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Four generations // Descendants of Narcisse Girouard and M-Anne Chartier
Funeral card // for Rose St-Onge, wife of Albert Girouard.
Funeral card // for Gertrude Girouard wife of John Lukacin.
Funeral card // for Alice Eva Girouard wife of William Evans.
Funeral card // for Lorenzo Girouard husband of M-Marthe Brunet.
Funeral card // for Paul Girouard husband of Debbie Woodland.
Funeral cards // for Adolphe Girouard, and his wife Olive Ross
Funeral cards // for Clarinda Girouard, and her husband Albini Robert.
Obit of // Peter Leger, son-in-law of Alcide Faucher and Albertine Girouard.
Obit of // Elizabeth Girouard, daughter of Gonzague and Emma Perrona.
Obit of // Léonard Chartier, son of Alfred and Octavie Laferrière.
Obit of // Noel Chartier, son of Flavien Chartier and Zoé Girouard.
Obit of // Laurant "Pitou" Chartier, son of Noël and Zéphirine Hébert.
Obit of // Dianne Marie Mondor, daughter of Octave and Jeannine Girouard.
Obit of // Herménégilde Dubé, husband of Elizabeth Girouard.
Wedding picture of // Adrien (Andy) Girouard and Beatrice Beaugrand.
Richard Girouard son of // Adrien (Andy) Girouard and Beatrice Beaugrand.
Wedding picture of // Henri Girouard and Beverly Ann Goulet.
Wedding picture of // Nazaire Bernier and Celina Girouard
Zoé Chartier, 1865-1935, daughter of Flavien and Zoé Girouard


Richard Girouard

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