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This website has already introduced Robert Hay Gillon, so I would like to give a brief history since that point.

Robert and his wife had 4 children; Isabella, Agnes, Charles and David. Charles was born on 16 July 1923 and died around 4 May 1989. He married Joan Mary Jackson (b. 25 September 1924). They were married in November 1943. They lived together in Littlehampton, Sussex, England. Apparently, Charles intended to move the family back to Scotland one day, but never did.

Charles and Joan had two children, Christine (b. 25 April 1947) and Anthony (b. 18 June 1950). Anthony worked in London and West Germany as a chef before working in intelligence for the Royal Air Force. He was posted to Digby, near Lincoln, England, where he met his wife Julie Anne Iliff (b. 20 September 1953).

Anthony and Julie had one child, Robert (myself) (b. 21 June 1985). I played the piano during college and the first year of university, but I switched majors from music to East Asian Studies, due to my growing interest in Japan. I currently live in Tokuyama, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan. Regarding the Gillon music tradition, I plan to get an electronic piano at some point, although my currently apartment is a little too small to hold one, causing a delay!

Barbara has asked me to take over this website, so I can be contacted at If there are any questions, comments or corrections to be made to this site, don't hesitate to get in contact. However, Barbara would be the best first point of contact before myself.

A more complete family history can be found on, compiled by my mother Julie. The link is