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"One thing we have discovered is that we are a nation of wanderers. Our ancestors have wandered the globe, and often left only one clue to trace their heritage, their surname."



The Will of Minor Gilcrease, dated 1832 from Lowndes Co., AL, records shows Priscilla Amelia, the daughter of Minor, married to John Gilcrease. The Will of William Jeter, dated 25 Nov. 1793, Edgefield Co., SC, records shows Peggy, the daughter of William, married to Minor Kilcrease.
Are Minor Kilcrease and Minor Gilcrease the same person?
Unless there is evidence to the contrary, on this website, we are operating under the premise that they are.

The family surname has stayed the same for some branches and changed for other branches, so you will find related family members with the surnames Kilcrease, Gilcrease, Gilchrist, and Gilchrest, along with the many allied family surnames.

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Thomas Madison Gilchrest

July 14, 1931 - September 25, 2001

Mr. Gilchrest was the originating webmaster of this website, a generous and enthusiastic genealogist,
a wonderful and loving family member, and a great friend.
We will miss him immensely.


Since the death of Mr. Tom Gilchrest, the role of web-mistress has been assumed by Nelda Gilchrist Spires. In the future, changes will be taking place on this website, so please be patient.

*Important Note*

All former databases have been removed from this site. There were many errors in the database as it was formerly presented. If you are using information from the former databases and you have not independently corroborated the information, you should be aware that you may have errors. If you wish to make contributions to a new database, please e-mail. Please be patient as new (and hopefully accurate) information will be added to the site as time progresses.
Thanks, Nelda 8~) 03-09-05

Update 03-15-05 - A genealogy for Minor Gilcrease (Kilcrease) and five generations of his descendants is in progress. I'm trying to document the information presented for each individual, so if you have information with additional documentation, please e-mail me. I am open to any comments or suggestions.
Thanks for your patience! Nelda 8~)

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