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Nidisdale.  ca.1650  Joan Blaeu

The Nether Warde of Clyds-dale and Baronie of Glasco .  1654. Blaeu

The Upper ward of Clydes-dayl.   1654  Joan Blaeu in Atlas Novus, Vol 5.

Sketch of part of the River Carron and the Canal Relative to the Reports of Messrs. Brindley and Yeoman and Golborne.
Plan of the Great Canal with the extensions at both ends by Messrs. Smeaton and Mackell. 

Lanerk.  1794  Laurie and Whittle   Grace Galleries

'General Plan of the Communications that will be formed by the Proposed
      Edinburgh & Glasgow Union Canal with other Navigations.' 1806 
W. & D.Lizars

Glasgow.   1820  Aikmann             Lombard Antiquarian Maps & Pints

Airdrie  ca.1832

The Upper Estuary of the Clyde.   ca. 1850  G. Swanston  pub. A. Fullarton

Glasgow 1852 A & C Black  Beach Antique Maps & Prints

Glasgow. 1854  A. Fullerton

The City of Glagow. 1860  G.H. Swanston.

Glasgow.   1860  John Dower in Cassell's Atlas

The Environs of Glasgow.   1860  Edward Weller in Cassell's Atlas

Glasgow.   ca.1863  Edward Weller in The Weekly Dispatch"

Lanarkshire   ca.1864  Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)

Glasgow. 1864  Illustrated London News.

Glasgow-street plan.   1865  J.Bartholomew for A.& C. Black

Glasgow-hotel and railway plan.   1865  A.& C. Black
(different map to that above)

Stirling, Dumbartonshire and Renfrewshire with parts of Ayr & Lanarkshire.   1870 W.Hughes

Glasgow.   town plan.  1872 Harper

The City of Glasgow.   1872  A Fullarton. (detail from Ports and Harbours on the West Coast of Scotland)

Airdrie   ca.1878

Glasgow -city plan.  1883  George W. Bacon in The New Ordnance Atlas of the British Isles

Glasgow. (Eastern Section)  1885  Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.                                                                  London Ancestor

Glasgow. (Western Section)  1885  Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.                                                                    London Ancestor

Glasgow & Dundee.   1894  from The Standard Reference Atlas

County of Lanark.   1896  Groome's Topographical Dictionary of Scotland

Bargeddie 1899

Glasgow.   town-plan(and detail)  1900 K.Baedeker

Glasgow-detail .  1910  Baedeker's Great Britain

Glasgow.   1922  G.Bartholomew. (detail from The Towns of England in The Times Atlas)

Glasgow/Kingston:streetplan.   1924-25 New Plan Map of Glasgow with Suburbs, Glasgow Post Office Directory

Central Glasgow.   1925  Ward Lock