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Transcriptions from The Pittsburgh Courier

Pittsburgh Courier -- 9/15/1923

Aunt Jemima of Pancake Fame Is Killed By Auto

CHICAGO, Ill., Sept. 13 Pancake season is coming, but in some Chicago households this fall the sizzling of the griddle will bring memories tinged with sadness.

"Aunt Jemima," is dead. The aged woman whose ability to make "flapjacks" was capitalizes by millers, whose bandanna wreathed smile forms a mental picture thousands of lovers of "a plate of wheats" and whose skill with the pancake turner furnished amusement for and drew the envy of those who have attended expositions and fairs ever since the Chicago World's Fair, of 1893, fell a victim to an automobile.

It was not until Deputy Coroner Joseph Gubbons held an inquest Monday into the death of Mrs. Nancy Green, 4543 Indiana Avenue, killed in an automobile accident, that it became known that her death marks the passihg of an interesting character who will be mourned not only by the race but by numerous wealthy white Chicago families as well. For Mrs. Nancy Green will live longest in memory as "Aunt Jemima"

Came Here as Nurse

"Aunt Jemima was born in Montgomery County, Ky., in 1834 and came to Chicago as a nurse for the Walker Family. She nursed and made pancakes for the late Circuit Judge Charles M. Walker, Cheif Justice of the Municipal Court, and his brother, Dr. Samuel Walker, now a leading North Side physician, when they were boys. They spread her fame among their boy chums, and before long "Aunt Jemima’s pancakes" became, a common phrase in Chicago when good things to eat were discussed.

A milling concern heard of her, searched her out, obtained her recipe and induced her to make pancakes at the World's Fair. After that she went from one exposition to another demonstrating her skill. There was one, however that she refused to attend - the Paris Exposition. All inducememts that could be made were put forward, but "Aunt Jemima" refused to budge.

She was one of the first colored missionary workers and one of the Olivet Baptist Church, now the largest colored church in the world with a membership of over 9,000.

"Aunt Jemima" was killed while standing on the sidewalk under the elevated structure ? ? Street. A car driven by Dr. H. S. Seymour, a druggest, collided with a ? truck, and then hurtled on to the sidewalk.

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