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The Winners in New Jersey

Septimus Winner who was born on 1766 in Pa then at some point in time, came to New Jersey by 1791.
I am somewhat convinced that he might be the son of Abraham Winner. Abraham owned land on the northside of Gaskill Lane from before 1760-1787 and beyond. He was not enrolled in the Militia in 1793 so it is assumed he was too old or dead.

Septimus Winner first shows up on the scene in 1793 when he was found on a Military list as follows:

"New Jersey in 1793"
- James S. Norton

New Jersey Legislature, on 30 NOV 1792, passed a new militia law. Under this act all men between the ages of 18 and 45 years who were able bodied could either enroll in the county militia or pay an annual tax of three dollars. However, exempt from these were all government officials, postal officials, mail stage and mail ferry drivers, mariners and ministers of the Gospel.

Citizen names enrolled deemed and esteemed a part of the militia of New Jersey. Township of Northampton, Burlington - between the ages of 18 & 45 years.

Jesse Winner
Septuan Winner (Septimus Winner)
William Winner

In 1794 Septimus was a defendent in a court case on Oct 10, 1794 saying he owed money to the estate of John Gaskill,

NJ Supreme Court Records 1794 (March 10)
( NJ Archives #33348)
Robert Reed, administrator of the will of John Gaskill, deceased, vs. William and Septimus Winner. He is demanding rents in arrears - three years back rent on Gaskill's land. The court found for the plaintiffs.

Ironically enough Septimus is found to be married to John Gaskill's daughter, Mary, before 1801 when they sold land to Sylvanus Zelley.

He bought and sold property in Northhampton Co, NJ from 1799 until Nov 23, 1829 when he sold all and left for Butler County, PA.
  • 1799 (Book H, p. 573, 1799) Septimus and Jesse buy land from Isaiah Burr, Northampton Twp, Burlington Co., NJ ("Between Isaiah Burr of the Township of Northampton in the county of Burlington and State of New Jersey . Farmers and Bulah his wife of the one part and Jesse Winner and Septimus Winner of the same place Farmers of the other part.") Jesse and Septimus buy this land as "tenants in common."

  • 1801 (H 575 1801)Septimus and Jesse buy from Mary A. McIlvain

  • 1801 (Book L, p. 303)
    Septimus and his wife Mary sell to Sylvanus Zelley October 4, 1801
    (this is land Septimus and Jesse bought from Henry Burr May 13, 1799)

  • 1807 (U2, 64, 1807) Septimus buys from Richard Cox

  • 1809 (Book U, p. 592) Septimus and Jesse buy from Henry Burr

  • 1810 (Book D2, p. 55) Septimus Winner sells land to Eli Reeve

  • 1811 (Book D2, p. 56) Septimus Winner and his wife Mary sell to Ely Reeve, Northampton TWP, Burlington Co., NJ April 16, 1811 (recorded Dec 11, 1815) (this is land Septimus got from Richard Cox in 1807)

  • 1829 (Book E3, p. 13) Septimus Winner sells land to Joel Reeve (land on south side of Gaskills Lane)

  • 1829 (Book Y2, p. 415) Septimus Winner and his wife Mary sell to Zachariah Reeve, SW of Northampton Twp, Burlington Co., NJ November 23, 1829

Septimus Winner was on the Tax lists in 1795, 1796, 1797, 1801, 1802, 1806, 1807, 1808, 1809, 1810, 1811, 1820.

Burlington County, Northampton Township


1795, 1796, 1797, 1801, 1802, 1806, 1807, 1808 - Septimus, William, Jesse

1809 Septimus, William, Jesse (includes Isaac & Samuel)

1810 Septimus, William (also includes William , Jesse's son ; Isaac & Samuel)

1811 Septimus and John

1820 Septimus

1829 (Book Y 2, p. 415) Septimus Winner and his wife Mary sell to Zachariah Reeve, SW of Northampton Twp, Burlington Co, NJ November 23, 1829

Property north side of Gaskill's Lane, along other land of Septimus Winner;
part purchased from heirs of John Gaskill and part purchased March 27, 1807 from Richard Cox (U2, p. 64), and part purchased from Eli Reeves, December 26, 1810.

Upon future studies I hope to find just how much property Septimus did in fact own. One thing I did note and took great interest in was the area of Gaskill Lane.
Many Winner's bought and sold property on this land in Mt Holly and even Abraham Winner's tavern is on the southside of Gaskill lane down by the Quaker Meeting House. For more information on Gaskill Lane go to Gaskill Lane.

Septimus Winner married Mary Gaskill in Mt Holly, New Jersey before 1799 and lived there for many years before moving to Donegal Twp, Butler County, PA in 1830.

Budd Winner wrote in letter dated 1903 that he came to Bulter Co in 1830 from Mt. Holly, NJ. It appears that all 7 children were born there. The 1830 Census of Donegal Twp, Butler Co, PA states that there were 7 people from under 5 to 20 yrs old.
I sometimes think two families came up to Pa, Septimus and an older son with children.


The Winners