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Descendants of
Robert Benjamin Taylor


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While we're waiting, an executive summary of our status with (Robert) Benjamin Taylor, as it is written on the 63 page printed report created by cousin Barney Alvis Taylor (1946-1998). We haven't a shred of hard evidence to support (Robert) Benjamin Taylor and Keziah Knight as the parents of Robert Taylor.

The naming of children offers some hope. Ann and Robert named one of their girl's Keziah, perhaps in honor of the child's paternal grandmother? Ann's father was named Benjamin. Benjamin Herring includes his daughter, Ann Taylor and granddaughter, Lucy Taylor in his 1789 Will located in New Hanover County, North Carolina.

Robert is said to have been born in Orange County, North Carolina in 1743 so perhaps we can find some evidence of his parents there. With sound mind and weakening body, Robert Taylor provides for his wife, Ann, and includes each of his children in his 15 April 1799 Will prepared in Sumner County, Tennessee.

All but daughter Lucy inherited land from Robert Taylor. To Lucy Joiner, Robert left five dollars. Was that a slight, or did he believe she was already well provided for by her husband?

Robert named his second son, Robert, and his wife, Ann, as Executors, rather than his eldest son, Herring. Perhaps Herring had already moved too far away to help his mother, or maybe it was something Herring said or did that inspired his father to name Herring's younger brother as Executor. Young Robert gained fame as a craftsman, a cabinet maker and a Master Builder. By 1809 Herring was found to be insolvent in Montgomery County, Tennessee.

Herring and his wife, Sallie Cotton headed for Illinois. There's an H. Taylor listed in the 1810 Census for the Territory, in 1818, there's a listing for "Herren" and I wonder whether the family had a southern drawl. Three more generations of our Taylors were born, lived and died in Southern Illinois. My grandfather, Harry Earl Taylor, headed west some time between 1898 and 1910.

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Graphical descendancy chart of Robert Benjamin Taylor

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