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Jenkins-Jeffries-Lee Family Page (James Hopkins) writes "This is my Uncle George Hopkins, Battery C 323 I.F.Co this is what it appears to read on the post card. This is in France, WW-1. He was born in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area. All the other details are lost. I know where he is buried and that is it. He has family somewhere in Penna. that I have never heard from."

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Visit The 100 Best Genealogy Sites (Beth Radcliffe) writes "My grandmother's brother WILLIAM CURTIS MCKNIGHT 1887-1918 from Brownsville-Uniontown , PA area was in WW1.
He was killed in 1918 over in France, a troop train accident. Someone had translated the French version of the newspaper into English, telling of the accident and the service that was done for them over there.
Apparently his body was brought back to the states in 1923 and he was buried in Dickerson Run Cemetery, Vanderbilt, PA.."

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