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Civil War

Raleigh County Scouts

West Virginia State Troops

Pvt William Turner, discharged in 1862 was commissioned in
1864 as Captain of this unit.
Union Troops
Mustered in Raleigh County were:

Andrew J. Allen 
Jackson Arnold 
John Beckett 
Samuel Beckett 
Michael Beckner 
John Belcher 
Aquilla Bond
Rush F. Bonds
David Brown
James F. Canterbury 
Samuel Candey 
Booker Clay
George A. Clay
Jackson Clay
Sgt. Ralph S. Clay
William K. Clay
James E. Conner 
Ballard Cook
James P. Cook 
Pemberton Cook Jr. 
Pemberton Cook 
Lucien Davis 
Ephraim Dickens 
Henderson Dickens 
Isaac Dickens 
Francis M. Dickens 
Sgt. John Dickins 
Ralph Dickins 
Amos Gallimore 
Elliott Harper 
Francis M. Hendrex 
James R, Hendrex 
James Jarrell
James Jones
Philip Lambert 
Alexander Laverty 
Marion Laverty 
Ralph Laverty
Steel Laverty
John Lykins
James McVey 
Andrew Milem 
James Milem 
Lewis Morris
Costley Stanley 
Alfred Stover 
George Stover
Jubal Stover
John H. Sarrett 
Eldridge P. Sarrett 
William Sutphin 
Levi D. Tharp
Parris Totton
Ballard Williams 
Foyd Williams 
Pleasant Williams 
Stephen Williams 
Elliott Wills
Jasper Workman 
Joseph H. Workman 
Robert Wriston

Source: History of Raleigh County, by Jim Wood