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Oregon Federal Census Index 1900
Baker County Series T623
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Oakes, Amy B.Bourne18027
Oakes, Bessie F.Baker City Ward 41621816
Oakes, Frank P.Bourne18026
Oakes, Isabella O.Baker City Ward 41621815
Oakes, OmegaBaker City Ward 41621814
Oakley, Benjiman F.Baker City Ward 4162153
Oakley, Charles E.Precinct No 1177291
Oakley, George W.Precinct No 1177290
Oakoa, UnknBaker City Ward 1163860
Oakley, John W.Express171259
Oakoley, HarryBaker City Ward 1163656
Obryant, Eva J.Haines1761125
Obryant, John F.Haines1761124
O'Callaghan, Archie R.Weatherby168233
O Cander, JohnSouth Sumpter1791510
Oce, SbataHuntington169673
Oconnell, AnnieNorth Sumpter179434
Oconnell, DanielNorth Sumpter179430
O'Connell, DanielBourne180633
Oconnell, MableNorth Sumpter179431
Oconnell, MaryNorth Sumpter179432
Oconnell, PhilpNorth Sumpter179433
Oddson, Jane E.Baker City Ward 1163514
Oddson, Mary BelleBaker City Ward 1163511
Oddson, OliveBaker City Ward 1163510
Oddson, Olive M.Baker City Ward 1163513
Oddson, Ralph M.Baker City Ward 1163512
O Dell, BirdParker181241
O Dell, Charles P.Parker181243
Odell, JamesRye Valley167214
Odell, James M.Rye Valley167215
O Dell, MathewParker181240
O Dell, Thomas F.Parker181242
Odesby, William H.Parker181351
O'Donnell, AliceBourne180537
O'Donnell, DanielBourne180536
O'Donnell, Daniel L.Bourne180538
O'Donnell, HughExpress171159
O'Donnell, Mary a.Bourne180539
O'Donnell, WilliamBaker City Ward 116359
O'Dowd, Patrick J.Parker181219
Oedekoven, FerdinandHuntington169864
Oga, DuckHuntington169677
Ogle, Carrie M.Baker City Ward 31631853
O'Hara, KateBaker City Ward 1162888
O'Hara, MichaelWeatherby16822
Ohashi, M.Alder172257
Ohaw, ElmainaBaker City Ward 31632242
Oka, FungHuntington169683
Okazaki, T.Alder172357
Okazuke, C.Alder172354
Okeff, WilliamHuntington1691188
Oki, A.Alder172244
Okoleoson, OleaHuntington169698
Olbrick, AdelhiaBaker City Ward 2162374
Olbrick, Amelia J.Baker City Ward 21623100
Olbrick, AnnaleeBaker City Ward 216241
Olbrick, Caroline H.Baker City Ward 2162398
Olbrick, CharlesBaker City Ward 2162375
Olbrick, Francis, J.Baker City Ward 216243
Olbrick, JohnBaker City Ward 2162397
Olbrick, John R.Baker City Ward 2162399
Olbrick, Mary C.Baker City Ward 216242
Olbrick, Pauline M.Baker City Ward 216244
Olds, AdelleExpress171354
Olds, CharlesExpress171353
Olds, CharleyAlder172317
Olds, Earle L.Bourne180195
Olds, EvaExpress171357
Olds, JohnExpress171356
Olds, MildredExpress171352
Olds, PhilipExpress171355
Oleary, FrankHuntington1691071
Oleson, HansPrecinct No 1177322
Oliver, AnnieSouth Sumpter1791331
Oliver, Arthur D.Baker City Ward 41621427
Oliver, Bessie S.Baker City Ward 41622218
Oliver, Charles H.Baker City Ward 41621426
Oliver, ChristinaBaker City Ward 11631315
Oliver, EarnestSouth Sumpter1791333
Oliver, FlorenceSouth Sumpter1791332
Oliver, Frank G. D.Baker City Ward 41622222
Oliver, George S.Baker City Ward 41621429
Oliver, Henry W.Baker City Ward 41622217
Oliver, James G.Baker City Ward 41622219
Oliver, James H.Baker City Ward 11631314
Oliver, Jennie S.Baker City Ward 41621428
Oliver, John W.Baker City Ward 41621425
Oliver, Joseph P.Baker City Ward 41622220
Oliver, Mabel O.Baker City Ward 41622221
Oliver, MaudBaker City Ward 11631316
Oliver, RobertSouth Sumpter1791330
Olliver, EdwardBourne18045
Olliver, JuliaBourne18048
Olliver, LolaBourne18047
Olliver, NellieBourne18046
Olliver, VivianBourne18049
Olmsted, Belia E.Baker City Ward 1162646
Olmstead, Daisy B.Unity164213
Olmsted, Harland H.Baker City Ward 1162648
Olmsted, MartinBaker City Ward 1162645
Olmsted, Percy N.Baker City Ward 1162647
Olsen, AnnieSouth Baker174115
Olsen, ArthurHaines1761031
Olsen, CharleyHaines1761032
Olsen, Chris C.Haines1761029
Olsen, ChristinaHaines1761033
Olsen, DaisyBaker City Ward 31632680
Olsen, EdwardSouth Baker174116
Olsen, Edward A.Baker City Ward 1162106
Olsen, Eliza J.Haines1761030
Olsen, EvaBaker City Ward 31632681
Olsen, FelixNorth Sumpter179287
Olsen, FrankBaker City Ward 31632443
Olsen, HansBaker City Ward 31632679
Olsen, JohanaNorth Sumpter179285
Olsen, JohnBaker City Ward 31632440
Olsen, John H.South Baker174114
Olsen, JosephHaines1761034
Olsen, KatieHaines1761035
Olsen, LouisBaker City Ward 31632442
Olsen, MaggieHaines1761036
Olsen, MartinBaker City Ward 31632682
Olsen, MaryBaker City Ward 31632441
Olsen, NilsNorth Sumpter179284
Olsen, WilliamNorth Sumpter179286
Olsen*, JohnBaker City Ward 1162741
Olson, AugustaBaker City Ward 4162244
Olson, Casper C.Baker City Ward 41622525
Olson, charlesPrecinct No 1177219
Olson, Dor AhBaker City Ward 41622528
Olson, Elton F.Baker City Ward 41622530
Olson, Hattie H.Baker City Ward 41622526
Olson, Jennie E.Baker City Ward 41622527
Olson, Osie M.Baker City Ward 41622529
O'Malley, BridgetBaker City Ward 11621359
Omara, AgnesBaker City Ward 11631225
O'Mara, AgnesBaker City Ward 31633654
O'Mara, JamesBaker City Ward 31633655
O'Mara, PatrickBaker City Ward 31633656
Omara, ThomasBaker City Ward 11631224
O'Mara, ThomasBaker City Ward 31633653
On, SamBaker City Ward 1163720
On, YungNorth Sumpter179739
O'Nair, EugeneBourne180237
O'Nair, LouiseBourne180238
O'Nair, WillieBourne180239
One, SimBaker City Ward 31633762
O'Neil, ConstantineBaker City Ward 11621371
O'Neil, JamesBaker City Ward 1163624
Ong, Chang LinBridgeport166130
Ong, CharleyBridgeport166131
Ong, ChangBridgeport166133
Ong, FungBaker City Ward 31633761
Onishi, K.Alder172353
Opland, AlfredParker18166
Orbra, JamesBridgeport16616
Orchard, James A.Bourne180330
Orchard, John H.Parker181427
Orchard, MyrtleBourne180331
Oreye, K.Huntington1691096
Ormond, JohnVirtue173127
O'Rouke, Edgar W.South Sumpter179911
O'Rouke, FannieSouth Sumpter17996
O'Rouke, Frank E.South Sumpter17995
O'Rouke, Ralph F.South Sumpter17997
O'Rouke, Roscoe N.South Sumpter179910
O'Rouke, Ruth H.South Sumpter17998
O'Rouke, Victor H.South Sumpter17999
Orsborn, JosiahHuntington169768
Ortschild, John J.South Sumpter179997
Osborn, Beatrice B.Baker City Ward 41621685
Osborn, Beluh B.Wingville175832
Osborn, Dolorus H.Baker City Ward 41621687
Osborn, Ella B.Baker City Ward 41621684
Osborn, GustaveBourne180191
Osborn, Irwin S.Baker City Ward 41621683
Osborn, JessieWingville175833
Osborn, LettaWingville175829
Osborn, LouisWingville175835
Osborn, Orin R.Wingville175830
Osborn, PerlWingville175831
Osborn, RoenaWingville175834
Osborn, RonaldBaker City Ward 41621686
Osborn, StephenWingville175828
Osborne, CharlesBaker City Ward 41621993
Osborne, Charles M.Baker City Ward 41621995
Osborne, Earnest H.Baker City Ward 41621996
Osborne, Eliza B.Haines176867
Osborne, Ella M.Wingville175811
Osborne, Frances E.Baker City Ward 41621994
Osborne, GertrudeWingville175813
Osborne, Hiram F.Haines176870
Osborne, Inez O.Haines176868
Osborne, Jas S.Haines176866
Osborne, Jennie V.Haines176869
Osborne, JohnParker18144
Osborne, John F.Precinct No 1177250
Osborne, Lettie M.Haines176871
Osborne, Milton S.Wingville175810
Osborne, NelsonBourne180317
Osborne, Richard L.Baker City Ward 41621997
Osborne, Sallie W.Haines176872
Osborne, William M.Wingville175812
Ostlund, LewisNorth Sumpter179269
Ostram, EugeneWillows175614
Ostram, Evert W.Willows175620
Ostram, John H.Willows175617
Ostram, Mary A.Willows175615
Ostram, Maud E.Willows175618
Ostram,Avard W.Willows175619
Ostrom, DaisyBaker City Ward 31633377
Ostrom, EvaBaker City Ward 31633378
Ostrom, JohnBaker City Ward 31633376
Ostrom, MartinBaker City Ward 31633379
Oswald, GeorgeBourne180316
Oswell, JohnParker181217
Oswell, MaryParker181218
Overly, Charles E.Weatherby168225
Overly, Edna M.Weatherby168228
Overly, Letitia M.Weatherby168226
Overly, William L.Weatherby168227
Owell, William J.Baker City Ward 1163932
Owen, ClydeBaker City Ward 31631794
Owen, GriffithHuntington1691149
Owen, JasSouth Baker1744100
Owen, Mary E.Haines17688
Owen, Susan J.South Baker17451
Owen, WilliamRock Creek176534
Owen, William A.Haines17687
Owenby, Evelina C.Baker City Ward 41622862
Owenby, JesseBaker City Ward 41622861
Owens, Andrew P.Baker City Ward 41622254
Owens, CharlesBaker City Ward 11631236
Owens, EmmaBaker City Ward 41622255
Owens, Harry H.Baker City Ward 41622256
Owens, Julia M.Baker City Ward 41621760
Owens, Walter H.Baker City Ward 41622257
Oxford, RichardBaker City Ward 116399
Oxman, CliftonHuntington169265
Oyers, James G.Baker City Ward 1163839

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