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Septimus Winner

Philadelphia Composers and Music Publishers: Septimus Winner (1827-1902)

Septimus Winner,composer, teacher, performer, and music publisher,
was born the seventh child to
Joseph E. and Mary Ann Hawthorne Winner
on May 11,1827 in Philadelphia.

Joseph E. Winner was an instrument maker specializing in violins.
Mary Ann Winner was a relative of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Septimus later used the Hawthorne name as part of his pseudonym, Alice Hawthorne.
He also used other pseudonymns during his career, including
Mark Mason, Percy Guyer, and Paul Stenton.

Read the letter from CHARLES CLAGHORN-Great Grandson to Septimus written in 1938 to a librarian who asked if Septimus did indeed live in Williamsport,Pa at one time. All of the children are named.

A complete listing of his work can be found at the Penn Library,
Deptartment of Special Collections-

Keffer Collection of Sheet Music

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The link below is to some of the music of Septimus that you can listen to.
The Music of Septimus Winner

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"I am perfectly content to accept whatever my fortune may be, confident that he who noteth even the fall of a sparrow, will have some purpose even in the fate of one like me."

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