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The Winner’s
in Early America

The Winners were found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York in close proximity to each other and are believed to be the group of related families that came to America prior to the 1700’s. We feel that they were of the English descent. New Jersey was prominently settled by the English.

1700- In the early 1700’s, we find

James Winner,1650-1725 was known to be a privateer on the ship “Wasp in New Jersey,” and it was believed he lived here between 1650-1725. It is said that his elderly wife destroyed all of his ship records for this period. There is no evidence. *Records prove that Joseph Winner NOT James Winner was a second quartermaster on the ship "young Wasp" and he died 1815. He lived in PA and his wife was Elizabeth Evans.

John, Winner,Sr was living in Bucks Country, PA from 1722-1806. His parents were John and Didwell Winner. This John died in 1748.

Abraham Winner 1740-s to 1790-s,was a tavernkeeper in Mt Holly, NJ, before the out break of the Revolutionary War, and still known to be owned by him in 1787.

Another resources says he sold the property....
From "Old Inns and Taverns" by Charles Boyer

"Another early tavern keeper was Abraham Winner,whose house was located on the north side of Gaskill's Lane ,now Woodlane,near the old Quaker Meeting House.On April 22,1776,he gave a mortage to Joseph Butterworth on this property,which had probably then been discontinued as a tavern." page 49.

He was married on Sept 13, 1769 to Mary Thatcher at St Mary’s Methodist Episcopal Church, in Burlington County, NJ. In 1776 he gave mortgage on his tavern which was located “on the northside of Gaskill Lane near the old Quaker Meeting House.”
By Jan 1780 he was purchasing foragemaster. In Oct 1780 he was bondsman on the will of John Little of Galloway Twp, Glouster CO, NJ. He died in what is to be believed to be the Alms House in Philidelphia and is buried in the same graveyard as Joseph and Elizabeth Winner.

Glouster County Historical Society -Oct , 9, 1969 from Ernistene Siegel, 1906 Watrous Ave, Tampa , Fl 33606 :

...there was an Abraham Winner of Mt Holly, who was a tavern keeper there before the out break of the Rev War, and who is still there in 1787. This Abraham Winner was a descendant of Capt James Winner, who was in Colonel McCrea’s Regiment in The Revolutionary War. As a note, Captian James Winner was in Colo. McRea’s regiment when they returned Levies, Fort Edward July 21, 1780. A return of Levies raised from Saraghtoga Regiment. And Now in actual service at Fort Ann under the command of Capt. Sherman, John McCrea, Colo. August 11th, 1780.

No. 3092 Return of Levies from Colonel McCrea's Regiment.
Fort Edward July 21 the 1780.

The following list for Winner Surnames in NJ -Colonial Records, CD 136 Dec 94 ver. GRS v 3:03

Abraham Winner- Burlington Co , NJ voters 1787 pg 80

Abraham Had relatives in Bucks Co who were Quakers..Isaac Sr and Jacob Winner

Joseph Winner is found in his will proved 1805. If he lived 70 years and he would of been born sometime in 1731, Bristol Twp,Bucks Co,PA.
Joseph Winner married Elizabeth Evans lived in PA and bore a son Joseph Winner in 1802. They also had a son, William Winner.

Joseph Winner,Jr would have lived between around 1802 to 1860?

His Son, Septimus Winner 1827-1902, of Philidelphia was the great song writer and music composer. He wrote many music books for instruments under the name of Alice Hawthorne. Wrote "Listen to the Mockingbird" and "Whispering Hope"
His brother was Joseph Winner.

William Winner, son of Joseph and Elizabeth, 1815-1883, became an artist. Some of his work can be found in Philidelphia, PA where he lived. Little is know of him. He was in the 95 PA VOL Infantry. View Paintings.

John Winner- Greater Egg harbor, Glouster Co, NJ NJ Tax 1780 , 1782, July 1783, 1785, and 1786 Issac Winner- Dover Twp, Monmouth Co , NJ Tax list 1786-1789

*Philadephia Archives, Administration document of Joseph Winner

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