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View from Keel Mountain in Jackson Co., Alabama
Some early settlers lived up here and farmed down below

1. Robert Lee

born ca. 1710-1715 < Middlesex, England >

died < prob. Monmouth Co., NJ >

Occupation: Labourer and Schoolmaster


Rachel _____

died < prob. ca. 1741 - 1748 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ >

married second 09 Oct 1748 Christ Church in Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ

Mrs. Mary Wright (widow of Edward Wright who died ca. 1746/7)

1.1. Giles Lee

born ca. 1737 Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey

died 13 Nov 1817 Russell Co., VA

buried Lee family cemetery, Castlewood, Russell Co., VA

Revolutionary War: First Lieutenant, Morris County, New Jersey Militia


Ann _____

died ca. 1797 Russell Co., VA

married ca. 1798

Rachael _____

married ca. 1803

Sarah _____

Children: Eleanor "Nellie", James, Robert, John and William Lee

Descendants of William and Mary Lee

***For information on the descendants of William and Mary Lee, contact Terry Lee at

1.1.5. William Lee

born ca. 1772 < New Jersey >

died ca. 1840s Jackson Co., Alabama

married < prob. Wilkes or Oglethorpe Co., GA ca. 1794 >

Mary _____

born ca. 1775/1780

died ca. 1850s Jackson Co., Alabama

Sources in Wilkes Co., GA and Buncombe Co., NC:

(1) 1793 Tax List Wilkes Co., GA. William was evidently landless and living next to James on this tax list.

(2) 1794 Tax List Wilkes Co., GA living between James Lee and George Glazener.

(3) 1795. William and Mary Lee sell 100 acres of land, now in Oglethorpe Co., previously purchased by James Lee in Wilkes Co., GA.

William would have been about 23 in 1795, and his wife Mary probably was somewhere between 18 and 22.

(4) 1796. William Lee appears on the “1797” Oglethorpe County tax list, which probably was compiled in 1796. He was Person 28 on p. 20, and he owned no land.

(5) Some time before 1800, William and brother Robert follow the Glazener's to Buncombe Co., NC. Father Giles and

brothers James and John had previously moved to Russell Co., VA.

(6) William and Robert Lee were both indicted by North Carolina officials for participating in "riots" in December 1804 during the

"Walton County War", Both evidently fled the region to avoid prosecution. Went to Tennessee and evidently settled close to the Alabama

border. We know this because Robert had a son Daniel born in Tennessee in 1810 and William's son Joshua substituted for him in Lincoln Co.

in 1813 joining the 1st Reg't West Tennessee Militia.

Sources in Alabama:

(1) He is possibly the William Lee on the 1816 Tax List of Madison Co., Miss. Territory.

(2) Daughter Sarah married December 1820 Madison Co., AL

(3) 1822 State Land Survey of Decatur Co., Alabama

(4) 1826 sold cotton to Bell Factory mill in Madison Co. - this being the first cotton mill in the state

(5) 1829 Land Survey  of Jackson Co., Alabama

(6) 1830 census Jackson Co., AL p. 137, he lived in T 3 R 3 East Sec 21

(7) 1831 two Federal Land Patents, Jackson Co., Alabama - National Archives Land Case Entry Files.

(8) 1840 and 1850 censuses of Jackson Co., AL

(9) 1861 land patent entered in his name in T 5 R 3 Sec 3. This is land he was squatting on in 1829.

(10) 1850 census Jackson Co., AL Mary Lee 59, John 22, Rachel 26, Jane 20, George 13, David 22. Ages are incorrect. Giles Lee 

born ca. 1795  (estimated) < Wilkes or Oglethorpe Co. > GA

died ca. 1835/1840 Jackson Co., AL

probably married

Elizabeth _____

born ca. 1805


(1) 1823 State Land Survey of Decatur Co., AL; A land sale for Giles Lee was found in the Alabama State Archives

which was recorded 18 May 1829 in Jackson Co., Alabama near the town of Woodville. This land sale was illegal as the

first Federal land sales did not begin until 1831. The only legal owners were persons owning Indian Reserves. By law,

the owners of these 640 acre Reservations were not allowed to sell the property. Some tried to do so anyway. Giles

probably illegally purchased a portion of the Sutton Stephens Reservation.

(2) Elizabeth Lee, found in 1840 census Jackson Co., Alabama, was probably his widow.

1 female < 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40, 1 male < 5

***NOTE: Because of William's wife Mary's ages, George Washington Lee, listed below as a son of William & Mary,

was most likely a grandson and was the son of Giles and Elizabeth Lee being raised by grandparents.

George W. Lee is first found in the 1850 census with Mary Lee who is either his mother

or grandmother. Other children found with Mary Lee in the 1850 census may also be children of Giles and Elizabeth Lee. 

For lack of proof of parentage, all of these children are listed under William and Mary Lee. Joshua Lee

born ca. 1796 < Wilkes or Oglethorpe Co. > GA

died ca. 1873 Madison Co., AL

married, first, ca. 1816/1819 < prob. Lincoln Co., Tennessee >

Mary _____

born 16 Oct 1795 Tennessee

died 21 Feb 1842 Jackson Co., AL

buried Lee Cemetery, Jackson Co., AL on property first owned by William Lee

married, second, 10 Sept 1856 Woodville, Jackson, AL (NARA records)

Martha Jane Byrd ... "Janie"

born ca. 1835 AL or MS

died ca. 1880 Huntsville, Madison, AL

Children: 15 known


(1) NARA records, Creek War, War of 1812, served as substitute for his father William in first enlistment. He enlisted

as a Pvt in Capt. John  Porter's Co. (Wynne's) 1st Reg't W. Tenn. Militia. He mustered in Oct. 3, 1813 Fayetteville, Tenn.

and discharged Jan. 4, 1814 Giles County, Tenn. During this enlistment he helped build Fort Strother on the Coosa River.

Joshua secondly enrolled in the 4th Regiment West Tennessee Militia Infantry in Col. Steele's division at Fayetteville,

Tennessee on the 4th day of October 1814, and was honorably discharged at Nashville, Tennessee on the 15th (about)

day of April 1815.

(2) Joshua offered the following depositions in his applications for Bounty Land. He was a year off on his dates:

"affiant further swears that he is the identical Joshua Lee who was enrolled in Captain John Porter's company on or

about the 1st day of October 1812 at Fayetteville Tennessee and was honorably discharged at _____ in Giles County

Tennessee some time during the Fall of 1813. the day and month not remembered by affiant. The day following the date

he was enrolled he marched to Huntsville Alabama, the day after he reached Huntsville he crossed the Tennessee River

to Camp Coffee, remained sat Camp Coffee about eight days Thence to Coosa River, assisted in building a Fort on said

river named Fort Strother until December 1812, when he returned to Fayetteville Tennessee, at which place he remained

till he received his discharge _____"

NOTES: Camp Coffee was incorrect because it was located south of Florence, Alabama, not Huntsville. He was actually

in camp at Ft. Deposit. Joshua was probably at Camp Coffee on his second enlistment. Fort Strother was a stockade fort at

Ten Islands in the Mississippi Territory, in what is today St. Clair County, Alabama. It was located on a bluff of the Coosa

River, near the modern Neely Henry Dam in Ohatchee The fort was built by General Andrew Jackson and several thousand

militiamen in November 1813, during the Creek War. It was to serve as his base of operations against the Red Sticks.

The final sheet of NARA records tells of his service in Capt. Steel's Company:

"Joshua Lee was enrolled in Captain Steele's division at Fayetteville, Tennessee on the 4th day of October 1814, and

was honorably discharged at Nashville, Tennessee on the 15th (about) day of April 1815. The second or third day after

he enrolled, he marched to Nashville Tennessee, there his company was mounted. remained at Nashville about five days,

marched from Nashville to Fort Williams near the mouth of Tom Bigbee River, remained at the Fort three weeks, thence

to Fort Montgomery, remained at Fort Montgomery about two weeks. His company was a then assigned to the command

of Major Blue and ordered on an active campaign against the Indians, was absent on said company's for forty days. was

then ordered to New Orleans Louisiana, but upon reaching Batonrouge  (rest written in margin with part of first line not

scanned) ____ ____ ____ ____ _____ the troops under General Jackson from New Orleans arrived. Thence with the

troops under General Jackson to Nashville Tennessee.

NOTES: Joshua Lee's forty days detached to Major Blue during second enlistment. Before leaving Pensacola for New Orleans,

Gen. Jackson detached 1,000 troops under Major Uriah Blue of the Thirty-ninth U.S. Infantry to neutralize the rebel Creek

Indian pockets along the Escambia River, plunder their camps, and destroy their crops. A fifteen-year veteran of the army,

Blue had veteran soldiers with him which included a battalion of Mounted Tennessee riflemen. Sergeant Davy Crockett

served as scout. After attacking several enemy camps, they were forced to return to Fort Mitchell north of Mobile on

January 9, 1814 due to a lack of supplies and bad weather. They had traveled 100 miles into enemy territory, destroyed

camps, killed some fifty Red Sticks, and taken some 200 captive in the most primitive and exhausting conditions.

(3) In October 1816, Joshua Lee of Lincoln Co., Tennessee authorized an Attorney to collect his pay for service in the

Creek War and War of 1812. (NARA)

(4) 1829 State of Alabama Land Survey, Jackson Co., Ala. T5 R3 East Sec 3 NW 1/4 of NE 1/4, 40 acres of mountain land

(5) Possible 1830 census Lincoln Co., Tennessee with 6 young children age 14 or younger.

(6) 1840 Jackson Co., Ala census as Joshua Lea, eight children to age 19 or younger.

(7) 1850 Jackson Co., Ala census; 1860 Jackson Co., Ala. census adds son James Lee and second wife.

(8) In 1852 and 1853 Joshua received two land grants in Range 6E of Jackson County for his military service. He sold

both of them. A third Military Warrant land grant in Adair Co., MO was later canceled.

(9) 1870 census Brownsboro, Madison Co., Ala.

(10) 1871 - received a pension of $8.00 per month for his military service.

For complete information on the descendants of Joshua Lee, contact Terry Lee at

Because of its large size, here is a Link to .rtf file of Joshua Lee Descendants Family Tree Elizabeth Lee

born ca. 1815 Tennessee

married ca. 1835

Albert G. Whitely

born ca. 1816 Virginia

Children: Susan, William, Albert, and Mary E. Whitely

Sources: 1850 census Jackson Co., AL w/Miles, Thomas, and William (Giles?) Lee in household as laborers; 1860/1870

censuses Madison Co., AL Giles Lee ... (possibly William Giles or Giles William Lee)

born 1818 Madison Co., Alabama Territory

died 1870s

married (1) ca. 1841


married (2) ca. 1855

J. A. _____   (1860 census)

born  ca. 1830 GA

married (3)

Ann _____   (1870 census)

born ca. 1824 AL

Civil War: Enlisted as a Private in Co. G, 12th Alabama Infantry, June 20,1861 at Woodville, Jackson Co., AL. Discharged 10 Feb 1863

upon reaching age 45. Giles was hospitalized twice in Richmond during the fall of 1862. Once for15 days for scabies and once for 5 days

for diarrhea. He was discharged February 10, 1863. His discharge gave his age as 45, height 5 feet 6 inches, dark complexion, blue eyes,

and dark hair. His birthplace was given as Madison Co., Alabama. He was given back pay (at a rate of $11.00 per month) of $14.30 and

an extra travel allowance of $1.00 for rations on his trip home from Virginia to Alabama.

NOTE: This Giles Lee purchased the Federal land patents of the properties squatted upon during the 1820s and 1830s by Giles Lee (above).

He is therefore possibly a son of that Giles and cared for by an uncle while in his late teens. Because he is not in the 1840 census with Giles' wife

Elizabeth (below) and always found in association with Joshua Lee and his children in his adult years, I place him here.

Children: Mary Jane (married John N. Byrd), Elizabeth, Nancy P. (married John Hill), Franklin W., J. P., William, and Joseph Lee.

Sources: 1850 Jackson Co. census as William Lee. His family found in 1860 Jackson and 1870 Madison Co., AL censuses. In 1870, he is living

with Miles Lee and his motherless children. Neither Miles nor his children have been positively located thereafter. Ginny Ann Lee  (Virginia?)

born ca. 1824 AL

Source: 1850 census Jackson Co., AL w/father Sarah Lee ... "Sally"

born ca. 1827 AL

died ca. 1888 Maysville, Madison, AL

married ca. 1847

Richard William Campbell

born ca. 1830 AL

died 04 Jul 1888 Maysville, Madison, AL

Children: Margaret Lucinda, Frances Elizabeth, Harriett Melvina, Dulcina, James Richard, John Wesley, Susan Mildred, and Eliza Jane Campbell

Sources: 1860 and 1880 censuses; Will Book 2, page 267 Madison Co., AL Miles Anderson Lee

born ca. 1826 Jackson Co., AL

died 23 Sept 1912 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL

buried Bryce Hospital Cem., Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama

married (1) 31 Jul 1856 Madison Co., AL (his second cousin)

Celia Hickman

born ca. 1828 AL

died ca. 1870/72 AL

Children: James Monroe, William, Robert L., and Rebecca Lee

married (2) and then divorced in June 1872

Mary L. _____

married (3) 24 Aug 1872 Jackson Co., AL

Mrs. Matilda A. Flippo Renfro

born ca. 1819 AL

married (4)

Nancy _____

born ca. 1824

died January 1886 Madison Co., AL age 62 of hydrophobia

married (5) 12 Feb 1886 Madison Co., AL and divorced (abandonment)

Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Mullen Kuykendall ... "Eliza"

born ca. 1845 AL

married (6) 14 Oct 1897 Madison Co., AL

Malinda C. McCamey

born ca. 1842 AL William Lee

born ca. 1832/33 AL

died 1860s < Jackson Co. > AL


Mary A. ____

born ca. 1836 AL

died TX after 1900 census

Children: Albert and Joseph Carroll Lee

Sources: Living next door to Giles and Joshua Lee in 1860 census Jackson Co., AL. In 1870 census, Mary (34) and son Joseph LEA (11)

are living with William Warren & Maddia Jane Moore Keel; 1900 census Dallas Co., TX  Mary A. (64) w/son Joseph reads 1 child, 1 living,

If true, Albert was not her child. Albert Lee

born ca. 1852 Jackson Co., AL

Sources: 1860 census Jackson Co., AL w/father; 1870 census, age 17, laborer on farm of Richard Campbell Joseph Carroll Lee

born 27 Jul 1859 Jackson Co., AL

died before 1920 census TX

married ca. 1882 < Sharp Co. > AR

Martha Elizabeth Williams

born 27 Jul 1865 < Sharp Co. > AR

died 06 Aug 1949 Dallas, Dallas, TX

buried Restland Memorial Park, Dallas, Dallas, TX

Children: Lucinda Myrtle, Cora E., John Bunyan, Minnie O., and Lilly M. Lee

Sources: In 1870 census, Mary and Joseph LEA are living with William & Jane Keel; 1900 census Justice precinct 2, Dallas, Dallas, TX;

Martha as widow in 1920 census Dallas, TX w/ son John. Robert Lee

born ca. 1835 Jackson Co., AL

Source: 1850 census Jackson Co., AL w/father Thomas Lee

born ca. 1836 Jackson Co., AL

Sources: 1850 census Jackson Co., AL working on uncle Albert Whitely's farm, age 14; 1870 census Madison Co., AL, age 30, sgl.,

1880 census as Thomas Lea, 45, sgl. Emiline Lee

born ca. 1836 Jackson Co., AL

Source: 1850 census Jackson Co., AL w/father Joshua Lee

born ca. 1844 Jackson Co., AL

Source: 1850 census Jackson Co., AL w/father James Mathaniel Lee

born 10 May 1851 Jackson Co., AL

died 20 Dec 1921 Huntsville, Madison, AL

married (1) Sarah Renfrow ... "Sally" (Renfroe)

born ca. 1848

married (2) Mary E. Styles Box

born ca. 1859 < Carroll Co. > GA

Children: Mary, James Edward, Sallie J., Simeon Joshua, David Herbert, Louis Bryant, and Mary Grace Lee

Sources: Marriage records; 1870/1880/1910/1920 censuses Madison Co., AL; Mary Lee in 1860 Carroll Co. GA census

w/parents and 1930 census, as mother-in-law, with Herman and Mary (Lee) Schrimsher Mary Lucretia Lee

born  ca. 1864 Jackson Co., AL

died after 1910

married 26 Apr 1885 Madison Co., AL

James Barnett ... "Jim"

born ca. 1868 AL

died 1904/10 AL

Children: William Joshua and Senia? Barnett

Sources: 1880 census; 1910 Madison Co., Alabama census, Hurricane Pct. 22, Lucretia is widowed living with her two

children and her father-in-law S. W. Barnett John Riley Lee ... J. R.

born 31 Mar 1865 Madison Co., AL

died 02 Feb 1938 New Market, Madison, AL

married (1) 08 Oct 1885

Tacie Elizabeth Keel

born 06 Dec 1870 Jackson Co., AL

died 03 Jan 1933 New Market, Madison, AL

buried Pleasmount Cem., Killingsworth Cove, Madison Co., AL

Children: Isaac Henry, Lila, Frank, Hester (Callie), Wiley, Charles, and Debetha (Sebitha?) Lee

married (2) 26 Oct 1933 Madison Co., AL

Ola Kate Newgent Cagle (her second of three marriages)

born 28 Nov 1904 New Market, Madison, AL

died 14 Nov 1990 New Market, Madison, AL

buried Cochran Cem., New Market, Madison, AL

Children: Rachel and Katie Jane Lee

Sources: 1920 census Huntsville, Madison Co., AL; Marriage Book Vol. 60 p. 322; his death cert. Samuel Lee ... "Sam"

born 1870 Madison Co., AL Richard Lilly Lee ... "Dick"

born 17 Jan 1869 Madison Co., AL

died 30 May 1910 Ozro, Ellis Co., Texas (murdered)

married (1) 11 Aug 1888 Madison Co., AL

Melissa Christine Keel

born 24 Dec 1872 Jackson Co., AL (or Madison Co., AL)

died 1900/1902 Madison Co., AL

Children: Nettie Sue, Isadore (Issie) D., Thomas Franklin (Frank), William Henry (Bill), and Roy Terry Lee

married (2)

Catherine Elizabeth Gray … "Kate"

born 1879 Lincoln Co., TN

died 1909 near Wichita Falls, Texas

Children: Gordon Leslie, Edward, Isaac Richard, and Ola Mae Lee

Sources: 1870 census age = 1; age 40 in 1910 census. Madison Co. Marriage Book Vol. 27 p. 378 Sarah Lee … "Sally"

born ca. 1801 < census record reads SC, but was prob. Buncombe Co., NC >

married (lic.) 29 Dec 1820 Madison Co., AL

Nathaniel L. Hickman

born ca. 1795 NC

died 1850/1860 < Jackson Co. > AL

Sources: located on the same page or within a page or two of the William Lee family from 1830 through 1860 censuses. Sarah

obviously is closely related to William Lee. Probably a daughter. Madison Co. Marriage Bk. 2, p. 202. 1830 -1860 censuses

Jackson Co., AL.

NOTE: Regarding conflicting information on various censuses. The "Walton War" involved a 12 mile wide "orphan strip"

of  land in the area where the North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia borders join. In 1798, the Cherokee ceded

this land in South Carolina to the United States placing it outside the territorial jurisdiction of any state. Until 1811,

residents of what is today a portion of North Carolina were at some point in time claimed as citizens of three different

states. On one census a person would state that they were born in Georgia and on the next census state North Carolina

or South Carolina. This is probably where Sarah Lee was born. Celia Hickman born ca. 1828 Madison Co., AL married Miles Anderson Lee  (Son of Joshua Lee above) Susan Hickman born ca. 1830 AL Elizabeth Hickman born ca. 1832 AL Rebecca Addelade Hickman born 16 Feb 1834 AL died 07 Dec 1904 Mallard, Montague, TX Sarah Crystena Hickman born 25 Feb 1839 AL died 14 Jul 1905 Wynnewood, Garvin, OK Indian Terr. Pleasant A. Hickman born ca. 1841 AL ** Elias Lee

born ca. 1813 < TN, or AL >

died before 1856 Jackson Co., AL (assumed since his wife Mary remarried in 1856)

married ca. 1844 < Jackson Co., AL >

Mary A. Sanders ... “Polly”

born ca. 1821 TN

died after 1880 census 

she married, second, 27 Feb 1856 Jackson Co., AL

John H. B. Walker

born ca. 1815 SC

Source: 1850 census Jackson Co., AL

NOTE: ** There is no proof of parentage for this individual. However, after Elias's death, 4 year old daughter Adeline

is found living with Sarah Lee Hickman. He could be a son of either William or Joshua Lee.

A grand daughter married back into the William & Mary Lee line. Mary Elizabeth Lee ... Elizabeth

born ca. 1846 < Jackson Co. > AL Lemuel G. Lee ... “Lem”

born ca. Sept 1849 Jackson Co., AL

died 02 Aug 1920 Madison Co., AL

Civil War: Pvt., Co. A, 4th Alabama Cavalry; also enlisted Co. A, Mead’s Confederate Cavalry

married 29 Sept 1870 Jackson Co., AL

Martha Jane Gipson

born ca. Jun 1849 Madison Co., AL John F. Lee

born ca. 1850 Jackson Co., AL David C. Lee ... “Dave”

born ca. Oct 1854  AL

died 26 Feb 1920 Arkansas Co., AR

married (1) 10 Sept 1883 Jackson Co., AL

Nancy L. Sanders

born ca. 1862 Montgomery Co., AR

married (2)

Mrs. Martha J. Adkins

born ca. Jan 1872/74 AL Adaline Lee

born ca. 1855 Jackson Co., AL Francis Lee

born ca. 1817/19 Alabama Territory

died 1862/1866 AL

married ca. 1835 AL

David Berry

born 11 Apr 1812 Tennessee

died 09 Jan 1894 Madison Co., AL

buried Pleas Mount Cem., Madison Co., AL Miles Berry born ca. 1838 in AL John Berry born ca. 1843 AL Sarah Berry born ca. 1846 AL married Vince Parkhurst David Berry, Jr. born ca. Feb 1848 AL married Margaret Hawkins born Sept 1852 AL Martha Berry born ca. 1850 AL married B. Green Armstrong Angeline Berry born ca. 1852 Jackson Co., AL Ruth Jane Berry ... “Ruthy” born 10 Jul 1856 Jackson Co., AL died 14 May 1921 Lewisville, Denton, TX

married (1) Jacob Henry Painter married (2) B. G. Armstrong  (prob. her brother-in-law) Amanda Berry ... “Mandy” born ca. 1855 Jackson Co., AL married George W. Reed Susannah Berry born 10 Dec 1859 Jackson Co., AL married James Monroe Painter ... “James Luther” Anna Elizabeth Berry born ca. Jan 1860 AL married Andrew Jackson Hucks ... “Andy” Rachel Lee

born ca. 1824 Jackson Co., AL

Source: 1850 census Jackson Co., AL and not found thereafter *** David Lee

born ca. 1827 Jackson Co., AL

Sources: Birth parents implied by 1830/1840 censuses Jackson Co., AL; 1850 census Jackson Co., AL w/Mary Lee, age 22.

*** Because of his position at the bottom of the family list in the 1850 census, he may be a nephew. Not found after 1850. John Lee

born ca. 1825/28 Jackson Co., AL

married 30 Jan 1855 Jackson Co., AL

Nancy Ann Keel

born ca. 1837 AL Mary Lee

born ca. 1859 Jackson Co., AL Keeble Lee

born ca. 1858/1862 Jackson Co., AL James William Lee

born ca. 1863 Jackson Co., AL

married 01 Dec 1886 Jackson Co., AL

Nancy A. Davies

married, second, 20 Jan 1897 Jackson Co., AL

Mrs. Eliza J. Thompson George F. Lee

born ca. 1870 Jackson Co., AL Rebecca Jane Lee

born ca. 1829 Jackson Co., AL
died ca. Jan 1860 Jackson Co., AL in childbirth

married 24 Jan 1956 Jackson Co., AL

John B. Sanders

born ca. 1837 Jackson Co., AL

died 22 Dec 1882 Newark, Independence, Arkansas Asa Sanders born Jan 1860 Jackson Co., AL died 1860 Jackson Co., AL

George Washington Lee and Rhoda Elizabeth Keel Lee George Washington Lee

born ca. October 1834 Jackson Co., Alabama

died 1907 (before October) Madison Co., AL

married 15 Jan 1860 Jackson Co., AL

Rhoda Elizabeth Keel ... "Betsy"

born 12 Apr 1843 Jackson Co., AL

died 17 May 1901 Madison Co., AL

both buried Pleasmount Cemetery, Killingsworth Cove, Madison Co., AL

Civil War: Pvt., Co. C, 26th / 50th Alabama (Coltart’s)  Infantry Regiment. Wounded slightly in side by tree limb at the

Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee; reenlisted 18 Jan 1864 Jackson Co., Alabama in Co. A, Mead’s Battalion (Confederate

Rangers), renamed 25th Alabama Cavalry.

NOTE: Because Mary Lee would have to had given birth to George W. in her late 50s, George may have been a child

of Giles and Elizabeth Lee and raised by grandparents. Sarah Alabama Lee ... "Sallie Rhodie", "Bamie"

born ca. 1862 Jackson Co., AL

married 20 Oct 1904 Madison Co., AL

George Reed

Note: Two children born out of wedlock with George Reed were Mary Lee and Willie Caledonia "Donie" Lee

Source: Madison Co. Marriage Book Vol. 29 p. 503 as Bama Lee

Harriett Lee and husband David Zachariah Isbell with daughter Minnie Bell  Harriett Malinda Ann Lee

born 16 Apr 1865 Jackson Co., AL

died 19 Mar 1915 Maysville, Madison, AL

married 25 Nov 1886 Madison Co., AL

David Zachariah Isbell ... “Zack”

born 28 Nov 1864 Jackson Co., AL

died 14 Nov 1940 Madison Co., AL

George Britton "Britt" Lee and wife Jessie Susan Duskin family George Britton Lee ... “Britt”  (twin)

born 29 Dec 1867 Jackson Co., AL

died 01 Mar 1945 Huntsville, Madison Co., AL

married, first, 19 Apr 1887 Madison Co., AL , divorced

Jessie Susan Duskin

born Feb 1871 Madison Co., AL

died 27 Mar 1926 Huntsville, Madison, AL

married, second, 20 Apr 1927 Madison Co., AL, divorced

Lena Malissa Bates

born 25 Dec 1909 Madison Co., AL

died 09 Jan 1964 Madison Co., AL

buried Maple Hill Cem., Huntsville, Madison, AL

Children: Lena “Linda”, Virgie, and Clara Elizabeth Lee

Martha Elizabeth Lee (1888-1960 Martha Elizabeth Lee

born 05 Jun 1888 Madison Co., AL

died 30 Jun 1960 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL of TB

married  15 Dec 1915 Fayetteville, Lincoln, TN

James William Lee ... “Jim”  (Grandson of Miles Anderson Lee above)

born 19 Oct 1884 Gurley, Madison, AL

died 04  Aug 1969 AL

both buried Pleasmount Cem., Madison Co., AL James Homer Lee ... Homer

born 30 Jan 1917 Madison Co., Alabama

died 30 May 1996 Kentucky

Residence: Louisville, Jefferson, KY in 1960 Evelyn E. Lee

born 07 Jun 1919 Madison Co., AL

died 29 Oct 2006 TN (SSDI Res.: Antioch, Davidson, TN)

married 21 Jun 1936 Madison Co., AL

Charles Harvey

born ca. 1916 AL

Sources: Madison Co. Marriage Book Vol. 64 p. 101; SSDI. Alonza David Lee, Sr ... “Lon”

born 20 Apr 1920 Huntsville, Madison, AL

married 10 Jun 1941 Hazel Green, Madison, AL

Florence E. Kimbrough

born 04 Jan 1923 Hazel Green, Madison, AL

died 08 Jan 2008 AL

buried New Sharon Cem., Hazel Green, Madison, AL

Sources: Madison Co. Marriage Book Vol. 71 p. 353. Voter Reg. gives his birth as 08 Apr 1922

Sam Wilson with wife Beadie Lee and children Beadie Adeline Lee

born 29 Sept 1891 Madison Co., AL

died 12 Aug 1960 Decatur, Morgan, AL

buried Maple Hill Cem., Huntsville, Madison, AL

married (1) 03 Aug 1908 Madison Co., AL

Thomas Henry Champion

married (2) 14 May 1911 Madison Co., AL

Luther Thomas Scott

born ca. 1890 TN

died 28 Jul 1913 AL

buried Maple Hill Cem., Huntsville, Madison, AL

Child: George Leonard Scott

married (3) 30 Apr 1916 Madison Co., AL

Samuel H. Wilson

born 26 Dec 1894 Tullahoma, Coffee, TN

died 03 Jan 1946 Huntsville, Madison,  AL

buried Maple Hill Cem., Huntsville, Madison, AL

Children: Emmett T., Carl Samuel, Nellie Louise, and Laura Bell Wilson

David W. Lee ... "Dave" and wife Elizabeth Cavender ... "Lizzie" David Washington Lee ... “Dave”

born 28 May 1893 Maysville/Gurley, Madison, AL

died 18 Jul 1961 Madison Co., AL

married 25 Dec1910 Madison Co., AL

Elizabeth Jane Cavender ... “Lizzie”

born 05 Mar 1893 Tennessee

died 15 Nov 1987 Huntsville, Madison Co., AL

both buried Maple Hill Cem., Huntsville, Madison, AL

Children: Jessie Mae, Ernest David, James Allen, Lillian Elizabeth, Esther Estelle, Helen Christine, Roy William,

and Dorothy Virginia Lee

Sarah Lee Neal (1895-1926). Sarah with sister Beadie Lee Wilson. Sarah Lee

born 12 Sept 1895 Gurley, Madison, AL

died 27 Mar 1926 Birmingham, Jefferson, AL

buried Maple Hill Cem., Huntsville, Madison, AL

married 27 Nov 1911 Fayetteville, Lincoln, TN

Charles Lee Neal ... “Charlie”

born 01 May 1893 Fayetteville, Lincoln, TN

died 13 Apr 1960 Huntsville, Madison, AL

Charles married (2)

Gertrude Staggs

born 26 Nov 1903 AL

died 05 Mar 1973 Huntsville, Madison, AL

Children: Earl, Orville Lee, and Dauthard Neal

Emmett G. Lee and wife Esther Humphrey Emmett Grimmett Lee

born 26 Sept 1899 Gurley, Madison, AL

died 10 Jan 1987 Huntsville, Madison, AL

married 26 May 1918 Huntsville, Madison, AL

Sallie Esther Humphrey ... Esther

born 13 Aug 1898 Walling, White, TN

died 04 Jun 1995 East Point, Fulton, GA

Children: Herman, David Carl, Curtis Emmett, Doris Florence, and Marion Grimmett Lee died young or stillborn

born/died young ca. 1902 Paoli, Garvin Co., OK Indian Territory

No documentation other than 1910 census.

William Britton Lee and wife Josie Magness William Britton Lee ... “Willie”

born 18 Sept 1904 Paoli, Garvin Co., OK Indian Territory

died 22 Aug 1993 Lacy’s Spring, Morgan, AL

married, first, 09 Nov 1922 Fayetteville, Lincoln, TN

Josephine Lucille Magness ... “Josie”

born 24 Oct 1905 DeKalb Co., TN

died 03 Oct 1979 Madison Co., AL

married, second,

Frances Daisey (Wiggins) Dulin ... “Fannie”

born ca. 1916 Washington Co., AL

died 26 Apr 1999 Lacy’s Spring, Morgan, AL Jesse Richard Lee

born 25 Sept 1908 Madison Co., AL

died 13 Aug 1986 Huntsville, Madison, AL

married 03 Oct 1925 Fayetteville, Lincoln, TN

Kathleen McAllister

born 10 May 1909 TN

died Jun 1993 Fayetteville, Lincoln, TN

both buried Huntsville Memory Gardens, Huntsville, Madison, AL

Children: Jesse Richard, Jr., and Hugh Elmond Lee

Children by George Britton Lee & second wife Lena Bates Lee:  Clara Elizabeth Lee

born 04 Jun 1928 Huntsville (Dallas), Madison, AL

died 09 Nov 1957 Shelbyville, Bedford, TN

buried Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Shelbyville, Bedford, TN


Homer Roy Goin

born 13 Feb 1908 TN

died Jan 1977 Shelbyville, Bedford, Bedford, TN Virgie Lee

born 30 Jan 1933 Huntsville, Madison, AL

died 25 Jun 1933 Huntsville, Madison, AL

Sources: Obituary: Huntsville Daily Times June 26, 1933; death cert. Lena Lucille Lee ... "Linda"

born 07 Mar 1938 Huntsville, Madison, AL

died 22 Dec 2011 Huntsville, Madison, AL


______ Hughes

Rhoda Jennie Lee (1867-1938) Rhoda Jennie Lee ... Jennie  (twin sister of George Britton Lee)

born 29 Dec 1867 Jackson Co., AL

died 03 Jun 1938 Gurley, Madison, AL

married 29 Jul 1883 Madison Co., AL

Robert L. Lee ... “Bob” (Son of Miles Anderson Lee above)

born ca. 1860 near Gurley, Madison, Alabama

died 28 Dec 1933 Gurley, Madison, AL

both buried Pleasmount Cemetery, Killingsworth Cove, Madison Co., AL

Children: Mattie, Emma Frances, George Anderson, James Edward, William Robert, Sam, Charles Britt, Joseph Graham, and Naomi Lee

Sources: Madison Co., AL  Marriage Book 13, p. 31 and Marriage Book 14, p. 387; 1900 census Paint Rock, Jackson, AL as Robt.,

7 children 5 living; 1910 census Madison Co., AL, 9 children, 6 living; 1920 census Madison Co., AL; 1930 Madison Co., AL census,

Gurley (outside), Robert L. and Jennie both living with Charles Brit Lee - died young or stillborn

Nannie E. Lee wife of Walter J. Lee and daughter of Lemuel G. Lee Walter J. Lee

born 06 Sept 1872 AL

died Madison Co., AL

married 25 Dec 1907 Madison Co., AL

Nannie E. Lee ... “Nan”  (Daughter of Lemuel G. Lee above)

born 06 Sept 1881 AL Jackson Co., AL

died 08 Nov 1922 Sharp Cove, Madison Co., AL

buried Ragsdale Cem., Madison Co., AL

Children: William B., Jennie Louella, Walter Green, Addie Clarice, and John William Isaac Lee

Sources: 1900 census New Orleans, Orleans, LA, U. S. Navy, mate, age 26, may or may not be him; Madison Co. Marriage

Book Vol. 33 p. 81; 1910 /1920/1930 censuses Madison Co., AL, residing on Sharp’s Cove Road; her death cert.

William Sidney Lee ... "Siddie" (1878-1959)  William Sidney Lee ... Sidney, “Siddie”

born 01 Jan 1878 Alabama

died 17 May 1959 Brownsboro, Madison, AL

married 02 Mar 1911 Jackson Co., AL

Susan Emmeline Melissa Adeline Kuykendall ... “Susie”

born 07 May 1876 Madison Co., AL

died 05 Feb 1945 Gurley, Madison,  AL

both buried Nelson’s Chapel Cem., Madison Co., AL

Sources: Obituaries in Huntsville Times. Madison Co. Marriage Book Vol. 34 p. 288; 1900 census Madison Co., AL w/parents as William S.;

1910 census Paint Rock, Jackson Co., AL in household of in-laws, sgl., as Siddie Lee, she as Susie K., sgl. w/two children; 1930 census

Gurley (outside), Madison Co., AL Robert Howard Lee ... Howard

born ca. 25 Dec 1905 Gurley, Madison, AL

died 15 Oct 1932 Madison Co., AL Ona Belle Lee ... "Onie"

born 31 Aug 1909 Gurley, Madison, AL

died 10 Oct 1980 Huntsville, Madison, AL

married 25 May 1929 Ryland, Madison, AL

William Gordon Hollingsworth

born 08 Jun 1891 Gurley, Madison, AL

died 24 Sept 1977 Gurley, Madison, AL Violla Estelle Lee

born 16 Aug 1914 AL

died 23 Jan 1994 Huntsville, Madison, AL

married 29 Dec 1929 Madison, AL

William A. Wilbourn ... “Bill”

born ca. 1910 AL

>Eleven children Bethel Jane Lee ... “Beck”

born 18 Nov 1915 Madison Co., AL

died 29 Apr 2004 Madison Co., AL

married 07 Apr 1935 Madison, AL

H. M. Miller

born 29 Feb 1910 Madison Co., AL

died 1972 Madison Co., AL William Jackson Lee

born 07 Jan 1918 AL

died 15 Nov 1998 Huntsville, Madison, AL


Callie B. Massey

born 11 Jan 1925 Louisiana

died 04 Sep 2003 Madison Co., AL Murvil Irene Lee

born 11 Feb 1919 Gurley, Madison, AL

died 03 Dec 1972 Huntsville, Madison, AL

married, first, 12 May 1936 Madison Co., AL

Jessie C. Justice ... “Jess”

born 01 Aug 1916 AL

married, second, (Lic.) 04 Aug 1951 Madison Co., AL as Muriel Justice

Ollie Evans

born 04 Sep 1900 AL

died Sep 1963 AL

Eddie Louella Lee Reed (c. 1880 - c. 1937) Eddie Louella Lee

born ca. Apr 1880  < Madison Co. > Alabama

died ca. 1937 Cedar Gap community, Madison Co., AL

married 12 Jan 1896 Jackson Co., AL

Joseph Reed

born ca. Aug 1873 Alabama

died ca. 1909 Madison Co., AL

both buried Pleasmount Cem., Madison Co., AL in unmarked graves

Children: Pearl Rhoda, Martha Elizabeth, John William, Bell Zora, George Washington "Sam", and Sallie Reed

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