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Oregon Federal Census Index 1900
Baker County Series T623
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Dabreo, LulaSouth Sumpter1791422
Dafe, GladdusBaker City Ward 1163937
Dagany, Alfred E.South Sumpter179970
Dagenan, Metes I.Baker City Ward 3163172
Dagenan, MikeBaker City Ward 11631016
Daggart, Andrew C.Precinct No 117727
Daggart, GeorgePrecinct No 1177210
Daggart, SarahPrecinct No 117728
Daggart, Thomas A.Precinct No 117729
Daheimer, MoseBaker City Ward 1163971
Dale, AnnaBaker City Ward 31631729
Dale, FlorenceBaker City Ward 1163134
Dale, HarryBaker City Ward 31631731
Dale, HenryBaker City Ward 1163133
Dale, MannieBaker City Ward 31631730
Dale, WmSouth Baker174397
Daley, Charles H.Baker City Ward 31633358
Daley, WilliamPocahontas175296
Dallen, DellaBaker City Ward 31631798
Dalton, CarrellBaker City Ward 41622998
Dalton, Cora E.North Powder176136
Dalton, Curtis R.North Powder17611
Dalton, Elizabeth M.North Powder17612
Dalton, Herbert W.Baker City Ward 41622999
Dalton, JamesNorth Powder176135
Dalton, PearlBaker City Ward 41622996
Dalton, Sarah E.Baker City Ward 41622995
Dalton, Sarah E.Baker City Ward 416229100
Dalton, Thomas W.Baker City Ward 41622994
Dalton, Warren J.Baker City Ward 41622997
Dalton, Wiley J.North Powder176137
Daly, CorneliaBaker City Ward 11631145
Daly, George W.Baker City Ward 11631260
Daly, JamesBaker City Ward 11631146
Daly, John W.Baker City Ward 11631258
Daly, Lara M.Baker City Ward 11631261
Daly, Lilly G.Baker City Ward 11631259
Daly, ThomasBaker City Ward 11631144
Damon, FlossieBaker City Ward 31631891
Damon, MaryBaker City Ward 31631889
Damon, SosieBaker City Ward 31631890
Dan, LoenBourne180541
Danford, CharlieHuntington169899
Danford, HarryHuntington1698100
Daniel, MarkBaker City Ward 1162655
Daniel, MaryBaker City Ward 1162656
Daniels, BessieParker181177
Daniels, David T.Baker City Ward 1162916
Daniels, GarfieldParker181178
Daniels, HenryBaker City Ward 4162282
Daniels, Jennie L.Baker City Ward 4162284
Daniels, Mary C.Baker City Ward 4162283
Daniels, MaudaParker181176
Daniels, WilliamParker181175
Danilson, AnnieSouth Sumpter1791680
Danilson, BerthaSouth Sumpter1791682
Danilson, FrankSouth Sumpter1791679
Danilson, JamesSouth Sumpter1791681
Danilson, JosieSouth Sumpter1791677
Danilson, LesterSouth Sumpter1791683
Danilson, MinnieSouth Sumpter1791676
Danilson, Theo T.South Sumpter1791675
Danilson, Theo T. Jr.South Sumpter1791678
Dann, ThomasHuntington169774
Dannary*, HortenseBaker City Ward 1162613
Dans, Daniel S.Baker City Ward 11631153
Darby, EavalBaker City Ward 31632593
Darby, EdgarHuntington169150
Darby, EdwardBaker City Ward 31632597
Darby, EvaBaker City Ward 31632596
Darby, James A.Baker City Ward 31632590
Darby, LawrenceBaker City Ward 31632598
Darby, RezinBaker City Ward 31632594
Darby, Sarah B.Baker City Ward 31632591
Darby, Sarah B.Baker City Ward 31632595
Darby, Seaman A.Baker City Ward 31632592
Darling, AmandaBaker City Ward 31633538
Darling, Chaney D.Baker City Ward 31633537
Darling, DebsBaker City Ward 31633540
Darling, EdgarBaker City Ward 31633542
Darling, EmmaBaker City Ward 31633539
Darling, Everett E.Baker City Ward 41621411
Darling, Gracie M.Baker City Ward 41621413
Darling, Harry W.Baker City Ward 41621414
Darling, Lovey M.Baker City Ward 41621412
Darling, NannieBaker City Ward 41621410
Darling, Norman E.Baker City Ward 4162149
Darling, WilliamBaker City Ward 31633541
Darlington, Ada E.Baker City Ward 41621445
Darlington, Lawrence L.Baker City Ward 41621444
Darlington, Raymond S.Baker City Ward 41621443
Dart, Layman A.Baker City Ward 41622084
Dart, Lyman A.Baker City Ward 416221100
Daugherty, Chas A.North Powder176177
Daugherty, Herbert V.North Powder176176
Daugherty, JohnVirtue173153
Daugherty, Mary A.North Powder176174
Daugherty, Wm A.North Powder176175
Daugherty, Wm S.North Powder176173
Daveg, Frank J.Virtue173388
Daveg, MayVirtue173389
Davenport, ClaudSouth Sumpter1791458
Davenport, DoraSouth Sumpter1791457
Davenport, ErmaSouth Sumpter1791459
Davenport, EthelSouth Sumpter1791461
Davenport, JosephSouth Sumpter1791456
Davenport, MinnieSouth Sumpter1791460
Davenport, MonySouth Sumpter1791462
Davenport, Robert T.Huntington16919
David*, TheadoreParker181543
Davids, Amos J.Huntington16953
Davids, CharleyHuntington16952
Davids, JessieHuntington16955
Davids, Sylva R.Huntington16954
Davidson, Alva G.South Sumpter1791092
Davidson, Asa D.Cleary16516
Davidson, Charles A.Cleary16514
Davidson, DoraBourne180628
Davidson, FrancesCleary16513
Davidson, George H.Cleary16515
Davidson, James F.Cleary16517
Davidson, John E.Cleary16519
Davidson, Mary A.Cleary16518
Davidson, Mary E.Cleary16511
Davidson, Millie E.Cleary165121
Davidson, Robert L.Bourne180630
Davidson, ThomasBourne180627
Davidson, WilliamCleary16512
Davidson, WilliamBourne180629
Davies, HerbertNorth Sumpter179262
Davis, AdelaBaker City Ward 31632836
Davis, AlmaConnor Creek170257
Davis, Alonzo B.North Powder17621
Davis, AlvaBaker City Ward 2163162
Davis, Andrew H.Baker City Ward 2162269
Davis, CathrineSouth Sumpter1791865
Davis, Charles A.Baker City Ward 31632835
Davis, Charles G.South Sumpter1791344
Davis, Charles J.Parker181493
Davis, CharleyCleary165320
Davis, Clara A.Baker City Ward 1162691
Davis, Clyde H.Baker City Ward 2163160
Davis, Columbra C.Connor Creek170193
Davis, ChrystalVirtue173348
Davis, Daniel J.Parker181557
Davis, DavidSouth Sumpter1791812
Davis, David T.Baker City Ward 416217100
Davis, DavisaBaker City Ward 2163259
Davis, EdnaNorth Powder17623
Davis, Eleanor M.Baker City Ward 1162693
Davis, ElizaConnor Creek17028
Davis, ElizabethBourne180225
Davis, EllaBaker City Ward 2162266
Davis, Ella R.Baker City Ward 2163158
Davis, EmaryBaker City Ward 31632838
Davis, Emery L.Baker City Ward 2163159
Davis, Emma J.Wingville175869
Davis, ErmaBaker City Ward 2162267
Davis, Etheal S.Baker City Ward 1162694
Davis, EvenSouth Sumpter1791870
Davis, FermanConnor Creek170256
Davis, FrankCleary165321
Davis, FrankieSouth Sumpter1791871
Davis, Frank P.Bourne180224
Davis, George H.Baker City Ward 1162731
Davis, George J.Bourne180313
Davis, GertrudeBaker City Ward 2163163
Davis, HermanVirtue173347
Davis, JamesBaker City Ward 11631012
Davis, James R.Connor Creek170195
Davis, Jennie N.Baker City Ward 2163161
Davis, JohnSouth Sumpter1791872
Davis, John M.Baker City Ward 1162690
Davis, JosephineBaker City Ward 116342
Davis, LanBaker City Ward 116341
Davis, LizzieSouth Sumpter1791867
Davis, Loren D.Baker City Ward 41622199
Davis, Louis M.Baker City Ward 4162243
Davis, MargurittaBaker City Ward 1162732
Davis, MarionBaker City Ward 31632837
Davis, MarySouth Sumpter1791866
Davis, Mary E.Baker City Ward 41622196
Davis, Matha J.Connor Creek170196
Davis, MathewParker181576
Davis, Maud B.Baker City Ward 1162692
Davis, MertonNorth Powder17624
Davis, MillieVirtue173346
Davis, MoyeConnor Creek170194
Davis, NellieConnor Creek170255
Davis, OliviaBaker City Ward 41622197
Davis, PriceWingville175868
Davis, Ridley B.Baker City Ward 41622195
Davis, Rhoda E.North Powder17622
Davis, RobertSouth Sumpter1791057
Davis, RoseBaker City Ward 41622198
Davis, Ruth F.Baker City Ward 2163260
Davis, TempestSouth Sumpter1791869
Davis, Teresie M.Baker City Ward 4162242
Davis, ThomasBaker City Ward 11631097
Davis, ThomasCleary165319
Davis, Thomas M.Parker181418
Davis, Thomas P.Baker City Ward 11631010
Davis, TitusSouth Sumpter1791864
Davis, WilliamBaker City Ward 2163258
Davis, WilliamBaker City Ward 31632678
Davis, William J.Baker City Ward 2162268
Davis, William N.Connor Creek17027
Davis, William P.Connor Creek170254
Davis, William S.Baker City Ward 2162265
Davis, WillieSouth Sumpter1791868
Davis, W. P.Virtue173345
Davison, ThomasSouth Sumpter1791969
Davy, Louis L.Huntington16951
Dawson, MaryWillows175744
Dawson, Maud B.Willows175747
Dawson, PeterWillows175743
Dawson, RoscoeExpress171498
Dawson, Roscoe C.Willows175746
Dawson, TimothyParker181221
Dawson, WilliamWillows175745
Dawson, WilliamHaines1761049
Day, AlbertWillows175774
Day, Burnace M.Baker City Ward 1162967
Day, Charles E.Wingville175975
Day, BessieSouth Sumpter179135
Day, Evaline M.Willows175773
Day, George W.Baker City Ward 1162966
Day, Henry F.Wingville175973
Day, Ivory B.Rock Creek176634
Day, Mary I.Wingville175976
Day, MarthaBaker City Ward 31632328
Day, MarthaSouth Sumpter179134
Day, PhilpSouth Sumpter179136
Day, SusanWingville175974
Day, William H.Pocahontas175464
Deaby, AlbonSouth Sumpter1791831
Deagel, Arahan*Huntington169458
Deagel, Eva G.Huntington169460
Deagel, Harriet a.Huntington169459
Deal, Willard W.McEwen178364
Dealy, Achaeh A.Baker City Ward 1162641
Dealy, Annie A.Baker City Ward 31633714
Dealy, Arthur J.Baker City Ward 1162642
Dealy, CecileBaker City Ward 31633716
Dealy, ThomasBaker City Ward 31633715
Dealy, Thomas J.Parker181435
Dealy, Thomas J.Baker City Ward 31633713
Dealy, WilliamBaker City Ward 11631045
Dean, AdaBaker City Ward 4163141
Dean, Ada J.McEwen178269
Dean, AnnaExpress171381
Dean, Chas W.Virtue173366
Dean, EdwinExpress171380
Dean, Elizabeth M.Baker City Ward 3163166
Dean, EstellaExpress171382
Dean, Francis N.Baker City Ward 3163165
Dean, JeffersonExpress171383
Dean, MatildaVirtue173367
Dean, OwenNorth Sumpter179355
Dean, Stephen E.McEwen178271
Dean, Stiles W.McEwen178268
Dean, SullyBaker City Ward 1163436
Dean, WilliamNorth Sumpter179354
Dearmin, EdnaBaker City Ward 41622331
Dearmin, ElizabethBaker City Ward 41622328
Dearmin, JohnBaker City Ward 41622327
Dearmin, Lilian G.Baker City Ward 41622330
Dearmin, William H.Baker City Ward 41622329
Deary, George E.South Sumpter1791684
Deary, Minnie E.South Sumpter1791685
Decker, CharlesBaker City Ward 1163922
Decker, John O.South Sumpter1791064
Decker, WinnieBaker City Ward 1163923
Dedmon, Etta F.Virtue17333
Dedmon, J. R.Virtue17331
Dedmon, SalinaVirtue17332
Dedmon, Walter C.Virtue17334
Dedmon, WillieVirtue17335
Dedrick, Earl G.South Sumpter1791280
Dedrick, George H.South Sumpter1791278
Dedrick, IdaSouth Sumpter1791279
Dee, LeroySouth Baker17462
Deford, LenordBridgeport166260
DeForde, Lucinda F.Baker City Ward 1162112
Defrees, Clarnece C.Rock Creek1765100
Defrees, CliffordRock Creek17663
Defrees, FrankRock Creek176313
Defrees, Geniva T.Rock Creek17662
Defrees, Lora M.Rock Creek17661
Defrees, Mary E.Rock Creek176599
Defrees, William H.Rock Creek176598
Deihl, WilliamCleary165360
Deivar*, AndrewNorth Sumpter179768
Delaney, EdwardBourne180349
Delemater, ClaraBaker City Ward 31633364
Delemater, FlorenceBaker City Ward 31633363
Delemater, FrankBaker City Ward 31633360
Delemater, George D.Baker City Ward 31633365
Delemater, MayBaker City Ward 31633361
Delemater, MyrtleBaker City Ward 31633362
Dello, Villa Mrs.Baker City Ward 1163515
Dellon, Ada C.Parker18133
Dellon, Raymon W.Parker18134
DeLong, AndyRock Creek176592
DeLong, AnnaRock Creek176593
DeLong, CorneliusRock Creek176595
Demartine, AlexanderBaker City Ward 1163645
Demier, J.Huntington169814
Demmin, Charles A.Parker181596
Denaent, Ambrose E.Baker City Ward 11621015
DeNeffe, CharlesSouth Sumpter179879
Denham, EarlBaker City Ward 31632097
Denham, HughBaker City Ward 31632092
Denham, LewisSouth Baker174178
Denham, MaggieBaker City Ward 31632093
Denham, MaryBaker City Ward 31632094
Denham, RoyBaker City Ward 31632096
Denham, WillieBaker City Ward 31632095
Denney, AnnVirtue173122
Denney, FannyVirtue173123
Denney, W. H.Virtue173121
Denny, AugustaNorth Sumpter17912
Denny, ElwoodNorth Sumpter17913
Denny, Jack A.North Sumpter17911
Deon, LenyBaker City Ward 11631136
Derke, Cut S.Baker City Ward 11631098
Densmore, RobertParker181371
Dessin, Archer M.Baker City Ward 41631433
Dessin, GraceBaker City Ward 41631434
Dessin, man L.Baker City Ward 41631431
Dessin, Maud L.Baker City Ward 41631432
Dessin, RobertBaker City Ward 41631430
Devany, PatrickAlder172377
Devellus, JakeHuntington169779
Devenny, GeorgeMcEwen178146
Devenny, WilliamHaines1761110
Devin, Andrew M.Unity164118
Devine, AnnieBaker City Ward 1163414
Devine, HarryBaker City Ward 1163413
Devinni, AnnaParker181154
Devinni, George H.Parker181156
Devinni, WilliamParker181155
Devore, LloydSouth Sumpter1791989
Dewey, JamesBaker City Ward 11631119
Dial, William A.Express171286
Dias, Joseph F.Bourne180451
Dick, JohnNorth Sumpter179754
Dickerson, BenjaminBaker City Ward 31633194
Dickerson, Homer J.Baker City Ward 11621159
Dickerson, MattieNorth Sumpter17945
Dickey, Charles E.Baker City Ward 31631883
Dickey, Emma A.Baker City Ward 31631888
Dickey, Emma H.Baker City Ward 31631884
Dickey, GenevieveBaker City Ward 31631886
Dickey, Jones W.Baker City Ward 31631887
Dickey, RuthBaker City Ward 31631885
Dickorson, Ada M.South Baker174336
Dickorson, BenjimanSouth Baker174335
Dickorson, MarySouth Baker174334
Dickorson, PearlSouth Baker174338
Dickorson, PercySouth Baker174337
Dickorson, WmSouth Baker174333
Dickson, Albert J.Bridgeport166231
Dickson, Earl L.Bridgeport166234
Dickson, EarnestBridgeport166233
Dickson, Iraan M.Bridgeport166228
Dickson, Joel C.North Sumpter17976
Dickson, MamieHuntington169630
Dickson, Ola M.Bridgeport166230
Dickson, Susan J.Bridgeport166229
Dickson, Vella K.Bridgeport166232
Dilaheimer, CarlBaker City Ward 11621120
Dilaheimer, SahBaker City Ward 11621121
Dill, ElnoraBaker City Ward 31633162
Dillabaugh, ClydeBaker City Ward 31632236
Dillabaugh, DanielBaker City Ward 31632234
Dillabaugh, EmilyBaker City Ward 31632237
Dillabaugh, HattieBaker City Ward 31632235
Dillabaugh, MelittleBaker City Ward 31632238
Dillon, Dorphus G.Parker181226
Dillon, Phebe J.Parker181225
Dimean, Henrietta E.Baker City Ward 1162644
Dimean, Robert S.Baker City Ward 1162643
Dimond, Clara A.Baker City Ward 41622420
Dimond, George M.Baker City Ward 41622419
Dimond, Mabel N.Baker City Ward 41622421
Dincin, EllenBaker City Ward 1162887
Ding, LungNorth Sumpter179763
Dishman, ElizabethHuntington1691142
Dishman, FrankHuntington1691143
Dishman, WilliamHuntington1691141
Doane, Annie L.North Sumpter179552
Doane, Earl M.North Sumpter179551
Doane, JohnNorth Sumpter179547
Doane, JohnNorth Sumpter179553
Doane, Leslie L.North Sumpter179549
Doane, MaryNorth Sumpter179548
Doane, Roscoe B.North Sumpter179550
Doanley*, William J.Baker City Ward 1162996
Dobbs, Ada E.North Sumpter17946
Dobbs, Charlie F.North Sumpter17947
Dobson, Chas.Rye Valley167177
Dodson, Ada A.North Powder176194
Dodson, AgnesBaker City Ward 41622923
Dodson, Agnes C.Parker18124
Dodson, AlbertBaker City Ward 41622924
Dodson, Albert G.Parker18125
Dodson, Anna A.Parker1811100
Dodson, Frank H.Parker18121
Dodson, GeorgiaBaker City Ward 41622922
Dodson, Georgia J.Parker18123
Dodson, Gertrude A.Baker City Ward 41622920
Dodson, Gertrude H.Baker City Ward 41622925
Dodson, Henry F.Baker City Ward 41622919
Dodson, Henry F.Parker181199
Dodson, Jesse L.North Powder176192
Dodson, Jessie L.North Powder176195
Dodson, Laura A.North Powder176193
Dodson, Sarah G.Baker City Ward 41622921
Dodson, Sarah C.Parker18122
Doew, Stella R.Baker City Ward 1162614
Dolby, StewartSouth Baker174597
Dolecate*, **Baker City Ward 216213
Doll, CharlotteCleary165314
Doll, StachiaCleary165315
Doll, William R.Cleary165313
Dolly, Russell P.Express171136
Donahey, BerniceHuntington169239
Donahey, Henry B.Huntington169237
Donahey, HughHuntington169235
Donahey, Lillie B.Huntington169236
Donahey, RaymondHuntington169238
Donahue, Geo H.Virtue173173
Doanld, DougBourne180112
Donald, Elizabeth T.Baker City Ward 41621784
Donald, Grace T.Baker City Ward 41621785
Donald, JamesBaker City Ward 41621783
Donald, Mabel E.Baker City Ward 41621559
Donald, RobertBaker City Ward 41621558
Donald, Robert T.Baker City Ward 41621786
Donaldson, HarleyHuntington1691030
Donahue, John P.Parker181247
Donant, Gestave A.Baker City Ward 1162968
Donant, Laura D.Baker City Ward 1162969
Dondell, JohnNorth Sumpter179696
Dondell, RoseNorth Sumpter179697
Doner*, **Baker City Ward 2162148
Dong, GowBaker City Ward 1163741
Dong, HeeBaker City Ward 1163681
Dong, JakBaker City Ward 1163742
Dong, MeBaker City Ward 31633781
Donnell, JohnRock Creek176513
Donnelly, Albert E.Baker City Ward 11631077
Donnelly, JamesBaker City Ward 1163425
Donnelly, JamesBaker City Ward 1163427
Donnelly, MaryBaker City Ward 1163426
Dooley, Christiana M.Baker City Ward 216335
Dooley, Christina E.Bridgeport166124
Dooley, Dnapp*Baker City Ward 216223
Dooley, Francis E.Baker City Ward 216337
Dooley, FrankBaker City Ward 216221
Dooley, Gertrude M.Baker City Ward 216338
Dooley, JerryBridgeport166123
Dooley, John F.Baker City Ward 216333
Dooley, MargaretBaker City Ward 216224
Dooley, Margaret H.Baker City Ward 216334
Dooley, Nora M.Baker City Ward 216222
Dooley, Ruth J.Baker City Ward 216336
Doreity, PhilHuntington1691010
Dorr, AdaHuntington169313
Dorr, Bert A.Huntington169311
Dorr, BessieHuntington169314
Dorr, Ellen R.Huntington169310
Dorr, FannyHuntington169312
Dorr, Harry R.Huntington169315
Dorsen, I. P.Virtue17347
Dorsen, May E.Virtue17348
Dorsett, Florence A.Baker City Ward 1162821
Dorsett, James A.Weatherby168192
Dorsett, John E.Baker City Ward 1162820
Dorsett, Lola I.Baker City Ward 1162822
Dorsett, SarahWeatherby168191
Dorsett, Walter W.Weatherby168190
Dotson, ElonzoHuntington169664
Dotson, JakeNorth Sumpter179232
Dotson, JohnNorth Sumpter179236
Dotson, LauraNorth Sumpter179231
Dotson, MayNorth Sumpter179233
Dotson, OliverNorth Sumpter179234
Dotson, PaulNorth Sumpter179235
Dougherty, Charles W.South Sumpter1791777
Dougherty, CharleySouth Sumpter1791776
Dougherty, ClariceSouth Sumpter1791779
Dougherty, Frank B.South Sumpter1791771
Dougherty, HannahBaker City Ward 1162867
Dougherty, HenrySouth Sumpter1791775
Dougherty, LewisSouth Sumpter1791774
Dougherty, LouisaSouth Sumpter1791772
Dougherty, NonaSouth Sumpter1791773
Dougherty, Patrick J.South Sumpter1791053
Dougherty, SarahSouth Sumpter1791778
Dowd, Mary C.Baker City Ward 41622415
Downey, ArchieBaker City Ward 31632370
Downey, FredericBourne18052
Downey, FrederickBaker City Ward 11631134
Downey, MaryBaker City Ward 31632369
Downey, ThomasBaker City Ward 31632371
Downey, ThomasSouth Sumpter1791877
Doyle, Edward J.Baker City Ward 41622214
Doyle, Mary E.Baker City Ward 41622215
Doyle, William E.Baker City Ward 41622216
Drabney, Anna J.Baker City Ward 31633532
Drabney, Charles A.Baker City Ward 31633528
Drabney, Charles A.Baker City Ward 31633533
Drabney, Frank W.Baker City Ward 31633530
Drabney, GeorgeBaker City Ward 31633534
Drabney, HazelBaker City Ward 31633536
Drabney, JamesBaker City Ward 31633535
Drabney, MamieBaker City Ward 31633531
Drabney, Martha A.Baker City Ward 31633529
Drake, BerthaBaker City Ward 2163186
Drake, Claire G.Baker City Ward 11621231
Drake, ClarenceBaker City Ward 2163184
Drake, Edith G.Baker City Ward 11621230
Drake, JamesBaker City Ward 2163182
Drake, JamesBaker City Ward 2163185
Drake, MaudBaker City Ward 2163183
Drake, OralBaker City Ward 2163188
Drake, RoyBaker City Ward 2163187
Drake, Violet E.Baker City Ward 11621229
Drane, AnnieSouth Sumpter1791259
Drane, EstesSouth Sumpter1791261
Drane, HarleySouth Sumpter1791262
Drane, James N.South Sumpter1791258
Drane, NorvelSouth Sumpter1791260
Drenon, JamesParker181635
Dreese, AlbertSouth Sumpter1791890
Drew, ClaudeNorth Sumpter179475
Drislan, ThomasUnity164123
Driver, EdwardParker181555
Drobnet, Anna C.Baker City Ward 41623044
Drobnet, Charles H.Baker City Ward 41623045
Drobnet, Frank C.Baker City Ward 41623042
Drobnet, GeorgeBaker City Ward 41623046
Drobnet, HarryBaker City Ward 41623040
Drobnet, James E.Baker City Ward 41623047
Drobnet, Mary A.Baker City Ward 41623041
Drobnet, Mary A.Baker City Ward 41623043
Druns, JessieBaker City Ward 31631795
Drybrough, Kenneth*Baker City Ward 11621334
Drybrough, Mary A.Baker City Ward 11621335
Duckett, JamesExpress17145
Duckett, MaryExpress17146
Duckworth, BarbraNorth Sumpter179522
Duckworth, Carl S.South Sumpter179953
Duckworth, ElizabethSouth Baker174541
Duckworth, HarryNorth Sumpter179523
Duckworth, James W.South Sumpter179921
Duckworth, John A.McEwen178181
Duckworth, Lillie B.South Sumpter179922
Duckworth, Luther a.South Sumpter179923
Duckworth, Mary E.McEwen178182
Duenez, AdolphBaker City Ward 1163554
Duff, Thomas V.Alder172324
Duffy, Ella N.Huntington169391
Duffy, Harry A.Huntington169392
Duffy, JannieBaker City Ward 11631022
Dugan, George W.Baker City Ward 4162269
Dugan, Hannah M.Baker City Ward 41622610
Dugan, Woodrow R.Baker City Ward 41622612
Duggin, Annie L.Baker City Ward 41631574
Duggin, WilliamBaker City Ward 41631573
Duke, IdaBaker City Ward 41631438
Duke, Thoma J.Baker City Ward 41631437
Dukoffner, AmyBaker City Ward 41631552
Dukoffner, CharlesBaker City Ward 41631551
Dull, JoeHuntington169620
Dumas, AnnieRye Valley167120
Dumas, ArchieRye Valley167124
Dumas, EdwinRye Valley167122
Dumas, EllaRye Valley167123
Dumas, JohnRye Valley167118
Dumas, LauraRye Valley167121
Dumas, LottyRye Valley167119
Dumpley, ThomasSouth Sumpter179867
Dunbar, Paul C.Willows175672
Dunbar, RubyBaker City Ward 11621033
Duncan, BerthaVirtue173291
Duncan, ChasVirtue173290
Duncan, Dalton G.Virtue173298
Duncan, Ed. W.Virtue173297
Duncan, F. P.Virtue173293
Duncan, GeoVirtue173324
Duncan, GertrudeVirtue173292
Duncan, J. T.Virtue173323
Duncan, Lee A.Haines1761123
Duncan, MinnieVirtue173294
Duncan, Opal A.Virtue173296
Duncan, Oral N.Virtue173295
Duncan, *lian E.Huntington169645
Dunkins, CharlieExpress171413
Dunn, AlbertExpress171371
Dunn, Alice M.Bourne18012
Dunn, Amy V.Bourne180150
Dunn, CarolineExpress171370
Dunn, Charles A.Precinct No 1177336
Dunn, Chas D.Virtue173112
Dunn, DavidBourne180641
Dunn, Dee W.Bourne180290
Dunn, Edward C.Bourne180151
Dunn, Fred A.North Sumpter179142
Dunn, FlorenceSouth Baker174279
Dunn, IreneBaker City Ward 2163257
Dunn, JamesBourne180149
Dunn, James S.Baker City Ward 41621456
Dunn, LesterSouth Baker174280
Dunn, Mary J.Bourne18013
Dunn, Sarah E.Unity164349
Dunn, StellaSouth Baker174278
Dunn, ThomasBourne18011
Dunn, ThosSouth Baker174277
Dunninglin, SusanSouth Sumpter1791367
Dunphy, Helen M.Rock Creek176466
Dunphy, Jas W.Rock Creek176463
Dunphy, Mary B.Rock Creek176464
Dunphy, Wm N.Rock Creek176465
Dunply, Charles W.Baker City Ward 31633825
Dunply, MildredBaker City Ward 31633824
Dunply, Nancy J.Baker City Ward 31633823
Dunply, Thomas F.Baker City Ward 31633822
Dunstan, ElizabethBourne180324
Dunstan, JohnBourne180325
Dunstan, marthaBourne180326
Dunstan, WilliamBourne180323
Dupnis, Charles N.Baker City Ward 1162814
Dupnis, Olive F.Baker City Ward 1162815
Durand, GraceBourne180259
Durand, MargueritBourne180261
Durbice, Alice B.Huntington1691041
Durbice, CharlieHuntington1691040
Durbice, WillieHuntington1691042
Durbin, GraceHuntington169126
Durbin, John B.Huntington169125
Durbin, Julia D.Huntington169127
Durfey, William C.Huntington169872
Durgan, FrankBaker City Ward 31633062
Durgan, FrederickBaker City Ward 31633098
Durgan, George H.Baker City Ward 31633061
Durgan, Irvin E.Baker City Ward 41622611
Durgan, Laura A.Baker City Ward 31633060
Durgan, Molly M.Baker City Ward 31633097
Durgan, William P.Baker City Ward 31633059
Durgan, William W.Baker City Ward 31633096
Durgen, Sim H.North Sumpter179611
Durkee, Charles W.Weatherby168195
Durkee, ElizabethBaker City Ward 31631811
Durkee, George R.Weatherby16826
Durkee, GualdineBaker City Ward 31631812
Durkee, Guy W.Express171516
Durkee, LarenceBaker City Ward 31631810
Durkee, PaulBaker City Ward 31631813
Durr, Albert J.Baker City Ward 1162992
Durr, AnnaBaker City Ward 1162991
Durr, ErnestBaker City Ward 1162994
Durr, margaret E.Baker City Ward 1162995
Durr, Mary M.Baker City Ward 1162993
Dustin, CharlesPrecinct No 1177259
Dustin, FrankPrecinct No 1177260
Dustin, JanePrecinct No 1177258
Dustin, OscarPrecinct No 1177257
Duvall, Robert O.McEwen17835
Dwyer, Edward J.South Sumpter1791711
Dwyer, ViolaSouth Sumpter1791712
Dyer, AdeladeBourne180260
Dyer, CharityBourne180359
Dyer, EarlBourne180360
Dyer, PearlBourne180361
Dyer, Peter J.McEwen178179
Dyer, William J.Bourne180358
Dygert, AugustaSouth Sumpter179983
Dygert, John A.South Sumpter179982
Dyke, George H.Baker City Ward 2162529
Dyke, George P.Baker City Ward 2162525
Dyke, John S.Baker City Ward 2162527
Dyke, Loena M.Baker City Ward 2162528
Dyke, Olie E.Baker City Ward 2162526
Dysinger, George J.South Sumpter179993

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