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Graphical Jones in Green with a trio of daffodils for color.

My maternal grandmother was Welsh. Helen Thomas Jones (1889-1981) She was born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Hockendaqua, to be more precise.

While I know the names of the songs she taught me, I do not know her father's given name. She was adept at changing the topic away from personal questions and I lacked persistence.

It seems practically everyone in Wales is a Jones, the remainder must be Williams, Hopkins and Thomas, the names of Helen Thomas Jones's maternal line. Helen's mother was Annie Williams (1853-1???) and the LDS records seemed to coincide with family memories. There's a progression that can be seen in Pedigree Chart 7 but it looks as if the only way to sort it out might be a trip to Wales, definitely not in our budget any time in the near future.

Father Jones came to America to work at an iron foundry. Family tradition has it that "Uncle David Thomas" was behind the move. Jones and Annie had three children, Stanley, Dye and Helen Thomas.

Stanley died, shot by a German sniper after the World War I Armistice was signed and before word reached them in the field. Dye is a bit of a mystery. Seems he had a "drinking problem". His mother, Annie, put Syrup of Ipecac in the liquor and it made Dye terribly sick. When he found out what she had done, he left. Stormed out, never to be seen or heard from again. I'd like to discover how Dye fared.

Having never been to Wales, I searched the Internet and discovered the country's flower is the daffodil, as nice a way as any to decorate the page.

I'm still working on Gramma's pages, for now, you can read about Helen Thomas Jones' husband, Harry Earl Taylor, a group sheet or my recollections, take a look at the family group sheets, Contents is a good place to begin, or explore the other families:

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