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Marlene, Kenneth Lee, George Luther Jr., Dennis Sr. and Ronald William Jenkins. Taken at 121 Ninth Street in McKeesport, Pa.

Dennis Sr., My Mother, ??, George Luther Jr., Edward Charles Bettingfield and Debra Brooks. Picnic at Renzi Park in McKeesport, Pa.

George Luther and Roy Franklin Jenkins Sr. Taken in the back yard at 121 Ninth Street, McKeesport, Pa.

Dennis Sr., Ronald William holding Sister Marlene and Kenneth Lee Jenkins. Taken on sidewalk in front of 121 Ninth Street, McKeesport, Pa.

Kenneth Lee, George Luther Jr.. Ronald William and Dennis Jenkins Sr. in the front. Picture taken in the back yard of 121 Ninth Street, McKeesport, Pa.

Sonja Rene` Jenkins. I am very picky as to how my daughter's name is spelled, as I named her. I also must add that when my daughter got married, I cried through the whole ceremony on into the reception. I was cried out!! (lol)

Front to back- Dennis Sr., Kenneth Lee, Ronald William and George Luther Jenkins Jr. Picture taken in the back yard of 121 Ninth Street, McKeesport, Pa.

My Grandfather, Charles David Law Sr. (Grandpap). Taken in apartment that was located at Hurrell Alley upstairs from Tube City Taxi Company. Grandpap worked at National Tube till he retired. As a kid, I remember running to the B & O train tracks when I heard the 3 o'clock whistle blow at National Tube. I would stand there looking down the tracks waiting to see Grandpap coming home from work. He would always have something left from his lunch to give us from his black lunch pail.


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