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1. International Genealogical Index, Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints, 1997

2. Ancestral File, Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints, 1993

3. Submissions for Proxy Baptism, Norman Harding, Church of Jesus Christ & LDS, Nov 1963

4. 1841 Census, Manchester, London Rd, GRO, London

5. 1851 Census, Denton, Lancashire, GRO, London (illustration)

6. 1851 Census, Cheetham Hill, Lancashire, GRO, London

7. 1851 Census, Hoxton, St. Pancras, London. GRO, London

8. 1881 Census, Lancashire, GRO, London

9. 1891 Census, Lancashire, GRO, London

10. 1891 Census, Cheshire, GRO, London                              Back to HISTORY page

11. Bishop’s Transcripts, Parish Registers of St Margaret’s, Chadderton, Lancs(illustration)

12. Bishop’s Transcripts, Parish Registers of St. Mary’s, Oldham, Lancs.  (illustration)

13. Parish Registers, St.Lawrence’s, Standish, Lancs.

14. Parish Registers, Manchester Cathedral

15. Transcripts of the Parish Registers, St Mary,s Manchester, L.P.R.S. Manchester

16. Index to Births, Marriages and Deaths in Great Britain. 1837-1986, GRO, London

17. Index to Wills and Probates for the Diocese of Chester 1520-1836

18. Pigots Commercial Directory of Lancaster and its Environs, Pigot, 1831

19. Post Office Directory of Lancashire, G.P.O., 1864

20. London Post Office Directory, G.P.O., 1858                      Back to HISTORY page

21. Business Directory of the Manufacturing & Commercial Cities of England, 1862-1863

22. Pubs of Old Ancoats, Neil Richardson, 1985

23. Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society

24. Oldham Family History Society Library Archives

25. Changes of Name 1760-1901, Phillimore, Fry

26. Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, Bardsley, C.W. 1901

Birth Certificates for:

27. Charles Baxendell 1856  (illustration)

28. Harold Baxendell 1882  (illustration)

29. Thomas Geoffrey Baxendell 1908

Marriage Certificates for:                                                             Back to HISTORY page

30. John Baxendell & Matilda McKnight 1869 (illustration)

31. Robert Baxendell & Eliza Hannah Hughes 1846 (illustration)

32. Edward Baxendell & Mary Zipporah Elder 1846 (illustration)

33. Harold Baxendell & Agnes Mary Miles 1903 (illustration)

34 Thomas Geoffrey Baxendell & Mary Doreen Short 1936

Death Certificates for:

35. James Baxendell 1844  (illustration)

36.Boyd’s Marriage Index

37.May Baxendell, High Wycombe, W.Australia

38.1840 Census, Putnam County, Illinois, U.S.A.                             Back to HISTORY page

39.Dictionary of National Biography, Supp. Abbott-Childers, Baxendell, Joseph

40.Modern English Biography, IV,A-C supp. to Vol. 1., author: Boase, F., pub: Frank Cass, 1965

41.GRO Wills & Admons Index

42.Will of Joseph Baxendell (1797-1869)

43. Joseph Baxendell,F.R.S. - A Memoir by James Bottomley. Proceedings of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, 4th series, Vol. 1.

44. Parish Registers of St.Lawrence, Denton,Lancs Transcription from Vital Records Index-British Isles, LDS Church,1998

45. New South Wales Pioneer Index                                           Back to HISTORY page

46. Brisbane Consolidated Births Deaths and Marriages Index

47. Index to Assisted emigrants to New South Wales

48. ‘Some Denton Worthies,’ in "The History of Denton and Haughton", Thomas  Middleton

49. Calendar of Prisoners committed to the House of Corrections, Preston, July 1760  (illustration)

50. Will of Josiah Baxendale, Liverpool, 1763 (illustration)

51. Directory of Liverpool, 1766.

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