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Religious Features


What Church Did Grandpa Attend?
A study of early American churches of our ancestors.

Women in American Churches
Contributions of women in church and society.

Susanna Wesley
A "first person" account, suitable for presentation as a program, with permission from the author.

Protestant Denominations established in Colonial America
Links extend from colonial to the present 1600 - 2000.

United States Religious Groups and Archives
Links for religious groups that emerged dramatically during the period 1800-2000.

American Church Denominational Reference Sheets.
Each includes a church history chronology.
Download any or all of 16 reference sheets. Discover sources for church records.

Quaker Heritage
Lists my more than 30 Quaker surnames; Quaker Internet links; plus a downloadable photo essay:
A Vist to Wrightsborough, Georgia, a historical Quaker colony,
a photo essay of 14 pages which downloads as a PDF file.

Women of the Bible
Short, first-person-style sketches of 16 women of the Bible, both Old and New Testament.
These are suitable for oral presentations; written permission is required; no fee.
Scriptural references are provided for each woman.

Mothers of the Bible
Devotional study of mothers in the Bible.
Suitable for oral presentation; written permission is required; no fee.


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Religious Features


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