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Texas Marriages
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Groom Groom Age Groom Birth Years Bride Bride Age Bride Birth Years Marriage Date County Certificate #
GIROUARD JEFFREY L     27     1969/1970     VARNES KIMBERLY A     24     1972/1973     6/7/1997     HARRIS     081908  
GIROUARD,CRAIG J     34     1962/1963     STONE,SHERRIE L     35     1961/1962     11/10/1997     COOKE     165744  
CELAYA,ALFONZO JR     41     1956/1957     GIROUARD,TAMI R     32     1965/1966     7/10/1998     JEFFERSON     079713  
GIROUARD,BURTON J     22     1975/1976     WORSHAM,CATHY M     19     1978/1979     6/27/1998     HARRIS     078918  
GIROUARD,DAVID W     24     1973/1974     REYES,ANNA L     23     1974/1975     9/4/1998     CALDWELL     125512  
GIROUARD,MARK L     39     1958/1959     PEIRCE,CATHARINE M     34     1963/1964     6/20/1998     HARRIS     069954  
GIROUARD,ROLAND J     21     1976/1977     HAYTER,BRIDGETTE O     22     1975/1976     6/20/1998     CALDWELL     073888  
GIROUARD KURT G     28     1970/1971     LOONEY RANDIE M     23     1975/1976     12/4/1999     HARRIS     156373  
GIROUARD MICHAEL R     41     1957/1958     VAUGHN SHERRY L     25     1973/1974     5/8/1999     BEXAR     178288  
WRIGHT BRIAN R     29     1969/1970     GIROUARD SUSAN R     31     1967/1968     3/26/1999     BEXAR     174784  
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Marriage certificates represent one of the key primary sources for family information, typically being issued the same day as a marriage takes place. In some cases, religious-based marriage documents exist too, but the civil record of the marriage has always been required. Marriage certificates vary in content depending upon when and where the marriage took place, but usually they contain: bride’s and groom’s names, ages, places of birth or recent residences, and number of marriage. In some cases the documents will have the names of the bride and grooms’ parents, and address of residence after the wedding. These can be valuable clues for continuing family tree research.

Availability of marriage records in the United States varies, but most states began requiring them by the early 1900s. In many cases, such as Alabama, records are available as early as the 1810s. Accessing individual records can be difficult without knowing when a person married, what the groom’s name was, or the bride’s maiden name; therefore indexes to marriage records are essential in simplifying your search. Most indexes provide a year and certificate number, which allows you to easily access the source document.
Texas Marriages. Family Tree Legends Records Collection (Online Database). Pearl Street Software, 2004-2005.