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Negro (Slave) Register of Washington County, Pennsylvania pages 3 & 4 of 38

Page 3.

Nicholas Crist of Followsfield Township
One man Sam aged 36

William Campbele of Hopewelle Township
One negro man named Bob age 14 years
One girl named Hajer aged 14 ditto.

Ezkiel Rose Bethleham Township
One negro boy named Bob aged 11 years.

Richard Wells of xxxxx Hoepwelle yeoman
One woman named Chinet aged 28 years.

John Kerr of Followfield Township. B. Smith
One negro woman named Rine aged 23 years
One ditto Boy ditto Peter ditto 7 ditto.

Jesse Morton of Hopewelle Township
One negro woman named Priss aged 40 years.

Washington County Novr. 26th 1872.
Esekiel Dewit of Hopewelle Township yeoman
One X negro boy named Frank aged 10 years
One negro girl named Nell aged 17 do.

Catherin Atchinson widow of Cicel Township
One negro wench named Mealth aged 26 years.

George Valandigan of Robinson Township Gent.
One woman named Rachel aged 23 years.

William Henry Jarv?? Noble of Robinson Township yeo. and Marthen xxx Nobel widow
One man named Cain aged 27 years
One woman Sall 25
One do. Morisah 54
One boy Jack 8 Months

John MCDonnalde of Robinson Township Gent.
One wooman named Menaks aged 21 years
One d Hannah 22
One man Herry 19
A Child Betts 1 4/12 year.

Daniel McFarlin of Bethleham Township Gent.
One man named Lugen aged 30 years
One woman Isabell ditto 30 years
One boy Pomp do 14 ditto
One garl Phillis do 10 dto.
One boy Ralph do 4 dto.
One garl Laveney do 3 dto.
One girl Dinah do. 19 dto.

James Edgar Gentra. of Smith Township
One woman named Press aged 21 years
One dto Hannah do 5 dto.

Page 4.

Joseph Vance of Smiths Township
One negro man named Randolph aged 18 years.

The Hon?ble Dorsey Penticost Esqr.
One man named Jacke aged 16 years
One woman name Patt aged 20 years

Dr. Benjamin Johnson of Starabane Township
One negro man named Isaac aged 25 years
One girl Nann 12 years

Samuel Glasgow Whale wright of Petters Township
One woman named Lindee 21 yeaaars
One boy aged 3 years
exit Cer. 8th xxxxxxx Octobr. 99.

Ischariah Pompfrey of Starban Township
One hegro woman Thems aged 21 years
One negro girl named Comfort aged 7 months.

Elijah Nuttell of Straban Township
One mulattoe woman nam'd Rachel aged 35 years.
One negro boy nam'd Dave aged 10 years
One negro girl named Rachel aged 10 years
One negro boy named Daniel aged 6 years
One negro boy named George aged 4 years
One negro boy named Harry aged 9 mon.
exit Exemp 3 Aug 1810 to C. Humphrey Kenty. for all

Wm Crawford of Cumberland Township 2d Decr. 1782.
One negro man named Cooke aged 30 ys.

Thomas Redman of Peters Township.
Daniel Aged 19 years.
A negro woman name Lev. 20 years.

The estate of Thomas Rigby of Township
Esterh a negro woman aged 22 years
Patience a negro girl aged 7 years
Betty a do do do 4 years
John a do do do 2 years.

Charles Stewart of Township
Nede a mulattoe Slave aged 21 years.

Richard Vann of Township
Tom a mullattoe Slave aged 24 years.

Doctor Charles Wheeler of Fallowfield Township
Nero a negroe man aged 34 years
Daniel a do. do. do. 19 do.
Rachell a do. woman do. 16 do.
Last line is partially cut off and not legible -JS

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