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 From the time that I started researching the Geyer family I have come across many names, faces and a ton of info on many of my ancestors that many in the family did not know existed.  The Geyer surname has found many homes over the centuries; from the shores of Brazil, to the sierra mad re's of Mexico.  From the deep jungles of Africa to the Great land of the United States,  I have found many Geyer families.  But it has found its roots in the Old Bavarian Empire of Europe.  The original meaning of the the Geyer name was "Two Gauss Hawks".
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    Though most of our lineage came to the Colonies in the mid eighteenth Century.  Coming mostly from Bavarian Empire, England, Scotland, and Ireland and also some areas of Switzerland.  My Geyer family come over in the Aftermath of the Civil War.  I have been able to find out when the Wife and children of my immigrant ancestor came to the US but not the Male half of the Geyer family.
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  We have a great amount of military service performed by our ancestors to the United States and the World.  I have a small list of ancestors and the Wars in which they fought.  This will also have links to several other sites of interest.
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