward 31631769
Palmer, CharlesBaker City Ward 31631871
Palmer, Charles L.Baker City Ward 31631772
Palmer, ClarenceBaker City Ward 31631872
Palmer, Clarance H.Parker181169
Palmer, Ethel J.Baker City Ward 31631770
Palmer, FlorenceVirtue173266
Palmer, George T.Baker City Ward 41622567
Palmer, Hannah M.Baker City Ward 31631771
Palmer, Jenne M.Baker City Ward 31632117
Palmer, Julia L.Baker City Ward 41622573
Palmer, Lester C.Baker City Ward 41622571
Palmer, Lilie E.Parker181171
Palmer, Mary E.Baker City Ward 41622568
Palmer, Maud R.Baker City Ward 31631970
Palmer, Melville M.Virtue173265
Palmer, Milton J.Precinct No 1177350
Palmer, Mossie M.Baker City Ward 41622572
Palmer, OliveParker181168
Palmer, RobertBaker City Ward 31631969
Palmer, Ruth M.Baker City Ward 31631971
Palmer, Tim T.Baker City Ward 41622570
Palmer, Walter E.Virtue173171
Palmer, Walter G.Baker City Ward 31632116
Palmer, WilliamParker181167
Panhurst, Theodore C.Baker City Ward 41622948
Panning, HarryParker18117
Panning, HenryParker18115
Panning, LillieParker18116
Panter, ClarenceDepot175119
Panter, EddDepot175115
Panter, ElizibethDepot175116
Panter, Eugene S.Depot175118
Panter, RobtDepot175117
Panting, Anne H.Express171415
Panting, HazelExpress171416
Panting, James A.Express171414
Paradise, BessieExpress171368
Paradise, Darwin P.Express171369
Paradise, Richard J.South Sumpter179995
Pardee, James K.North Sumpter179466
Park, ConstanceSouth Sumpter1791180
Park, EdgarSouth Sumpter1791179
Park, JamesSouth Sumpter179955
Parke, Grace A.Baker City Ward 31631817
Parke, Harold R.Baker City Ward 31631818
Parke, Henry F.Baker City Ward 2163173
Parke, Lucian H.Baker City Ward 31631816
Parke, Martha E.Baker City Ward 2163174
Parke, Samuel E.Baker City Ward 2163175
Parker, CarlPrecinct No 1177263
Parker, CatherineBaker City Ward 31633217
Parker, Catherine C.Parker181375
Parker, Dara J.Baker City Ward 31633218
Parker, DoraPrecinct No 1177265
Parker, EdwardBaker City Ward 31631758
Parker, Edward D.Baker City Ward 41621958
Parker, Edward T.Baker City Ward 11631025
Parker, Edwin R.Baker City Ward 116262
Parker, EmalinePrecinct No 1177262
Parker, Ethel A.Baker City Ward 41621956
Parker, FredVirtue17342
Parker, George S.Baker City Ward 2163111
Parker, HarryCleary165356
Parker, James H.Baker City Ward 11631046
Parker, JonasBaker City Ward 31633216
Parker, Jonas G.Baker City Ward 31633220
Parker, Jonathan W.Precinct No 1177261
Parker, KateBaker City Ward 31633221
Parker, ParaleeBaker City Ward 11621023
Parker, Robert S.Baker City Ward 41622397
Parker, Rolf T.Baker City Ward 11621021
Parker, Sarah A.Baker City Ward 41622396
Parker, Susan P.Baker City Ward 116261
Parker, Susie L.Baker City Ward 41621957
Parker, ThomasBaker City Ward 41621954
Parker, ThomasBaker City Ward 31633219
Parker, Thomas H.Precinct No 1177266
Parker, Viola G.Baker City Ward 11621022
Parker, Verdie C.Baker City Ward 41621955
Parker, Wesley J.Baker City Ward 41622395
Parker, WilliamParker181374
Parker, William LuckwoodBaker City Ward 11631024
Parker, William R.Precinct No 1177264
Parkinson, Daisy E.North Sumpter179375
Parkinson, Eugene B.North Sumpter179378
Parkinson, FrankSouth Baker174515
Parkinson, Frank WmNorth Sumpter179376
Parkinson, JohnNorth Sumpter179374
Parkinson, Mary A.North Sumpter179377
Parks, Geo H.North Powder176253
Parks, HarryHuntington16995
Parks, Sara E.North Sumpter17962
Parler, BerniceBaker City Ward 31632090
Parler, CharlesBaker City Ward 31632088
Parler, MonaBaker City Ward 31632089
Parry, HenryHaines176980
Parry, Nancy J.Haines176981
Parshall, SeuluBaker City Ward 1163435
Partee, CharlesBaker City Ward 31632164
Partee, Ella M.Baker City Ward 1163552
Partee, Elsie O.Baker City Ward 31632162
Partee, Emma E.Baker City Ward 31632166
Partee, FrancisBaker City Ward 31632163
Partee, Frank a.Baker City Ward 31632165
Partee, George F.Baker City Ward 1163551
Partee, John Y.Baker City Ward 31632161
Partee, MaryBaker City Ward 1163553
Parter, ArthurBaker City Ward 31633191
Parter, ThomasBaker City Ward 31633192
Paster, ElmlaineBaker City Ward 11631384
Paster, Manda J.Baker City Ward 11631383
Patiley, JeffersonBaker City Ward 11631253
Patrick, JohnParker18167
Patt, HenryBaker City Ward 1163654
Patten, JamesBaker City Ward 31631650
Patterson, AlexanderPrecinct No 1177323
Patterson, Ed E.South Sumpter1791639
Patterson, LethaSouth Sumpter1791640
Patterson, Peter A.Precinct No 1177324
Patterson, Charlotte E.Baker City Ward 1162773
Patterson, Clara A.Baker City Ward 1162771
Patterson, EdwardBaker City Ward 31633163
Patterson, Edwin J.Baker City Ward 116271
Patterson, Elden E.Baker City Ward 2163341
Patterson, EstillaBaker City Ward 41622623
Patterson, Eva KateBaker City Ward 2163340
Patterson, George S.South Sumpter1791811
Patterson, James A.Willows175674
Patterson, John M.Baker City Ward 41622622
Patterson, John W.Baker City Ward 1162772
Patterson, LeethiaBaker City Ward 31633164
Patterson, Merman B.Baker City Ward 116274
Patterson, Pearl M.Baker City Ward 116273
Patterson, Print O.McEwen178289
Patterson, Sedona C.Baker City Ward 116272
Patterson, William J.Baker City Ward 1162770
Patterson, William J.Baker City Ward 2163339
Patterson, William J.Haines17694
Patton, James J.Baker City Ward 1162743
Patty, Ada N.Parker181568
Patty, John T.Parker181567
Paul, FrankBaker City Ward 31633199
Paul, George M.Parker181637
Paul, John E.Huntington169463
Paul, John E.Huntington169465
Paul, Julia G.Huntington169464
Paul, William R.Huntington169466
Paustian, EmmaUnity164253
Paustian, OttoUnity164254
Payne, Albert K.Baker City Ward 41622193
Payne, CorneliaBaker City Ward 41622188
Payne, Dan O.Baker City Ward 41622194
Payne, Ethel J.Baker City Ward 41622190
Payne, Eva R.Baker City Ward 41622191
Payne, JamesHuntington169914
Payne, John S. S.Baker City Ward 41622192
Payne, Joseph O.Baker City Ward 41622189
Payton, AlmaBaker City Ward 41622276
Payton, Charles A.Willows175779
Payton, Donald U.Willows175777
Payton, Ebba M.Haines1761054
Payton, EdnaWillows175776
Payton, Eugene R.Baker City Ward 41622273
Payton, JamesUnity164342
Payton, JohnBaker City Ward 41622271
Payton, LolaUnity164343
Payton, Oaie M.Baker City Ward 41622274
Payton, OkleyWillows175780
Payton, Otis J.Baker City Ward 41622275
Payton, Rosetta C.Baker City Ward 41622272
Payton, Virgle F.Willows175778
Payton, Wesley E.Haines1761055
Payton, William A.Haines1761053
Payton, William J.Willows175775
Peak, Buston F.Connor Creek170122
Peak, Fred O.Connor Creek170126
Peak, Judge J.Connor Creek170125
Peak, Mollie E.Connor Creek170123
Peak, Oella L.Connor Creek170124
Pearce, Bertha C.Alder172347
Pearce, C. C.Virtue173387
Pearce, Dora M.Alder172345
Pearce, Elsie MayVirtue173351
Pearce, Frank C.Alder172332
Pearce, Fred R.Virtue173353
Pearce, CharlesCleary165290
Pearce, Claude N.South Sumpter1791075
Pearce, James L.Baker City Ward 1163627
Pearce, James M.Alder172343
Pearce, James W.Alder172346
Pearce, Laura M.Virtue173350
Pearce, Maud B.Alder172344
Pearce, Percy R.Virtue173352
Pearce, T. M.Virtue173349
Pearce, WilliamBourne180673
Pearce, Winnie B.Virtue173354
Pearl, SarahBaker City Ward 1162816
Pearson, Agnes L.Baker City Ward 41622934
Pearson, AnyBaker City Ward 31631778
Pearson, EdwardBaker City Ward 31631777
Pearson, EugeneBaker City Ward 41622933
Pearson, IraSouth Sumpter1791842
Peart, WilliamParker181488
Peck, JamesBaker City Ward 11631069
Pearson, JosephWeatherby168110
Peck, LewisBaker City Ward 3163266
Peck, Lewis L.Baker City Ward 31632610
Peck, Louie A.Baker City Ward 3163269
Peck, Louie W.Baker City Ward 3163267
Peck, Raymond W.Baker City Ward 3163268
Pedrie, JamesHuntington169621
Peeler, AnnieNorth Sumpter179357
Peeler, CharlesNorth Sumpter179356
Peeler, RuthNorth Sumpter179358
Peet, Geo S.North Sumpter179190
Pefferly, Adele P.Huntington169472
Pefferly, Carl M.Huntington169470
Pefferly, Loring H.Huntington169471
Pefferly, MichelHuntington169468
Pefferly, MilindaHuntington169469
Pellman, JohnUnity164127
Pelthier, JohnVirtue173269
Pemerook, ThosSouth Baker174428
Pence, Abigail E.Baker City Ward 31632397
Pence, Allen G.Baker City Ward 31632396
Penhall, WilliamConnor Creek170213
Penhole, JohnSouth Sumpter1791725
Penman, GeorgeBourne180679
Penman, JonahBourne180683
Pennell, Edward S.Baker City Ward 31633150
Pennian, Will E.South Sumpter1791082
Pennington, JohnNorth Sumpter179237
Pennington, SamuelUnity164270
Penwarden, ElizabethBaker City Ward 1162104
Penwarden, GeraldBaker City Ward 1162103
Perault, sAmuelUnity164299
Percy, Allie R.Baker City Ward 1163517
Percy, Harvey J.Baker City Ward 1163516
Percy, JohnHuntington169616
Percy, ThomasBaker City Ward 1163518
Perdletton, JuliusBaker City Ward 1163996
Perdue, GelbertNorth Sumpter179266
Perdue, NannieNorth Sumpter179265
Pereira, JosephExpress171470
Peringoth, JoeSouth Sumpter179185
Perkins, Aldah B.Wingville175840
Perkins, Armer W.Pocahontas175423
Perkins, Arthur E.Pocahontas175422
Perkins, BerniceVirtue173334
Perkins, Charles S.Baker City Ward 41621551
Perkins, CliffordWingville175847
Perkins, DavidHuntington169693
Perkins, Don C.Wingville175845
Perkins, EdwardBaker City Ward 2162184
Perkins, Edwin P.Baker City Ward 2162190
Perkins, Elizabeth H.Wingville175837
Perkins, Ethile M.Pocahontas175425
Perkins, Eva R.Pocahontas175421
Perkins, FlaviusWingville175839
Perkins, GeorgeExpress171410
Perkins, GlynnWingville175844
Perkins, Grace R.Pocahontas175429
Perkins, Gus W.Precinct No 1177255
Perkins, Hardin K.Pocahontas175426
Perkins, Hardin V.Wingville175836
Perkins, HazelWingville175843
Perkins, InezWingville175838
Perkins, JosephBaker City Ward 2162188
Perkins, Lettie E.Wingville175846
Perkins, Libbie A.Wingville175841
Perkins, Lorina WmPocahontas175424
Perkins, Mary A.Baker City Ward 2162185
Perkins, M. E.Virtue173333
Perkins, Milton L.Pocahontas175428
Perkins, MyrtleBaker City Ward 2162186
Perkins, Nellie M.Precinct No 1177256
Perkins, Nellie P.Baker City Ward 41621557
Perkins, RoseBaker City Ward 2162189
Perkins, T. B.Virtue173332
Perkins, WalterWingville175842
Perkins, William B.Pocahontas175420
Perkins, Worth H.Pocahontas175427
Perron, AugustMcEwen178176
Perry, Fred H.Cleary165110
Perry, Mary F.Cleary165111
Perry, NellieCleary165112
Perterson, JohnPrecinct No 1177321
Peschy, Edward F.Baker City Ward 11631173
Peters, AlvaNorth Powder176196
Peters, ClayHuntington169859
Peters, George W.Baker City Ward 11631160
Petersen, AnnaParker181183
Petersen, Bessie M.Parker181187
Petersen, Cordan QuingBaker City Ward 41622764
Petersen, Lina G.Parker181186
Petersen, MinnieParker181182
Petersen, PeterParker181181
Petersen, Samuel F.Parker18131
Petersen, Thomas H.Parker181184
Petersen, William J.Parker181185
Peterson, AldaBourne180285
Peterson, AgnesBaker City Ward 31632719
Peterson, AmandaPocahontas175290
Peterson, AndrewSouth Baker174475
Peterson, Anna J.Pocahontas175289
Peterson, AugustasBaker City Ward 31632718
Peterson, David H.Unity164247
Peterson, Edith L.Baker City Ward 31632725
Peterson, Elmer G.Baker City Ward 31632721
Peterson, EmmaSouth Sumpter1791129
Peterson, Henry D.Baker City Ward 41622880
Peterson, Hugh C.Baker City Ward 31632724
Peterson, JamesSouth Sumpter1791688
Peterson, James A.Express171170
Peterson, JeffersonHuntington16975
Peterson, Jennie A.Baker City Ward 41622917
Peterson, JosephBourne180548
Peterson, Joseph H.Baker City Ward 31632720
Peterson, Preston G.Baker City Ward 31632722
Peterson, Ray H.Baker City Ward 31632723
Peterson, Sarah G.Baker City Ward 41622918
Peterson, WilliamParker181545
Petrie, JohnHuntington1691012
Petteir, LizzieBaker City Ward 11631020
Pettigrove, IdelleBaker City Ward 2163243
Pettigrove, JudBaker City Ward 2163242
Pettit, Lorman* F.Parker181248
Petzolt, PaulSouth Baker174441
Peynard, AbramPocahontas175383
Peyton, Elzirah M.Express171218
Pfan, Fred S.Baker City Ward 41622264
Pfan, Mattie J.Baker City Ward 41622265
Pfan, Vida C.Baker City Ward 41622266
Pheidoll, LewisBaker City Ward 1163991
Phelps, Frank M.Baker City Ward 2162435
Philbrick, AndrewBaker City Ward 216318
Philbrick, H. J. MayBaker City Ward 216319
Philbrick, Jennie A.Baker City Ward 2163110
Philips, Benjiman F.Baker City Ward 2162537
Philliber, RichardParker181227
Phillip, Fred J.Parker181244
Phillip, Regina I.Parker181245
Phillips, Adda L.Pocahontas175491
Phillips, AdolphPocahontas175490
Phillips, BalamWillows175771
Phillips, Edgar G.Baker City Ward 41622476
Phillips, Edith J.Baker City Ward 41622475
Phillips, Geo F.Virtue173250
Phillips, LillianVirtue173251
Phillips, Mary A.Willows175772
Phillips, WilliamBourne180489
Phillips, W. M.Virtue173252
Philne, ClaytonBaker City Ward 31632749
Phy, William T.Baker City Ward 31632173
Pickens, ArthurCleary16533
Pickens, BelleCleary16532
Pickens, ClaraCleary1652100
Pickens, JamesCleary165299
Pickens, MamieCleary16535
Pickens, MyrtleCleary16534
Pickens, WilliamCleary16531
Pickle, AlbertParker181342
Pier, Harry M.Baker City Ward 11631071
Pierce, Chas A.South Baker174175
Pierce, DoraSouth Baker174170
Pierce, Edmond W.North Sumpter17979
Pierce, Elizabeth A.Baker City Ward 2162430
Pierce, Eva M.Bourne180377
Pierce, FredConnor Creek170245
Pierce, Ivan E.South Baker174172
Pierce, MarySouth Baker174171
Pierce, Nora M.South Baker174174
Pierce, Oscar M.South Baker174173
Pierce, Percy R.Connor Creek170244
Pierce, R. A.Virtue173299
Pierce, Rosa B.South Baker174176
Pierce, RoyalVirtue173337
Pierce, Stephen F.North Sumpter17978
Pierce, ThomasConnor Creek170243
Pierce, W. D.Virtue173289
Pierce, William M.South Baker174169
Pierre, FrankAlder172121
Pierson, Henry D.Baker City Ward 41622753
Pievey, Ella P.Baker City Ward 4162195
Pievey, John J.Baker City Ward 4162194
Pilkington, John B.Baker City Ward 1162744
Pilling, AbaryBaker City Ward 31632473
Pilling, BerthaBaker City Ward 31632472
Pilling, JosephBaker City Ward 31632471
Pillman, FannieSouth Sumpter1791190
Pillman, William L.South Sumpter1791189
Pinhle, Anna J.Baker City Ward 41622854
Pinhle, CharlesBaker City Ward 41622853
Piper, Elmer E.Parker181590
Piper, WilliamMcEwen178153
Pitman, LessleyWillows175738
Pittenger, GeorgeBaker City Ward 1162956
Pittenger, Sarah,Baker City Ward 1162957
Pittman, James E.Willows175623
Pittman, John F.Willows175625
Pittman, Josephine A.Willows175624
Pittman, LeoWillows175626
Pitts, R. D.Virtue17336
Place, EvaBaker City Ward 31632978
Place, Luther W.Baker City Ward 31632975
Place, May E.Baker City Ward 31632976
Place, VivianBaker City Ward 31632977
Placer Mining CoConnor Creek17021
Platney, Mattie A.Baker City Ward 41621689
Platney, MonerBaker City Ward 41621688
Platts, Clarence E.Rock Creek176485
Platts, Edwin S.Rock Creek176486
Plaut, EllaSouth Sumpter179920
Ploroman, OscarHuntington169624
Plummer, AlbertBaker City Ward 11621262
Plummer, AndersBaker City Ward 41623021
Plummer, Carlos A.Rock Creek176455
Plummer, Elizabeth S.Rock Creek176454
Plummer, Fern M.Baker City Ward 11621264
Plummer, JohnBaker City Ward 31633684
Plummer, John W.Baker City Ward 31633686
Plummer, Mary A.Baker City Ward 31633685
Plummer, Mary F.Baker City Ward 41623023
Plummer, Myrtle L.Baker City Ward 11621265
Plummer, MyrtleBaker City Ward 41623024
Plummer, Sadie ElenorBaker City Ward 41623022
Plummer, Sarah E.Baker City Ward 11621263
Plummer, WilliamRock Creek176453
Pobst, AnnieHaines176860
Pobst, Edith P.Haines176861
Pobst, Franklin M.Haines176862
Pobst, Hazel S.Haines176863
Pobst, Leonidas S.Haines176859
Pobst, MathiasBaker City Ward 1162653
Pobst, Robert M.McEwen178388
Pobst, Sherman L.Haines176864
Poindexter, AnnieBaker City Ward 11631313
Poindexter, Edna ClaraBaker City Ward 41622833
Poindexter, EulaSouth Sumpter1791077
Poindexter, HaroldSouth Sumpter1791078
Poindexter, Homer V.Baker City Ward 41622834
Poindexter, Paul E.South Sumpter1791076
Poindexter, P. EugeneBaker City Ward 41622832
Poller, HelenBaker City Ward 31631854
Polley, Frances A.Rock Creek176373
Polley, Jas A.Rock Creek176374
Polley, Jas I.Rock Creek176376
Polley, Jos M.Rock Creek176372
Polley, William J.Rock Creek176375
Pollman,Baker City Ward 2163286
Pollman, Louis E.Baker City Ward 2163287
Pollman, William J.Baker City Ward 2163285
Pomeroy, Horace G.Weatherby168114
Pomeroy, James A. G.Weatherby168113
Pomeroy, Thomas H.Weatherby168115
Pomeroy, WilliamWeatherby168112
Pong, LeongBaker City Ward 116382
Poole, Charles E.South Sumpter1791750
Poole, Minnie J.South Sumpter1791751
Poole, WilliamSouth Sumpter1791752
Poor, JohnRye Valley167227
Poppy, AlbertVirtue173287
Poppy, ElizaVirtue173286
Poppy, HarveyVirtue173288
Poppy, W. H.Virtue173285
Porter, AdnaSouth Baker174458
Porter, Albert G.Baker City Ward 41623052
Porter, FlorenceHuntington169363
Porter, FrankHuntington169367
Porter, Frank E.Precinct No 1177367
Porter, Jessie M.Huntington169368
Porter, JosephineHuntington169361
Porter, Mary A.Haines1761095
Porter, no nameHuntington169364
Porter, Oliver w.Huntington169360
Porter, OllieHuntington169362
Porter, SamuelHuntington169369
Porter*, Edna S.Baker City Ward 41621690
Post, JamesBourne180692
Potter, AndrewHuntington1691155
Potter, Byran T.Baker City Ward 416215100
Potter, Charles W.Baker City Ward 31633571
Potter, CharlieHuntington1691157
Potter, Daisy L.North Sumpter179168
Potter, DewyHuntington1691158
Potter, Eda S.Baker City Ward 4162161
Potter, EllaNorth Sumpter179351
Potter, EllenHuntington1691151
Potter, Elsie A.Baker City Ward 31633574
Potter, Emma O.Baker City Ward 31633573
Potter, EsterHuntington1691156
Potter, EttaHuntington1691154
Potter, Flora F.North Sumpter179169
Potter, Frank J.Baker City Ward 31633572
Potter, JimHuntington1691152
Potter, JohnHuntington1691150
Potter, JohnieHuntington1691153
Potter, John T.Baker City Ward 31633569
Potter, LesterNorth Sumpter179165
Potter, MinnieNorth Sumpter179167
Potter, Olivia E.Baker City Ward 31633570
Potter, Sara H.North Sumpter179166
Poulsen, Charles N.Baker City Ward 41622073
Poulsen, Ethel S.Baker City Ward 41622074
Poulsen, Jennie E.Baker City Ward 41622070
Poulsen, KristineBaker City Ward 41622071
Poulsen, PearlBaker City Ward 41622072
Poulsen, Peter S.Baker City Ward 41622069
Poungson, JohnBaker City Ward 1163975
Powell, Adell A.Unity164142
Powell, Annie M.Express171454
Powell, AnsonBaker City Ward 31632494
Powell, Anson G.Baker City Ward 31632496
Powell, Arthur E.Express171455
Powell, CharlesBaker City Ward 31632495
Powell, CynthiaExpress171452
Powell, C*Baker City Ward 2162136
Powell, DallasMcEwen178340
Powell, DavidRye Valley16723
Powell, Elizabeth J.Rye Valley167187
Powell, Ella M.Unity164141
Powell, FlorenceExpress171451
Powell, Frank M.Rye Valley16721
Powell, James E.Rye Valley167186
Powell, James E.Huntington169234
Powell, JohnUnity164140
Powell, JohnUnity164144
Powell, John F.Express171450
Powell, Madge E.Unity164143
Powell, MauriceConnor Creek170225
Powell, MirtteRye Valley16724
Powell, MyrtleExpress171453
Powell, NettieRye Valley16722
Powell, Thomas C.Baker City Ward 1162723
Powell, Tom E.Huntington169499
Powell, VestaRye Valley16725
Powell, **Baker City Ward 2162137
Powell, **Baker City Ward 2162138
Powell, **Baker City Ward 2162139
Powers, Edward H.Express171145
Powers, Edward R.Express171144
Powers, Ina C.Baker City Ward 41621635
Powers, John C.Baker City Ward 41622935
Powers, John E.Baker City Ward 41621634
Powers, John H.North Powder176199
Powers, Mary A.Baker City Ward 41621632
Powers, Sarah A.Baker City Ward 41621641
Powers, William B.North Powder1761100
Powers, William E.Baker City Ward 41621633
Powers, William S.Baker City Ward 41621631
Poy, KeePocahontas175319
Pratt, Edgar M.Haines176846
Pratt, Edward H.Haines176840
Pratt, Etta H.Connor Creek170247
Pratt, George G.Connor Creek170246
Pratt, Geo W.Haines176842
Pratt, HaroldConnor Creek170248
Pratt, James D.Haines176845
Pratt, Laura B.Haines176843
Pratt, RoenyHaines176841
Pratt, Walter A.Haines176844
Pray, Chester A.North Sumpter179438
Presanell, Chas D.Baker City Ward 2163251
Presanell, Lilian V.Baker City Ward 2163250
Prescott, Albert D.Express171337
Prescott, Alfred B.Parker181139
Prescott, AnnaExpress171299
Prescott, Bert W.Baker City Ward 41622451
Prescott, EdithBaker City Ward 41622450
Prescott, Edna A.Baker City Ward 41622449
Prescott, ElizabethBaker City Ward 41622448
Prescott, HarveyExpress171338
Preston, FredSouth Sumpter1791322
Preston, MaryBaker City Ward 31632746
Preston, MinnieSouth Sumpter1791562
Preston, PadderickSouth Sumpter1791561
Preston, RayBaker City Ward 31632747
Prevo, James O.Cleary165337
Prevo, RhodaCleary165338
Price, BenjamanSouth Baker174411
Price, CatherineSouth Baker174412
Price, Chas E.South Baker174415
Price, Cora A.South Baker174417
Price, Daniel C.Parker181255
Price, Elise G.Wingville17591
Price, Geo W.South Baker174416
Price, JamesBaker City Ward 11621122
Price, Liddie M.South Baker174413
Price, Lillie G.Wingville1758100
Price, Milton R.South Baker174414
Price, RaySouth Baker174396
Prindle, Louis N.Parker181553
Prine, JesseBaker City Ward 116398
Prinet, IneBaker City Ward 1163946
Pritchard, Geo M.Virtue173232
Privett, Bertha W.Baker City Ward 41622287
Privett, Floyd L.Baker City Ward 41622288
Privett, Lula G.Baker City Ward 41622286
Privett, MaryBaker City Ward 41622285
Privett, William R.Baker City Ward 41622284
Privett, Winfred M.Baker City Ward 41622289
Probera, GeorgeBaker City Ward 11631161
Proebstel, Emory E.Rock Creek176490
Proebstel, Wendell N.Rock Creek176491
Proffit, Mabel R.Baker City Ward 4162176
Proffit, Nanissa J.Baker City Ward 4162175
Proffit, Thomas M.Baker City Ward 4162174
Prowse, JimSouth Sumpter179187
Puett, Willis A.Parker181377
Pugh, Alice E.Parker181411
Pugh, BeatriceParker181412
Pugh, DottieParker181413
Pugh, Jas E.Rye Valley167242
Pugh, John E.Express171294
Pugh, LorainParker181410
Pugh, Nancy C.Baker City Ward 11621281
Pugh, NellieParker181414
Pugh, OshmerSouth Baker174444
Pullen, BulaSouth Baker174489
Pullen, HarrySouth Baker174490
Pullen, MableSouth Baker174491
Pullen, SabraSouth Baker174488
Pulnois, AugustBaker City Ward 41622532
Purdue, FredSouth Sumpter179153
Purdy, Albert S.Baker City Ward 3163253
Purdy, Augusta M.Baker City Ward 3163255
Purdy, Eugene C.Baker City Ward 3163254
Purdy, Mary A.Baker City Ward 3163252
Purdy, WilliamBaker City Ward 3163251
Purkuns, John B.Wingville175987
Pursell, James W.Baker City Ward 41622558
Pursell, John C.Baker City Ward 41622556
Pursell, LuvinaBaker City Ward 41622557
Puti**k, AlexanderBaker City Ward 11621373
Pyles, Birdie A.Baker City Ward 1162125
Pyles, Gladys G.Baker City Ward 1162126

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