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Thomas Baxendell 1792-1874

Thomas Baxendell was born in late 1791 or early 1792, in Oldham, Lancs.

The oldest son of Joseph Baxendell and Kitty/Catherine Brindle, he was christened at St. Maryís Church, Oldham on 5th Feb. 1792. He married Mary Shepley and had a farm at Smedley, while carrying on a business as a land and building agent. He is recorded as being "an intelligent man, who by his own exertions raised himself from humble life."1 Of Mary Shepley, "it was related that she had a strong love of observing the heavenly bodies, knowing well the planets, and many of the heavenly constellations". 1 This is a probable source for their son Josephís life-long devotion to astronomy.

They had four sons and two daughters:

Joseph Baxendell born 19 Apr. 1815, Bank Top, Manchester

Mary Shepley Baxendell born 1818

Edward Baxendell born 1819

Thomas Baxendell born 1823, Denton, Manchester

James Baxendell born 1825, Cheetham Hill, Manchester

Robert Baxendell born 1826, Manchester

Ann Baxendell born 1830, Cheetham Hill, Manchester


 Thomas spent his last years living with his unmarried daughters, Mary Shepley and Anne, at Dunham View, Brooklands, Sale, Cheshire, and died 19th June 1874 at his son Josephís home in Birkdale Southport, Lancs.

Map of Smedley and Cheetham Street (1851, O.S. 6" to Mile)

Extract from: Bishops Transcripts, St. Marys, Oldham:
1841 Census

HO 107/581 ED 15 pg.8 Cheetham Street, Crumpsall,Lancs.

Surname Forename Age (rounded down 

to nearest 5)

Occupation B. in


Baxendell Thomas 45 Land and Building Agent Y
Baxendell Mary 50 Y
Baxendell Joseph 25 Cle. Y
Baxendell Mary 20 Y
Baxendell Edward 20 Y
Baxendell Robert 15 Corn Dealer Apprentice Y
Baxendell Ann 11 Y


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