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Our  Lewis Family............carrying on the Music Tradition

written by Barbara Gillon Lewis

When Bob and I started our family back in 1962, we thought that someday, down the road, we might have a child that would study music and carry on the Gillon tradition.  Bob already played the piano well, and having a degree in music and spending most of my years studying the violin, I thought that one of the children would study the violin or maybe the piano.

When Jeff and Rob were in their teens, they formed a band, playing guitar, drums, and keyboard.  They have taught themselves , and we have been very proud of their accomplishments, as  we wanted them to pursue the music of their choice.   Most kids eventually give up their interest in playing in a band, but not our boys.  To this day, Rob and Jeff have continued to play for community events. as well as for their own enjoyment.   Their band has changed throughout the years, but these two fathers and grandfathers, have continued to keep their band going.

Randy, the middle son, studied piano for a while,  and through the years, like his brothers,  has taught himself how to improvise . He has especially taken to different types of jazz.  As a child and young man, he had a lovely voice and performed in musical theater and choirs. Then this past summer (2012) he announced that he had formed a band, he being the lead singer.  They would make their debut in a culdesac at the end of his street on the 4th of July.  So the whole family gathered around for the big event.  

I thought at the time, how proud Grandpa Gillon would be to see his grandchildren enjoying their music, as he had done in Scotland, teaching his own children and others  in the neighborhood how to play the piano and other instruments. And as shown on another page in this site, he conducted a little orchestra with these children. Before coming to America, he and his sons performed with his orchestra on the holiday boats that went up and down the Clyde River.

Back: Jeff and Rob; Front: Nancy and Randy