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Kansas City and Its Neighbors

Jackson County, Missouri

Clay County, Missouri

Platte County, Missouri

Wyandotte Co., Kansas


Jackson County was organized in1826 from Lillard (now Lafayette) County and named for Andrew Jackson.

Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, is just south of the Missouri River.

And although Kansas City is the major population center, the county seat of Independence is the older city. It made its mark in early Missouri history as the jumping-off place for the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California Trails.

A century later, it made headlines as the home of Harry S Truman.

North of the Missouri River, Kansas City continues up into Clay County.

The county seat is Liberty. Other cities in the county include North Kansas City, Gladstone, Smithville, Kearney, Holt, Excelsior Springs, and Missouri City. The area is experiencing much growth.

A 7200 acre lake was created when Smithville Dam was constructed.

Clay County was organized in 1822 from Ray County. It was named for Kentucky Congressman, Henry Clay.


The city limits of Kansas City, Missouri, also extend north and west into Platte County.

Platte county was organized in 1838 from the Platte Purchase. It was named for the Platte River."Platte" is a French word meaning "shallow" or "flat."

The Kansas City Airport and much of the newest business and residential development is located in Platte County.

The county seat is Platte City. Other cities in the county include Parkville, Riverside, Edgerton, and Platte Woods.


In 1859, Wyandotte County, Kansas, was created from Johnson and Leavenworth Counties. Its name comes from the Wyandot Indians who lived in the area.

The county seat of Wyandotte County is Kansas City, KS, next door to the much larger Kansas City, MO. The county and Kansas City, Kansas share a unified government.

Kansas City, Kansas is nestled right up against the confluence of the Missouri River and the Kansas River, known locally as the "Kaw."


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