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Descendants of
Edward Gillen

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Frank Edward Gillen's California Death Certificate is our first confirmation that the father of Grandfather Frank Gillen was truly Edward and his mother's maiden name was Smith. By family tradition and the death certificate, Grandfather Frank was born in South Bend, Indiana on 18 January 1869.

One story has a parcel of land wagered and lost in a poker game, land upon which Notre Dame was built. Another story has Edward meeting the girl he married on board the ship that brought them to America. Family tradition and the death certificate substantiate his wife's maiden name as Smith, we need to verify whether she was Ann, Mary or perhaps Mary Ann Smith.

Research and time will prove those stories true or false, or show that the stories were about Edward's father who we suspect might have been named Edward. Having just discovered an Edward John who died in St. Joseph County, Indiana in 1951, perhaps the father of our 1839 Edward was also John Edward Gillen.

The pictures we think were taken around 1929. Going left to right, beginning at the top you see Edward's son, Frank Gillen,, Frank's wife, Emma Schendel, Frank's son, Irvin Gillen and daughter-in-law, Kathleen Bartunek. Rather not wait for graphics? The descendant report of Edward is for you. If you'd like names and dates begin with the Web Cards page.

  Graphic descendant chart of Edward Gillen with family pictures. Details about Kathleen Bartunek, Irvin's wife. Details about Irvin Gillen, Frank's middle son. Details about Emma Schendel, Frank's wife. Details about Frank Edward Gillen

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