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Negro (Slave) Register of Washington County, Pennsylvania pages 1 & 2 of 38

The following is taken from a previously transcribed (date; author unknown) "Negro (Slave) Register of Washington County, Pennsylvania, From 1782 to 1851" found at Citizen's Library, at Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Hopefully this will be of help to someone. I am making every effort to type this exactly as the original transcript - errors and all. ? are mine where I was unable to read the type from what looks like a very old typewriter that was in need of a good cleaning. xxxs are a part of the original transcript and were typeovers. No guarantee of accuracy - please consult the original record if you find something of interest here.
Jan Slater

Page 1

List of negros registered pursuant to the late act of Assembly for redress of certain Grievances in the Counties of Westmoreland and Washington.

October 1, 1782 William Fry of Peters Township, Miller
One man named Jame aged 25 years.
One wench named Nell aged 20.
One wench named Sarah aged 14.

Nicholas Crist of Fallowfield Township yoman.
One man named Joshua aged twenty two years.
One Woman named Easter aged 22 years.
One Girl named Sall aged 7 ditto
One Boy named Bille aged 3 ditto
One ....(nothing else typed on this line JS)

James Fry of Fallowfield Township yoman.
One negro firl named Bess aged 11 years Old.

Abraham Fry of Fallowfield Township yoman.
One negro named Lunon aged 31 years.
One ditto woman named Frank aged 17 ditto.

Benjamin Fry of Fallowfield Township yoman.
One negro woman named Luce aged 19 years.

Henry Spears of Fallowfield Township yoman.-
One negro boy named Perod aged 15 years.

William Menar of Green Township Gent.
One woman named Sall aged 30 years.
One ditto Rose agd. 6
One ditto Sall 4
One boy Dick 1 1/2

John Minor Esqr of Green Township
One boy named George aged 8 years.

Isaac Julan of Bethlehem Township.
One negro girl named sall aged 14 years.

Tho Kitten of Strabanx yeoman
One woman named Bet aged 8 years.
One boy James 6

Alexander Baling of Straban Township.
One man named George aged 25 years.

3d October 1782.

Page 2.

3d October 1782.

Thomas Wells of Followfield Township.
One negro woman named Hanna aged 27 years.
One Girl named Easter aged 3 months.
Exit copy pade bal.

William Rankin of Smith Township
One negro man named Peter aged 40 years.
One negro woman named Rose aged 30 ditto.
One man named Jack aged 26
One Girl ditto 16
One ditto ditto 14.

Samuel Bealer Smith Township
One negro man named Sam aged 25 years.
One man Jack aged 20 years
One woman nemed Sarah 20 ditto
One girl named Henny 15 ditto
One boy named Bobb 8 ditto
One boy named Torlin 6 ditto
One man named Rubin 20 ditto

Thos. Scott Esqr. Prothonotary of Washington County.
One negro man named Bob aged 20 years.

Washington County.
Thomas Cherry of Smith's Township
One girl named Phillas aged 16 years
One Charles a boy aged 14 ditto
One girl named Bett ditto 8 ditto.
Exit Cert. under seal 8th March 1798 fees 53 cts. paid by ? ???. Cherry.

John Bill of Peters Township
One woman named Sarah aged 25 years
One boy named Ned aged 5 ditto
One child named Jacke aged 4 months.
Exit Certe. Ith April 1799 to Bell fees paid except 3 cts.
exit copy Aug. 24, 1821.

James Bell of Peters Township
One boy named Flanders aged 9 years.

Joshua Meeks of Nottingham Township
One man named David aged 60 years
One man named George aged 40 ditto
One woman named Anas ditto 30 ditto

Hen?ry Heath of Nottingham Township
One woman xxxxxx Judith aged 60 years
D Dide 18

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