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(American history events which occurred in December)

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A Note from Beverly:

When I was a child, I would say to my parents and grandparents, "Tell me about Christmas when you were little." In recent years as I have worked on family genealogy, I have tried to imagine the daily lives of my ancestors. My interest in history grew because I was curious to know how events in history affected my family. I invite you to join me as we page through December's calendars for events in American history about which we can say, "It Happened at Christmas!"

Regardless of one's religious beliefs and practices, Americans have always found that with all its traditions and trimmings, Christmas dominates the month of December. Business, industry, local and national government -- all operate just a little differently amid the feelings and festivities associated with the holiday. One frequently hears the comment, "I'll get back to that, after Christmas." But with both the minutia of daily life and the monumental events of world affairs, life goes on. Each December we can expect to encounter events that will leave a mark on our lives. And may we as Americans grow in appreciation of our very rich heritage.


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