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Father:  Robert HAY born 1839 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland  Find a Grave
Mother: Agnes Archibald McNeil GALBRAITH
 (See below)  Find a Grave
Married 18 Feb, 1870 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

2-Children of Robert Hay and Agnes Galbraith:
Janet McDermid HAY 16 Jan 1871 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
James HAY 28 Sep 1871 Govan, Lanark, Scotland (Rebecca Alcorn)  died Jan 1940  Find a Grave
John Galbraith HAY 30 May 1875 Govan, Lanark, Scotland
Agnes Galbraith HAY 5 May 1877 Govan, Lanark, Scotland (Charles Gillon)  Find a Grave
Robina HAY 20 Dec 1878 (Charles Irvine)
Alexander Kennedy HAY Abt 1880 Govan Lanark, Scotland

2-Robert HAY (1839) Married #1 Mary MCCULLOCH 13 Jul  1860 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland   Find a Grave
Children of Robert Hay and Mary Mcculloch:

Jessie HAY  b. 28 Apr 1861 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Mary Lee HAY b. 21 Feb 1865 Glasgow, Lanark, SCotland
James McCulloch HAY  b. 26 Sep 1867 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Robert HAY  1869 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

2-Agnes Galbraith (1843)  married #1 William Wallace 6 Apr 1866 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland   Find a Grave

Children of Agnes Galbraith (1843) and William Wallace:  Find a Grave
Margaret Osborne WALLACE b. 29 Nov, 1866 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Robert Galbraith  WALLACE b. 20 Jul 1868 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
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Parents of Robert HAY (1839)

3-William HAY Chr 16 Sep 1805 East (New) Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
3-Mary LEE (LEES)  1804 Ireland

Jean HAY: b. 8 Jun 1828 Dalmuir, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Matthew HAY Chr. 26 Dec 1830 Dalmuir, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Janet Moncrief  Chr. HAY 27 Oct 1833 Dalmuir, Dunbartonshire
John Masterson HAY  b. 27 Oct 1933 Dalmuir, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Robert HAY 1839 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

(Mary McCulloch and Agnes Galbraith)

Parents of William HAY (1805)  (This connection is assumed after much research)
4-William HAY
4-Agnes MILLER

Agnes HAY  Chr. 20 Nov 1796 New Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
William HAY b. 10 Sep 1805 Canniesburn, New Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, Scotland (Mary Lee)


3-Father: Robert GALBRAITH  b. Abt 1811 Ireland
3-Mother: Janet MCDIARMID  Chr 25 Apr 1811 Bowmore, Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland
(See below)

John GALBRAITH 1836 Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire, Scotland (Isabella Gilchrist)
Isabel GALBRAITH 1838 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Robert GALBRAITH 1840 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland (Susan Smith)
Agnes Archibald McNeil GALBRAITH Feb 1843 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland (William WALLACE)  Find a Grave
Margaret GALBRAITH 1845 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland (James SPEIRS)

(I have found a record of a Robert Galbraith, born 1811 in Derry, Ireland, father John, but I have no proof, so this is as far as I have been able to go with the Galbraith line)


4-Father: Hugh MCDIARMID   Chr 31 Aug 1786 Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland (Archibald McDiarmid)
4-Mother: Agnes CAMPBELL  b. 1786 Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland

Archibald MCDIARMID  Chr 17 Sep 1809 Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland
Janet MCDIARMID  Chr 25 Apr 1811 Bowmore, Islay, Argyll, Scotland (Robert GALBRAITH)
Martha McDiarmid  b. abt 1813 Scotland
Katherine MCDIARMID 1816 Eastwood, Pollokshaws,Renfrewshire, Scotland
Isabella MCDIARMID  b. abt 1816 Scotland
Mary McDiarmid b. abt 1819 Scotland
Agnes MCDIARMID b. 30 Dec 1823 Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire, Scotland (David Tennant ORR)
Hugh MCDIARMID  b. 28 Apr 1826 Eastwood, Pollockshaws, Renfrewshire, Scotland (Mary COLLINS)

Parents of Hugh McDiarmid (1786)
5-Archibald MCDIARMID b. abt 1759  of Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland
5-Isabel MCMILLAN b. abt 1763  of Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland

Ewen MCDIARMID   Chr 10 Nov 1784 Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland
Hugh MCDIARMID  Chr 31 Aug 1786 Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland (Agnes CAMPBELL)
Mary MCDIARMID  Chr 26 Oct 1788 Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland
(Alexander FERGUSON)

If ANYONE has any additional information or corrections on these families, please let me know.

Barbara McClelland Gillon Lewis