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Jenkins-Jeffries-Lee Family Page

Family Biographies

Reverend John William Jenkins (1849 - 1916)

Reverend Isaac Isaiah Jenkins(1879 - 1942)

David Calvin Jenkins Sr. (1888 - 1947)

Information needed on John Dallas Jeffries

Sonja Rene` Jenkins

Eleanor Virginia Staley Law (My Grandmother) and Peggy Allen Law

Chad Everett and Dennis Jenkins Jr.

Debra Brooks

Debra Brooks and Dennis Jenkins Sr.

Debra Brooks and Ruth Jenkins Brooks. Taken in backyard of 121 Ninth Street, McKeesport, Pa.

George Luther Jr., Kenneth Lee, Wilma Law, Ronald William, Maurice Law (Tody) and in front Dennis Sr. Taken in Hurrell Alley, McKeesport, Pa.

Dennis Jenkins Jr.


Jenkins-Jeffries-Lee Genealogy

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