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Sherod Moore GILLESPIE, Amherst, Virginia, 1755-unknown

In the early 1800's Sherod is the oldest Gillespie living in Amherst County as who was recorded as a head of household. We also see him recorded on the 1790 and 1799 tax lists. Other researchers have seen report him on the 1783 and 1785 tax lists.

Dates and facts in timeline form for Sherod

I won't record actual deeds and such here, those will be on the various summary pages on the site.

Sherod Moore is born, he is the son of George GILLESPIE and possibly Mary MOORE
12 Feb 1778
Sherod marries Sally Horsley in Amherst, VA.

One thing that I find curious about Sherod, is that I have no record of him buying land in Amherst County prior to 1805. (I do not have a deed book after that.)

late 1770's, early 1780's
According to Bailey Fulton Davis and Anita Wills, he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, most probably to 1781. Davis reports him as being a Captian. The records for William Cabell, Jr. are in the New York historical society, and probably contain some of this information as well.
20 Sep 1783
He was a witness to a sale of land to from Samuel SHACKELFORD to Philip THURMOND. We see a the THURMOND's show up often in relations to the GILLESPIE family.
15 Nov 1783
He was a witness to a business transaction of his brother William, where William sold a slave to Peter Carter
28 Oct 1784
He was a witness to a sale of land from Joseph EDWARDS to Philip THURMOND. William GILLESPIE was a witness as well.
26 Oct 1785
He was a witness to sale of land, from James and John WILLOUGHBY to Philip THURMOND. Witnesses to this particular transaction other than Sherod were William GILLESPIE, Lucy THURMOND, Elisha THURMOND. Elisha THURMOND is most probably the son of Philip THURMOND and Judith TUCKER. Elisha was married to Mary CARTWRIGHT, daughter of Justinian CARTWRIGHT and Francis GILLESPIE, William and Sherod's sister.
11 Jun 1790
Sherodmore Gillespie listed on the 1790 B Tax list for Amherst. Listed as 1-0-0-1
Mar 1799
Sherod M Gillespie listed on the 1799 B Tax list for Amherst. Listed as 1-0-0-1 and 12 pounds tax
Mar. 19, 1804
Listed as a signing witness for the wife at the Marriage of Bennett HUDSON and Sally GILLESPIE. Lucy HUDSON, who is probably Lucy GILLESPIE, wife of Robert Hudson (deceased in 1791), and mother of Bennett is also listed along with Samuel Garland and Henry Brown as witnesses.
Nov 1804
He is mentioned in 1804 in the settlement of his fatherís estate.
George, Alexander, Lewis GILLESPIE for self and for Sherodmore GILLESPIE; James. BOWLING & wife Lettice, Charles JONES & wife, Betsy, Howard CASH & wife Sally, Jesse WRIGHT & wife Dicey- all heirs of George GILLESPIE, dec'd., AC, to DAVID S.GARLAND, AC, for 66-13-4 pounds, 403 acres on Piney - they own 1/12th each. Witnesses: Joel FRANKLIN, James CAMDEN, Moses & Benjamin WRIGHT. Memo: reserved - not over 1/4 acre for family graveyard where GEORGE GILLESPIE is buried.
I am curious as to why he was not in the group with George, Alexander and Lewis. He is the only living brother not in that list.
June 11, 1805
Sherod is listed as a witness for the Husband at the marriage of Bolling GILLESPIE and Lucy BARNES. Other witnesses are Godfrey TOLER, Samuel GARLAND, and Elijah BARNES.
1810 census
In 1810 census, he was listed as older than 45, which given his birth date of 1755, he should have been 55.
Also, listed in the house:
1 Male ages 0 - 9 (1801-1810),
2 Females ages 26 - 44 (1766 - 1784),
1 Female age 45 and over (before 1765)
1820 census
In 1820 census, he was listed as 45 or older, which given a birthdate of 1755 he should have been 65. Also, listed in the household:
2 Females between the ages of 16 - 25 (1795 - 1804)
1 Female between the age of 26 - 44 (1776 - 1794),
1 Female 45 and over (before 1775)
Aug 31, 1822
Listed as a witness of Narcissa GILLASPIE and Moses RUCKER. Other witnesses were Landon TOOLEY(TULEY) and B. DAVIES
He is not listed in the 1830 census in Amherst, or in other county in Virginia that I can find.

I have been searching the wills between 1820 and 1830 in Amherst, but have found nothing yet.

Questions about Sherod

Sherod's possible children

I have seen multiple listings of children for Sherod and Sally. If I had to make a guess, this is what I would guess as his family:

  • Roland GILLESPIE was born About 1779 and died After 1840.
  • Bolling GILLESPIE was born About 1780 in Amherst, VA.
  • James GILLESPIE was born in 1781 in Amherst, VA
  • Sally GILLESPIE was born in 1783 in Amherst, VA and died on Oct. 19, 1863 in VA
  • Tarlton GILLESPIE was born in 1787 in Amherst, VA and died in 1868 in Amherst, VA.
  • Willis GILLESPIE was born in 1790 in Amherst, VA and died on Oct. 6, 1865 in Amherst, VA
  • Elizabeth GILLESPIE was born in 1791 in Amherst, VA
  • Narcissa GILLESPIE was born About 1795 in Amherst, VA