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Josie Rebecca Gerrior

6lbs 8 ounces

June 16, 1998

It happened like this ....well mommy and daddy had a little fun last year and when they did they somehow lost control and decided they wanted a precious baby like me.
Well after mommy carried me in her belly for 41 weeks well I just wanted to come out and see what the real world was like.
Well mommy had a hard time, she ended up in hospital on June 15th with high blood pressure and as she relaxed it went back to normal.
She was about to get discharged out of the hospital when Dr. Bethune decided well I was in there long enough and lets get things rolling.
At 8:30 am Dr. Bethune decided to get mommy on a drip to speed things up. Well I could tell mommy wasn't enjoying this too much by mid afternoon it was really tough.
They even gave me some demorol, boy did I feel good, but mommy still was having a hard time. Well I guess I wasn't helping too much cause I wasn't putting pressure in the
right spot to help her dilate.
So Dr. Bethune noticed I was getting a little tired and my heart beat was slowing down so I just wanted out. So Dr. Bethune decided he wanted to get me out of there so
they rolled mommy into the operating room and decided to take me out by a c-section. Wow great I get to see mommy sooner then I thought.
Finally I get to breathe on my own at 3:53pm.

After All That
Well big mistake daddy made at first that people like to blame mommy for, well guess nanny caught him in the action well he was laying on mommy's hospital bed and I was on his chest. I just loved the sound of the heart beat and the warmth. So then the fun came as mommy tried to keep me in the bassinette. No way was I staying in that, so mommy would hold me and wait til I was asleep then try to sneak me back into it, I guess the mattress was just too cold. So I got my way back into her bed.
So the nurses came in and saw mommy and I sleeping in the same bed, mommy told them I would just cry in my own bed. So hahaha the nurses tried to put me there and I just screamed. So I did get my way til mommy got me home on June 19th.

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