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Civil War

Wyoming, Raleigh & McDowell Militia

Commanded by Captain William Turner
Organized in 1865
Union Troops
John Dickens was lieutenant

Enlisted Men were:

Andrew J. Allen
Carr Allen
Larkin Allen
Aaron Angle
John Asbury
George W. Balden
Abner Belcher
Abraham Belcher
Andrew Belcher
Daniel Belcher
Bunnion Bishop
Henry Bishop
Hiram G. B. Blakelely
James A. Blakely
Wiley Blakely
Fourth Sgt. Lewis Blankenship
Fielden Bonds
Joseph L Y. Bonds
Rush Bonds
Wesley Bonds
James H. Brown
Wilson Brown
George A. Clay
John F. Clay
Maston Clay
Second Sgt. Ralph S. Clay
William Clay
Peter Cline
James P. Cook
Pemberton Cook
Rufus Cooper
Allison S. Davis
Third Sgt Francis Dickins
Ralph K. Dickins
Thomas Dickins
Isaiah Elkins
James H. Elkins
Charles Ellison
Anderson Graham
Lewis Graham
Luke Graham Jr.
Luke Graham Sr.
Sgt Hamilton Harper
Francis M. Hendrex
James K. Hendrex
John H. High
Henry Hunt
George Jarrell
Gibson Jarrell
James Jarrell
John Jarrell
Alexander Laine
Henry Lane
Garrett P. Lambert
Hiram Lambert
Stir. Steel Laverty
Floyd Lusk
Charles K. Luster
Henry F. McMillion 
Meredith McMillon 
Oliver Marshall
William F. Meadows 
Dudley Miller
James A. Mitchem
First Sgt. William Monroe 
William Newsom
Squire Pauley
John E. Perfater
Andrew J. Perry
Thomas Riddle
John Rowe
Joseph A. Sarrert
John H. Sarrett
Allen P. Saulsbury
James W. Saulsbury 
LaFayette Saulsbury 
William L. Simpson 
Henry Stewart
Charles Totton
John B. Tumer
John B. Turner
Samuel Underwood 
William Webb
Napoleon Wells
Jasper Workman
John Workman

Source: History of Raleigh County, by Jim Wood