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Rev. Isaac Isaiah Jenkins
( 1879 - 1942 )

Reverend John W. Jenkins married Charlotte Francis Bright and together they had 12 children. Their son Isaac Isaiah , was an unordained minister at the Blainesville, Va., Free Baptist Church., in 1907. In 1911, Isaac was the pastor at the Blainesville (Free Baptist) Church. Isaac married Minnie V. Jeffries and they had 7 children.

Rev. Isaac Jenkins, son of Rev. John W. Jenkins, was Pastor of Mt. Carmel for many years. During his Pastorate at Mt. Carmel, he was called to other churches. During his absence when he pastored St. John Baptist Church in Hagerstown, Maryland, Rev. Isaac Berry pastored Mt. Carmel. Rev. I. Jenkins returned to Mt. Carmel and pastored until 1920. He was then called to Dudley Baptist Church in Martinsburg, West Virginia and remained there four years. Rev. P. M. Eslick pastored the church during this time. Again Rev. I. Jenkins returned to Mt. Carmel and pastored until his passing in June 1942. In the 1929 annual report of the Shenandoah Valley Free Baptist Association, they list Rev. I.I. Jenkins and Rev. Mrs. Minnie V. Jenkins as ministers without churches. In 1929 they lived at R.F.D. 4, Luray, Virginia. December 30, 1930, Rev. I.I. Jenkins began publication of a newspaper, THE VALLEY CHURCHMAN. After Isaiah's death, his son and also the widow, Minnie V. Jenkins, preached at the Blainesville Free Baptist) Church. She pastored the church until illness forced her to retire.

THE VALLEY CHURCHMAN was published monthly at the Jenkins' Faithful Service Printing Office, Blainesville, Va. in the interest of religious activities throughout the Shenandoah Valley. The Winchester Quarterly Meeting was convened with the St. John F.B. Church, Luray, Va., Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 14-15, 1930. The testimonial meetings were led by Rev. Sister Minnie V. Jenkins, Milton Washington, and B.A. Jenkins had much to do with making the meeting a spiritual success. (B.A. Jenkins must be Barnas Jenkins(born June 1884). At the Business Committee's meeting it was recommended that the church paper be reorganized and put into operation at once.

Acting upon a motion passed at the close of the business session of the Winchester Quarterly Meeting at Luray, Va., the Executive Boards of the Quarterly and Yearly Meetings, Sunday School Convention and the Woman's Annual Missionary Circle assem bled in the church parsonage and organized the church paper. It was subsequently introduced to the Quarterly Meeting as, " Miss Valley Churchman." After a general discussion in which each department expressed their views, the organization was effected in the following order: Editor and Publisher, Rev. I. I. Jenkins ; Treasurer, Deacon Andrew Jackson ; General Secretary, Rev. S. S. Spriggs .

It was organized at Luray, Va., on Nov. 15,1930 and distributed free among the churches. Each church receiving the publication was to appoint an Associate Editor to report on their churches' activities. Even though the publication was sponsored by the Winchester, Va. Quarterly Meeting, it later expanded to include the entire yearly meeting with churches in Maryland and West Virginia as well.

The cover of the March 1931 issue of THE VALLEY CHURCHMAN has a picture of his father, Rev. John W. Jenkins, and the history of the organization of the Shenandoah Valley Free Baptist Sunday School Convention. In the last issue of this periodical that is held--July 1938-- by the American Baptist Historical Society, Rev. I. Isaiah Jenkins was still Editor and Publisher.

The Free Baptist Register also lists an I.A. Jenkins (also referred to as I. Jenkins and J. Jenkins ) in Siloam, Mound City, Quarterly Meeting, of the Southern Illinois Association from 1891-97. It may be that both Isaac and Jacob Jenkins both attended the Southern Illinois Association Meeting. That could lead to some confusion. In 1923-1925, there is a Virginia listing in the American Baptist Yearbook of a J.I. Jenkins , at Luray, Va. under the category " Negro Free Baptists--Shenandoah Yearly Meeting." This may be John W. Jenkins' son Jacob .


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