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Joseph Baxendell 1797 – 1869

Joseph Baxendell was the third son of Joseph Baxendell and Kitty/Catherine Brindle. He was christened 12th Nov 1797 at St. Mary’s Church, Oldham, Lancs.

He married Jane Rowbottom 29th Jan 1820 at Manchester Cathedral and on Jane’s death, married Hannah Cooke, 18th Oct 1820 at St. Mary’s Manchester.

In Pigot’s Directory of Denton, Lancashire (1830) he is listed as Hat Manufacturer (waterproof) of Hooley Hill. In the 1841 Census of Denton he is recorded as "Hatter", with nephews James and Thomas as his Apprentices. In the 1851 Census he was employing 5 men" and Thomas was working with him .

Next door to him Hannah’s brother William and family were also Hatters, and in the same street Hannah’s brother George was also a Hatter, living with his sister Catherine and next door to Joseph’s widowed mother Kitty.

In his Will (1864) and 1st Codicil (1867) he described himself as "Hat Manufacturer and Cotton Spinner of Moorfield House, Denton, and in Codicils 2 & 3 (1869) as "formerly Hat manufacturer and Cotton Spinner, now a Gentleman".

Joseph died at Denton , 31st Dec 1869, aged 72.

Hannah died at Denton, 2nd Oct 1867, aged 72.

Children of Joseph Baxendell and Jane Rowbottom:

 John Baxendell b.21st June 1821, Openshaw, Lancs.

Children Of Joseph Baxendell and Hannah Cooke:

 Hannah Cooke Baxendell : b. 24th June 1832, Hooley Hill, Ashton Under Lyne,

Ellen Brindle Baxendell: b. 1837, Denton.

From Parish registers (Marriages), Cathedral Church of Manchester:

Joseph Baxendale, Hatter of the Parish of Manchester and the Township of Openshaw and Jane Rowbottom, spinster of the Parish of Manchester and the Township of Openshaw, Minor, were married by Licence with the consent of her father, Samuel Rowbottom this twenty ninth day of January in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty. In the presence of George (Lawton?) and James Baxendell.(signed- Joseph Baxendell, Jane Rowbottom)

From: Bishop’s Transcripts – Baptisms performed in the Parish of Manchester, Township of Gorton.

August 12 1821 John, son of Joseph and Jane Baxendell, of Openshaw, Hat Manufacturer (margin note – born 21st June)

From: Lancashire Parish Register Society, Transcripts of Marriages Christenings and Deaths at St. mary’s Church,Manchester:

(1825) October 8thMarriage of – Jos Baxendall, of Ashton Under Lyne, Lancs., widower, hat manufacturer, and Hannah Cooke, spinster. By Licence. (he signs – "Baxendell")

From: 1851 Census of Denton Lancashire:

Map of Hooley Hill, 1851.(O.S. 6" to Mile) showing Joseph's original hat manufactory.

Map of Denton, 1851. (O.S. 6" to Mile)  showing Joseph's "Moorfield House" and Bridge House Fold where Thomas lived.

The Will of Joseph Baxendell 1797-1869

Joseph made a Will on 17th March 1864 consisting of 11 pages. This was amended by 3 Codicils, the last being two months before his death on 31st December 1869. The Will was proved by Joseph and Robert Baxendell on 28th February 1870.

Relevant Extracts:

This is the last Will and Testament of me Joseph Baxendellof Moorfield House Denton in the County of Lancaster hat Manufacturer and Cotton Spinner…….

….I bequeath to my wife Hannah all my plate plated articles furniture linen glass china pictures prints musical instruments and other articles of household use or ornament…….

…..I devise all the messuages lands tenements heriditaments and real estate of every tenure……(except what I otherwise dispose of by this my will or Codicil hereto) unto and to the use of my nephews Thomas Baxendell and James Baxendell…..

…(arrangements for the payment of funeral expenses and debts and establishment of a trust fund)…

….and the following pecuniary legacies (namely) to my neices Mary Baxendell and Ann Baxendell daughters of my brother Thomas Baxendell One Hundred Pounds each and Phoebe Axon wife of Thomas Axon now of Ashton under Lyne Hatter the sum of thirty pounds …. (the legacy to the said Phoebe Axon being in consideration of her attention to me while attending on me during my recent sicknefs)…..

….from time to time when and so long as my dear wife Hannah (who is at present in mental ill health)shall be in mental ill health or incompetent to manage her pecuniary affairs pay out of the said interest / annuity / dividend and income an annuity of One Hundred and Fifty Pounds per year into the proper hands of my daughter Ellen Brindle Gould by equal quarterly payments commencing from my death to be applied for the maintenance care and sanitary treatment of my wife in such manner as my said daughter Ellen Brindle Gould shall think the most conducive to the comfort and eventual restoration of my said wife…..

….the residue of said income being not so applied shall be paid to my daughter Hannah Cooke Walker….

….in the next place in payment of an annuity of Ten Pounds eight shillings per annum to my sister Betty Threapland Widow during her life….

…(establishment of a trust fund for the children of his daughters Hannah Cooke Walker and Ellen Brindle Gould)…

…To my said daughter Hannah Cooke Walker for her own separate use absolutely the capital sum of Five Hundred Pounds….

…To my said daughter Ellen Brindle Gould for her own separate use absolutely the capital sum of Five Hundred Pounds….

…(responsibilities and non-liability of Trustees (Thomas and James Baxendell)…

…and thenceforth my said trustees shall stand posefsed of the residue of my said personal estate upon the trusts following (that is to say) as to the sum of Two Thousand Pounds part thereof in trust for my said nephew Thomas Baxendell. As to the sum of One Thousand Pounds part thereof in trust to my said nephew Joseph Baxendell. As to the sum of One Thousand Pounds part thereof in trust to my nephew James Baxendell. As to the sum of One thousand Pounds part thereof in trust to my nephew

Robert Baxendell. And as to the remainder of my personal residuary estate upon trust for my said nephews Joseph, Thomas, James and Robert Baxendell equally…

…(naming of Executors Thomas Baxendell & James Baxendell, their responsibilities and non-liability etc.)…

…dated 17th March 1864. Witnessed Jno.Clayton & John Thompson, clerks with messrs. Darnton & Greaves, Solicitors, Aston Under Lyne.

1st Codicil

….I appoint my nephew Joseph Baxendell of Manchester in the said County of Lancaster, Agent, a trustee and Executor of my said Will…..

dated 19th June 1868. Witnessed Henry Thos. Darnton, Solicitor, Ashton under Lyne, William Bottomly his Clerk.

2nd Codicil

I bequeath to my neice Mary Maudesley a legacy of Fifty Pounds as an acknowledgement for the great care and kind attention bestowed on my late wife and myself during our recent sickness….

…I bequeath the specific legacies following (namely)

to my grandson Joseph Baxendell Walker my Gold Watch and appendages,

to my daughter Hannah Walker all my silver plate and plated articles,

to my son in law James Walker my mourning ring,

to my daughter Ellen O’Brien my drefs ring and my late wife’s wedding ring,

to my son in law Edward Theophilus O’Brien my horse, harnefs and carriage,

and to my nephew Thomas Baxendell my telescope

Dated 1st October 1869. Witnessed Henry Thos. Darnton, solicitor, Thomas Moss, coachman of Denton.

3rd Codicil

Revokes the appointment of Thomas and James Baxendell as Executors and Trustees, retains Joseph Baxendell and adds Robert Baxendell as Trustee and Executor.

Dated 2nd October 1869. Witnessed Henry Thos. Darnton, Solicitor, Thomas Baxendell of Denton and J. Whitehead, Clerk with Mr. Darnton

Notes on the Will of Joseph Baxendell 1797-1869

There are a couple of notable omissions from this will. Firstly, there is no mention of Joseph’s nephew Edward Baxendell, although his brothers Thomas, Joseph, James, Robert and sisters Ann and Mary are all mentioned and provided for. Edward had been in London since about 1850 and , by this time, had emigrated with his family to Australia.

The second point of note is that there is no mention anywhere of Joseph’s son John by his first marriage to Jane Rowbottom. It is possible that John had already died ( he was certainly dead by 1881 when his wife Ann is recorded as being a widow). However, there is no mention either of John’s wife, Ann or their children, John and Ann. At the time of Joseph’s death all three were living in Salford and both the grandchildren had married. It may be that there was a rift between John and his father, maybe over the introduction of a stepmother,( though John was only four at the time), or because Joseph disapproved of his choice of wife. What is certain is that John did not stay and work with his father in the family business (his cousin Thomas took on that role in 1850). He left home to marry at the age of 20, and despite having a relatively wealthy father, was employed in the fairly lowly occupations of File Cutter (1841-42), and Labourer (1844).

I have not been able to identify Joseph’s neice Mary Mawdesley who is remembered in the Will "as an acknowledgement for the great care and kind attention bestowed on my late wife and myself during our recent sickness…." And who appears in the 1841 Census of Denton living with Joseph aged between 25 –30.

This could be the married name of a daughter of Joseph’s sister Betty Threapland.

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