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Pittsburgh Courier - 1/30/60

Sasser Wedding Ceremony

Dr. and Mrs. Earl L. Sasser have been the center of many gatherings with their color pictures of the recent wedding of their son, Earl Jr., and lovely Leilani Dale Fleming of Oberlin, Ohio. The Sassers, with their son George, went to Oberlin for the event. The double ring ceremony was performed at the bride’s home. Her uncle, the Rev. J. Dallas Jenkins of Columbus, Ohio, officiated. Another uncle, Oren Jenkins of Rochester, N. Y., was soloist. Angelic in white chiffon, nylon lace and a fingertip veil, the bride carried a white orchid on a white Bible.

Her attendants were Frances Curry of Rochester, N. Y., and Cassandra Jenkins, a cousin, of Columbus. George Sasser was best man.

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Fleming of Oberlin, Mrs. Sasser Jr. is a graduate of Oberlin High School. She attended Ashland College and the Oberlin School of Commerce. She has been a student of voice for six years and has performed in concert and, on television. The young couple enjoyed a short wedding trip before Earl Jr. returned to his studies at Cornell University. Young Sasser is on leave from his work as civil engineer with Capital Engineering Associates of Rochester, N. Y., consultants for the state of New York.


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