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Paul Ziemer's Family in Wisconsin

Paul Henry Ziemer was born in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, on November 21, 1920. His parents, Ella Bradee Ziemer and Heinrich Ferdinand Ziemer, were part of a vibrant community of families centered around the Waukesha - Milwaukee county line near Capitol Drive. Ziemers and Bradees attended the Friedens Evangelical Church at 124th and Capitol in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Ella's family lived in nearby Brookfield.

Henry and Ella on their wedding day, 1910

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A Map of the Bradee Road area of Brookfield, 1914

The Sommer Family arrived from Schoeningen, Hannover, Germany in 1858. They settled on land in Brookfield, later taken over by their former "hired man" Wilhelm Bradee, Jr., and his wife Mary (Maria) Sommer Bradee.

New: A listing of items auctioned on the Bradee farm in December 1916

Many of the family's neighbors attended Trinity Evangelical Church at Capitol Drive and Calhoun Road, near the Sommer farm, along with the Sommer family.

You can view some records of Sommer family, friends and neighbors from Trinity Ev. Church here.

Carl and Wilhelmina Sommer (also called "Sommers") and Wilhelm Bradee, Jr. and his wife Mary Sommer Bradee, along with Cora Bradee, are buried at Trinity Church. You can view some records of burials at the churchyard cemetery.

  Names copied from the tombstones, Trinity Church,

Brookfield, Wisconsin (beginning list)




Pastor Wullschleger preached the funeral service for Bertha Ziemer in Trinity Church, Brookfield. His son Richard Wullschleger provided us with a copy of his notes from that service. (Bertha is buried in Wauwatosa Cemetery.)

Read the obituary and sermon from the funeral of Bertha Hintz Ziemer

Several members of the Bradee family and neighbors and friends are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery on Capitol Drive in Wauwatosa. Records of Oak Hill will appear in this space soon.

The social lives of the Bradee and Ziemer families fill many of us with awe. Photographs and written records attest to the many connections -- some distant blood relationships, some friendships based on proximity or shared lives or religious faith -- that persisted from the time the families settled in Wisconsin until well into the 20th century. You can catch a glimpse of some of the activity by reading the diary of Ella's sister Cora. A woman generously contributing to her family and friends through her daily labors, Cora recorded many of the everyday events of her community in the years 1923 and 1924.

Click on the Diary below to begin reading Cora's Diary with January 1923

Cora Bradee's Diary, Cover and Pages

Click on the diary pages above to read entries for December 1923. Top entries are for 1923, bottom of each date is 1924.

Learn more about the arrival of the Brede family in New York in 1871. A later- day picture of

Wilhelm and Sophie Brede

parents of Ella's father Wilhelm Bradee, Jr., appears with their immigration information.

Henry Ziemer, son of Bertha and Heinrich Johann Ziemer, was born in Wauwatosa in 1885. Bertha Hintz married Heinrich Ziemer in 1870 at the Trinity Church, Brookfield. Bertha's brother, Ferdinand, and her sisters, along with their parents, Johann Hintz and Fredericke Bischof Hintz, attended Friedens Evangelical Church, Butler PO, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County.

View some records of the Hintz family from Friedens Church.

The Hintz and Ziemer family in Wisconsin had friends in the Froemming family. While not immediately related, this family is of interest to our research. Please contact us if you are related to any of the individuals listed at the page below.

 Froemming family records from Germany & Wisconsin

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