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Holliday - Halladay, Holladay, Halliday

mAmanda Holliday - Mother of Adee Liles, Perry, de Chronic - Mother of Bonnie Marie Perry

Special thanks to Martha Tutt who has spent many hours of research to help straighten out the descendent of our common ancestors Zachariah Holliday and Mary Ann Dearmore. There are many family trees out there that are obviously flawed as to the descendents of Zach Holliday and Mary Ann Dearmore. It is not that there is no probable connection between these trees. It is my guess the data has been a little mixed up throughout the years and there will be a solution that all will agree to. I received a response to a rootsweb message board request that led me to a wonderful family genealogist Martha Tutt. She has spent many years trying to piece this mystery together. Below is the information she supplied me regarding the descendents of our common Ancestors - Zachariah Holliday and Mary Ann Dearmore.

Remember there is much confusion and this is simply a place to hold information.


Sir Walter Haliday

the Minstrel, of Rodborough, Master of the Revels

Born: ca 1440 in Gloucestershire, England


Henry Halliday

Born: ca 1460
Died: before 1514
Buried: Holy Trinity Church Minichinhampton

Margery Payne

Edward Halyday

Clothier of Rodborough

Born: ca 1482 in or near Minchinhampton
Died: 5 Apr 1519
Buried: Holy Trinity Church Minichinhampton


Thomas Halliday

Born: 1500 / 1505 in or near Minchinhampton
Died: 4 Jul 1559


Edward Holliday

of Rodborough, Minchinhampton

Born: ca 1535
Died: 22 Nov 1591


Buried: 24 Oct 1591


Thomas Holliday

of Chalford

Born: 28 Jan 1562/3
Died: ca 1615


Thomas Holliday

of Chalford

Born: 6 Jul 1592
Died: 11 Dec 1641

Edith Bannister

Married: 25 Nov 1623


Thomas Holliday

of Chalford

Born: 1 Mar 1624
Buried 26 Oct 1667



Married: ca 1646


Thomas Holladay

of Chalford

Born: ca 1648

Buried: 21 Jan 1700/1

M1 Elizabeth Seville - 26 Jan 1670/1
.......Died: 10 Jan 1677/8

M2 Sarah Webb - 8 Aug 1672
.......Died: Dec 1700

John "the Ranger"  
Rest Unknown  
Martha Tutt concluded that the records of John the Ranger and John Marshall really seem to merge with the names of their children and spouses at this point. Additionally both Johns end up in a home, Bellefonte in Spotsylvania Co, VA. After extensive research she has concluded the descendent of our Zachariah Holliday. It is also at this point she realized the difference in the recorded history of the 2 lines of descendants Daniel, and William. I will continue the research but tend to agree with Martha's conclusions at this point. Besides the research records Martha personally obtained, she also referenced the book "The Holladay Family" by Alvis Milton.
Please email us if you have something to add to this Holliday/Halladay family chart. Click Here

John Holladay , the Ranger

Born: 26 Apr 1676 Gloucestershire England
(at the foot of Cowcumbe Hill) Chalford in the Golden Valley of Gloucestershire England)


Died: 4 Nov 1742 Spotstlvania

After his fathers death John came to America. He settled in VA and married Elizabeth. Reference to Alvis Milton Holliday's Book pg (97 - 127 ) (143 - 203)

John Marshall Holladay - Cpat John ect

The Coat of Arms brought to Virginia by Captain John Holladay is described as follows:
Arms: Sable, three helmets argent, garnished or, a border of the last.
Crest: A demi-Iion rampant, resting the paws on an anchor azure.
Motto: Quarta Salute.

Elizabeth Brocas
Married abt. 1702 Va


Some say this is a Rawlings descent?
Elizabeth Pattison Pulliam

William H

Born: 1705
Died: 1769


John Jr Holliday II

Died: 1780

Will dated 17 june 1780 leaves estate to unnamed wife and child

Daniel - Recorded History of descendants differ

Born: 1712
Died: 30 Sep 1784



Winifred Thomas O Pulliam


Born: 1726 Nansemiond Co VA
Died: 24 Jul 1795

Have seen b. 1718 d. 1785 married 1747
Lived at Elmwood

Elizabeth (Betty) Lewis daughter of Harry Lewis

Joseph's Will 23 Dec 1785 names sons Lewis, Joseph, James, and Benjamin, and Ex'r

Son: Major Lewis Holladay


Died: 1785

Will dated 18 Mar 1875; pro spots co names grandson Benjamin, Daughters Susan, Agnes, Sarah, Martha, Mary, and Elizabeth wife of Joseph Pulliam, Nancy, wife of John Rawlings.Ex'r son-in-law Jos. Pullium. Names as legatee "John Holliday"

James Rollings Jr

Had 6 sons and 6 daughters


William H. Holliday

Judith ( Juday)

Married: 16 May 1769



Born: 1730
Died: 1802



Born: ca 1735
Died: 1799

Sarah King
John .......(Frontier John)  
Unknown Martha obtained the name of these children from Alvis Milton's Book and this one will have to be looked up.

Robert Holladay

Born: abt. 1730
Died: abt. 1803
Died: 1802



Born: 1757

Alleghaney McGuire

Married: 7 Jun 1782 Henry Co, VA


Born: 1760
Died: 1802

Margaret Martin


Born: ca 1770
Died: 1849


John Holladay / Holliday ( John Morton Holliday?)

Born: ca 1770
Died: 1849 Hardeman Co, TN ( from a horse throw)






John Wesley

Born: 1793 GA
1 Nov 1862 AR (Layfayette)

Erwin/Irvin Banes  
Kelly Holladay  
Nancy Holladay West  
White Holladay  
Griffin C. Holladay  
Jeremiah Holladay Mary W White
Elizabeth (Betsy) Holladay Loven/Lovin/Loving
A. J. Holladay  
Sarah Holladay Jones Jones
Arismesa Holladay Baker Baker
Mary Ann Holladay Beauchamp Beauchamp
Penelope Holladay Perry Perry

John Wesley Holliday

Born: 1793 GA
Died: 1 Nov 1862 AR (Layfayette)


Zachariah holliday Zachariah

Born: 23 Feb 1822 Madison, Davidson, TN (or 2 Apr 1826)
18 Feb 1888 Beeville Bee, TX
19 Feb 1888 Lebanonn Cemetery
, Live Oak, Texas

Mary Ann Dearmore Mary Ann Dearmore

Born: 30 Aug 1830 in Madison Va
Died: 10 Feb 1901 in Bee Co. Texas (or 18 Feb 1888)
Buried 11 Feb 1901 Lebanon Cemetery, Live Oak, TX

Married: 02 APR 1846




Thomas J


William W

Born: 1825 Madison Tn

Married: Louisa (Lavicy) Lovin 9 Dec 1847




Mary Holliday



Martha Jane

Born: abt. 1828

Jackson Tatom
M: 11-SEP-1847 Fayette County, TN

Born: abt. 1826


Born: abt. 1840



Benjamin F

Born: abt. 1843

pos Daniel  
pos Jefferson  
pos Carolyn  

Zachariah Holliday

Born: 23 Feb 1822 Madison, Davidson, Tn or 2 Apr 1826
Died: 18 Feb 1888 Beeville Bee, Texas
Buried: 19 Feb 1888 Lebanon Cemetery, Live Oak, Texas

Zachariah and Maryann Holliday

Early West Tennessee Marriages, Vol.2, Brides;p78
this source shows two wedding dates - 3/21/1846 and 4/2/1846


Cemetery Transcriptions

Mary Ann Dearmore

Born: 30 Aug 1830 in Madison Va
Died: 10 Feb 1901 in Bee Co. Texas or 18 Feb 1888
Buried: 11 Feb 1901 Lebanon Cemetery, Live Oak, Tx


Married: 2 Apr 1846 in Madison Davidson, Tn - license granted 21 Mar 1846

Had Red hair




Dearmore Family Page



William Barney (Billy)

Born: 14 Sep 1847 Madison County,Tn.
Died: 1866 in Limestone County,Texas

Note: Billy was murdered by a negro desperado


Paulina Jane (Palina)

Born: 22 May 1848 Madison County,Tn.
Died: 19 May 1884

Birth: November 22, 1849 in Madison County, Tennessee Death: November 19, in Cuero, DeWitt Co., Texas

1880 Census - Precinct 1,De Witt,Texas - Age 31 born in Tennessee - with husband and five children - shown as Paula Jane Miller

Lewis W Miller

25 Jan 1836 Ohio - 16 JAN 1930

Married 25 Jan 1868

Martha Ann

Born: 6 Feb 1850 Coffeeville,Upshur,Texas
Died: 27 Jul 1920 Live Oak Co. Texas

This is Martha Tutt's Grandmother

Aurelius Augustus Dunn
23 Mar 1871 Clinton,Dewitt County,Texas

Joseph L Dunn's Uncle

Number of Children: 12 including
Zella Aramenta (Zaddie) Dunn - Mullens / Martha's Mother

1900 Census :
Series: T623  Roll: 1655  Page: 108

Mary Emmaline Holliday Mary Emmaline (Emma)

Born: 24 Nov 1852 Gilmer,Upshur,Texas
Died: 19 Jul 1941 Benton AR

William C CroftWilliam Cuthbert Croft
Married 11 Jul 1869

Williams brother John Croft also married one of the Hollidays girls,Rachel.

Ron Croft Family xxx Croft Family Pages

5. Rachel Bernette (Nettie)

Born: 1854 Gilmer,Upshur,Texas
Died: 12 Apr 1937

John Warren Croft

Born: 1849 Winfield, La

Warren Croft
Earl Dearmore Croft b. September 07, 1886, Texas; d. June 29, 1970, Mutnoman, OR.

6. Sarah Elizabeth (Betty)

Born: 1855 in Gilmer,Upshur,Texas
Died: 12 Aug 1885
or 8-26-1887 in San Antonio
buried Lebanon, Texas Live Oak Co

b. 1856 Hunt Co. Texas d. 8-26-1887

Andrew Jackson Custer
M 5 SEP 1881 in Bee Co. Texas

Born: 22 Feb 1859 in Marion Co. Alabama
Died: 25 Nov 1934 in Sinton,Texas

George William (Billy)
Minnie Jane - Buried Westminister District Cemetery in Garden Grove Orange Co. CA. married Thomas Perry CHESNEY B.4-16-1882 Nordheim Tx d. 11-3-1905 Dewitt Co. Tx. buried Runge Texas Karnes Co. They married 9-11-1902. Minnie Jane CUSTER married 2nd: Mr. BERGEN 3rd: Mr. T. H. CAUSEY.

Marriage 2: Margie SMITH

Read interesting letter on A.J. Custer in research notes bottom of page.

Amanda HollidayAmanda (Mandy)
Born: 26 Oct 1856 or 1858 Hunt County,Texas
Died: 11 Dec 1919

M1: J L Dunn - Married: 27 Oct 1875 in ,Bee,Texas

M2: Sam M. Liles

M3: Joseph L. Dunn

Manervia Ann

Born: 1860 in Blackjack Cherokee County,Texas
Died: 1861


Nora Ann Holliday BrittonNora Ann

Born: 30 Jun 1865 in Gilmer,Upshur County,Texas
Died: Jan 1963 in Burbank Los Angeles,Ca.

M1: Samuel Houston Brittan
19 Sep 1883 in Beeville,Texas

Cora Amanda Britton
Born: 29 Aug 1884, Gonzales,Gonzales,TX
Died: 15 May 1931
Married: George Andrew Green 1 Jul 1906

Mazel Maupins Grandmother

James Thomas (Tom)

Born: 14 Sep 1868 in Clinton,Dewitt County,Texas
Died: 27 Sep 1933 in San Marcos,Texas
Buried: Sinton Cemetery, Sinton, Texas

M1: Louise M. Harwood
2 Oct 1889 in Cuero,Texas

Mother Mary Ann stayed with Tom after Zack passed. She died in 1901 in Bee Co Tx

Amanda HollidayAmanda Holliday

Born: 26 Oct 1858 in Hunt, Texas
26 Oct 1857
, Oct 26 1856 per Adee

Died: 11 Dec 1919 ( per Adee' de Chronic)



Marriage 1: J. L. Dunn 27 Oct 1875
.......................Bee Co Marriages 1860 - 1911

Marriage 2: Sam M Liles
.......................Bee Co Marriages 1860 - 1911
.......................Mr. S. M. Liles & Mrs. Amanda Dunn
...............................Lic: 29 Mar 1890
...............................Married by S. B. Kindall 6 Apr 1890

...............................(Is this Sam Liles related to the Liles that married ...............................Joseph L Dunn's sister Julia?)

Marriage 3: Joseph L. Dunn
.......................Dewitt Co Marriages 1807 - 1904
...............................Joseph L. Dunn and Mrs. Amanda Lyle
...............................Lic: 13 Feb 1900 Married same day C. A. Summers, County Judge, Dewitt Co. TX
...............................witnesses Z. W. Dunn & H Newman


Children from Marriage 1: Joseph L Dunn

Zachariah H Dunn

Born: 5 Nov 1879
Died: 1903

M1: Mary A - 1903

Children from Marriage 2: Samuel M Liles

Samuel M Liles

Adee Dunn LilesAdee' Dunn Liles

Born: 2 Mar 1891 Beeville, Bee, Texas
Died: 20 Oct 1985 0r Dec 1985 Campbell, Santa Clara CA

Red Hair


M1: James Raby Perry
Born: 19 Dec 1884 Pontotoc, Texas
Died: 25 Feb 1923 Fredonia, Texas 1911 or 1912 Texas

Bonnie Marie Perry

Ora Elizabeth Perry
Ruth Lanell Perry

M2: de Chronic (Mathew)

Not known if she had children with Mathew de Chronic but there are children listed on 1930 census as follows:

Grace V de Chroinc born abt. 1925
Jeanne L de Chronic born abt 1927.

Perry Family

Mary A Dunn Liles

Born: 24 Jan 1894
Died: Feb 1985 San Diego CA 92112


Marriage : Fernstrom
Children from Marriage 3: Joseph Lafayette Dunn

Joseph Lafayette Dunn

Susan Dunn (Susie)
Census Info


Inhabitants in L Grange Township, Lafayette Co. Arkansas - 7 June 1860
P.O Lewisville Entry 57

Name Age Sex Color Occupation RE Value Personal
Richard Tatom 29 M   Farmer 2600 600 Tennessee
Julia B Tatom 26 F         Georgia
Mary W Tatom 2 F         Ark
Sarah F Tatom 1 F         "
Ann Tatom 63 M         Georgia
Amanda J Tatom 21 M       218 Tennessee
Next Household entry 57        
Jackson Tatom 30 M   Farmer 1120 471 "
Martha J Tatom 32 F         "
John W Holladay 67 M   Chair Marker   100 Georgia
Mitilda M Murray 20 F         Illinois
B F Holliday 17 M   Farm labor     "
Martha A Murray 2 F         Ark
Series:  Series: M653 Roll: 45 Page: 9    

Free Inhabitants in Bent No 11, Hunt, Texas- 14 June 1860

Greenville PO

Name Sex Race Age Born Occupation
Halliday, Zachariah M W 38 Tennessee Stock Raiser
Mary A F W 29 Virginia Cannot read or write
William B M W 12 Tennessee Attended School
Paulina J F W 11 Tennessee Attended School
Martha A F W 9 Texas  
Mary E F W   Texas  
Rachel B F W 5 Texas  
Sarah E F W 3 Texas  
Mandy F W 1 Texas  
Next Household
William N or W     31 Tennessee Stock
Rachel C     30 Kentucky  
Sarah E     11 KY  
Nancy J ?     9 KY  
M??? E     6 KY  
Mary M     3 KY  
John     1 mo? Texas  
Series: M653  Roll: 1298  Page: 314 There is a William N (31) with Wife Rachel (30) next door

Inhabitants in Goliad County Texas - 4th August 1870

Name Sex Race Age   RE Value Personal Value Born Occupation
Holliday, Zachariah M W 49     700 TN Stock Raiser
Mary F W 39       VA Keeping House
Martha F W 19       TX  
Rachel F W 14       TX  
Sarah F W 12       TX  
Armanda F W 10       TX  
Nora F W 5       TX  
James M W 1       TX  
Series: M593  Roll: 1587  Page: 396  


Inhabitants in Precinct No. 1, Bee Texas - 1 June 1880

Name Relation Sex Race Age Matital Status Born Father Mother Occupation
Holliday, Z Head M W 58 M TN     Farmer
M A Wife F W 47 M       Keeping House
S Elizabeth Daughter F W 23 S        
Nora Daughter F W 14? S        
James T Son M W 11 S        
Garcia Nate? Servant M W   S Texas      
Series: T9  Roll: 1290  Page: 243        

Inhabitants in Precinct No. 8, Nacogdoches Texas - 1 June 1880

Just a census of interest

Name Relation               Born Father Mother    
Liles, John Head M W     50 M   Geo       Farmer
Sarah Wife F W     46 M   Ala Ala Ala   Keeping House
Ohlia? Daughter F W     15 S   Texas       School Gen
Lei? Son M W     1 S   Texas        
W M? Son M W     21 M   Texas Geo Ala   Farm Labor
Amanda Wife F W     20 M   Texas TN TN   Keeping House
This Amanda is of interest because of the birth places of herself and parents. Our Amanda was 10 on the 1870 Census and this one is 20 here. The name of the husband though is a clear W. M. Liles ? The marriage license to Sam M Liles is for 1890. The marriage license for J L Dunn was 1875 which would make her only 15 or 16 at the time. Adee was born after 1890. Our Amanda is shown the same year in the census below. So who is this Amanda and W M Liles?
Series: T9  Roll: 1321  Page: 259      


Inhabitants in Precinct No. 1, Live Oak Texas - 18 June 1880

Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital Status Born Father Mother Occupation
Dunn Joseph L Head M W 24 M Texas Al Mil?
Amanda Wife F W 20 M Texas Tennessee Tennessee Keeping House
Zack H Son M W 6 mos S Texas Texas Texas At
Series: T9  Roll: 1317  Page: 458 There is an Agustus Dunn Family 2 doors down. Martha A Wife,  


Twelfth Census of the United States Dewitt Texas - Justice Precinct No. 1 - 18th, 19th Jun 1900
Name Relation Race Sex Birthday Age   # Years
Present Marriage
Children Children
Born Father Mother Occupation ect
Dunn, Joseph Head W M Feb 1856 44 M 25     Texas Texas Texas Carpenter
Amanda Wife W F Oct 1857 42 M 25 3 3 Texas TN TN Keeps house
Zachary Son W F Nov 1879 20 S       Texas Texas Texas Farmer
Adee' Daughter W M Mar 1891 9 S       Texas Texas Texas  
Mary Daughter W M Jan? 1894 6 S       Texas Texas Texas  
Series: T623  Roll: 1628  Page: 26 Dwelling # 141


Letters From Adee (Amanda's daughter) indicate The Joseph L Dunn Family moved to the Lower Rio Grande - Mercedes TX around 1905 -7. By the next 1910 Census Amanda and children are living with her first son and his grandfather in Edwards Co TX


Thirteenth Census of the United States 1910 Population

Edwards, Texas - Justice Precinct No. Two - Apr 28 & 29 1910

Name Relation Sex Race Age M # M Years Children Children
Born Father Mother Occupation, Ect
Dunn Zack W Head M W 30 M1 7     Texas Louisiana Texas

Farmer Rented Farm

Read / Write

Farm Sch 64

Alice A Wife F W 28 M1 7 - - Texas England Texas  
Joseph W G-father M W 83 M1       Alabama Virginia South Carolina  
Armanda Mother F W 50 M2 35 4 4 Texas Arkansas Arkansas Gardner
Truck Patch
Adee Sister F W 19 S       Texas Texas Texas Teacher Litery Schoo;
Mary A Sister F W 16 S       Texas Texas Texas  
Susan Sister F W 9 S       Texas Texas Texas  
95 Pulliam Crest            


Photos Courtesy of Ron Croft Sr.

Amanda & Sarah Croft - John M Custer




Research Notes of interest


Reasearch Notes

John Wesley Holliday may have been in Ill in 1840, in hardeman tn in 1830, Might have married Ruthy BEASLEY 1820 in Lauderdale County , AL . His father was John M. HOLLIDAY of Hardeman (connects to a line in Alvis ' book).


(Part 1, 1847-1849)

From Family Findings
Vol. II, No. 1, January 1970, pp. 10-13
Vol. II, No. 2, April 1970, pp. 50-52
Vol. II, No. 3, July 1970, pp. 92-95
Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, pp. 124-126
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1970

HOLLIDAY, Wm. W. to Lavicy Lovin
Iss'd: 9 Dec. 1847
Sol: By Thos. Blew (J.P.)

Dreamore, John C to Berneta R. Golden
July 19, 1848 Wit: Abner C. Shelton, Sol: July 20, 1848 by George Harrison, J.

Gaskins, Enoch to Perlina W. Dearmore
September 17, 1849 William P. Dearmore, Wit.


Series: M653 Roll: 42 Page: 617
FM Holliday 1860 27 yrs Concord TWP Green Co Ark born TN Male
Oak Bluff P.O.


CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE or TERRITORY: AR COUNTY: Lafayette DIVISION: LaGrange Township REEL NO: M432-27 PAGE NO: 172b REFERENCE: Enumerated the 4th of Nov 1850 by John D. Herndon

13 91 91 Hollayday Thomas 46 M Farmer SC
14 91 91 Hollayday Cynthia A. 44 F KY X
15 91 91 Hollayday Francis M. 13 M LA
16 91 91 Hollayday Almina 8 F LA
17 91 91 Hollayday Elizabeth 6 F LA
18 91 91 Hollayday Elcy 3 F LA
19 91 91 Hollayday Ellen 1 F Arks






Interesting note on Andrew Jackson Custer (Married Sarah Elizabeth Holliday) found on Family Tree Rootsweb

At fifteen years of age, A.J. and father moved by wagon to Lebanon-Votaw community of Live Oak County Texas. As the oldest son he help his father clear the land and build a house. Later he worked at the Zachariah's Holiday ranch breaking wild horses. While working at the ranch he met and married Betty Holiday.

After two children Betty died in 1885. He remarried and had fourteen children, including two sets of twins, but four died in infancy. One set of twins were born in a covered wagon that was parked on the Weeds place near a creek. Mrs. Weed delivered Velma and Thelma before the doctor could arrive.
Like his father, A.J. was a staunch Methodist and a upright man,interested in his children and his community. He left Live Oak County in 1909, going to San Patricio County, where he had a sorghum mill near the town of Gregory, until about 1921 when he moved to the town of Sinton and became the Justice of the Peace.



1870 Census - Not Stated,Goliad,Texas - Zachariah Holliday age 49 born in Tennessee - with wife and six children - stock raiser
1880 Census - Precinct 1,Bee,Texas - Z Holliday age 58 born in Tennessee - with wife and three children - born in Tennessee - farmer

1870 Census - Not Stated,Goliad,Texas - Amanda Holliday age 10 born in Texas - with parents


Lewises, Meriwethers and Their Kin" by Sarah Travers Lewis
(Scott) Anderson, Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc. (1984).



Marriage Madison TN

Holliday, William W. Lovin, Lavicy December 9, 1847
Holliday, Zachariah Dearmore, Ann April 2, 1846


There is a Ann Holladay in TN 1820 Census Series: M33  Roll: 125  Page: 75


Looking for par. William W. Holliday/Holiday b 1825 or Zachariah Holliday b 1822 (prob brothers). Both m TN-Madison 1846/1847 and moved to TX-Upshur 1851/1853. WW's wife = Louisa Lovin. Her gf = John M. Holliday of TN-Hardeman; Zach's wife = Mary Ann Dearmore of VA. These two Holliday lines may not be related. Probable cxn to Thomas J. Holliday (16 MS-Chickasaw 1850 census), who also arrived TX-Upshur ca 1855. His father John b 1799 NC (all 23 born TN). Already know much about John M; Wesley Holliday of TN-Hardeman (died ca 1834) is leading suspect, but know little about him.

---------------------------This Email shows the suspect info in some of our family trees.--------------------------------------------

From: Tissie Schwebel <>
Subject: Zachariah Holliday
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:29:39 -0500

Hey all you cousins. I just got this wonderful letter in the mail from
Hazel Maupin in Utah. She is in her nineties and said "No, I don't have
a computer and I'm too old to buy one now". This is the information she
sent me and would love to hear any comments you all might have.

Hazel's grandmother was Nora Holliday. Nora Holliday would be my great
aunt, I think.

Zachariah Holliday's parents were:

John Zachary Holliday born 12-13-1806 in Scottsville, VA married Julia
Ann Minor on May 19, 1836. John Zachary Holliday died on 10-12-1842

John Zachary Holliday's parents were:

Waller Holliday born 8-17-1776 in Prospect Hill, VA died 10-25-1863
married Huldah Fontaine Lewis on 9-23-1802

What do you think? Tissie Chesney Schwebe

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is a response that shows one reason why we disagree with the posted family trees on the LDS website

With all due respect to Ms. Maupin, this is almost certainly incorrect.
I have corresponded with her about 4 years ago. I think she has fallen
into the same suspect information I also found in 1996.

John Zachary Holladay almost certainly never left VA. He and his
descendants were apparently lawyers and politicos, etc. It is doubtful
that he would have had another family and been a father in 1822 and
1824/1825 in TN, and then been involved in the legislature, etc. back in
VA. His children all seem well-accounted for. On the other hand, there
were some Minors in early TX-Upshur with your Zachariah and my William

As you know, we are probably looking for the same person. This claim
also appears in the LDS Ancestral File. I have had numerous people
point this out to me. Unfortunately, it appears to be a dead end.

The best candidate for the father of Zachariah and my William W (if
indeed brothers) appears to be John Wesley Holliday, who probably
appears as Wesley Holliday in C1830-TN-Hardeman, in court papers abt
1852-1854 TN-Hardeman and was in C1860-AR-Lafayette and died there
intestate Nov 1862.

John W. Holliday in C1860 had a Benjamin F. Holliday Holliday living
with or near him who was born in 1842 IL, so John he probably was in IL
by 1840. Best guesses are southern counties such as Johnson, Saline,
Hamilton, Jackson, etc. where other related Hollidays are known to have
lived. I have no idea where he was in 1850, but he was involved in the
estate settlement of John Morton Holliday in early 1850s TN-Hardeman,
who was living on the same page with "Wesley" in 1830. (Most papers say
John W. and I infer the Wesley.) John Morton Holliday's estate sale
included "The Life of John Wesley" sold apart from the lot of his other
books (let's go fish!).

John W. Holliday was definitely a son of John Morton Holliday, probably
the oldest, since he is listed first in court papers. There is little
doubt the John W. Holliday in C1860-AR-Lafayette is him, since he was b
abt 1793 in GA. His father John Morton Holliday is known to have lived
in GA-Oglethorpe around this time. He received a bounty grant there
around 1790, I believe (can check on later).
There appears to have been a falling out in this family over the estate
settlement. Sad. Some things we dig up are painful to know. I will
not speculate about this until more facts emerge.

I am really interested in Patrick's recent post concerning Robert C.
Holliday. I suspect the VA-IL cxn may involve some Wythe County
Hollidays. The name Perlina/Paulina Jane/June has been used in their
family before Zachariah Holliday named one of his daughters this.
Without sufficient proof, however, I may be just as wrong as the LDS
contributor. Sorry if you have heard most of this before, but some new
list members may be able to help.



HOLLIDAY, Wm. W. to Lavicy Lovin
Iss'd: 9 Dec. 1847
Sol: By Thos. Blew (J.P.)






Whereas JOHN BLAIR, in his last will appointed JAMES BLAIR as his sole exec and directed him to make "a right", i.e. deed to land that ALLEN HOLLIDAY lived on, to his sons, RIPLEY and HILLERY HOLLIDAY, when said Allen had paid "the balance on the land. "Now, James Blair conveyed to RIPLEY and HILLERY HOLLIDAY this 200 acre tract. Jan. 10, 1850. Reg Jan. 16, 1850. Wits A. J. Holliday, Nancy M. Hayes.




JASPER T. E. HOLLADAY for "love and affection" for his wife, PARALEE M. HOLLADAY, gave her two n egroes, Albert about 23 yrs old; John about 18 yrs old; his buggy, a wardrobe in trust for her by WILLIAM ELLIOTT. June 10, 1853. Reg June 14, 1853. No wits.


Utah historical marker, General store Holladay - Murray





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