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Thomas Baxendell (1823-1909)

1841- Hatter's Apprentice,New Road Denton,  living with Uncle Joseph BAXENDELL (1841 census)

1851- Hatter,176 New Rd.Denton,living with his uncle Joseph BAXENDELL (1851 census)

1856- Hat Manufacturer, Bridge House,Fold Farm,Denton (marriage certificate)

Thomas' Hat Works later taken over by Cooke Bros.Ltd. (presumably James & William Cooke, cousins of Joseph Baxendell's wife Hannah, who were living next door to Joseph in 1851.

"The Earl of Wilton persuaded him (Thomas) to introduce the cotton Trade into Denton, and as an inducement gave the land on which Mr Baxendale built in 1862 the Alpha Mill - so called because it was the first cotton mill in Denton. His generosity to the town, particularly to the United Methodist Church, was great. He formed a brass band at his works, which was known for a time as Baxendale's Band, but afterwards became the Denton Original Band. He built 47 houses opposite his mill, which he named Alpha Terrace."
 - Some Denton Worthies in "The History of Denton and Haughton"  by Thomas Middleton.

The Denton Original Band began its existence in 1859, its promoters recieving the generous support of some of the hat manufacturers and local gentry.  The first headquarters were at Baxendale's, at the top of Taylor Lane, but after a short time they were removed to a room  behind the Bowling Green Inn......The band has a wonderful record, the crowning triumph coming in London in 1900 when the Denton Band won the thousand guinea cup which was open to Great Britain and the Colonies.  There were great rejoicings in Denton when the result of the Crystal Palace con
test became known.  The magnificent cup was kept at Denton Town Hall and security of 1,000 pounds  had to be given for its custody.After this the band ranked with the highest class bands in the country and was in great demand in all parts.  During the twentieth century the band has maintained its reputation as one of the leading bands of the Manchester district.(ibid)

The mill was destroyed by fire on April 22nd 1915, afterwards was converted to a chemical works. On Thursday March 16th 1920 an explosion occurred which blew off the roof and shattered the wall, killing three men. (ibid)

Two humble men, Joseph Robinson of Glossop and Joseph Perry of Hazel Grove,  members of the United Free Methodist Church, came to live in Denton; and they started a Sunday School in a cottage behind Alpha Terrace, lent rent free by Mr. Thomas Baxendale.  Once a fortnight the Rev. J. Bond, of Manchester, conducted services.  In 1866 the Rev. J.G. Hartley of the Stockport circuit began work in Denton.  Through the generosity of Mr. T. Baxendale and other friends a school was built in 1867; and the chapel was erected in the following year.(ibid)

1881- Cotton Spinner employing 200 Hands,Rose Hill,Denton,Lancs.
         and Eliza  wife  51 b. Bury
         and Arthur  son  16  b.Denton
         and 2 servants-Adelaine Jones(19) &   Caroline Spencer( 38)
          (1881 Census,Lancs. 4046 44 15)

1891- Cotton Spinner ,Rose Hill Denton ,Lancs. with Eliza  wife   61 born Bury
        and James Bridge law  widower  63  Living on own means  b.Bury
        and James Ward  Boarder  31  Companion Domestic b. Bury
        and Ellen Hooton  Servant  s  38  Gen.Domestic.servant
        1891 Census,Lancs 3824 fiche3 8dn 8rt