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Please note: All of the resources being offered on this page is material that I have linked to at "Historic Pittsburgh" site located at: If you prefer you can always bypass my site and go directly to the source.

Life sketches of leading citizens of Pittsburgh and the vicinity, Pennsylvania.

Typically on clicking onto a link, you will be taken to a page that has the person's portrait. From there click the "Next Page" button till you see the text. While checking these links, I noticed other names tucked in between the ones I have highlighted. So this list is not meant to be considered complete. Don't discard the thought of doing a "Search" of this massive site.

Robert Pitcairn

Edward P. Cowan

Henry P. Ford

W. A. Oggo Wuth

William H. Graham

James Allison

Smith A. Johnston

John Dunlap

William T. Howe

Andrew B. Stevenson

William Ward

George C. Johnston

Harvey A. Lowry

Hunt M. Butler

Hudson Samson

William J. Reid

Hance M. Dunlap

John E. Shaw

Charles Pfeifer

John Semple

William M. Beach

John M. Anderson

Charles E. Wade

Andrew A. Lambing

William H. McKelvy

Edward T. Jackson

John Cooper

Marshall Swartzwelder

William F. Aull

John S. Ferguson

Robert J. Coster

Robert Bailey

James C. Elliot

Charles C. Lange

Francis J. Torrance

Jeremiah P. E. Kumler

Daniel Ashworth

John Gripp

Josiah N. Boggs

Samuel Harden Church

Morris W. Mead

Joseph D. Thomas

Xavier O. Werder

John Daub

Mrs. Emilie Daub

John H. McElroy

David Z. Brickell

M. A. Arnholt

Junius A. McCormick

William A. Scott, Jr.

Ellis S. Montgomery

Alexander King

John M. Batten

Morris A. Goodstone

Philip Reymer

Robert Bailey

William V. Marquis

Archibald V. Chessrown

John C. Jamison

Oliver L. Blachly

Edward A. Campbell

James C. Dunn

George G. Graham

Henry B. Orr

Robert C. Schmertz

J. Guy McCandless

William Clark

Charles Davis

William C. Shaw

William D. King

William C. Stillwagen

Charles C. Meredith

James Little

James M. Guffey

James M. Shields

Henry Lloyd

John J. Green


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