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Ancestors, Family, and Descendants

Thomas Pullen
1752 - 1828

Spouse: Lydia Bowers

Bob Whitaker's PULLEN Connections

A note from Beverly Whitaker, creator of this web site:
Callie Mae Pullen was my mother-in-law. She was the wife of Lee Glanton Whitaker. My husband is Bob Whitaker. We have gathered information about Callie's family for more than 25 years. But of course we still have problems to solve. It seems appropriate to share what we have learned so that others may compare, correct, and extend the family's history. The Internet and e-mail, together with genealogy software are useful tools for this task. This web site is an invitation to report what separately we've acquired from relatives, libraries, courthouses, cemeteries, archives, the census, maps and atlases etc.
Our particular interest lies with the family and descendants of Thomas Pullen and his wife Lydia Bowers.
Bob's lineage extends from Thomas> Thomas Jr.> James Thomas> George Washington> Callie Mae.

Chronology of Thomas Pullen and His Family


Where Early Pullen Families Lived


Dates of County Formations


Family Tree for Bob's Mother

Note: The ancestry of Mary Ann Meeks, near the bottom of the above chart, is not proven.

We invite corrections, with documentation.


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