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Payne Families, This is on my mother's side.

Please remember to use undocumented items as just a lead, I will note sources when I have them. Change Date: 14 June 2005

E-mail reply from "Eric Collins" 6-13-2005 Mon PM 10:02:09 EDT

John F Payne

Actually, it's not a long shot at all. John H Payne [John F. and Benjamin's father] is living in Washington County, Ark. in the 1880 census on page 669a with Benji, Lizzie, Robert and Sarah; a fact which I knew nothing about. Thanks for pointing it out to me. By the way, I am certain that this is our John H. Payne because his wife's maiden name was wheelock and, in 1880, John's nephew, Thomas Wheelock, is living under his roof. I hope this helps you. It certainly did help me. Eric

All of this fits together now, where before, nothing felt or seemed right to me..

MICHAEL PAYNE b. 1614 Medourme, Leicester, England married Elizabeth b. 1618 Medbourne, Leiscester, England

Child is:

1. JOHN PAYNE b. 2 Feb 1640 Medbourne, Leiscester, England married Patience b. 1644 Medbourne, Leiscester, England

Child is:

1. JOSIAH PAYNE b. 29 Sep 1662 St Martins, Leicestershire, England, he married Sarah Whitnell, she was born 1666 Scraptoft, Leicestershire, England

Here there is two opinions as to the parents of Josiah, One above, and this one: The one I am going with right now is from Eric Collins who got his info from D. Barnes, World Connect Project..

William Payne b. abt 1650 England married Ann Knott, she was born abt 1651 England: Child is:

1. Robert Payne b. abt 1671 Hamptonwick, Sardington Co, England, married unknown: [Source: Barnes/Gregg+Other Clans of Hewins Kansas, D. Barnes [] children:

1. JOSIAH PAYNE b. abt 1690/92 Middlesex, England d. abt 1752 Chester County, PA

2. Edward Payne b. abt 1694 [Source: Barnes/Gregg+Other Clans of Hewins Kansas, D. Barnes []

3. Rebecca Payne b. abt 1696 [Source: Barnes/Gregg+Other Clans of Hewins Kansas, D. Barnes []

4. John Payne b. abt 1798 [Source: Barnes/Gregg+Other Clans of Hewins Kansas, D. Barnes []

5. William Payne b. abt 1700 [Source: Barnes/Gregg+Other Clans of Hewins Kansas, D. Barnes []

All have William Payne b. abt 1650 England married Ann Knott b. Abt 1651 England, as Robert's parents:, So, I am putting both down:

This is going to need further findings


[Source: Barnes/Gregg+Other Clans of Hewins Kansas, D. Barnes []

1. JOSIAH PAYNE b. abt 1692 Middlesex, England d. abt 1752 Chester Co, PA, Immigrated to Vir 1714,

Maryland Quaker Records: Nottingham Monthly Meeting, Cecil Co, Book F-1808-1836

Josiah [or Paine] Payne:

Comment: Appt overseer for W Nottingham PM, 19-4-1731, instead of Thomas Brown [who was approved an Elder of same PM at this Mtg] [Note: Josiah Paine served as overseer until his death, which was before 1752] The birth and Death records of New Garden MM, PA, lists his children as follows: [Note: James Trible says: "Josiah Paine, above mentioned, was a taxable in West Nottingham in 1718, his property being valued at 16 Lb, and the tax rate being 4 shillings & 3 pence per pound." On 19-6-1738 W Nottingham PM rptd that Josiah Paine had been "overtaken with strong liquor, & did both sing & dance." His ack acc 21-8-1738. This name is written in the minutes as both Payne & Paine; it is written in the Mar Records as Payne; the Women's Minutes write it Pain. The correct name is soubless Payne. WWH] Joseph Payne, son of Josiah Payne, disf joining the army against the Indians 15-5-1756. [He may be the same as the first son, [I do not think so as Josiah was dis 1758]. Josiah, & may be he was born after Josiah & fam transferred to Nottingham MM [1730] without his birth being recorded. Not clear]

he married Martha Sheppard abt 1713 Chester or Lancaster Co, PA, she was born abt 1693 England, d. abt 1760 Possibly Chester Co, PA, buried Fawn Grove Twp, York Co, PA, He immigrated 1714 to Virginia [Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s, 162] Eric Collins

From Barnes/Gree + other Clan of Hewins Kansas D. Barnes, he has Josiah Payne b. 29 Sep 1662 St Martins, Leicester, England and Sarah Whitnell b. England as parents of Josiah Payne b. 1690/92 Middlesex, England

Children are:

1. Josiah Payne b. 3 Aug 1716 New Garden MM Chester Co, PA [Nottingham, Cecil Co, MD Quacker Records at Quacker Corner on line:

2. Mary Payne b. 7 Feb 1718 New Garden MM Chester Co, PA [Nottingham, Cecil Co, MD Quacker Records at Quacker Corner on line:

3. Matthew Payne b. 20 Mar 1719 New Garden MM Chester Co, PA, married Mary [Nottingham, Cecil Co, MD Quacker Records at Quacker Corner on line:

Children are:

1. Matthew Payne b. 1763 PA d. 17 Aug 1856 Hancock Co, Ala, married Amelia "Millie" Cooper 17 Jun 1791 Davidson Co, TN, daughter of Abraham Cooper & Frances, she was born 1770

Children are:

1. Nancy Caroline Payne married Parham Poole Mabry, he was born 25 sep 1795 Fairfield Co, SC, son of Adam Poole Mabry b. 24 Jan 1769 Fairfield District, SC d. 15 Dec 1817 Jasper Co, GA & Mary "Polly" Burns, they married 1790

1. Polly Miranda Mabry b. 6 Sept 1836 died in Fort Smith, Ark, married Joseph Lafayette Stiles, son of Charles Middleon Stiles b. in Benton Co, MC & Telethia Conley, he was born 7 May 1842 Persimmon Creek, Cherokee co, NC d. 1904 Fort Smith, Ark

Children are:

1. Jemima Hasseltine Stiles b. 4 Sept 1876 Lawrence Co, Ala

2. Joseph Charles Stiles b. 8 Nov 1862

3. Byron Dekalb Stiles b. 1 Jun 1865

4. Amanda Roxanne Stiles b. 7 Mar 1867

5. Thomas Marion Stiles b. 19 Mar 1862

6. Sydney Albert Stiles b. 9 Apr 1870

7. Nancy Elliot Stiles b. 9 Apr 1872

8. Willie Ety Stiles b. 16 Aug 1879

Source: Roots Web World Connect Project Complete Ancestors of Margaret Robe Summitt


Adam Poole Mabry was the son of Ephraim Mabry b. Vir d. 1789 Fairfield District, SC & Mary Poole b. 1730 Burnswick Co, Vir d. 5 Jan 1808 Fairfield District, SC, daughter of William "The Joyner" Poole b. 1703 Prince George Co, Vir and Elizabeth Tarpley

Ephraim Mabry is the son of Hinchia Maybury b. 1697 Charles City Co, Vir d. 1761 Burnswick Co, Vir and Frances Parham b. 1697 Surry Co, Vir, they married 1716 Vir; Hinchia Maybury's Father was Francis Maybury b. abt 1650 England d. 18 Jun 1712 Vir and Elizabeth Gilliam b. abt 1650 Vir, married 1684 Vir, she was the daughter of Captain John Gilliam b. 1614 England d. Jun 1673 Vir and Margaret Henshaw, Captain John Gilliam was the son of John Gilliam b. 1588 England d. Norfolk Co, Vir & Fountayne b. 1592


2. Preston Payne b. 1792 Davidson Co, TN

3. John B Payne b. 1794 Davidson Co, TN

4. James Payne b. 1796 Davidson Co, TN


2. Josiah Payne

3. Squire payne

4. **George W Payne


4. Alice Payne b. 22 oct 1720 New Garden MM Chester Co, PA [Nottingham, Cecil Co, MD Quacker Records at Quacker Corner on line:] married Henry Cowgill, b. abt 1704 Middletown Twp, Bucks Co, PA, son of John Cowgill b. abt 1667 Yorkshire, England d. 1731 PA, & Rachel Baker b. 23 Apr 1669 West Darby, Lancashire, England

Children are:

1. Lydia Cowgill b. 1743

2. Elanor Cowgill b. 13 Feb 1748

3. John Cowgill

He married Second: Mary Boulton 4 Jun 1724 New Castle, Delaware, she was b. 1706 Mansfield Twp, Burlington, NJ

Children are:

1. Henry Cowgill b. 1725 Burlington, NJ

2.**RACHEL COWGILL b. 1728 Burlington, NJ d. 9 Aug 1816 Washington Co, TN married George Payne 26 Mar 1752 Nottingham MM Cecil Co, MD

3. Sarah Cowgill b. Burlington, NJ



5. Martha Payne b. 10 Oct 1722 New Garden MM chester Co, PA [Nottingham, Cecil Co, MD Quacker Records at Quacker Corner on line: d. aft 1767 married Eleazer Cowgill, son of John Cowgill b. 1667 Yorkshire, England, Eleazer was b. 21 Mar 1710 Middleton Twp, Dauphin, PA d. Dec 1759

Child is:

1. Elisha Cowgill b. 1 Mar 1743 Nottingham Lancaster, PA d. 23 Oct 1804 near Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio [Mason Co, KY] married Martha/Marsha Ewing, 22 Jan 1767 daughter of Alexander Ewing, b. 6 Aug 1745 d. 26 Jan 1834 Maysville, Mason Co, KY

Children are:

1. Henry Cowgill b. 3 Mar 1782 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir

2. Elisha Cowgill b. 1 Mar 1743 Nottingham Lancaster, PA [MD]

3. Ewing Cowgill b. 22 Jul 1769 PA


6. Elizabeth Payne b. 5 Dec 1724 New Garden MM Chester Co, PA [Nottingham, Cecil Co, MD Quacker Records at Quacker Corner on line:

7. Hannah Ruth Payne b. 27 Feb 1726 New Garden MM Chester Co, PA [Nottingham, Cecil Co, MD Quacker Records at Quacker Corner on line:

8.** GEORGE PAYNE b. 4 Oct 1728 New Garden MM Chester Co, PA

[Nottingham, Cecil Co, MD Quacker Records at Quacker Corner on line:



Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee, established in 1779 by the General Assembly of North Carolina as county seat of Washington County, first county west of the mountains. In 1784 the State of Franklin was organized here, with Jonesborough as its first capital.

In 1775 the settlers on both the Watauga and Nolichucky Rivers purchased great acreages of land from the Cherokee Indians, comprising almost all the six upper counties of the present Tennessee [then within North Carolina]. Desiring their own government, these settlers petitioned the Povincial Council of North Carolina to be annexed as an official entity. In 1777 the "County of Washington" was formed.

One hundred acres was purchased from David Hughes and laid out into lots for the Town of Jonesborough, named after Willie Jones of Hallifax, North Carolina. The lots were offered in lottery.

8. GEORGE PAYNE, son of Josiah Payne & Martha Sheppard was born 4 Oct 1728 Chester County, Pennsylvania and died 23 Feb 1801 Washington Co, TN, married Rachel Cowgill 26 May 1752 Nottingham, MM, Chester Co, PA, she was born abt 1731 [1733 Newcastle, Del], died 16 Aug 1816 Washington Co, TN, George's Will was made 23 Jan 1799 Berkeley Co, Vir, probated 23 Feb 1801 Berkely Co, Vir, Appraised Estate for 532 pounds, 2 shillings, He was on the Tax Rolls for: 1782/ 1783, 1792 Berkely Co, Vir

Note: George Payne, Children: Rachel b. 1760, Martha, Sarah, Alice & George went from Hartford Co MD to Hopewell meeting in Frederick Co, VA 2 Oct 1777. In George's Will the witness were William Sheppard, William Sheppard Jr and Henry Cowgill: What relationship is William and William Jr Sheppard to George Payne's mother Martha Sheppard-Payne? Source:

[Source: Barnes/Gregg+Other Clans of Hewins Kansas, D. Barnes [] Eric Collins

Children are:

1. Hanna Payne b. 14 Dec 1753 Chester Co, PA

2. JESSE R PAYNE b. 6 Aug 1755 York Co, PA d. 1 Sep 1832 Washington Co, TN

3. Henry M Payne b. 5 Mar 1756 d. 12 Jun 1838 Payne Chapel Graveyard, Berkley Co, Vir, married Mary Elizabeth Kurtz 1776 Fawn Grove Twp, York Co, PA, she was b. 1757 Germany d. 22 Apr 1836 Berkley Co, Vir

Children are:

1. George Payne b. 16 Jun 1777

2. Jesse Payne b. 16 Feb 1779

3. Joseph Payne b. 31 Mar 1781

4. Henry Payne b. 2 Aug 1783 Berkley Co, Vir d. 25 Apr 1863 Henry Co, Iowa, married Margaret Jane Boak 12 feb 1829 Berkley Co, Vir, daughter of William Boak b. 15 Jul 1805 Berkley Co, Vir d. 1861, & Nancy Latta b. 1781 d. 1881, She was born 15 jul 1805 Berkley Co, Vir

Children are:

1. Rebecca Ann Payne b. 24 Nov 1829

2. Martha Jane Payne b. 9 Jun 1831

3. Isabelle Monroe Payne b. 9 Dec 1832

4. Rachel Phelps Payne b. 9 Dec 1834

5. Henry Nelson Payne b. 9 Oct 1836

6. James Ira Payne b. 23 Dec 1838

7. Charles Wilson Payne b. 1 Jun 1840

8. Hayden Dummers Payne b. 21 oct 1842

9. Elisha Morgan Payne b. 31 dec 1845 Henry Co, Iowa d. 4 Dec 1922 West Liberty, Henry Co, Iowa, married Dorthea Sophia Wick 1881 Henry Co, Iowa, daughter of Augusta Wick b. 26 Mar 1830 Marburg, Hessen, Germany and Elizabeth Shultz b. 1822 Quarncheck, Prussia, or Germany, she was born 8 May 1860 Marion Twp, Henry Co, Iowa d. 8 Feb 1934 Burlington, Iowa

Children are:

1. Fred Payne b. 1882

2. Jessie Payne b. 20 Mar 1889

3. Mae Payne b. 24 Jun 1892

4. Arthur Wick Payne b. 24 May 1895 Mt Pleasant, Henry Co, Iowa

5. Merna Payne b. 1903

Married Second: Amanda Leach 9 Sep 1869, she was born 19 July 1850


Married Second: Mary Dillon 4 Feb 1806 Berkley Co, Vir, born 1787 Berkley Co, Vir

Children are:

1. Ira Dillon Payne b. 3 Jan 1807

2. Newel Couson Payne b. 16 Mar 1809

3. John Westley Payne b. 31 Jul 1811

4. Nathan Dillon Payne b. 28 May 1813

5. Elisha Phelps Payne b. 12 May 1815

6. William E Payne b. 14 Feb 1817

7. Mary Elizabeth Payne b. 6 Jun 1819

8. Sarah Rachel Payne b. 17 Sep 1822

9. Lydia Hannah Payne b. 13 Jul 1825


5. Sarah Payne b. 21 Oct 1785

6. Rachel Payne b. 21 Oct 1788

7. Elizabeth Payne b. 3 Apr 1789

8. Hannah Payne b. 21 Aug 1795

9. John C Payne b. 31 Oct 1797


4. Joseph Payne b. 6 Nov 1758

5. Mary Payne b. 6 Nov 1758 married Benjamin Manifold, son of Benjamin Manifold & Annabell Danger, he was born 1746

Children are:

1. George Manifold b. 1778

2. Rachel Manifold b. 1781

3. Elizabeth Manifold b. 1782

4. Hannah Manifold b. 1784 married James McCarty 5 Feb 1811

Children are:

1. John McCarty

2. Benjamin Franklin McCarty

3. Malinda McCarty

4. Elizabeth McCarty

5. Thomas McCarty

6. James McCarty

7. Charlotte McCarty

8. Charoline McCarty

9. Martha Emmaline McCarty b. 1826 Knox Co, TN

Souce: 5. Joseph Manifold b. 1787

6. William Manifold b. 1788

7. Alice Manifold b. 1790

8. Benjamin Manifold b. 1791

9. Henry Manifold b. 1794

10. Mary Manifold b. 1796

11. Sarah Manifold b. 1800

12. Martha Manifold b. 1802


6. Rachel Payne b. abt 1760

7. Sarah Payne b. abt 1761 [some have 1767] Chester Co, PA d. 17 Feb 1837 Washington Co, TN married John Squibb 5 Feb 1787 Wincester, Frederick Co, PA, he was son of William Squibb b. 1725 Chester, Chester Co, PA and Sarah Griest b. 30 Jun 1733 Chester, Chester Co, PA, he was born 29 Sep 1763 York Co, PA d. 11 Apr 1843 Washington Co, TN

Children are:

1. Caleb Squibb b. 20 Dec 1787 York, PA

2. Rachel Squibb b. 27 Aug 1789 York, PA

3. Hannah Squibb b. 25 Dec 1790 York, PA

4. Sarah Squibb b. 15 Jul 1794 Greene Co, TN

5. George Squibb b. 10 Aug 1799 Greene Co, TN

6. Polly Squibb b. 29 May 1801 Greene Co, TN

7. Payne Squibb b. 12 May 1802 Washington Co, TN

8. Martha Squibb b. 12 July 1806

9. William Squibb b. 18 Nov 1810 Washington Co, TN

10. John K Squibb b. 26 Feb 1812 Washington Co, TN


WILLIAM SQUIBB B. 1725 Chester Co, PA d. 21 Jan 1826 Huntington York Co, PA [Warrington MM York Co, PA] married Sarah Griest 30 Apr 1752 Warrington, York Co, PA, she was born 30 Jun 1733 Chester, Chester Co, PA d. 25 Dec 1819, daughter of John Griest b. 1694 England d. 30 Sep 1751 Bethel, York Co, PA & Martha Baldwin b. 16 Feb 1694 Chester Co, PA d. bef Apr 1752 buried on their farm. [John & Martha married 13 Apr 1713 York, PA]

1. Rebecca Squibb b. York, PA

2. William Squibb b. 6 Nov 1753 York Co, PA

3. Martha Squibb b. 1754 Warrington, York Co, PA

4. Robert Squibb b. 1755 Warrington, York Co, PA

5. Mary Squibb b. abt 1758 York Co, PA

6. Sarah Squibb b. abt 1760


8. Caleb Squibb b. 27 Jun 1766 York Co, PA

9. Lydia Squibb b. abt 1768 York, PA

10. Thomas G Squibb b. abt 1769 York Co, PA

married Second: Mary Beals b. 30 Jun 1757

John Griest b. 1694 England d. 30 Sep 1751 Bethel, York, PA married Martha Baldwin 13 Apr 1713 York, PA, she was b. 16 Feb 1694 Chester, PA d. Bef April 1757 Bethel, York, PA buried on their farm.

Children are:

1. Mary Griest b. 15 Feb 1714 PA

2. John Griest b. 21 Jun 1716 Bethel, Lancaster Co, PA

3. Thomas Griest b. 30 Sep 1718 Bethel, Lancaster Co, PA

4. Elizabeth Griest b. 1 Jan 1720 Nottingham Chester, PA

5. Rebecca Griest b. 11 Nov 1722 Bethel, PA

6. Susannah Griest b. 30 Jun 1730

7. SARAH GRIEST b. 30 Jun 1733 Chester, Chester, PA

8. Willing Griest b. 2 Aug 1736

8. Alice Payne b. 1763

9. Martha Payne b. 13 Aug 1764 York Co, PA, married 16 Oct 1783 Hopewell MM Frederick co, VA, Abraham Smith, son of Joseph Smith & Rachel Beals, he was born 12 Jul 1757 Warrington MM York, PA, died 29 Jun 1810 Washington, TN

Children are:

1. Joseph Smith b. 7 Mar 1791 Washington, TN d. 21 Oct 1863, married Sarah Brown 12 Aug 1814 Washington, TN, daughter of Abraham Brown & Catherine Bonaker, she was born 1794 d. 1876

Children are:

1. Michael Carringer Smith b. 12 Nov 1830

2. Enoch Smith b. 27 Dec 1834


ABRAHAM BROWN b. abt 1756 East Cocalio Co, Twp, Lancaster Co, PA d. 20 Jul 1842 Vermillion, ILL, son of John Jacob Braun & Elizabeth Goettgen, he married Catherine Bonaker 18 Oct 1784 Rowand, NC,

Children are:

1. SARAH BROWN b. 1794 [above]

2. Catherine Brown b. abt 1784

3. Stephen Brown b. abt 1789

4. Joseph Brown b. abt 1793

5. William Brown b. abt 1797

6. James Brown b. abt 1800

7. Esther "Hetty" Brown b. 1802 Rowan Co, NC

8. Nelly Brown b. abt 1803

9. Jacob Brown b. 5 Sep 1783 Rowan Co, NC

10. Rosanna Brown b. 1781 Rowan Co, NC

11. Jeremiah Brown b. 1782 Washington Co, TN


2. Rachel Smith b. 28 Jun 1784 Frederick, Vir

3. Hannah Smith b. 30 May 1786 Frederick, Vir d. 1856 married Samuel Stanfield 1810

Child is:

1. Martha Payne Stanfield married George Griffitts

Child is:

1. William Stanford Griffitts

4. Isaac Smith b. 1 Dec 1787 Frederick, Vir

5. George Smith b. 14 Sep 1789 Frederick, Vir

6. Jesse Edward Smith b. 30 Jun 1794 Washington, TN d. 13 Mar 1872 Vermillion Co, ILL, married Mary Carringer 20 feb 1816 TN, she was born 17 Dec 1799 TN

Children are:

1. Michael Carriger Smith b. 6 Feb 1817 TN

2. George M Smith b. 27 Sep 1819

3. William Franklin Smith b. 13 Feb 1823 TN

4. Sabre E Smith b. 12 Jan 1828

5. Ann Elizabeth Smith b. 1 Aug 1829

6. John N Smith b. 20 Nov 1831

7. Isaac McPhereson Smith b. 20 Nov 1833 ILL


7. Abraham Smith b. 15 May 1796 d. 1894 married Julia Ann, born 1802

Children are:

1. Luna Smith

2. Deborah Smith b. 1825

3. Shepard B Smith b. 1831

4. Mary Smith b. 1839

5. Anna Moriah Smith


8. Martha Smith b. 7 Apr 1798 Washington, TN

9. Levi Smith b. 18 Nov 1799 Washington, TN

10. Elijah Embree Smith b. 16 Oct 1803 Washington, TN d. 3 Jul 1852 Oregon Trail [Wyoming] married Catherine Brown 17 Dec 1824, she was born 18 Mar 1808 Washington, TN d. 15 Jan 1860

Children are:

1. Elbert Smith b. 1829 ILL

2. Abraham Smith b. bef 1830

3. Unknown Smith bef 1830

4. Anna Smith b. 1833 ILL

5. Isaac Smith b. 1830

6. John Thomas Smith b. 24 Apr 1835 Edgar, ILL

7. Marena Ann Smith b. 22 Jan 1837 ILL

8. Unknown Smith b. abt 1838

9. Marella Smith b. 5 Apr 1840

10. Malissa Smith b. 5 Apr 1840 Iowa

11. Clara Smith

11. Mary Smith b. 19 Nov 1801 Washington, TN

12. Sarah Smith b. 25 Oct 1806 Washington, TN


10. George Payne b. abt 1765


JESSE R PAYNE, son of George Payne & Rachel Cowgill, was born 6 Aug 1755 in York County, Pennsylvania and died 1 Sep 1832 Washington County, TN, he married First, Mary Sarah Tucker abt 1777 in Darlington, Harford County, MD, all children are by her, he married second: Mahaly McCoy 2 Oct 1825 Washington Co, TN, she was born in 1804, they moved to Frederick Co, Vir, which is now Berkeley Co, West Vir, they came to Jonesboro, Washington Co, TN, His first 6 children were born in Vir.


Children are:

1. WILLIAM PAYNE b. 1777 Frederick Co, Vir [GGG-Grandfather] d. 18 Dec 1854 Payne Twp, Washington Co, TN

2. Hannah Payne b. abt 1778 Frederick Co, Vir married Lawrence Earnest, he was born 18 Dec 1763 Stephensburg, Frederick Co, Vir, d. 15 Aug 1838 South of Ohio, Washington Co, TN

Children are:

1. Jesse Earnest b. Greene Co, TN

2. Henry Earnest b. Greene Co, TN

3. Lawrence Wilkerson Earnest b. 26 June 1818 Greene Co, TN

3. Robert Payne b. abt 1779 Frederick Co, Vir

4. Henry Payne b. abt 1780 Frederick Co, Vir [From D. Barnes File: Henry Payne was willed by his father, Jesse Payne, 325 Acres located in Greene Co, TN]


5. Jesse Payne b. 1781 [some have 1778 TN] Frederick Co, Vir married Mary Newman 26 Aug 1803 Washington Co, TN, she was b. 11 Sep 1782 Fincastle, Botetourt, Vir

Children are:

1. Anthony Newman Payne b. 22 July 1804

2. John Montgomery Payne b. 18 Aug 1806

3. George Washington Payne b. 27 Oct 1808

4. Mary Emily Payne b. 1 Mar 1811

5. Daniel Fouch Payne b. 23 Mar 1813 married Unknown

Children are:

1. Mary Alice Payne b. 10 May 1862

2. Jesse Lee Payne b. 27 Sept 1864 married Endora Elizabeth Campbell

Children are:

1. Ora Mae Payne b. 14 Jan 1891

2. Marcie Viola Payne b. 4 May 1893

3. Willie Calvin Payne b. 10 Mar 1895

4. Living Payne

5. Living Payne

6. Living Payne


3. Margaret Lavinia Payne b. 21 Jul 1866

4. Martha Cora Payne b. 14 Mar 1867

5. Ellen Douglas Payne b. 14 Mar 1868

6. Sarah Bee Payne b. 26 Sep 1869

7. Permha Emily Payne b. 9 Nov 1869 ?

8. Henriette Payne

9. Herbert Payne

10. Laura Payne


6. Naistell Aveie Payne b. 1 July 1815

7. Alfred Black Payne b. 9 May 1818

8. Benjamin Woffard Payne b. 22 Jul 1820 Washington Co, TN, married Mary Eveline Payne b. 5 Oct 1836 TN

Children are:

1. Mary Payne b. 19 Apr 1850 Nashville, Davidson Co, TN

2. Mable Payne b. 9 Jun 1856 Nashville, Davidson Co, TN

3. Dora Payne b. 26 Apr 1859 Nashville, Davidson Co, TN

4. Jesse Woffard Payne b. 3 Sep 1861 Nash. Davidson Co, TN

5. Clora Fay Payne b. 10 Mar 1864 Nashville, Davidson Co, TN

6. Robert Payne b. 25 May 1868 Nashville, TN

7. William Payne b. 5 Oct 1875 Nashville, TN


9. Nancy Elizabeth Payne b. 23 Jul 1823

10. Margaret Payne b. 10 Aug 1827


6. Alice Payne b. 1788 Berkeley Co, WV d. 11 Jun 1865 Washington Co, TN buried Earnest Chapel Cem, she married Nathan Barnes, he was born abt 1778 MD

Child is:

1. Washington Blackman Barnes b. abt 1810 TN d. abt 1890 Polk Co, MO, buried Payne Cem, married Rebecca Snapp 24 Mar 1832 Jonesboro, Washington Co, TN, daughter of Laurence Snapp b. 1784 Shenandoah Co, Vir & Mary Ann Charlton b. abt 1785, she was born 28 Aug 1812 Jonesboro, Washington Co, TN d. abt 10 Sep 1891 Polk Co, MO, buried Payne Cem: He was a Farmer, did Hunting and Fishing and lived near Bolivar, Polk Town, Polk Co, MO, Two of his sons were in the Civil War

Children are:

1. William Barnes b. abt 1834 TN

2. Mary Jane Barnes b. 28 Apr 1836 Jonesboro, Wash. Co TN

3. Elizabeth Barnes b. 1 Jan 1837 Jonesboro, TN

4. James Barnes b. abt 1832 TN

5. Alexander William Barnes b. 25 Jan 1843 Jonesbor, TN

6. Sarah Elizabeth Barnes b. 28 Jul 1845 Jonesboro, TN

7. Martha Rebecca Barnes b. 29 Aug 1847 Jonesboro, TN

8. Unknown Barnes b. 9 Jan 1850 Johnson City, Wash. Co, TN

9. James Elmer Barnes b. 9 Nov 1851 Jonesboro, TN

10. Elmira Ann Barnes b. 1855 Jonesboro, TN

11. Joseph S Barnes b. 20 Oct 1838 Washington Co, TN [near Wash. College] 12. Alcy Martha Barnes b. Aug 1840 Johnson City, TN

13. Unknown b. 29 Mar 1833 Jonesboro, Tn



LAURENCE SNAPP b. abt 1784 Shenandoah Co, VA d. 4 Nov 1839 Lee Co, Iowa, son of Abraham Snapp b. 1762 Frederick Co, now Shenandoah Co, VA & Mary Magdalena Fogelsong b. 1763 Shenandoah Co,VA, he married Mary Ann Charlton , she was b. abt 1785 VA

Children are:

1. REBECCA SNAPP b. 28 Aug 1812 Jonesboro, Washington Co, TN

2. William Snapp b. abt 1834

3. Mary Snapp b. abt 1836

4. Elizabeth Snapp b. abt 1837

5. Joseph Snapp b. abt 1838

6. Alexander "Alex" Snapp b. abt 1841

7. Sarah Snapp b. abt 1845

8. Martha Snapp b. abt 1847

Laurence Snapp, shown in the Shenandoah Co, VA 1830 Fed. Census, age between 40-5- years old with [8] children, he is not shown in the 1840 Census] Laurence Snapp moved to Lee County, Iowa after 1832, Rebecca his oldest daughter did not move with him she married Washington B Barnes inthe year of 1832..


Benjamin R. Barnes bought his property in Polk Co, MO from Sarah Payne, Jan 21, 1893 for three hundred dollars. Interesting to note a Martha Payne is listed in the 1850 Census living with Washington B Barnes in Washington Co, TN. Jesse R Payne is listed as part of the first part in the deed. The farm contained approx. 80 acres of land. The County Clerk who signed the deed was John H Payne Unknown relationship.....Douglas Barnes believes Jesse R Payne listed as part of the first part in the deed is Jesse Russell Payne b. 24 Aug 1839 son of Joseph C Payne..

Info from:

7. Elizabeth Payne b. 29 Mar 1789 married Manifold

8. Martha Payne b. 1790

9. Sarah Payne b. 16 Feb 1796 married a McCleary

10. Joseph C Payne born 9 April 1798 Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee died 11 October 1858 Polk County, Missouri, buried Payne Cemetery, married Ann Johnson 19 February 1819 Hawkins County, Tennessee, she was born 27 April 1802 Hawkins County, Tennessee died 13 April 1878 Polk County, Missouri.

Children are:

1. Jesse Russell Payne born 24 August 1839 Hawkins County, Tennessee died 25 May 1922 Polk County, Missouri

2. Polly Ann Payne born 20 January 1820 Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee died 28 July 1884 Polk County, Missouri

3. Elizabeth Payne born 6 November 1822 Washington County, Tennessee, died 28 July 1893 Polk County, Misssouri

4. James F Payne born 2 December 1823 Washington County, Tennessee died 18 October 1866 Polk County, Missouri, married Elizabeth, she was born 9 September 1824 Tennessee died 22 October 1888 Polk County, Missouri

5. Sarah Payne born 28 August 1826 Washington County, Tennessee died 5 July 1891

6. Elbert E Payne born 15 July 1829 Washington County, Tennessee died 25 September 1855 Polk County, Missouri

7. Alsey Payne born 6 December 1831 Tennessee died 9 February 1924 8. John H Payne born 24 August 1834 Washington County, Tennessee died 3 June 1883 Polk County, Missouri, married Sarah, she was born 12 December 1846 died 28 May 1928 Polk County, Missiouri

9. Ellender [Eleanor?] J Payne born 11 February 1837 died 23 July 1911 Polk County, Missouri married Young Mimms Pitt, he was born 12 May 1812 Tennessee died 2 July 1896 Antioch, Hickory County, Missouri

10. William A Payne born 8 July 1842 died 15 September 1842

11. Lucinda Y Payne born 16 March 1844 died 1923.

1. Jesse Russell Payne born 24 August 1839 Hawkins County, Tennessee died 25 May 1922 Polk County, Missouri, married Sarah Elizabeth Bewley 14 June 1874 Rondo, Missouri, she was born 30 June 1855 Rondo, Missouri, died 15 December 1945 Polk County, Missouri. Children are:

1. John Houston Payne born 8 December 1882 Polk County, Missouri died 23 December 1952 Liberty County, Missori

2. William Elbert Payne born 18 June 1875 Polk County, Missouri

3. Anna Elizabeth Payne born 8 March 1877 Polk County, Missouri

4. Nancy Catherine Payne born 20 November 1879 Polk County, Missouri

5. Martha Pearl Payne born 8 September 1885 Polk County, Missouri

6. James Luther Payne born 6 May 1888 Polk County, Missouri 7. Andrew Joseph Payne born 11 November 1893 Polk County, Missouri

8. Isaac Columbus Payne born 23 June 1896 Polk County, Missouri

9. Dwight L Payne born 25 February 1900 Polk County, Missouri

2. Polly Ann Payne born 20 January 1820 Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee died 28 July 1884 Polk County, Missouri married Larkin bennett 1845 Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee, he was born 1813 North Carolina died 3 July 1863 Field Outside Bolivar, Missouri

Children are:

1. Amy Bennett born 1845

2. Margaret Bennett born 1846

3. Rachel P Bennett born 15 February 1848

4. Virginia Bennett born 1849

5. Caroline Bennett born 1852

6. Martha Ellen Bennett born 27 January 1852 Polk County, Missouri, died 10 September 1923 Polk County, Missouri

7. Elizabeth Bennett born 1854

8. John W Bennett born 4 February 1854

9. Mary Jane Bennett born 1857

10. James T Bennett born 1858

11. Amanda Bennett born 1860

12. Jesse Bennett born September 1863

6. Elbert E Payne born 15 July 1829 Washington County, Tennessee, died 25 September 1855 Polk County, Missouri, married Lucinda W Simpson 7 January 1852, she was born 6 February 1832 Wayne County, Kentucky. Child is:

1. Permilla Ann Payne born 6 October 1855.

1. John Houston Payne, son of Jesse Russell Payne & Sarah Elizabeth Bewley, was born 8 December 1882 Polk County, Missouri died 23 December 1952 Liberty County, Missouri married Rosa Dea Howard, 10 April 1904 Dallas County, Missouri, daughter of Enoch Howard & Emma Hurst, she was born 8 December 1887 Polk County, Missouri died 19 October 1931 Kansas City, Missouri.

Children are:

1. Rev. Weslie Payne born 1904 married Mamie Ludlam 28 August 1939

2. Gertrude May Payne born 1907 married Howard Hadley Lewis 11 June 1934 Winston, Missouri, They have 3 Living Children.

3. Elaine Payne born 1909

4. Zena Elizabeth Payne born 4 January 1912 Liberty County, Missouri married Nelson Monroe Page 15 June 1940, Liberty County, Missouri, they have 2 living Children.

5. Edna Harmon Payne born 15 February 1914 Liberty County, Missouri married George Herman Milligan, they have 2 Living Children

6. Eleanore Rose Payne born 1 March 1918 Concordia, Missouri died July 1987 Lee Summit, Missouri married George M Glossop 1961, he was born 27 April 1917 died 1 August 1995.

7. Edith Payne born 21 April 1927 Liberty County, Missouri married George Philip Smith 25 December 1953 Liberty County, Missouri, they have 3 Living children.

8. Houston Payne born 15 June 1906 Polk County, Missouri married Leelia Davis 22 August 1933, she was born 25 October 1909, 1 living payne Child.

9. Emma Pauline Payne born 16 January 1916 Liberty County, Missouri, married James Dawson Newman, they have 2 living children.

6. Martha Ellen Bennett, daughter of Larkin Bennett & Polly Ann Payne, was born 27 January 1852 Polk County, Missouri, died 10 September 1923 Polk County, Missouri, married Benjamin Rush Barnes 22 February 1867 Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri, son of Washington Barnes & Rebecca Snapp, he was born 9 January 1850 Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee died 5 June 1925 Polk County, Missouri

Benjamin Rush Barnes bought his property in Polk County from Sarah Payne 21 january 1893 for $300. Jesse R Payne is listed as part of the first part in the deed. There is a Martha Payne in 1850 census living with Washington B Barnes in Washington County, Tennessee. The County Clerk that signed the deed was John H Payne, relationship unknown at this time... Douglas Barnes believes that Martha Payne living with Washington Barnes is Martha Payne born 1790 daughter of Jesse R. Payne born 6 August 1755 York County, Pennsylvania. He believes Jesse R Payne listed as part of the first part of the deed is Jesse Russell Payne born 24 August 1839,. son of Joseph C Payne.


Children are:

1. Unknown Barnes born 1 Dec 1870 Polk County, Missouri 2. John William Barnes born 19 Dec 1873 Polk County, Missouri

3. Unknown Barnes b. 1 Jan 1874 Polk County, Missouri 4. Nettie Barnes b. 21 Dec 1875 Polk County, Missouri 5. Lonnie Barnes b. 8 Apr 1878 Polk County, Missouri 6. Myrtle Barnes b. 10 May 1879 Polk County, Missouri died Dec 1912 Hewins, Kansas

7. Alice Barnes b. 7 Aug 1882 Polk County, Missouri 8. Joseph Elmer Barnes b. 18 Nov 1885 Polk County, Missouri

9. Sidney Austin Barnes b. 1 May 1887 Polk County, Missouri, died 27 March 1969 Wichita, Sedwick County, Kansas

10. Grace Barnes b. 22 Oct 1889 Polk County, Missouri died 29 June 1972 Sedan, Chautaugua County, Kansas

11. Cecil Barnes b. 20 Jun 1892 Polk County, Missouri

6. Myrtle Barnes born 10 May 1879 Polk County, Missouri died Dec 1912 Hewins, Kansas married Clarence McClaughry, he was born 24 August 1879 kansas died 25 May 1964, they are buried Cervarvale, Kansas Cemetery Section B Block 6 Lot 10 Space 1.

Children are:

1. Madge Ellen McClaughry b. 6 Jan 1899 Polk County, Missouri, died 1912 Kansas

2. Mamie Annis McClaughry b. 17 Jan 1904 died Sep 1981 married Leona Johnson, born 27 March 1906 died 31 Aug 1984 Witchita, Sedwick County, Kansas

3. Benjamin Franklin McClaughry b. 7 Jul 1907 Cervarvale, Kansas buried Cervarvale Kansas Cem Section B Block 6 Lot 10 Space 1 died 27 March 1994, married Gladys Pyle who was born 10 Jul 1911 died Nov 1987

4. Arthur Dow McClaughry b. 17 Apr 1910

5. Harry McClaughry b. 5 Jun 1912 Hewins, Kansas

9. Sidney Austin Barnes b. 1 May 1887 Polk County, Missouri died 27 Mar 1969 Wichita, Sedwick County, Kansas, married Mittie Dee Perry 7 May 1908 Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri, she was born 19 Dec 1891 Mohawk, Hickory County, Kansas

Children are:

1. Griffie Thomas Barnes b. 15 Dec 1908 Polk County, Missouri

2. William Lyman Barnes b. 10 Dec 1910

3. Benjamin Glenn Barnes b. 10 Dec 1910

4. Harlan Dean Barnes b. 22 Feb 1913

5. Joseph Francis Barnes b. 1 Sep 1918

6. Robert Glen Barnes b. 12 Aug 1927

10. Grace Barnes b. 22 Oct 1889 Polk County, Missouri died 29 Jun 1972 Sedan, Chautaugua County, Kansas married [1] Oscar Lee Seamster 28 Oct 1909, he was born 29 Dec 1886 Polk County, Missouri [2] Wiley Newton 1924 Cedar Vale, Chautauqua County, Kansas, he was born 14 Mar 1885.

Children by Oscar Seamster are:

1. Everett Noel Seamster b. 17 Sep 1909

2. Elgie Viincent Seamster b. 14 Sep 1912

3. Evan Hubert Seamster b. 1 Sep 1917

11. Mary Polly Payne b. abt 1801 Possibly Washington Co, TN, 21 Oct 1819, Green Co, TN married Wesley John Earnest, he was born 10 Sep 1796 Washington Co, TN d. 14 Nov 1869 Willard, Green Co, MO, buried Cave Springs Cem

Child is:

1. Polly Earnest b. abt 1820



1. WILLIAM PAYNE, son of Jesse R Payne & Mary Sarah Tucker,[GGG-Grandparents] was born 1777 in Frederick County, Virginia and died 18 Dec 1854 in Payne Township, Washington County, Tennessee, he married Sara Elizabeth Greenway about 1808 in Tennessee, daughter of William M Greenway and Elizabeth Humphreys, she was born abt 1780 Washington Co, TN d. 22 Nov 1858 Washington Co, TN

Children are:

1. JOHN H PAYNE b. 1 June 1808 Washington Co, TN [GG-Grandfather]

2. William G Payne b. 30 Oct 1811 Washington Co, TN d. 24 Jan 1885 Washington Co, TN, buried Earnest Chapel Cem, married Thurza Maria Hornbarger 14 June 1838 Washington Co, TN, she was born 23 May 1819 Washington Co, TN, d. 31 Dec 1853 Washington Co, TN, buried Earnest Chapel Cem

Children are:

1. Sarah Payne b. abt 1835 Washington Co, TN

2. Jacob W Payne b. abt 1841 Washington Co, TN

3. George M Payne b. abt 1843 Washington Co, TN, Military Service: Enlisted 24 Sept 1863 13th TN Calvary, Co E Union Discharged 5 Sept 1865

4. William F Payne b. abt 1845 Washington Co, TN

5. Augulum Payne b. abt 1850 Washington Co, TN


3. Martha C Payne b. 28 Nov 1813 Washington Co, TN married John W Doak

4. Jesse R Payne b. 19 Oct 1816 Washington Co, TN d. 18 July 1880 Washington Co, TN, married Rachel Barnes 29 Dec 1839 Washington Co, TN, she was born 23 Nov 1811 Washington Co, TN d. 28 Oct 1870, Washington Co, TN, buried Earnest Chapel Cem.

Children are:

1. Alcey E Payne b. 1841 Washington Co, TN

2. Ebenezar B Payne b. 1842 Washington Co, TN

3. Newton Payne b. 21 Sep 1844 Washington Co, TN

4. Alexander W Payne b. 1846 TN married Margaret Ann Bennett 29 Mar 1870 Washington Co, TN, she was born abt 1850 Vir.

Children are:

1. Ida F Payne b. abt 1871 TN

2. Lue E Payne b. abt 1873 TN

3. James F Payne b. abt 1877 TN

4. Charles Frank Payne b. 12 May 1880 Washington Co, TN married Anna Mary Barnes 29 Nov 1901 Washington Co, TN, she was born abt 1880 TN

Children are:

1. Gladdice Payne b. abt 1903 Washington Co, TN

2. Warren Payne b. abt 1908 Washington Co, TN


WWI Draft Registration Card, on line at

5. William F Payne b. 1846 TN

6. Zachary Taylor Payne b. 5 Sep 1848 TN d. 9 Mar 1919 Washington Co, TN buried New Salem Baptist Church, Jonesboro, married Rebecca Angeline McCurry 29 Jan 1873 Washington Co, TN, she was born 26 Jun 1850 TN d. 21 Jan 1909, buried New Salem Baptist Church

Children are:

1. Blanche Payne married Ben B Lloyd 19 Aug 1904 Unicoi, TN

2. Oly Macky Payne b. 20 Nov 1872 Washington Co, TN married Losha M Lloyd in TN, born abt 1877 NC

Children are:

1. Jessie P Payne b. abt 1912 TN

2. Belva M Payne b. abt 1913 TN

3. Myrtle Payne b. abt 1914 TN

4. Mayne D Payne b. abt 1916 TN

5. Maxie E Payne b. abt 1922 TN


3. Rachel E Payne b. Jan 1876 Washington Co, TN married James E Brown 1894 Washington Co, TN, he was born Apr 1874 TN

Children are:

1. Lilia Brown b. Aug 1895 Washington Co, TN

2. Rebecca D Brown b. Mar 1898 Washington Co, TN


4. Mary Payne b. abt 1878 TN

5. Ica Dora Payne b. Oct 1879 TN married George W Stone, son of John Condor Stone & Christine Miller, John Condor Stone was son of James Bell Stone

Children are:

1. Katie A Stone

2. Nelly F Stone

3. Milton Beuford Stone

4. Jossie Evelyn Stone

5. Annie May Stone

6. Bonnie Bessie Ellen Stone

7. James Oliver Stone

8. John Powell Stone

9. Robert Franklin Stone

10. Jessie Mildred Stone

11. Doll Stone

12. Dollie Stone

13. Amy Belle Stone

14. Willard Thomas Stone

15. Barbara Maxine Stone has a child Susan


6. Jennie D Payne b. May 1883 Washington Co, TN buried Seviers Cem, married Isaac Andrew Lloyd, he was born 23 Mar 1877 Washington Co, TN d. 1953, Washington Co, TN, buried Seviers Cem

Children are:

1. Dora Lloyd

2. Hazel Lloyd

3. Bell Lloyd

4. Bethel Lloyd


7. Jessie N Payne b. 2 Mar 1891 Washington Co, TN, d. 9 Aug 1939 Washington Co, TN buried Fairview cem, married Robert Jefferson Collins 10 Oct 1908 Washington Co, TN, son of Madison S Collins & Anna E Evans, he was born 22 Feb 1889 Greene Co, TN, d. 14 Jan 1972 Washington Co, TN, buried Fairview Cem, he was first married to Nancy Cordelia Sanders who was born 1914 TN d. 1988 and is buried Fairview Cem, they have 9 living children

Children are:

1. Inez Rebecca Collins married Joseph Lister Archer 22 Dec 1929 Washington Co, TN, 7 Living children


2. Lilley Belle Collins married Rothy Esteppe, they have 3 living children


3. Maybelle Collins b. 18 Apr 1913 Washington Co, TN, d. 10 Feb 1927, buried Fairview Cem [info on Tombstone]

4. Dewey Lee Collins b. 4 Apr 1915 Limestone, Washington Co, TN, d. 23 Jul 1962 Jonesboro, Washington Co, TN, buried Fairview Cem

Military: WWII, 13 Dec 1944 United States Army Discharged 4 Jan 1946

Dewey served in the US Army during WWII. Fought on the Phillipine Island of Luzon in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre for 7 1/2 months as Automatic Rifleman in Co. B, 152nd Infantry. Received World War II Victory Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, AP Star, Phillipine Liberation Ribbon and One Bronze Star.

Eric Collin's Ancestry World Tree

He married Mary Frances Morgan 28 Jul 1935 Washington Co, TN, daughter of William A Morgan b. 1871 Greene Co, TN, and Lucy Ellen Whitaker b. 22 May 1884 Vir, she was born 28 July 1917 Washington Co, TN, d. 14 Sept 1988, buried Fairview Cem, they divorced

Children are:

1. Living Collins

2. Billy Lee Collins b. 30 Apr 1940 Jonesboro, Washington Co, TN

Married second? Mary Frances Morgan 9 Nov 1947 Washington Co, TN, she was born 28 July 1917 Washngton Co, TN


1. living Collins

2. Jackie Lynn Collins b. 18 Nov 1945 Washington Co, TN

3. living Collins


WILLIAM A MORGAN b. 1871 Greene Co, TN d. 1947 Washington Co, TN buried Fairview Cem, son of Thomas Morgan & sarah Rose, married Lucy Ellen Whitaker 28 July 1900 Washington Co, TN, daughter of David A Whitaker b. 1823 Washington Co, Vir & Susanna Fleenor b. abt 1839 Washington Co, Vir, Lucy was born 22 May 1884 Vir d. Jan 1968 Buried Fairview Cem

Children are:

1. Berson Sylvestor Morgan b. 6 May 1905 TN d. May 1987, Kingsport, Sullivan Co, TN married Mary E Dickson 14 Jan 1922 Washington Co, TN, she was born 19 Mar 1905 TN

Children are:

1. Iona Morgan b. abt 1923 Washington Co, TN

2. A. J. Morgan b. abt 1928 Washington Co, TN

3. Blaine Morgan b. abt 1929 Washington Co, TN


THOMAS MORGAN b. abt 1844 Greene Co, TN d. abt 1923 TN married Sarah Rose 16 Jan 1868 Greene Co, TN, she was born abt 1840 NC

Children are:

1. Mary Morgan b. Feb 1870 Greene Co, TN


3. Joseph Phillip Morgan b. 16 Oct 1875 Greene Co, TN

4. Lucy S Morgan b. abt 1876 TN

5. Benjamin T Morgan b. 1 Apr 1878 Greene Co, Tn

6. Burl H Morgan b. 25 Sep 1881 Greene Co, Tn

7. Martha E Morgan b. Feb 1884 Greene Co, TN

8. Hiram Hunter Morgan b. 20 Oct 1887 Greene Co, TN

9. Rachel M Morgan b. Feb 1891 Greene Co, Tn


ALLEN MORGAN b. abt 1820 TN married Anna Johnson 17 Nov 1845 Greene Co, TN, she was b. abt 1824 TN

Children are:

1. Sarah Morgan b. abt 1843 Greene Co, TN

2. Margaret Morgan b. abt 1845 Greene Co, TN

3. Susanna Morgan b. May 1850 Greene Co, TN

4. THOMAS MORGAN [above]

5. Angeline Morgan b. abt 1854 Greene Co, TN

6. Elizabeth Morgan b. abt 1856 Greene Co, TN

7. Mary J Morgan b. abt 1859 Greene Co, TN

8. William A Morgan b. Feb 1862 Greene Co, TN

9. Nancy Morgan b. abt 1864 Greene Co, TN


2. James Elmer Morgan b. abt 1915 TN

3. MARY FRANCES MORGAN b. 28 Jul 1917 Wash. Co, TN


5. Bertha Collins b. 16 May 1918 Washington Co, TN

6. Dora Frances Collins b. 21 Nov 1919 Washington Co, TN, married John Abraham Garst 26 May 1935 Washington Co, TN, he was born 13 Apr 1912 TN, d. 24 Nov 1981, Washington Co, TN, buried Fairview Cem

Children are:

1. Living Garst

2. Living Garst

3. Living Garst

4. Living Garst

5. Dean Garst b. 4 Dec 1936 Washington Co, TN d. 7 Dec 1936 Washington Co, TN, [Source: Inscription on Headstone] buried Fairview Cem

6. Carl E Garst b. 18 Oct 1937 Washington Co, TN d. 20 Oct 1937 Washington Co, TN, [Source: Inscription on Headstone]

7. Carol B Garst b. 20 Jul 1943 Washington Co,TN d. 20 Jul 1943 Washington Co, TN, buried Fairview Cem, [Inscription on Headstone]

8. Larry Garst b. 29 Dec 1950 Washington co, TN d. 2 Jan 1951 Washington Co, TN, buried Fairview Cem [Inscription on Headstone]

9. Living Garst

10. Living Garst

11. Living Garst


7. Robert Jefferson Collins b. Nov 1923 Washington Co, TN married Wilma, they have a living Child, married Second Barbara Joyce Hyder 21 Jan 1949 Washington Co, TN, divorced, they have two living children


8. James Paul Collins b. May 1929 Washington Co, TN married a living Hensley and have 3 living children




7. Sarah R Payne b. 26 Apr 1849

8. Margaret Payne b. 1850

9. Martha Payne b. 1854

10. Mary J Payne b. 1857


5. James E Payne b. 2 Jan 1819 Washington Co, TN

6. Samuel C Payne b. 24 Nov 1821 Washington Co, TN d. 28 Jan 1859

7. Alexander M "Lou" Payne b. 20 Dec 1823 Washington Co, TN d. 12 Dec 1894 Washington Co, TN, buried Earnest Chapel Cem, married Sarah I Beard 7 Jan 1847, she was born 1 Feb 1823 Washington Co, TN d. 14 Feb 1891, Washington Co, TN, buried Earnest Chapel Cem.

Children are:

1. Mary J Payne b. abt 1849 TN

2. Elizabeth A Payne b. Jun 1850 TN

3. Catherine Payne b. abt 1853 TN

4. Martha Payne b. abt 1855 TN

5. Joseph Payne b. abt 1856 TN

6. Sarah Payne b. abt 1857 TN

7. Susan Payne b. abt 1859 TN

8. Margaret Payne b. abt 1862 TN

9. Alexander M Payne b. 28 Dec 1862 Washington Co, TN d. 23 Feb 1902 Washington Co, TN, buried Earnest Chapel Cem


8. Sarah Elizabeth Payne b. 26 Jan 1826 Washington Co, TN d. 20 Oct 1858 Washington Co, TN married John Greenway Jordan 19 Feb 1843 Washington Co, TN, he was born 1 Nov 1817 TN, d. 4 June 1898 Hickory Co, MO

Children are:

1. Martha Evaline Jordan b. 11 Jan 1845 Dallas Co, MO, d. 9 Jan 1901 Urbania Co, MO, buried Bowers Chapel Cem. married James Cook Whillock 10 Apr 1864 Paris, Edgar Co, ILL, son of Enoxh Rector Whillock & Elizabeth Galbraith b. 18 Apr 1817 Hawkins Co, TN, he was born 12 Jan 1838 d. 14 Dec 1891 Urbania, MO, buried Bowers Chapel Cem

Children are:

1. George Allen Whillock b. 6 Jan 1865 Columbus, Bartholemew Co, IN

2. Amanda Belle Whillock b. 13 Jan 1867 Urbana, Dallas Co, MO

3. William Thomas "Bud" Whillock b. 11 Dec 1868 Urbana, Dallas Co, Missouri died Jackson Co, Oregon, married Elizabeth Bandel 29 Sep 1895

Children are:

1. Floyd Whillock

2. loren Willock

3. Fred Whillock

4. Paul Whillock


4. Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Whillock b. 12 May 1871 Urbana, Dallas Co, MO

5. Melinda Ellen "Ella" Whillock b. 4 Apr 1873 Urbana, Dallas Co, MO d. 8 Dec 1957 Medford, Jackson Co, Oregon, buried Siskiyou Memorial Park, married Newton Henderson Franklin 12 Jul 1894 Hickory Co, MO, he was b. 1 Feb 1871 Urbana, Dallas Co, MO d. 19 Feb 1949 Medford, Jackson Co, MO, buried Siskiyou Memorial Park, Teacher, Southwestern Baptist College, Bolivar, MO, Grocery Store Owner, son of Calvin Henderson Franklin & Mary Elizabeth Green

Children are:

1. Niel Henderson Franklin b. 21 Nov 1898 Wheatland, Hickory Co, MO

2. Dale H Franklin b. 3 Nov 1902 Urbana, Dallas Co, MO

3. Doyle C Franklin b. 25 Aug 1905 Urbana, Dallas Co, MO


6. Mary Emmaline "Emma" Whillock b. 18 Feb 1876 Hickory Co, MO married George Edwards, b. abt 1870 d. 12 Jun 1950 Medford, Jackson Co, MO

Children are:

1. living

2. Living

3. Living

4. Living

5. Living


7. Chloe Jane Whillock b. 18 May 1878 Hickory Co, MO d. Jun 1972 medford, Jackson Co, MO, married Charles Whillock 9 Jun 1902, he was b. abt 1870 d. 27 May 1927

Children are:

1. Westerman Whillock

2. Sarah Whillock

3. Corl Whillock

4. Jean Whillock


8. Andrew John Whillock b. 14 Oct 1880 Hickory Co, MO

9. Leona Frances whillock b. 3 Dec 1884 Hickory Co, MO d. 27 Feb 1933 Medford, Jackson Co, MO buried Siskiyou Memorial Park, married Charles Elson b. abt 1867 d. 17 Feb 1950

Children are:

1. Living

2. Living

3. Living


10. Artie A Whillock b. 12 Jul 1886



2. William Whitfield Jordan b. 2 Apr 1847

3. Abigail Wilson Jordan b. 4 May 1849

4. Mary Elizabeth Jane Jordan b. 17 Aug 1852

5. James Hustin Cowan Jordan b. 1 Dec 1854


9. Lucinda J Payne b. 28 May 1828 Washington Co, TN

10. Robert H Payne b. 10 Nov 1830 Washington Co, TN d. 24 Jun 1879 Washington Co, TN buried Earnest Chapel Cem, married Rebecca Jane Beard 23 Dec 1855 Washington Co, TN, she was born abt 1836 TN

Child is:

1. Benjamin Payne b. abt 1850 Washington Co, TN


11. Lawrence W Payne b. 3 Nov 1833 Washington Co, TN

12. Mary Evaline Payne b. 5 Oct 1836 Washington Co, TN


Gary Tucker and Lisa Jackson-Jimenez both have the following info:

William G Payne b. abt 1791 TN d. 18 Dec 1854, son of Jesse Payne & Mary Sarah Tucker, married First: Elizabeth Greenway b. abt 1780 and married second: Thirsey Maria Hornbarger b. 1818 TN:

Children by Elizabeth Greenway are:

1. JOHN H PAYNE b. 1800

2. G. A. Payne b. 1811

3. Martha C Payne b. 1813

4. Jess Payne b. 1821 6. Sarah A Payne b. 1830

7. Mary Elvina Payne b. 1836

Children by Thirsey Hornbarger are:

1. Jacob Payne b. 1840

2. George M Payne b. 1842

3. William F Payne b. 1846

4. Algylon E Payne b. 1849

Other sources have Thurza Maria Hornbarger married to William G Payne b. 30 Oct 1811 d. 24 Jan 1885 buried Earnest Chapel Cem, she is buried there also, he is the son of Wm & Sarah Elizabeth Greenway.

WILLIAM GREENWAY b. 3 Apr 1756 Frederick Co, Vir, d. 3 Apr 1839 Washington Co, TN, buried Greenway Cem, Linestone Creek, Washington Co, TN, married Elizabeth Humphreys, duaghter of John Humphreys & Susannah North, she was born 26 Dec 1761 Frederick Co, Vir d. 15 Aug 1837 Washington Co, TN, buried Greenway Cem.

Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Applications: National Genealogical Sopciety Quarterly

Greenway, William [S1907, VA, service, Tenn Agcy: Cert. 7047 Issued 27 Feb 1832, $80 per an.

He applied 12 Sept 1832 from Washington Co, TN, age 76; was born, raised and enlisted in Frederick Co, VA and went in 1774 under Capt. Morgan on an expedition against the Shawnee and Mingo Indians in the O. country. They joined the forces of Gov. Dunmore and Col. Stevens and marched to within 5 miles of the treaty grounds. He was discharged after the treaty and after 6 months service. Next July he enlisted and started under the previous officers to Boston [19 days]. Some of the army under Montgomery went to Canada by ship: 400 chosen men under Capt. Morgan marched 40 miles to the bay, built batteaux, ascended the Kennebec River and marched to the St. Lawrence opposite Quebec; crossed and awaited Montgomery. [A detailed account of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham is given] He remained 8 months a prisoner in Quebec: then was paroled with others and sent to NY. He was in the battles of Long Island and White plains and then aided in recruiting men for the service. His application was approved and forwarded by the court, 28 Apr. 1840. Certificate in the case: "eight of 12 children of Wm. Greenway pensioned from 4 Sept 1838 to 3 April 1839 the day of his death."

Purchased land in 1800 in TN.

From Bulletin of the Wautauga Association of Genealogists, Vol.XI, # 1 [1982], p. 53-54:

William and Elizabeth Humphreys Greenway are buried in an old abandoned cemetery about 100 yards from the mouth of Little Limestone Creek and about 200 yards from the Nolachuchy River in Washington Co, TN on a farm owned by a Mr. Nelson. This farm is on the 150 acre land grant from the state of North Carolina to Richard Humphreys, who was a brother of Elizabeth Humphreys Greenway, from which grant Richard sold 100 acres to William Greenway in 1800."

Source notes from:

Children are:

1. William Greenway b. 5 Mar 1796 Washington Co, TN d. 5 Apr 1880 Washington Co, TN buried Sardis Baptist Church Cem, Hudson,NC, Was in the War of 1812: Tombstone Inscription: [From Wendy Walsh] "William Greenway, in honor of Service, War of 1812 [March 5, 1796-April 5, 1880], son of Wm a Rev. Sol. of VA and his wife Elizabeth [Humphreys]; m. Margaret McCracken, Aug 27, 1839. Her dates: July 4, 1802-July 13, 1844; from Clyde Greenway material via Greg Campbell [via Wendy Walsh]: "Private, Capt. Joseph Bacon's Co., Col. Sam Bayless' 4th Regt. E.T. DrFtd. Mil, 11-13-1814 - 2-15-1815; W.D. & TSA Old Salem Pres. Cem. at Washington College, Washington Co, official 1812 Marker."

Source info from:

William married First, Unknown, and had child:

1. Eldridge Humphrey Greenway b. 22 Aug 1822 TN d. 24 July 1896 Washington Co, TN married Sarah Ann Henley 16 Aug 1846 Washington Co, TN, she was b. 1 Apr 1831 d. 13 Nov 1897 Washington Co, TN

Children are:

1. Samuel Jackson Greenway b. 1856 married Nancy McCracken 12 Aug 1874 Washington Co, TN

Children are:

1. Walter B Greenway b. 1876

2. Frank L Greenway b. 30 Sep 1889 TN

3. David Stewart Greenway b. 1878 Washington Co, TN d. 21 May 1912 Washington Co, TN married Sarah Jane Bills, daughter of Walter Bills & Mary Oliver, 29 Aug 1900 Omro, Wisconsin, she was b. 18 Jan 1879 Poygan, Wis d. 21 Nov 1972 Greeley Co, Colorado

Child is:

1. Anna Marie Greenway b. 13 Mar 1901 Omro, Wis, d. 6 Jun 1930 Greeley, Col. married Frederick Augustus Plumb 19 Nov 1924 logan, Utah, son of Augustus Plumb & Emily White, he was born 8 July 1900 Greeley, Col, d. 3 Jun 1927 Greeley, Col.

Children are:

1. David Augustus Plumb b. 3 Jun 1927 Greley, Col

2. Living Plumb



2. William Greenway b. abt 1848 married Eva

Children are:

1. Dora A Greenway b. 1874

2. Eldridge Greenway b. 1876


3. Jesse Greenway b. abt 1850

4. Allace Greenway b. abt 1852

5. Mary E Greenway b. abt 1854

6. Margaret Greenway b. abt 1859


Married Second: Margaret McCracken 27 Aug 1839 Washington Co, TN, she was born 4 July 1802 d. 13 July 1844 Washington Co, TN

Children are:

1. John McCracken Greenway

2. William Garrison Greenway b. 13 July 1844 Washington Co, TN


2. Jesse Humphreys Greenway b. 1807 Washington Co, TN d. 12 Aug 1875 Greene co, TN married Elizabeth Moore 20 Jul 1843 Washington Co, TN, she was b. abt 1815 Washington Co, TN

Child is:

1. Jesse Greenway


3. Hannah Greenway b. 8 May 1785 Washington Co, TN, d. 1867 Washington Co, TN married Jonathan Waddill 17 Dec 1803 Washington Co, TN, he was b. 3 Mar 1779 Washington Co TN d. 11 Mar 1836 Washington Co, TN

Children are:

1. William Greenway Waddill b. 7 Nov 1804 Washington Co, TN

2. John Waddill b. 7 Oct 1807 Washington Co, TN

3. Hepsibah Waddill b. 2 Apr 1810 Washington Co, TN

4. John N Waddill b. 19 May 1812 Washington Co, TN

5. Thomas Greenway Waddill b. 7 Apr 1816 Washington Co, TN

6. Samuel Doak Waddill b. 25 Mar 1818 Washington Co, TN

7. Elizabeth Waddill b. 16 Oct 1821 Washington Co, TN

8. Jonathan N Waddill b. 27 Feb 1824 Washington Co, TN

9. Elbert T Waddill b. 10 Mar 1827 Washington Co, TN

10. Mary Kitty Waddill b. 4 Oct 1829 Washington Co, TN

11. Rachel Martha Waddill b. 12 Mar 1832 Broylesville, Washington Co, TN

John Waddell b. abt 1736 Donegal Co, Ireland d. 4 July 1827 Washington Co, TN, buried Old Salem Cem, limestone, Tn He fought at King's Mountain in the Rev. War., he married First: Margaret "Mary" McCoy 31 Dec 1761[63] Germantown, Montgomery Co, PA, she was born abt 1720 Married Second: Rachel Quee 1765 Montgomery Co, PA, she was the daughter of Alexander Quee b. abt 1685 Montgomery Co, PA d. 11 Aug 1755 Montgomery Co, PA & Sarah Engel b. abt 1720, she had a sister named Abigail Quee, Rachel was born 1738 Montgomery Co, PA d. abt 1815 Nolichucky, Washington Co, TN

John Waddell fought in the Battle of Culloden in 1745, and fled to America for refuge afterwards with some of the McLeans because the English, after this battle, tried to Exterminate the Highlanders.

John landed at Philadelphia, and located at germantown, Horsham Twp, of Montgomery Co, PA. John first married Mary McCoy at the First Presb. Church. While John and his sons served in many military campaigns against the Indians, John fought only one battle against the British in the Rev. War. that being at King's Mountain in 1780, where the British leader, Co. Ferguson, was defeated. John served under Col. John Sevier, of the Watauga Settlements. It is said John could hardly speak or write English, being of Gaelic origin; but he had a strong interest in education. He, with Col. John Sevier, was appointed to collect subscriptions for the starting of Martin's Academy in 1785, said to have been the first school of higher education west of Alleghanies. It was the predecessor of the present Washington College, of which John was made a Trustee in 1795. John acquired 140 acres fromt he Indians at the cost of one flint-lock rifle and a calico dress and was known as "Little Bend of Nolachuckey" located on the south side of the river.


Children are:

1. John Waddell b. 18 Nov 1765 Germantown, Montgomery Co, PA d. 1855 Hot Springs, NC, married First: Rebecca Sevier, daughter of Gen. John Sevier & Catherine "Bonnie Kate" Sherrill, on 26 Feb 1795 she died 17 Nov 1799 Washington Co, TN, married Second: Blanchard, died in childbirth with Ben, he married Third: Nancy Heywood b. 1800 NC

John II was born Nov. 18, 1764, about fifteen miles north of Philadelphia in what was then Philadelphia Co, PA. We do not know precisely where his parents were living at the time but suspect that it might be at the home of his mother's parents, Alexander and Hester Rittenhouse Quee, near the village of Horsham in the fine old stone house still standing at the junction of Lime Kiln and Baker Pikes.

The little family lived in this area until abt 1769 until two more children were born, then moved southward. They wandered through Maryland, Virginia and the Carolina's until 1774, said to be looking for older brothers to have preceded John I to America. In 1775 the family turned back expecting to settle in Virginia but located on the south side of the Nolichucky River in what would later becaome Washington Co, Tennessee. John II was now eleven years of age. We know little of his youthful acivities but suspect that he was in attendance much of the time at Martin Academy. His father, being a fierce Presbyterian, John II was carefully trained for the ministry. This pursuit of education was no doubt much interrupted by his military services. All able bodied males being obligated to perform militia service our John II began his at Fort Hopson in the year 1776 when he was about twelve years of age. John says that he was able to do this because he was very large for his age and not too many questions were asked. His duties were more of the nature of handling supplies, etc., rather than actual military His military contributions continued intermittenly throught the campaigns against the Indians in 1776 through 1781, details of which are given in his application for pension. Much of this service was under the command of Captain, later to become General, John Sevier, and in the company of the younger Sevier men. It is interesting to note that both John II and his father served under General Sevier at the same time and were discharged at the same time in January, 1778. The father reenlisted again under Sevier for the campaign against Ferguson ending at King's Mountain and the death of the latter. John II was very sick at the time "With something like small pox" or he would have been with his father in this battle of 1781. John I was forty-five years old, John II was seventeen. The end of the Rev. brought a peace with the Indians and John II was no doubt able to pursue his higher education, but not for long, In 1791 there were sevre Indian troubles in Ohio and our John II volunteered for 6 months service in the U. S. Army in the northwest territory in 1791. This force commanded by General St Clair suffered disastrous defeat at the hands of the Indians in their attack about thirty miles north of Fort Jefferson, Ohio. Many soldiers were killed in this battle. The remains of seven hundred soldiers were buried two years later. On his return from the northwest territory he found considerable unrest in Tennessee. John II now volunteered under Capt. Jacob Brown for service in 1733. John was twenty-nine years of age and had gained considerable military experience and the rank of lieutenant. Both John II and his father were actively interested in Martin's Academy, Washington College and Sam Doaks'"Salem" Presbyterian Church. John II was one of thirty corporators when Martin's Academy was transformed to Washington College, June 29, 1795. He had become a trustee July 23, 1794. John I supported the Church and performed some of the necessary functions. John II was an elder in the church. John I and John Sevier were appointed to a committee to collect sundry contributions made to Martin Academy in 1784. While John II was educated definitely for the ministry, he does not seem to have held a church. He must have been ordained, however, as we find him performing many marriages during this period. John II, having served under General John Sevier and with the Sevier young men, was a welcome and frequent guest at the Sevier home. On Feb 26, 1795, John II married Rebecca, the fourth daughter of Genreal Sevier. It is presumed that John II and Rebecca continued to live in the community but we do not know exactly where. A daughter, Sarah Rebecca was born to them on April 25, 1796, and a son Hawkins on Feb 24, 1799. Rebecca [Sevier] Waddell died Nov 17, 1799. The two small children were taken into the home of John I and Rachel Quee Waddell to be reared. At this time Hawkins was renamed John Sevier Waddell. John II apparently continued to live in Washington Co for some time as we find him as defendant in a number of small matters in court. It has been difficult to establish reliable facts about John II's life from this point on. He went to Cocke Co, TN and /or Hot Springs, Buncombe Co, NC, around 1800, married his second wife, a Miss Blanchard, whose given name is not known, and had seven children of this marriage. The mother apparently died at the birth of the youngest who was Benjamin. John II returned to Tennessee and took his daughter Sarah back to North Carolina to care for this second family, particularly the baby Ben. It is known that daughter Sarah was not too happy about leaving her grandparents but she went with her father anyway. Sarah stayed with her father's family until his marriage to his thrid wife; Nancy Heywood. Nancy was born in NC in 1800, thus being thirty-six years younger than John II. There were seven more children from this marriage From U.S. Census information it would appear that Alfred, born in 1836, was the last of John II's sixteen children. John Waddell II died in Hot Springs NC 1855.

Story from:

Children by Rebecca Sevier are:

1. Sarah Rebecca Waddell b. Apr 25, 1796 Washington Co, TN married Abraham Haire b. abt 1795 Washington Co, TN

2. John Sevier Hawkins Waddell b. 24 Feb 1799 Washington Co,TN married Sophia Doaks b. abt 1800 Washington Co, TN

2. Seth Quee Waddill b. 18 Mar 1767 Germantwon, Montgomery Co, PA d. abt 1853 Cocke Co, TN, married 1798 Pendleton Dist. SC Mary Burdine, daughter of Reginald Burdine & Catherine Tanner, she was b. abt 1770 SC d. 1836 Cocke Co, TN

Seth. like his brothers, John Jr & Charles R was a member of the militia and was called up or volunteered for numerous campains against the Indians. He was an owner of race horses and had his own whiskey distillery.

Children are:

1. Anne Burdine Waddell b. 1800 Cocke Co, Tn

2. John Sevier Waddell b. 1805 Cocke Co, TN

3. Mary Waddell b. 1808 Cocke Co, TN

4. Rachel Quee Waddell b. 1810 Cocke Co, TN


3. Hester Waddill b. 1769 Philadelphia Co, PA

4. Charles Rittenhouse Waddell b. 11 May 1771 Baltimore Co, MD married Margaret King 1798 Washington Co, TN, daughter of Thomas King & Elizabeth Hanna, she was b. 1775

Children are:

1. Elizabeth Hanna Waddell b. 1799 Washington Co, TN d. 1880 married James Fulkerson b. abt 1799 Washington Co, TN

Children are:

1. Elizabeth K Fulkerson b. 1820 d. 1887

2. Charles W. Fulkerson b. 1822 d. 1885

3. Margaret Y. Fulkerson b. 1830 d. 1908

4. Thomas K Fulkerson b. 1834 d. 1900

5. Mary A. Fulkerson b. 1839 d. 1912

6. Martha W. Fulkerson b. 1843 d. 1872


2. John Waddell b. 1800 d. 1877 married Elizabeth Roisten b. abt 1800

children are:

1. Sarah Waddell b. 1824

2. Margaret Waddell b. 1826 d. 1880

3. Rachel Waddell b. 1828 d. 1870

4. Charles W. Waddell b. 1830 d. 1917

5. Susan Waddell b. 1832 d. 1896

6. Benjamin Waddell b. 1834 d. 1896

7. John W Waddell b. 1836 d. 1858

8. Rachel Quee Waddell b. 1842 d. 1871

Source: http://www.joepayne.or/waddell.htm

3. Thomas King Waddell b. 1808 d. 1857 d. 1857 married Lucinia Beaver b. abt 1810

Children are:

1. Sophia Marie Waddell

2. Mary H Waddell b. 1841 d. 1858

3. Charles W Waddell b. 1842 d. 1897

4. Margaret K Waddell b. 1843 d. 1896

5. Daniel Waddell b. 1846

6. James T Waddell b. 1849 d. 1925

7. Elizabeth Waddell b. 1852 d. 1873

8. John J Waddell b. 1855 d. 1935

9. Seth K Waddell b. 1858 d. 1938


5. Samuel Davidson Waddell b. 1773 Bullock Creek, SC d. 1 Jul 1829 Madison Co, TN, married 1806 Washington Co, TN, Elizabeth Browder, daughter of Frederick Browder & Elizabeth Blawgrave, she was b. abt 1775 Washington Co, TN d. 11 Jul 1830 Madison Co, TN


6. Margaret "Peggy" Waddill b. 1778 Washington Co, TN married 1797 Washington Co, TN John Gann b. 1778

Children are:

1. Soam D Gennings Waddell b. 1798 married 1828 Washington Co, TN Filedia Woods b. 1800 Washington Co, TN d. 1863

Children are:

1. Mary Josephine Waddell b. 1829 Washington Co, TN d. 1910 married David Rankin West

2. Agnes Waddell b. 1830 d. 1854

3. Nancy Waddell b. 1831

4. Tilmon Howard Waddell b. 1832 Washington Co, TN d. 1908 married 1872 Washington Co, TN Addie Young b. 1851 Washington Co, TN d. 1908

5. Margaret Waddell b. 1835 Washington Co, TN d. 1879 married Humphrey Glaze b. 1835 Washington Co, TN

6. David Woods Waddell b. 1837

7. Lasthenia Amanda Waddell b. 1842

8. Landon Haynes Waddell b. 1844 Washington Co, TN d. 1905 married Malcena Cates

9. Susan Alice Waddell b. 1846 Washington Co, TN married Stephen Alexander Bowell


2. Seth Quee Waddell b. 1798 Washington Co, TN married Elizabeth Robinson b. abt 1800

Children are:

1. Soam Q Waddell b. 1845

2. Charles R Waddell b. 1846

3. Nancy Waddell b. 1848

4. Martha J Waddell b. 1850

He married second: 24 Sep 1822 Washington Co, TN Nancy McGhee b. abt 1800 Washington Co, TN

1. Daniel Waddell b. 1829

2. John Waddell b. 1832

3. Margaret Waddell b. 1834

4. Andrew Jackson Waddell b. 1836

Source: http;//


7. JONATHAN WADDILL b. 3 Mar 1779 Washington Co, TN d. 11 Mar 1836, married HANNAH GREENWAY, daughter of William Greenway & Elizabeth Humphreys, she was born 5 May 1785 Washington Co, TN d. 1867

Jonathan Waddell seved in the War of 1812, he became a Captain in the Fourth Militia Regiment of East Tennessee, and was mustered out at Knoxville, May 18, 1815


8. James Waddill b. 1777 Burke Co, NC

9. Rachel Waddill b. 1782 Washington Co, TN married Sheilds

10. Abigail Waddill b. 27 Apr 1786 Washington Co, Tn married Wilson

He married Third: Susan Green 1813 Washington Co, Tn John acquired 140 acres from the Indians at a cost of one flint-lock rifle and a calico dress and known as "Little Bend of Nolachuckey" located on the south side of the river. He died at home near Limestone, TM [] Source:


4. Anna Greenway b. abt 1786 Washington Co, TN

5. Susannah Greenway b. 25 Mar 1790 Washington Co, TN

6. ELIZABETH GREENWAY b. abt 1780 Washington Co, TN

7. Dorcas Greenway b. in Washington Co, TN

8. John H Greenway b. 1808 Washington Co, TN

9. George W. Greenway b. abt 1800 Washington Co, TN

10. Patsy Greenway b. in Washington Co, TN

11. Martha Greenway b. bef 1810 Washington Co, TN

12. Richard Greenway b. 1793 Jonesboro, Washington Co, TN d. 1849 Washington Co, TN, married Sarah Coldwell, 15 May 1810 Hawkins Co, TN, duaghter of Benoni Coldwell & Elizabeth Kincheloe, she was born 30 Mar 1794 Hawkins Co, TN d. 25 Dec 1850 Washington Co, TN

Child is:

1. Sarah "Sally" Ann Greenway b. 1817


13. Mary Ann Greenway b. 23 Nov 1801 Washington Co, TN

14. Polly Ann Greenway


1.** JOHN H. PAYNE son of WILLIAM G PAYNE and SARA ELISABETH GREENWAY, was born 1 June 1808 in Washington County, Tennessee, died 1 March 1884 Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas, buried Sons Chapel Cemetery, he married MARIAH WHEELOCK/ WHILLOCK 6 Aug 1839 Washington County, Tennessee, she was the daughter of JAMES WHEELOCK & DEBORAH RECTOR, [not proven yet] she was born 17 December 1817 Washington County, Tennessee died 25 October 1876 Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas [GG-Grandparents]

Children are:

1. Martha Catherine Payne born 25 February 1841 Washington County, Tennessee died 28 November 1931 Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri, married 10 February 1861 Washington County, Tennessee, George Washington Howard, son of Joseph Howard & Rachel Rector, he was born 29 March 1838 Fall Branch, Washington County, Tennessee died 17 June 1913 Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri, both are buried Payne Cemetery, Missouri

Children are:

1. Enoch Franklin Howard born 1 Sep 1863 Washington County, Tennessee died 27 August 1958 Polk County, Missouri, married Emma Racheline Hurst 5 November 1885 Polk County, Missouri, she was born 20 March 1861 Springfield, Greene County, Missouri died 5 November 1926 Polk County, Missouri.

Children are:

1. May Howard b. 9 Oct 1886

2. Rosa Dea Howard b. 8 Dec 1887 Polk Co, MO d. 19 Oct 1931 Kansas City, MO, married John Huston Payne 10 April 1904 Dallas, MO, son of Jesse Russell Payne & Sarah Elizabeth Bewley, he was born 8 Dec 1882 Polk Co, MO died 23 Dec 1952 Liberty Co, MO [Jesse Russell Payne is the son of Joseph C Payne and Ann Johnson, Joseph C Payne is brother to William G Payne my ggg-grandfather]

Children are:

1. Weslie Payne b. 1904

2. Gertrude May Payne b. 1907

3. Elaine Payne b. 1909

4. Zena Elizabeth Payne b. 1910

5. Edna Harmon Payne b. 1913

6. Eleanor Rose Payne b. 1 Mar 1918 Concordia, MO

7. Edith Payne b. 1926

2. William Markus Howard born 18 November 1866 Virginia died 22 July 1955 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, married 26 December 1894 Polk Co, MO, Virginia Ellen Duncan, she was born 1875 West Virginia died 1950 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

3. Nancy M Howard born 18 December 1868 Virginia died 31 August 1869 Virginia 4. Doctor A Howard born 1 August 1870 Washington County, Tennessee, died 3 January 1872 Washington County, Tennessee 5. Mariah Josephine Howard born 15 November 1872 Washington County, Tennessee died 4 December 1874 Washington County, Tennessee 6. Albert Kenny Howard born 13 October 1874 Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas died 30 December 1959 Polk County, Missouri, married 25 December 1898, Cornelia Rose Lightner, she was born 28 July 1880 Springfield, Greene County, Missouri died 23 April 1960 Polk County,Missouri.

7. Noah Thomas Howard born 4 October 1879 Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas died 26 March 1976 Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho, married 1 April 1900 Urbana, Dallas County, Missouri, Myra Evalena DePew, daughter of Joseph DePew & Armelda Burris, she was born 24 December 1877 Urbana, Dallas County, Missouri died 26 February 1968 Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho

Children are:

1. Lillie Gladys Howard b. 12 Jan 1901 Urbana, Dallas Co, MO died 1 Feb. 1901 Urbana, Dallas Co, MO

2. Mabel Estella Howard b. 16 May 1902 MO d. 8 Mar 2001 Estes park, Larimer, Colorado, married Homer Schlatter 3 June 1926 Goodland, Sherman Co, Kansas, he was b. 30 Jan 1904 d. May 1978 Estes Park, Larimer, Colorado.

3. Josephine Pearl Howard b. 15 Mar 1904 Calhoun, Henry Co, MO d. 16 Dec 2000 Arvada, Jefferson County, Colorado, married Marion Earl Harris, 27 May 1928 McPherson, McPherson Co, Kansas.

4. Norine Louise Howard b. 4 July 1910 Calhoun, Jefferson Co, MO d. 21 May 2006 Topeka, Shawnee Co, Kansas, married Marvin E Johnson. 24 April 1934 Lawrence, Douglas Co, Kansas

5. James Vaughn Howard b. 10 April 1915 Calhoun, Henry Co, MO, d. 6 May 1996 Nampa, Canyon Co, Idaho, married 27 May 1937 Nampa, Canyon Co, Idaho, Cystal Margaret Cain.

8. Walter Perry Howard born 5 July 1882 Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas died 19 February 1941 Saline County, Kansas, married 26 November 1903 Urbana, Dallas Co, MO, Sarah Lenora Thomas, born 1882 MO d. 19 Feb 1941 Saline County, Kansas

2. William L Payne b. 25 Mar 1843 Washington Co, TN d. 16 May 1867 married Jemima

3. James Payne b. abt 1846 Washington Co, TN

4. JOHN FRANKLIN PAYNE b. 25 August 1847 TN [my Great-Grandfather]

5. Benjamin W Payne b. 5 May 1852 Washington Co, TN d. 16 April 1921 buried Earnst Chapel Methodist Church, married Iva Redeye 14 May 1889, born 1870 d. 1963

6. Elizabeth Payne b. abt 1853 Washington Co, TN

7. Robert H Payne b. abt 1854 Washington Co, TN

8. Joseph Payne b. abt 1856 Washington Co, TN

9. Sarah Payne b. abt 1862 Washington Co, TN, married a Horn


John H Payne, et al: Compensation for services as fireman on United States ship Alleghany: 31st Congress Session 1, Manner Brought is Petition, Journal Page: 255, Claims, House Disposed: Laid on Table Report: Adverse date: 410

U. S. House of Representatives Private Claims, Vol. 3

Arkansas Land Records [database online]

JOHN H PAYNE Doc. No. 9496 Total Acres: 64.41 Signature: Yes, Issue Date: June 01, 1859 Statutory Refer. 3 Stat. 566 Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820 Sale-Cash Entries: land Description: 1 N1/2NE 5th PM No 8S 10W 3

JOHN H PAYNE Little Rock, Doc. No. 9052 Total Acres: 80 Signature Yes, Issue Date: March 01, 1860 Statutory Ref. 3 Stat. 566 Act or Treaty April 24, 1820 Sale-Cash Entries 1 W1/2SE 5TH PM No 75 10W 34 electronic source:

6. **JOHN FRANKLIN PAYNE b. 25 Aug 1847 TN d. Fresno, Calif. m. 30 dec 1875 Frances [Fannie] Jane Edmiston, Washington County, Arkansas, d/o Harvery Henderson Edmiston & Lucinda Caroline Gray, she was b. 8 Aug 1847 Cane Hill, Washington County, Arkansas and died unknown. [Great-Grandparents]

{**to see Edmiston line go to James Edmiston]

Marriage LDS Records: Batch No: M 586233 Dates: 1870-1881 Source Call No: 1034249 Film 30 Dec 1875 Washington Co, Ark.

Census 1860, Washington Co. Ark, p. 771 White River Twp, Fed. Pop. Sch. AR125226828


1. Charlie F. Payne b. 19 Oct 1876 Morrow, Ark. d. 1892 Ark

2. **JOSEPH SANFORD PAYNE b. 22 Nov 1877 Morrow, Ark. d. 18 Apr 1953 Upland, San Bernidino Co, Calif. Buried Bellevue Cem on Mountain Street in Ontario, Calif. married Mary Jennie Allen 7 Nov 1900 Washington Co, Ark, d/o William Crawford Allen & Martha Elizabeth Johnston, she was b. 18 Aug 1882 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark. d. 5 Jan 1967 Fullerton, Orange Co, Calif. buried Bellevue Cem. beside grandpa.


1. Jame Clarence Payne b. 11 Dec 1901 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark. d. 17 June 1940 Prairie Grove, Washington County, Ark. buried Prairie Grove Cem. Location N-43-15, married [1] Bonnie Gosh b. Jan 1904 Ark d. 1 Jan 1927 prairie Grove, Washington Co, Ark. buried Prairie Grove Cem. Location N-43-18 [2] Clara Mae Cushing 25 Aug 1928 Broken Arrow, OK, she was b. 28 Jun 1906 Broken Arrow, OK d. 15 Jan 1996 Hawthorne, Nevada

Note for Clara:

Clara was first married to Ralph Wakefield, divorced, then married Uncle Jim. Many years after Uncle Jim died, she remarried Ralph Wakefield.

Clara May Cushing Wakefield, Payne, Wakefield was born June 28, 1906 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of John and Eleanor Gaston Cushing. Clara was divorced from Ralph Wakefield and married James Clarence Payne on 25 August, 1928 in Oklahoma. She had a daughter Dorothy Wakefield, then she had 3 more children by James Payne. 1. Jimmy Payne 2. Bobby Payne 3. Betty Payne. She raised 4 children during the war years. She was proud of her contribution to the War Effort as she assembled planes used in World War II. She worked for Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, California between 1942 and 1948. Clara was mechanically inclined from childhood and often helping male family members repair their engines. She retired from Grayson Heat [making Robert Shaw Thermostatic Controls] after 27 years of service. Before moving to Hawthorne, Nevada, where her daughter Dorothy Larson was located. Clara was an active member of the Church of latter day Saints, also known as LDS or Mormons, and of the Relief Society known also as Mormon Women Meeting. She was proceeded in death by her husbands James Clarence Payne and Ralph Wakefield, and by a son, Jimmie Payne, granddaughter, Linda Darlene Larson. Surviving Clara May are daughters Dorothy Larson of Hawthorne, Nevada, and Betty Randall of Modesto, California. son Bobby Payne of Fountain Valley, California, 10 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren.

Children by Ralph Wakefield:

1. Dorothy Wakefield [living] Children by James Payne:

1. Jimmie Payne b. 1 Apr 1931 d. 12 Nov 1973

2. Bobby Payne b. [Living]

3. Betty Payne b. [living]

2. Lena Elizabeth Payne b. 8 Oct 1905 Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark d. 18 Sep 1992 Springdale, Ark. married Walter Everett Holcomb b. 16 Apr 1899 Benton, Arkansas, d. 3 Oct 1972 Springdale, Ark. Son of Isaac Winchel Holcomb and Coldonia Nivens, both are buried Elm Springs Cem.

Religion was Methodist

Walter's Social Security No. 432-70-6481 was filed 2 Feb 1956 in Ark, he went by Evertt, he was a farmer.

Info on parents are from his Application in my possession.


1. Evertt Allen Holcomb married Geneva [Living]

2. Bonnie Jim Holcomb d. 2 Feb 2002 Springdale, Ark. buried Elm Springs Cem. married George Biazo


1. Harold Biazo [living]

2. Dennis Biazo [living]

3. Jerry Biazo [living]

3. Joseph Allen Payne b. 26 Feb 1908 Ark. d. 8 Aug 1998 Enisinida's San Diego, Calif. married Edith LaVerne Kelley d/o John Kelly, she d. 25 Jan 2001 San Diego, California


1. Paula Payne {Living}

4. Frances Mary Payne b. 16 Jun 1911 Ark d. 22 Feb 1982 Springdale, Ark. married Lawrence "Gilbert" Kelley [cousin to Edith] b. 8 Feb 1909 Kennard, Nebraska, d. 27 Feb 1982 Springdale, Ark. Son of Charles E Kelley and Serah Rebecca Fair, both are buried Elm Springs Cem.

Gilbert's Social Security No. 429-46-7195 was filed 25 Apr 1945 Ark at age 36, parents info and place of birth came from this application in my possession.


1. Joe Kelley [living]

2. Steve Kelley [living]

3. daughter Kelley [living]

4. son Kelley [living]

5. Ruth Belle Payne b. 21 Apr 1917 Lincoln Co, Ark. d. 13 Jun 1987 Show Low, Arz. married William Edward Holland b. 24 Mar 1906 d. 14 Apr 1991 Show Low, Arz.


1. Mary Lou Holland [living]

2. Eddie Payne Holland [living]

6. **Sibyl Rae Payne [Living] [my mother, if anyone would like info, please contact me and I will get her permission to do it]

3. John Harvey Payne b. 28 Mar 1879 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, Ark. d. 19 Mar 1943 Fresno, Calif. buried Belmont Cem, Fresno, Calif.

Mote: Family Lore has it that he never married, but took care of a boy child in a hospital until his death. It is said that he was the one that found his father in the fig orchard, he had been killed by blows to the head. He supposedly lived on the farm until the lawyer returned and won the property from him. The family has always believed the lawyer killed John F. Payne. On John Harvey's Death Certificate it says he had been in Fresno 18 years at the time of his death. He had always worked as a night Watchman. On His Death Certificate it also says he was married to someone named Esther. His sister Eunice Payne Chambers is the one that filled out his death certificate.

Social Security Number: 564-01-4674 filed 15 Dec 1936 in Calif.

Address: Route 1 - Box 514K, Fresno, Calif. Worked at Rosenberg Brost Co. San Francisco, Calif.

4. Frances Louella Payne b. 18 May 1881 Ark. d. 7 Apr 1958 Texas, she married Malon Ingram Flowers, s/o Andrew Flowers & Martha Thornburgh, He was b. 3 Mar 1851 East Bethlehem Twp, Northampton Co, PA d. 31 July 1933 Texas.


1. William M. Flowers b. 1 Dec 1902 Guadalupe, Tx d. 3 Oct 1984 in Guadalupe, Tx, married Alene Griffin b. 5 May 1912 d. 15 Aug 1999

2. Leo Fay Flowers b. 14 Sep 1904 d. 16 june 1927 Saturn, Waelder, Tx, buried 17 june 1927 Waelder Cem. Tx. [I have copy of remembrence card]

3. Martha Hazel Flowers b. 26 Mar 1907 d. 5 Feb 1995 she married Clarence Moore


1. Clarence Moore

2. Glenn Moore

3. Fennon Moore

4. Dale Moore

4. Earl Flowers b. 7 Sep 1909 d. May 1976 Tx married Earlene


1. Fay Flowers

2. Gail Flowers

5. Ruby Flowers b. 4 June 1912 d. 1999 married Buddy Anderson


1. Loretta Anderson married Hennard

6. Frances Flowers b. 13 Apr 1916 d. 28 July 2000, Gonzales, Tx married [1] Louis Hohensee b. 19 Mar 1912 d. Jun 1982 Gonzales, Tx [2] Wesley Dean 28 Oct 1966 Bexar, Tx

Children by Buddy Anderson

1. Kay Hohensee married a Payne

2. Linda Hohensee

7. Leona Flowers b. 2 Sep 1918 married [1] Johnny Bost [2] Guy Gear 5 Mar 1971 Guadalupe, Tx b. 7 Jun 1907 d. 20 Apr 1988 San Antonio, Bexar, Tx

Children by Johnny Bost: 2. Carol Bost

8. Archie Ingram Flowers b. 26 Dec 1920 d. 18 Feb 1998 Brazos, Tx married [1] Rosemary Hall b. 13 June 1922 d. 5 Dec 1993 Brazos, Tx [2] Erna K. Ellerman 3 Sep 1994 Brazos, Tx

Child by Rosemary Hall:

1. Suzanne Flowers married an Arnold

Social Security No: for Archie Flowers 460-18-8074 For Rosemary Hall 465-74-4596

5. Eunice Maude Payne b. 17 May 1887 Morrow, Ark d. 4 Jan 1964 MT. Hope, Sedwick Co, KS married Ernest Paul Chambers 11 Dec 1910 Maysville, Ark, s/o Robert Oliver Chambers [Dr]& Samnthia Campbell, He was b. 31 Aug 1887 Centerton, Benton Co, Ark d. 27 Mar 1959 Mr. Hope, Sedwick Co, KS, They had one child: Gerald Raymond Chambers b. 8 Aug 1914 Southwest City, Missouri died in Cheyenne, Wyoming. married Jessica, they have a duaghter named Susan [living]

HOPE CLARION, SEDGWICK COUNTY, KANSAS PAGE 1 THURSDAY, JANUARY 9 1964 EUNICE CHAMBERS DIED SATURDAY Mrs. Ernest P. Chambers, 76, died Saturday at Halstead Hospital. She had been a patient there one week. Born May 17, 1887, in Morrow, Ark., she married Ernest P. Chambers in 1910 Maysville, Ark. She lived in the Mt. Hope community since 1911. She was a member of the Federated Church of Mt. Hope, American Legion Auxillary and Royal Neighbors. She is survived by a son, Gerald, Cheyenne, Wyo: and a granddaughter, Susan. Funeral services for Mrs. Chambers were at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Wulf Mortuary with Rev. Boyd E. Bonebrake officiating. Burial was in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Note: Earnest had 1/2 brothers: Dr. Will Chambers Edward Chambers, Jim Dalton, Rex Dalton, and Kate Dalton Loux

Burial was March 30, 1959 Wulf Mortuary, Rev. Eldon Smoot, Mt Hope Cemetery; 1921 Garage business, operated for 24 yrs retiring in 1945. He lived 1912 in Southwest City, MO until 1916 moved back to Mt Hope, KS

6. William Hugh Payne b. 23 Sep 1885 Morrow, Ark d. 8 Mar 1961 Englewood, Los Angeles County, Calif. It is said he married very late in life to his housekeeper who took care of him for many years.

He entered into rest March 13, 1961 at Inglewood Park Cemetery, officiating Dr. Hugh Morgan

WESTERN UNION TELEGRAM KA004 SPD111 SSF433 K WZA724 1961 MAR 8 AM 7CF09 [OSFA022] RX DH DUPLICATE OF TELEGRAM DELIVERED FROM WICHITA SAN FRANCISCO CALIF 7= Mrs. Eunice Maude Chambers. Try phone IMMY= try phone CARE E P Chambers Mount Hope Kans= Regret to inform you that your brother William Hugh Payne expired this evening at Southern Pacific Hospital San Francisco. Please wire disposition of remains and permission for autopsy if agreeable to you= Dr. Vance strange Southern Pacific Hospital 1400 Fell St San Francisco Calif.

Addresses of People attending funeral William H. Payne March 13, 1961 Relatives: Roy & Clem Crozier--2049 Alpha Avenue, South Pasadena, Calif. Mr. & Mrs. G. S. Simpson--717 Carhart Fullerton, Calif. Mr. & Mrs. Allen Payne--1536 Riverside Drive, Fullerton, Calif. [my uncle] Mrs. Mary Payne--188&1/2 South Euclid Avenue, Upland, Calif. [grandma] Gerald R. Chambers--3454 Dover Road, Cheyenne, Wyoming Friends and Neighbors: Mrs. Rose Reagan--438 West 93rd Street Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Bernice Esteban--451 West 93rd STreet Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Edgar J. Crammer--443 West 93rd Street Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Louise Borra--428 West 93rd Street los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Ellea M. Birnie--431 West 93rd Street Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Katherine Royston--440 West 93rd Street Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Mary E. Touraine--146 South Menlo Avenue, Los Angeles, Caif.

Hugh was retired from working for railroad.

7. Fred Payne b. Ark

Descendant of Alexander Campbell, Samanthia Campbell Chambers Line: Sent to my by Billy Hightower July 5, 2004 email. Much appreciated:

Alexander Campbell b. 4 May 1821 Grainger Co, TN d. 9 Nov 1886 Benton Co, Ark. married Caroline Mariah Unknown b. 16 May 1826 TN d. 26 Nov 1908 Benton Co, Ark.


1. Gordon N. Campbell b. 1849 married nancy E. Courtnay

2. *Samantha J. Campbell b. Apr 1856 MO. d. 1924 Benton Co, Ark. married Robert F. [I have Oliver] Chambers


1. Walter Chambers b. July 1884 Ark. d. 1935 Benton Co, Ark.

2. Arthur Chambers b. Aug. 1887 Ark. d. 1947 Benton Co, Ark.

3. *Ernest Paul Chambers b. 31 Aug 1887 Centerton, Benton Co, Ark. d. 27 Mar 1959 Mt. Hope, Sedgwick Co, KS [Family Info above]

Second Husband of Samantha J. Campbell: James R. Dalton b. May 1827 South Carolina d. 1914 Benton co. Ark.


1. James B. Dalton b. June 1892 Ark.

2. kate Dalton b. Feb 1895 Ark

3. Rex R. Dalton b. Nov 1897 Ark

3. James Wallace Campbell b. Sep 1857 Dade Co, MO d. 1920 Blackwell, Nolan Co, Texas married Martha Draden Rush b. 4 Mar 1857 Carroll Co, Ark d. 15 Dec 1947 Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas


1. Ed Campbell

2. Charles Ira Campbell b. 1 Jan 1875 Springfield, Green Co, MO d. 23 Jan 1959 Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas married Louise Williams, she had a child: Jimmy Williams

4. Emma Carrie Campbell b. 4 Nov 1879 Texas d. 11 Nov 1917 Collin Co, Texas married William Henry Putman b. 4 Mar 1871 Tn d. 20 Jan 1944 Tioga, Grayson Co, Texas


1. Lilliam Beulah Putman b. 10 May 1901 Collin Co, Tx d. 19 Mar 1973 Amarillo, Potter Co, Tx married William Solomon Barrow Sr. b. 21 Sep 1884 Copeville, Collin Co, Tx d. 22 Oct 1966 Balhart, Dallam Co, Tx

2. Troy Putman b. Jan 1903 Copeville, Collin Co, Tx d. 23 Sep 1907 Copeville, Collin Co, Tx

3. Charles Lloyd Putman b. 6 Jan 1905 Collin Co, Tx d. 21 May 1921 Dallas, Dallas Co, Tx

4. William Aubra Putman b. 25 Sep 1908 Farmersville, Collin Co, Tx d. 13 Aug 1981 Norman, Cleveland Co, OK. married Elsie Marie [Pete] Putman b. 9 Nov 1912 d. 4 Apr 1987

5. Woodrow "Woody" Putman b. 25 Apr 1913 Copeville, Collin Co, Tx d. 24 July 1989 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, OK married Genevie Wiggly

6. Infant Daughter Putman b. 11 Nov 1917 Copeville Collin Co, Tx d. 11 Nov 1917 Copeville, Collin Co. Tx

5. Arvel Lee Campbell "Rip" b. 1 July 1886 Copeville, Collin Co, Tx d. 18 Jun 1955 Wylie, Collin Co, Tx married Hester Maloney Dickerson b. 9 Jun 1888 Campbell, Dunklin Co, MO d. 30 May 1975 Wylie, Collin Co, Tx


1. James Audie Campbell b. 4 Sep 1908 d. 20 Oct 1988 Collin Co, Tx married Annie Lee Webb b. 27 Apr 1908 Caddo Mills, Hunt Co, Tx

2. Ira Edgar Campbell b. 9 Nov 1910 Campbell, Dunklin Co, MO d. 2 Dec 1995 Wylie, Collin Co, Tx married Laura Edith Hicks b. 26 Feb 1910 Wylie, Collin Co, Tx

3. Ina Mae Campbell b. 19 Apr 1913 Greenville, Hunt Co, Tx married Gilbert Edward Maynard b. 1912 d. 1968

4. Paul Leon Campbell b. 10 Jun 1915 Greenville, Hunt Co, Tx d. 28 July 2003 Garland , Dallas Co, Tx married Nannie Dell Deen b. 10 Aug 1924 d. 12 Oct 1997 Whitesboro, Grayson Co, Tx [2] Mary Elizabeth Edna Woodard b. 10 Aug 1915 d. 13 Dec 1986 Dalls, Dallas Co, Tx [3] Martha Elizabeth Stanford b. 1 Oct 1917 Farmersville, Collin Co, Tx d. 9 Jan 2002 Wylie Collin Co, Tx

5. Edna Elta Campbell b. 28 Mar 1919 Bryan Co, OK married T. J. Henderson

6. Jesse C. Campbell b. 9 Sep 1922 Campbell, Hunt Co, Tx married Martha Irene Luellan b. 6 June 1923 Wylie, Collin Co, Tx

7. Earl Vernon Campbell b. 26 Jan 1925 Blackwell, Nolan Co, Tx married Della Jessie McCullogh b. 1 Oct 1925 TN

6. Lenna Esther Campbell b. 9 feb 1891 Copeville, Collin Co. Tx married William Garland Smith b. 14 Oct 1886 Scottsville, Kentucky d. 18 sep 1942 Greenville, Hunt Co, Tx

4. Thomas G. Campbell b. Nov 1859 MO married Eliabeth b. June 1961 Indiana


1. Claude B. Campbell b. Oct 1884 MO

2. Naud M. Campbell b. Feb 1887 KS

3. Neal W. Campbell b. Oct 1890 Ark

4. George F. Campbell b. Jun 1893 Ark

5. Nellie F. Campbell b. Apr 1895 MO

6. Raymound F. Campbell b. Apr 1897 MO

5. Sarah Ella Campbell b. Feb 1862 MO d. 3 Nov 1933 Wichita Co. Tx married John A. Lipe b. Sep 1852 North Carolina d. 1924 Clay Co, Tx


1. Kate Lipe b. Aug 1882 MO married J. W. Anderson

2. Charles E. Lipe b. 18 Jan 1883 Tx d. 29 Jan 1976 Bellevue, Clay Co, Tx married Ada Faust

3. Infant Lipe b. 1 Feb 1888 Copeville, Collin Co, Tx d. 21 Feb 1888 Copeville, Collin Co, Tx

4. Ollie Lipe b. 18 July 1892 Tx d. 20 Jan 1989 Henrietta, Clay Co, Tx married George Marcus Anderson b. 1 Apr 1889 Paragould, Green Co, Ark d. 1 Jun 1953 Buffalo Springs, Clay Co, Tx

5. Grace M. Lipe b. 14 Jan 1895 Tx d. 19 Apr 1992 Henrietta, Clay Co, Tx married Burton Elbert Gill b. 11 Oct 1891 d. Oct 1975 Bellevue, Clay Co, Tx

6. Paul Lipe b. 21 Jun 1900 Tx d. 2 Jan 1966 Kamay, Wichita Co, Tx married Katy Marie Parvin


1. Betty Maxine Lipe b. 2 Jun 1930 Clay Co, Tx

2. Bobby Ray Lipe b. 18 Aug 1938 Clay Co,Tx

3. Paula K. Lipe b. 11 Feb 1944

7. Augusta Lipe b. 26 Mar 1879 Ark. d. Jan 1976 Bellevue, Clay Co, Tx married Thomas M. Faulkner


1. Marie Faulkner b. abt 1899

2. Tommie M. Faulkner b. abt 1901

3. Kate Faulkner b. abt 1904

4. Clint Faulkner b. abt 1906

6. William Campbell b. abt 1865 MO

7. Matthew Elmer Campbell b. 24 Oct 1868 Greenfield, Dade Co, MO d. 15 Oct 1948 Abilene, Taylor Co, Tx married Melvia Poteet b. 10 Mar 1870 d. 2 Jun 1963 Abilene, Taylor Co, Tx


1. James Percy Campbell b. 18 Jun 1891 Collin Co, Tx d. 1 Nov 1891 Collin Co, Tx

2. Elta Campbell b. 12 Oct 1892 Copeville, Collin Co. Tx d. 8 May 1966 Abilene, Taylor Co, Tx married Wiley Elmo Roberts b. 24 Dec 1888 d. Jul 1915 Big Springs Howard Co, Tx

3. Willie Beabtrice Campbell b. 30 Jul 1894 Copeville, Collin Co, Tx d. 30 Oct 1934 Abilene, Taylor Co, Tx.

8. Augusta Campbell b. abt 1879 Ark.


MAHLON INGRAM FLOWERS LINE: [WOULD LIKE INFO ON THIS LINE, I HAVE IT ON THE THORNBURGH LINE] ANDREW J. FLOWERS b. abt 1828 Pa. m. Martha Ann Thornburgh about 1850 in Pa. She was born abt 1832 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, PA, she was the daughter of Mahlon Thornburgh b. abt 1805 East Bethelehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa.

Children are:

1. Mahlon Ingram Flowers b. abt 1852 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa. m. Frances Louella Payne above

2. Bertha Flowers b. abt 1855 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa.

1880 census for Rock Valley, Sioux, Iowa Roll: T9-364; Family History Film 1254364 Page 152B Enumerated District 193 Image: 0556 Andrew J. Flowers 52 Carpenter parents b. Pa & MD Martha Mahlon I Bertha MARTHA ANN THORNBURGH'S LINE: Mahlon Thronburgh b. abt 1805 East Bethelehm Twp, Washington Co, Pa. d. 2 Mar 1876 California Boro. Washington Co, Pa. Will: 24 Feb 1876 Probate: 20 Mar 1876 He was a grocer. He was the son of Benjamin Thornburgh & Sara, [1]Do not know who he married [2] Mary Frances b. abt 1828 Pa. m. abt 1852

Children are all born in East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa.

1. Isaac Thornburgh b. 1826

2. Sarah Thornburgh b. 1828

3. Mary Jane Thornburgh b. 1830

4. Martha Ann Thornburgh b. 1832 m. Andrew J. Flowers above

5. Betha Thornburgh b. 1834

6. Belilah Thornburgh b. 1837

Children by Mary Frances:

1. Arabella Florence "Bell" Thornburgh b. 1853

2. Georgia N. Thornburgh b. 1857

3. Robert Clark Thornburgh b. 1860 [all births on all children estimated]

BENJAMIN THORNBURGH b. abt 1776 Berkeley Co, Va [WV], d. Feb 1862 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa. Will: 12 Nov 1853 Washington Co, Pa, Probated 3 mar 1862., son of Abraham Thornburgh & Albanah A. Dodd, he married Sarah Unknown, she was b. abt 1777 Pa.

Children are All Born in East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa.

1. Rachel Thornburgh b. 1796 d. bef Jun 1880 West Brownsville Boro, Washington Co, Pa. Will: 8 Apr 1878 Probate 12 Jul 1880. m. John Wilkins about 1815 in Washington Co, Pa. He was a ship carpenter, he was b. abt 1792 Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co, NJ d. aft 1880 California Boro, Washington Co, Pa.

Children all born in Washington Co, Pa.

1. Sarah Wilkins b. 1820

2. William Wilkins b. 1822

3. Rachel M. Wilkins b. 1826

4. Priscilla Wilkins b. 1834

5. Elizabeth Wilkins b. 1835

6. Joseph S. Wilkins b. 1837

7. Amanda Wilkins b. 1840

2. John Thornburgh b. 7 Jun 1803 d. 26 Sep 1879 Liberty Twp, Highland Co, OH. buried 28 Sep 1879 Hillsboro Cem. married Hannah Unknown about 1825 Washington Co, Pa, she was b. 27 Jan 1802 Pa. d. 20 Feb 1884 buried Hillsboro Cem.

Children are:

1. Caleb A. Thornburgh b. 15 Jun 1832 Washington Co, Pa.

2. Albanus W. Thornburgh b. Jan 1838 Fayette Co, Pa

3. Angeline C. "Angie" Thornburgh b. 26 Aug 1840 Bridgeport Twp, Fayette Co, Pa.

4. Sarah E. Thornburgh b. Feb 1843 Bridgeport Twp, Fayette Co, Pa

5. F. Marion Thornburgh b. 1848 Liberty Twp, Highland Co, OH

3. Mahlon Thornburgh [above]

4. Abraham Thornburgh b. 1807 d. aft 1880 Liberty Twp, Highland Co, OH married Rosanna Gore abt 1831 Washington Co, Pa, she was born abt 1813 in MD d. abt 1880 OH.

Children are:

1. Samuel Thornburgh b. 1832 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa

2. John Thornburgh b. 1837 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa

3. Sarah Ann Thornburgh b. 11 Oct 1839 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa

4. Malinda Thornburgh b. 1842 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa

5. Rachel Thornburgh b. 1843 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa

6. Mary Ann Thornburgh 1845 Liberty Twp, Highland Co, OH

7. Judda Ellen Thornburgh b. Nov 1846 Liberty Twp Highland Co, OH

8. William H. Thornburgh b. May 1849 liberty twp Highland co, OH

9. Mariah Thornburgh b. 1852 Liberty Twp, Highland Co, OH

5. Benjamin Thornburgh b. 5 Dec 1817 d. aft 1880 married abt 1837 Elizabeth McDonald b. 3 Jun 1820 Pa, d. aft 1870.

Children are born in East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa.

1. Leroy Woods Thornburgh b. 1 Jan 1839

2. Hannah Thornburgh b. 26 Nov 1841

3. Rachel Thornburgh b. 30 Jan 1844

4. James W. Thornburgh b. 25 Mar 1846

5. John William Thornburgh b. 11 Aug 1848

6. Mary Matilda Thornburgh b. 25 Feb 1851

7. Aaron Wilson Thornburgh b. 13 Jun 1853

8. Riley Webster Thornburgh b. 9 Mar 1856

9. Sarah E. Thornburgh b. 1860

ABRAHAM THORNBURGH b. 1754 Berkeley Co, Va [WV], son of Benjamin Eli Thornburgh & Charity Beeson, His Will: 17 Feb 1831 Washington Co, PA probated: 2 Mar 1831, married Albanah A. Dodd on 10 Jan 1776 Middle Creek MM, Berkeley Co, VA [WV], she was b. 24 Aug 1757 Frederick Co, VA d. aft 1840 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, Pa., daughter of Edward Dodd & Mary Massey

Children are:

1. Benjamin Thornburgh [above]

2. Edward Thornburgh b. 1778 VA? married Susannah Hedges abt 1801, she was b. abt 1780 West Bethlehem twp, Washington Co, Pa, daughter of Absalom Hedges b. 1743 Fredericks Co, MD d. 24 Jul 1841 MD, & Ealse Craig b. 1752 Fredericks Co, MD d. 24 July 1828

Children are:

1. Benjamin Thornburgh b. 1803 Pa

2. Absolom Thornburgh

3. Edward Thornburgh b. 1806 OH

4. James Thornburgh b. 1811 Guernsey Co, OH

5. Eleanor Thornburgh b. 1812 Guernsey Co, OH

6. Abraham Thornburgh b. Mar 1812 Guernsey Co, OH

7. Elizabeth Thornburgh b. 1817 Guernsey Co, OH

BENJAMIN ELI THORNBURGH b. 1730 Lancaster Co, Pa, d. 22 Jan 1795 Martinsburg, Berkeley Co, VA,[WV] was a Quaker, son of Thomas Amos Thornburgh & Sarah May Hamman, married [1]Charity Beeson abt 1748 in Hopewell MM Frederick Co, VA, she was b. 1731 d. bef Oct 1759 Berkeley Co, VA [2] Mary Brooks 22 Oct 1759 Hopewell MM, Frederick Co, VA, she was b. 1738 Thornburg, Spotsylvania Co, VA d. 1774 Berkeley Co, VA, daughter of Matthew Brooks & Elizabeth Warren [3] Sarah Hutton, married 5 Oct 1774 Middle Creek MM, Berkeley Co, VA, divorced 8 May 1786 Middle Creek, Berkeley Co, VA, she was b. 1750 d. 1795, her will was probated 23 Sep 1795.

RICHARD BEESON B. 1711 Chester Co, Pa d. 1 Nov 1748 Frederick Co, VA Will: 3 Aug 1748 married Ann Brown 15 Oct 1730 East Nottingham MM, Cecil Co, MD, she was b. 28 May 1711 Chester Co, Pa d. aft 1748. Charity is the only child known of so far:

His father: RICHARD BEESON B. Oct 1684 Pa d. 1 Jan 1777 Guilford Co, NC married Charity Grubb 24 Oct 1706 Chester Co, Pa, she was b. 29 Sep 1687 New Castle Co, DE d. 22 Nov 1761 Guilford Co, NC, Children were:

1. Richard Beeson [above]

2. Benjamin Beeson b. 14 Jan 1714 Chester Co, Pa d. 14 Jun 1794 Guilford Co, NC m. Elizabeth Hunter 14 Jun 1738 Frederick Co, MD b. 14 Jan 1714 d. 1794 NC, had:

1. Isaac Beeson b. 1740 Frederick Co, MD d. 21 Sep 1811 Randolph Co, NC m. Isabel Parson 26 Nov 1757 New Garden MM Guilford Co, NC, she was b. 30 Dec 1740 Guilford Co, NC d. 14 Dec 1792 Randolph Co, NC

Children are:

1. Benjamin Beeson b. 21 Jan 1764 Guilford Co, NC

2. Isaac Beeson b. 30 Jan 1765 Randolph Co, NC

3. William Beeson b. 30 Jan 1722 West Nottingham, Chester co, Pa d. 18 Dec 1760 Deep River, Rowan Co, NC m. Mary Mills abt 1740 Hopewell MM, Frederick Co, VA, she was b. 29 Mar 1724 MD d. aft 1760, daughter of John Mills b. 1688 & Rebecca b. 1690

Children are:

1. William Beeson b. 16 jul 1741 Rowan Co, NC

2. Welmet Beeson b. 11 Dec 1742 Rowan Co, NC

3. Rachel Beeson b. 20 Sep 1744 Rowan Co, NC

4. Charity Beeson b. 5 May 1746 Rowan Co, NC

5. Hannah Beeson b. 16 Jan 1749 Rowan Co, NC

6. Phebe Beeson b. 16 Jan 1750 Rowan Co, NC

7. Richard Beeson b. 5 Oct 1751 Rowan Co, NC

8. Thomas Beeson b. 9 Nov 1753 Rowan Co, NC

9. Mary Beeson b. 9 Nov 1753 Rowan Co, NC

10. John Beeson b. 9 Jan 1755 Rowan Co, NC

11. Amasa Beeson b. 10 Nov 1757 Rowan Co, NC

12. Joseph Beeson b. 9 Sep 1758 Rowan Co, NC

Children by Charity Beeson are:

1. Ann Thornburgh b. 1751 Berkely Co, VA m. 1773 Samuel Pounds b. 1750

2. Abraham Thornburgh [above]

3. Sarah Thornburgh b. 1757 Berkeley Co, VA d. 20 Aug 1818 New Vienna, Green Twp, Clinton Co, OH, married Nehemiah Ellis 10 Aug 1774 Middle Creek MM, Berkeley Co, VA, he was b. 23 Nov 1752 Berks Co, Pa, d. 31 Jul 1822 New Vienna, Green Twp, Clinton Co, OH, Quaker by religion, son of Mordecai Ellis b. 23 sep 1723 Oley Twp, Berks Co, Pa d. 2 May 1794 Berkeley Co, VA & Mary Hutton b. 1729 Berks Co, PA d. abt 1773, they married 29 Nov 1749 Maiden Creek MM Berks Co, PA

Children are:

1. Jehu Ellis b. 24 Apr 1775 Martinsburg, Berkeley Co, VA

2. Mary Elizabeth Ellis b. 1777 Martinsburg, Berkeley Co, Va

3. Charity Ellis [above]

4. Sarah Ellis b. 1781 Martinsburg, Berkeley Co, VA

5. Robert Ellis b. 25 Sep 1794 Lost Creek, Jefferson Co, TN

MATTHEW BROOKS b. 1711 Spotsylvania Co, VA d. 4 Mar 1755 Winchester, Frederick Co, Va. He was a cooper, married Elizabeth Warren abt 1735 VA, she was b. 1712 Spotsylvania Co, VA d. Feb 1760 Frederick Co, VA Will: 12 Dec 1759 Probated: 6 Feb 1760.

Siblings of Mary Brooks are:

1. Joel Brooks b. 1736 Thornburg, Spotsylvania, VA

2. David Brooks b. 19 Apr 1737 Thornburg, Spotsylvania, VA

3. Mary Brooks [above]

4. William Brooks 1740 Thornburg, VA

5. Daniel Brooks 1742 " "

6. Matthew Brooks 1744 " "

7. James Brooks 1746 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

8. Thomas Brooks 1748 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

9. Jesse Brooks 1750 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

10. Judith Brooks b. 1752 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

ELIZABETH WARREN'S FATHER: THOMAS WARREN B. 1682 Occupacia, Old Rappahannock Co, VA d. 13 Apr 1749 St. Anne Parish, Spotsylvania Co, VA, he was a planter, he married 1703 Essex Co, VA Mary Elizabeth Hackley b. 1684 Old Rappahannock Co, VA

Children are:

1. Rachel Warren b. 1705 Spotsylvania Co, VA

2. Thomas Warren b. 1710 Spotsylvania Co, VA

3. Elizabeth Warren [above]

4. Mary Warren b. 1717 Spotsylvania Co, VA

5. Rosanna Roxanna Warren b. 1719 Spotsylvania Co, VA

6. Hackley Warren b. 1720 Spotsylvania Co, VA

7. Lancelot Warren b. 1725 Spotsylvania Co, VA

Children by Mary Brooks are:

1. Judith Thornburgh b. 3 Oct 1760 Frederick Co, VA d. 23 Apr 1843 Paintersville, Caesars Creek Twp, Greene Co, OH, m. David Faulkner 4 Mar 1778 Middle Creek MM Berkeley Co, vA, he was b. 26 Jun 1749 Warrington, Bucks Co, Pa. d. 30 Jan 1821 Caesars Creek Twp, Greene Co, OH, son of Jesse Faulkner b. 1718 Bethlehem Twp, Northampton Co, Pa & Martha Smith b. 1722 Monallen, York County, Pa.

Children are: 2. Jesse Faulkner b. 24 Apr 1785 "

3. Phebe Faulkner b. 1787 "

4. Thomas Faulkner b. 1788 "

5. Mary Faulkner b. 25 Feb 1795 "

6. Judith Faulkner b. 1797 "

7. Solomon Faulkner b. 25 Mar 1799 "

2. Elizabeth Thornburgh b. 1762 Frederick Co, VA married Thomas Barrett 4 Dec 1783 Hopewell MM, Frederick Co, VA, son of Benjamin Barrett b. 14 May 1726 Chester Co, Pa, d. Aug 1778 Frederick Co, VA & Eleanor Rogers b. 3 Dec 1735 VA d. aft Nov 1794, Thomas was b. 11 Oct 1757 Whitehall, Frederick Co, VA d. 1834

Children are:

1. Richard Barrett b. 2 Sep 1784 Frederick Co, VA

2. Amos Barrett b. 14 Sep 1786 Frederick Co, VA

3. Mary Barrett b. 1787 Frederick Co, Va

3. Charity Thornburgh b. 1763 Frederick Co, VA married Owen Long 3 May 1779 Hopewell MM Frederick Co, VA, Owen was b. 1727 d. 1785, Owen was first married to Lydia George 27 Oct 1757 Robeson MM Berks Co, Pa, she was b. 1740 d. bef 1779, Charity m. [2] a Hatfield

4. Benjamin Thornburgh b. 1764 Frederick Co, VA d. 1835 Lost Creek, Jefferson Co, TN [He was Justice of the peace in Jefferson Co, TN], he married Sarah Frances Hayes abt July 1787 Greene Co, Franklin, TN, she was b. 1767 Frederick Co, VA d. Aft 1750

Children are:

1. Ai "Aily" Thornburgh b. 7 Oct 1793 New Market, Jefferson Co, TN

2. John Thornburgh b. 10 Sep 1795 New Market, Jefferson Co, TN

3. Nimrod Thornburgh b. 1796 New Market, Jefferson Co, TN

4. Samuel Thornburgh b. 1 May 1798 New Market, Jefferson Co TN

5. Aly "Kitty" Thornburgh b. 1799 New Market, Jefferson Co, TN

6. Nancy Anne Thornburgh b. 1800 New Market, Jefferson Co, TN

7. Mary Polly Thornburgh b. 1804 New Market, Jefferson Co, TN

5. Joel Thornburgh b. 1765 Frederick Co, VA

6. Phebe Thornburgh b. 5 Dec 1767 Frederick Co, VA d. 21 Sep 1842 Union Twp, Clinton Co, OH Will 20 Jul 1840 Clinton, OH m. Robert Eachus 20 Nov 1788 Hopewell MM, Frederick Co, VA, he was b. 23 Nov 1762 Chester Co, Pa d. 24 Mar 1829 Union Twp, Clinton Co, OH Will 11 Mar 1829 Clinton Co, OH, Son of Robert Eachus b. 1724 Chester Co, Pa he was a storkeeper & Mary Griffith b. 1731 d. 3 Apr 1801

Children are:

1. Mary Eachus b. 1789 Berkeley Co, VA

2. Elizabeth Betsy Eachus b. 1798 Berkeley Co, VA

3. John Eachus b. 1802 Berkeley Co, VA

4. Juliana Eachus b. 1804 Waren Clinton Co, OH

5. David F. Eachus b. 5 Dec 1806 Warren, Clinton Co, OH

7. Amos Thornburgh b. 13 Aug 1770 Frederick Co, VA d. 13 Apr 1847 Clay Co, ILL Baptist in religion, married Rachel Harbison 16 Jun 1794 Mercer Co, KY, b. 29 May 1775 Botetourt Co, VA d. 28 Jan 1849 Salem, Washington Co, IN, daughter of John Harbison b. 1747 Chester Co, PA d. 2 Mar 1787 Mercer Co, KY m Ann Lucas 1 May 1765 Augusta Co, VA, she was b. 1747 VA

lived 1800 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, KY 1830 Salem, Washington Co, Ind.

Hi Leanne and cousins,

I have found the grave of Amos Thornburg, father of Richard Hope Thornburg, today in Xenia, Ill. I found the 240 acres of land that Richard sold in 1863, after he was living in Marion Co, Iowa. Richard married Martha Polson back in Ind. before they came to ILL. Some of their kids were born in ILL one in MO, and the rest in Iowa. Looking at the census you found for 1880 in Marion Co, Iowa it looks like Richard may have gone up to Iowa and settled near his Polson inlaws. Richard Thornburg and Martha Polson's daughter, Mary Ann Thornburg married William Wallace in Marion Co, IA The Mary Vernon in the census was living next door to Charles H Polson with the Henderson Polson family further away. Charles H and Henderson Plson were uncles of Mary [Wallace] Vernon, but Mary Wallace Vernon was born abt 1813 and the Mary Vernon in the 1880 census was born abt 1831. Perhaps this is Mary Wallace Vernon's daughter-in-law?? Well if anyone can follow that little recitation, then more power to you. Oh, yes- one more thing: I'm thinking that there is no "William Wallace Thornburg" as a son of Richard Hope Thornburg, He is listed in an obituary which is probably the source of his existence. I think the obit meant to say Richard Hope Thornburg had a child, "Mary Ann [Mrs. William Wallace]" and somehow it was printed "Mary Ann, William Wallace." and Thornburg children...



Children are:

1. Ann Thornburgh b. 1795 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, KY

2. Benjamin Thornburgh b. 25 Sep 1797 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, KY married Susan Monical in Ind, daughter of Peter Monical 1772 & Hannah Yates, she was b. abt 1796 VA or KY d. 1876 Ind

Children are:

1. Peter Fletcher Thornburgh b. 1825 Morgan Co, Ind

2. Rachel Thornburgh

3. Amos Thornburgh b. 27 Feb 1827

4. Ada Thornburgh

5. Mary Thornburgh


3. Nancy Polly Thornburgh b. 1805 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, KY

4. Asa Thornburgh b. 1808 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, KY

5. Elizabeth Betsy Thornburgh b. 1810 Salem Harrison Co, IN

6. Rachel Thornburgh b. 1812 Salem, Harrison Co, IN married James M Monical 28 Jan 1836 Washington Co, IND, son of Peter Monical b. abt 1772 Botetourt Co, VA & Hannah Yates b. abt 1777 Botetourt Co, VA, he was b. abt 1816 Washington Co, PA d. 1850 Clay, Richland District, Clay Co, ILL

Children are:

1. John W. Monical b. abt 1836 Morgan Co, Ind.

2. Peter Monical b. 8 Mar 1838 Morgan Co, Ind.

3. William Thomas Monical b. abt 1840 Clay Co, ILL

4. Amos J Monical b. abt 1842 Clay Co, ILL

5. Sarah E Monical b. abt 1845 Clay Co,ILL

6. James F. Monical b. abt 1847 Clay Co, ILL

7. Nancy J Monical b. abt 1848 Clay Co, ILL

8. Joseph H Monical b. 1851 Clay Co, ILL

9. Martha A Monical b. abt 1853 Clay Co, ILL


7. Richard Hope Thornburgh b. 13 Jan 1816 Salem, Harrison Co, IN d. 19 Oct 1897 pleasantville, Marion co, Iowa, buried Wheeling Cem married Martha Polson 13 Jul 1836 Harrison Co, [Washington] Ind, she was the daughter of John Thomas Polson b. 8 May 1797 Culpepper Co, VA and Zilla King b. 7 Jan 1797 louisa Co, VA, she was born 18 Sep 1818 Blue River Twp, Harrison Co, Ind d. 4 Jun 1906 Marion Co, Iowa, buried on the 6 Jun

Richard purchased 80 acres of farmland in 1861 in Marion Co, Iowa, Martha's family had purchased alot of land around the now non-existent, Wheeling.. Richard sold his land of 240 acres in 1863, listed in deed book for 1860-1870: From Donna Wendt's Journal: 10 sep 2002 Tuesday, Flora, Clay Co, ILL.

Children are:

1. Thomas Thornburgh b. 10 Dec 1838 Ind d. 3 Jan 1874 Marion Co, Iowa buried Wheeling Cem.

2. thomas P Thornburgh b. 1839 Harrison, Ind

3. Amos G Thornburgh b. 2 Jan 1841 Clay Co, ILL d. 13 jun 1863 davenport, Scott Co, Iowa

4. Mary Ann Thornburgh b. 31 Mar 1843 Harrison Co, Ind d. 25 Oct 1900 Wick, Warren Co, Iowa buried Wallace Cem

5. James W Thornburgh b. 1844 Clay Co, ILL

6. James Harbison Thornburgh b. 20 Jul 1845 Clay Co, ILL d. 29 Nov 1918 Ft Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, KS

7. Benjamin F Thornburgh b. 26 Aug 1847 Clay Co, ILL

8. Martha Elizabeth Thornburgh b. 16 Jul 1850 Clay co, ILL d. 16 Jun 1919 Knoxville, Marion Co, Iowa buried Wheeling Cem

9. Rachael Adeline "Sarah" Thornburgh b. 10 Oct 1852 Clay Co, ILL

10. Richard W. Thornburgh b. 11 May 1855 Clay Co, ILL

11. Nancy Jane Thornburgh b. 20 Jan 1858 Clay Co, ILL d. 2 Nov 1929 Pleasantville, Marion Co, Iowa buried 4 Nov Wheeling Cem

12. Sarah A Thornburgh b. 20 Apr 1861 Pleasantgrove, Marion Co, Iowa d. 2 Dec 1881 Marion Co, Iowa buried Lincoln Cem


JOHN HARBISON b. abt 1747 Chester Co, PA d. 2 Mar 1787 Mercer Co,KY married Ann Lucas 1 May 1765 Augusta Co, VA

John Harbison lived in the area of lincoln Co, that in 1786 became Mercer Co, and then in 1842 became Boyle Co.

John's middle name was Thomas according to C. Tom Johnson record in Ind. Ref: Cathy Hargreaves, 124 Larch, Saginaw MI 48602 in 1991. Book "Harbison History by gladys Boswell May, Danville, KY 1950 [14 pages] says John Harbison died 2 Mar 1787. His estate inventory was appraised & enterd into court at Mercer Co, KY on 22 May 1787. Book also states that John's widow, Ann, married William Baker on 21 Apr 1788 Lincoln Co, KY


Children are:

1. Elizabeth "Betsy" Harbison b. 18 Aug 1766 VA

2. Eleanor Harbison b. abt 1768 VA

3. Mary Harbison b. abt 1770 VA

4. Agnes "Nancy" Harbison b. 6 Apr 1772 VA

5. RACHEL HARBISON 29 May 1775 Botetourt Co, VA

6. John Harbison b. abt 1777

7. Ann Harbison b. abt 1779

8. James Harbison b. 17 Jun 1781 Lincoln Co, VA


8. Hannah Thornburgh b. 14 Nov 1772 Berkeley Co, VA d. 1 Dec 1857 Montzuma, Union Twp, Poweshick Co, IA married John Griffith 6 Nov 1794 Berkely Co, VA, he was b. 17 Oct 1770 Wales d. 23 Oct 1816 Cabell Co, VA, son of Harold Griffith

John Griffith emigrated to Virginia about 1793. He became heir to the Griffith Estate in Wales as his older brothers Bemjamine and James died without heirs. Info is from the Robert Larry Akin Site: Hannah came from a very active Quaker family that had been members of the Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Berkeley County, West Virginia. ..they were active members until her father and his thrid wife divorced over the issue of a "reputed child." The whole family literally disintegrated in a two-year period and all moved to other places. The Thornburg Genealogy says that Hannah's mother was Mary Brooks, Benjamin's second wife....In 1794, Hannah married John Griffith, and because he was not a Quaker, she was "read out of meeting" from the Hopewell Friends Meeting.

In 1800 John and Hannah sold their property in Berkeley Co, WV, John's lot and some lots which Hannah had inherited from her father. He purchased a farm in Cabell County in 1810. Apparently they purchased it from a man who was the County Clerk: There apparently was a court case, because Hannah received $400 from this man in settlement of her claim against him for selling property without clear title..... in 1820, she bought an 80-acre farm across the Ohio River in Lawrence Co, Ohio. She lived there until 1828. In 1829 Hannah gave Power of Attorney to her son, Benjamin Thornburg Griffith to sell her Lawrence Co., 1840 she moved to Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio, and was instrumental in helping start a Baptist [!] church there. In late 1856 Hannah moved to Mahaska County, Iowa to live with her son, Isaac Newton Griffith. At this time she was 84 years old. Six weeks later, she died. She is buried, along with Isaac Newton Griffith's first wife, Paulina, in Tilford Cemetery, Union Twp, Mahaska Co, Iowa. John and Hannah had ten children, two of whom died in infancy.

Children are:

1. Margaret Griffith b. 23 Aug 1795 Berkeley Co, VA married Daniel R. Neal on 10 Feb 1810 Cabell Co, WVA

2. Mary Ann Polly Griffith b. 5 May 1797 Berkeley Co, VA married Joseph Day 24 Jul 1817 Cabell Co, WVA

3. John L. Griffith b. 7 Apr 1799 Lowdown Co., VA d. 13 Aug 1886 Cass Twp, Dubois Co, Indiana and is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery. He married Mary Gwinn the 14th April 1819 in Cabell Co, VA, she was b. 18 Jan 1802 VA.

Children are:

1. William E Griffith b. 29 Feb 1820 Cabell Co, WV

2. John Griffith b. 1 Jan 1832 Clinton Co, OH

3. Eliza Griffith b. 1835 Clinton Co, OH

4. Anna Griffith b. Nov 1837 Windsor Twp, Lawrence Co, OH

5. Benjamin F. Griffith b. 10 Aug 1845 Windsor Twp, OH

4. Nancy Griffith b. 25 Sep 1801 Berkeley Co, VA d. aft 1880, she married Patrick Collins 8 Dec 1818 Lawrence Co, OH, he was b. abt 1797 VA Children are:

1. Sammson M. Collins b. 1833 OH

2. Mary A. Collins b. 1837 OH

3. Elizabeth Collins b. 1841 OH

5. Louisa Griffith b. 1803 Cabell Co, VA

6. Benjamin Thornburgh Griffith b. 25 Oct 1806 Cabell Co, VA d. 30 Aug 1849 Manchester, Montgomery Co, Indiana [Dearborn], married Susannah Faulkner 17 April 1825 Greene Co, OH

7. Daniel Griffith b. 1807 Cabell Co, VA

8. William Brooks Griffith b. 16 May 1809 Cabell Co, WVA d. 9 july 1888 Wilmington, Clinton Co, OH, He was a House Painter by trade and a chain maker, according to The Descendants of William and John Johnson, Colonial Friends of Virginia., William Brooks was a gambler. He left a sum of money with Isaac Newton Griffith for the education of his namesake, Isaac's oldest son, Benjamin Brooks Griffith, as a minister, but the money got used up and the education never happened. He married Elizabeth Bevan who was born about 1812 in OHio.

Children are:

1. Eliza E. Griffith b. 1839 OH

2. Francis Marion Griffith b. 1 Aug 1841 Wilmington, Clinton Co, OH

3. Samuel B. Griffith b. 1844 Wilmington, Clinton Co, OH

4. Priscilla Griffith b. Oct 1847 Wilmington, Clinton Co, OH

5. Lydia Griffith b. 26 Jul 1853 Wilmington, Clinton Co, OH

9. Isaac Newton Griffith b. 3 Mar 1813 Milton, Cabell Co, VA d. 10 Aug 1890 Court & 6th St., Carroll Co, Iowa, buried 12 Aug 1890 Carroll Cemetery. He married a local girl from a large dual-clan group of Quakers in Highland and Greene Counties, Ohio: her name was Paulina P. Johnson, 17 July 1834, daughter of Pleasant Johnson and his wife, Nancy Moorman. Paulina was Quaker and she too was thrown out of that church for marrying out of unity. [a non quaker] They were Methodist until 1862 when when he was booted out because he could not affirm that "the Union cause" was God's will. When he died, he professed membership in no church. But he kept the Quaker values. According to family legend, a wagon in which Paulina was riding tipped over in a rain-swollen creek. She apparently contracted pneumonia, if her symptoms were accurately described in the letter Richard Akins has in his possession, she died 30 Dec 1849. By this time, he had six small children. Isaac married second, Cordelia Lawrence by 1851. He died of Cancer in 1890 and Cordelia died in 1892.

Children by Paulina are:

1. Hannah Ann Griffith b. 29 Oct 1835 Jamestown, Greene Co, OH

2. Benjamin Brooks Griffith b. 1 Sep 1837 Jamestown, OH

3. John Harrison Griffith b. 22 Sep 1838 Jamestown, OH

4. Nancy Jane Griffith b. Jan 1841

5. William P. Griffith b. abt 1842

6. James Edwin Griffith b. 4 Oct 1843 Jamestown, OH

7. Eli Pamphlin Griffith b. 8 May 1846 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

8. Helen Elizabeth Griffith b. 14 Aug 1848 Mahaska Co, Iowa

Children by Cordelia Lawrence born in NY, married him 4 Sep 1851 Iowa: 1. Charity Ella Griffith b. 19 May 1856 Montezuma, Marshall, IA 2. Isaac Newton Griffith Jr b. 31 Jan 1860 [same place]


10. Emily Griffith b. 5 May 1816 Cabell Co, WVA d. 24 Dec 1893 Montezuma, Poweshiek Co, Iowa married John Griffith Jr [not related] 9 Jan 1833 Greene Co, OH, grandson of Samuel Griffith of Frederick Co, VA who was himself brother to the John Griffith who was from the same Quaker Monthly Meeting.

Children are:

1. Louisa Griffith b. abt 1834 OH

2. Eli Walker Griffith b. 1836 OH

3. Benjamin F. Griffith b. 1839 OH

4. Mary Elizabeth Griffith b. 28 Jun 1841 OH

5. Hannah M. Griffith b. Mar 1844 OH

6. John Archibald Griffith b. 2 Mar 1847 OH

7. Martha N. Griffith b. 1850 OH

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Child by Sarah Hutton is:

1. Isaac Thornburgh b. 1777 Berkeley Co, VA, he was a Millwright, Robert and Phebe Thornburgh Eachus received guardianship of him on 22 Sep 1796 Berkeley Co, VA.

THOMAS AMOS THORNBURG b. 1690 Cootehill, County Cavan, Ulster, Ire married Sarah May Hamman b. abt 1690 Cootehill, County Cavan, Ulster, Ireland:

Children are:

1. Benjamin Eli Thornburgh [above]

ROBERT THORNBURGH b. abt 1665 Methip, Lancashire, England d. aft 1715 Cootehill, County Cavan, Ulster, Ire, he was Imprisoned 1715 Monaghan, Ulster, Ire, married Sarah Jackson Aug 1686 County Cavan, Ulster, Ire, she was the daughter of Anthony Jackson, she was born 1666 Cootehill, County Cavan, Ulster, Ire

Children are:

1. Judith Thornburgh b. 1687 Cootehill, County Cavan, Ulster, Ire

2. THOMAS AMOS THORNBURG b. 1690 Cootehill, County Cavan, Ulster, Ire [above]

3. Edward Thormburgh b. 1691 Cootehill, County Cavan, Ulster, Ire


CHARLES THORNBURGH b. abt 1645 Methop, Lancashire, England, was a Quaker, married Elizabeth Leyburne b. 1645 Cunswick, Westmoreland, England

Child is:

1. Robert Thornborough b. abt 1665 Methop, Lancashire, England [above]


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