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Gallovidiae Pars Media. Middle part of Galloway, Kirkcudbright,from  River Dee to River Cree. 1654  J. Blaeu

Annandiae .  1659  J.Blaeu

Praefectura Kircubriensis - The Steuartrie of Kircubright.   1662   J. Bleau

Dumfries & Kirkudbrightshire.   1790  John Cary   rchampagnewishes

Ports and Harbours on the West Coast of Scotland. No.11. Ayr. Loch Ryan. Kirkcudbright.
Port Patrice. Dumfries. Annan.   ca.1840
  G.H. Swanston.   pub. A. Fullarton

Kircudbright Shire    1840.   published by A.Fullarton & Co. in The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland,

 Kirkcudbright Shire   1857  pub. A.Fullarton & Co. in The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland,

 Kirkcudbrightshire     ca.1853  Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)

Dumfries, Wigtown and Kirkcudbright . 1870  W.Hughes  Virtue & son.

Kirkcudbright. 1895 Ports and Harbours on the West Coast of Scotland -map 2.  Alexander Fullarton

County of Kirkudbright.   1896  Groome's Topographical Dictionary of Scotland  

Wigtownshire,parts of Ayr & Kirkcudbrightshire. 1900  Cassell & Co.