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WHITAKER Families in Colonial America

Compiled by Beverly Whitaker

Among the first settlers in North America was Richard Whitacar who left his home in London at the time of the great plague or after the great fire, probably landing in Maryland. He then went to West Jersey, about 1665 or 1666. He became a member of the Society of Friends, or Quakers.
Another distinct New Jersey family traced its descent to Jonathan Whitaker, born in England about 1690, died in Basking Ridge in 1763; his reason for leaving was on account of religious persecution. In New England, there was an Abraham Whitaker, born in England in 1604, who settled in Haverhill, Massachusetts.
There were Whitakers in Virginia. One of the first was Alexander Whitaker, son of the Rev. William Whitaker, master of St. John’s College, Cambridge. Alexander, upon graduation from that college took orders in the church. In 1611, he went to Virginia where he built a church and laid foundations for another. His chief claim to fame is the fact that he baptized Pocahontas, and he also officiated at her marriage to John Rolfe. His death came by drowning, in the James River. Although he apparently had no children, his brother Jabez Whitaker did found a sizable American family in the South. Jabez was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1623 and 1624. He was the ancestor of the many Whitakers who located in Warwick County, Virginia, later migrating to Enfield, North Carolina; some of the family went to Georgia. Still another Whitaker family in Virginia used the spelling of two t's. This family would have been in the late colonial period--unknown Whittaker and his wife Lucetta. They had 3 children: William Whittaker was born between 1810 and 1820 in Virginia. James Munroe Whittaker was born in 1811, married Susan Beasley 13 Feb 1833 in Caroline, Virginia, is there also in the 1860 census. Edmund was born in Caroline, Virginia, in 1822 and married and died there.
In early Maryland, at least two apparently unrelated families appear. John Whitacre and his first wife Catherine appear in the Register of St. George’s Parish; his second wife, Mary, is mentioned in his will. At Spesutia Hundred, was Mark Whitaker who died in 1729, wives (1) Catherine and (2) Elizabeth Emson.
Pennsylvania’s John Whitacre was born in 1678, Barley, Lancashire, England. He came to America as a single man in about 1699 from Thet, Yorkshire, England and settled among Quakers in PA.. He died in 1737, Makefield Twp., Bucks Co, PA. There, in 1702, John Whitacre married Jane (BOND) Scott, widow of John SCOTT. Children of John Whitacre: (1)John Whitacre, Jr, (1704-1768) married Naomi HULME. (2) Robert Whitacre, (1706-1790) married first to Mary D. Hall in 1725 and later, in 1732, married Sarah TOMLINSON.
William Whitaker, was born February 10, 1701, probably in Lancashire, England. Prior to the 1719 death of his father Joshua, he moved with his parents and siblings to Timahoe, Ireland, then to Dublin. In 1720, he came to Philadelphia, following his uncles John (see above) and James who had gone to Pennsylvania some years earlier. William was a Quaker.. In 1721, he was received by the Newark MM, Chester County, PA., on certificate from the Dublin MM. William married Elizabeth Carleton. After a devastating fire in their second home in western Pennsylvania, they moved about 1751 to Old Rowan County in North Carolina, most of their children migrating with them.
The family of Robert Whitaker, father of the Surry Co., NC Whitakers, came to the area about 1778/79. His name was found on a request for a land grant but was marked through, thus nulling it. Mary, his wife, and sons, William and Jonathan, applied for land. One may reason from that that Robert was deceased, because women did not apply or get grants with few exceptions unless they were widows. They settled in the Siloam section of Surry.
It is difficult to separate all these persons, particularly since the same given names were used among several Whitaker families, some of whom have been mentioned here. 

A Bibliography of WHITAKER Resources

NOTE: The books listed below are not in our personal library, but we've seen portions of them.

You may have to do some searching on your own to find them!


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Whitaker, Bruce. The Whitaker Family of Buncombe County, North Carolina. 1989.
[Ancestry and Descendants of Joshua Whitaker and Jane Parker, with particular emphasis on the family of his son William Whitaker and wife Elizabeth Carleton in PA and NC.]

Surname CD Project: Ideas for Creating Surname Scrapbooks on CDs
HTML Style:
Several years ago, Beverly created a CD on Bob's ancestral branch of the WHITAKER family -- the descendants of Joshua Whitaker of Richmond and Columbia Counties in Georgia. The format is entirely HTML which allows the user to browse through all 60 pages, using their own Internet browser. It's not published on the web, just on CDs distributed to the immediate family, including data on present generations. In addition to text, there are numerous photographs and document images. By careful pre-planning, the contents of the CD can be printed as 8 1/2 x 11" pages, for those who want a printed "book" in addition to an "e-book."

PDF Style:
I must add, however, that in my subsequent CD Projects of Family History (for other surnames), I am using a different method. I have switched to producing PDF documents instead. A variety of PDF creation software is now available. The files I create in PDF are much smaller than the HTML method, and I've found them to be a good deal easier to create. I can still include photos, documents, charts, and text. I find it works best to create a separate file for each generation plus additional files of genealogical charts. Together, they form chapters of an "e-book." These Family History Scrapbook Pages are again placed onto Surname CDs and distributed to relatives. Recipients can read and print any or all the pages using the popular free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Now, I can report that I've created eight additional scrapbooks on various family lines, using the PDF method. The response from family members receiving the CDs has been tremendously satisfying. I also printed off copies and bound them with a simple comb binding for elderly members of the family who don't have computers.

I urge you to preserve your own family history records, pictures, and stories on CD to share. You may want to read about what I include and the methods I now use for my digital scrapbooks.

Read my 3-page article in PDF format.


Your hosts for both this page of WhitLinks



I'm Beverly DeLong Whitaker of Kansas City, Missouri.
My roots are in southeastern Iowa.

My husband is Robert Toombs Whitaker,
with roots in Columbia County, Georgia, near Augusta.

Bob is retired from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, as statistician for the National Reports Office, Poultry Market News. He has had a lifelong interest in history. We enjoy traveling to historical sites and fit in genealogy research whenever possible. Bob's WHITAKER line in Georgia can be viewed at WorldConnect. This link will go directly to his family.

I'm a professional genealogist, but I no longer accept new clients. My newest project is a Whitaker Newsletter distributed to persons researching the family in the area around Augusta, Georgia -- families who settled there just before or soon after the American Revolution.  I've been editing the quarterly newsletter for the Northland Genealogy Society of Kansas City, Missouri, since 2005; more recently I added the responsibility for webmaster for our society. And I'm involved in my DAR chapter. I research dozens of surnames in my own line and that of my husband, going back 10 to 20 generations on several of those lines.

As "GenTutor," I wrote books and audio scripts, developed curriculum for online genealogy classes, and created genealogy and history resource guides in the form of web sites on the Internet. Currently, I provide more than 50 web sites relating to migration trails, church history, Bible personalities, genealogy tips for beginners, bibliography recommendations, and more. Links are found at my GenTutor Directory, for which a site map bar appears at the bottom of this page.

One of my favorite web sites features postcards from my grandparents' collection of nearly 800 vintage postcards from 1907-1917 which I call Postcard Memories.

Email: Bob and Beverly Whitaker


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