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Oregon Federal Census Index 1900
Baker County Series T624
Roll 1278
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Ilvan, John C.Baker City Ward 11631335
Indumuhl*, archey J.Pocahontas175358
Indumuhl*, D. FredPocahontas175355
Indumuhl*, D. Fred Jr.Pocahontas175357
Indumuhl*, Mary E.Pocahontas175356
Ing, AmatoHuntington169682
Ingall, George T.Baker City Ward 41621441
Ingall, JosephineBaker City Ward 41621442
Ingeretsel, AmandaBaker City Ward 31633453
Ingeretsel, MichaelBaker City Ward 31633451
Ingeretsel, SarahBaker City Ward 31633452
Ingram, Carrie L.Haines17698
Ingram, Ella J.Baker City Ward 416218100
Ingram, Jas H.Haines17695
Ingram, John H.Haines17697
Ingram, Louisa J.Haines17696
Ingram, ThosNorth Sumpter179140
Ingram, TracyBaker City Ward 31633050
Ingstrom, Uno T.Express1712100
Inoki, M. K.Baker City Ward 1163870
Ins**hofer, John w.Huntington169152
Ireland, Bina L.Pocahontas175489
Ireland, Charles L.Parker18139
Irene, Harry E.Baker City Ward 1163642
Irvin, AdeliaPocahontas175493
Irvin, AlmaPocahontas1754100
Irvin, Charles E.Pocahontas175495
Irvin, George W.Pocahontas175496
Irvin, JamesPocahontas17551
Irvin, JasRye Valley167226
Irvin, Lilla M.Pocahontas175498
Irvin, LutherPocahontas175497
Irvin, MatildaPocahontas175499
Irvin, Nathan L.Pocahontas175492
Irvin, William L.Pocahontas175494
Irvine, EdnaBaker City Ward 4163143
Irvine, WilliamBaker City Ward 4163144
Irwin, Allie M.Baker City Ward 4162232
Irwin, Daniel T.Baker City Ward 4162234
Irwin, Hazel JerryBaker City Ward 4162236
Irwin, IreneBaker City Ward 4162233
Irwin, Mimie EdithBaker City Ward 4162235
Irwin, Sarah H.Baker City Ward 41622831
Irwin, William K.Huntington1691029
Ishim, MikeHuntington16976
Ishibashi, S.Alder172240
Ison, Georer C.Wingville175867
Ison, Lessley D.Wingville175865
Ison, Lillith B.Baker City Ward 41622125
Ison, Judith A.Wingville175919
Ison, Martha J.Baker City Ward 41622124
Ison, Mollie A.Wingville175866
Ison, Oliver P.Baker City Ward 41622123
Itami, BillyNorth Sumpter179461
Itao, JeniWeatherby168243
Ito, A.Baker City Ward 1163848
Ito, D.Baker City Ward 1163843
Izatt, AlexanderMcEwen178190
Izatt, EllenMcEwen178192
Izatt, LeonaMcEwen178191

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