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Scott Girouard
(son of Raymond Paul Girouard and Evelyn Susan Neupauer)
Katherine Keeter Warren

 Scott Girourd's family. Nine year old Alex, Scott, 1 year old Warren and Kathy.

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News Chief

WINTER HAVEN -- City Commission incumbents Charles Cone and Scott Girouard were re-elected by a two-to-one margin in the city elections last night. Charles Richardson won the Seat 2 race with a 2,288 to 999 vote.

In the Seat 3 race, Girouard defeated challenger Joe Barros with a 2,327 to 1,001 vote.

"I am grateful that the voters of Winter Haven expressed their satisfaction with the current direction of the city commission. I will continue to work as hard for the next four years as I have the past two," Girouard said. "I wish to express my gratitude to the citizens of Winter Haven for their support."

This election will give Girouard his first full term as city commissioner. He has several years experience within government and is currently Mayor Pro-Tem for the commission. Before joining the commission, Girouard served on the city planning board and is a member of the Ridge League of Cities board. Girouard is a Winter Haven native.

Girouard said his goals for the next four years, if re-elected, would be to see the construction of a new police station, make progress in the expansion of the library, and consolidate city departments into one location.

"I think we've accomplished a lot," Girouard said. "I can't take credit for what the entire board has done, but as a whole I think our biggest accomplishment has been the Garden Grove (water system) purchase."

Barros was surprised by the loss.

"I thought the people of Winter Haven wanted a better place to live, a decent place to live, but they seem to want the same that they've had," said Barros.

He also said he planned to stay involved in city politics.

"I will be like a stone inside their shoes," said Barros.

The new city commission will be seated during the second meeting in October.

Girouard named Haven mayor; Darby bids farewell to commission
News Chief

WINTER HAVEN -- The city now has a new mayor, new mayor pro-tem and new commissioner following an installation ceremony Monday night during the city commission meeting.

After Richardson was sworn into office, the commission voted itself a mayor. Girouard, Tom Freijo and Charles Cone threw their hats in the ring, and Girouard was elected mayor. Freijo was elected mayor pro-tem. "I thank you for support and look forward to working with you as hard and efficiently as we can," Girouard said. "It will be a good year."

"When I first met Ann Darby, she had just come onto the commission and I was serving on one of the city committees. As I watched her over the years I realized that you don't get elected three times to the same office without doing something right," said Girouard. "You've shown me what it's like to be a leader and how to do it with class."


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