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What's in the Census Records; Clues and Tips:

The Family Search Record Search-Pilot site…then "search records"tab then down to "record search pilot"

Click on "Browse our Records Collection"

Click on place on Map, scroll down to "U" and censuses are listed under "United States"

Put name in search engine and be sure you put something in LOCATION

(See part 2 of this Sunday School series)

At the 1880 US Census; 1881 of Britain and Canada

Search Tab; Advanced Search: Census; (use drop-down menu)

Heritage Quest: You need an up- to- date Weber County library card

Premium sites (at the far left)

Genealogy (link in the middle of the page)

Heritage Quest Online (link in the middle of the page)

Type in your library card number

Continue to Heritage Quest Online

Search Census

ANCESTRY: (The one you see advertised on TV)

These census records are complete for all states…at least what is available for all states.

All the Ancestry records are pay-for-subscription records, BUT they are available at no cost at the Family History Center on 24th street, or you can e-mail me for a "lookup," and I am glad to do this.

Type in Home page, go up to the SEARCH TAB, then SEARCH ALL RECORDS, and fill in your information.

Or…..from the SEARCH TAB, go down to Search Census records and down to US Federal Census Collection.

GOOGLE.COM....there are also misc census records that can be found by googling.

Prepared by Barbara Lewis