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This is what I have on my Jackson Line so far, please remember to use as a lead, not all info has been documented, I will put down sources where I have them. If you have any corrections or info you would like to contribute, please email me.


Born abt. 1722 Middlesex Parish, Virginia and died 1795 Middlesex Parish, Virginia

Child is

1. John Jackson b. abt. 1748 Middlesex Parish, Virginia d. Lincoln Co, Kentucky


Born abt. 1748 Middlesex Parish, Virginia died Lincoln Co, Kentucky married ELIZABETH BASS 9 Jul 1769 Middlesex Parish, Virginia, she was born abt. 1744 Middlesex Parish, Virginia d. Green County, Kentucky

Child is:

1. John Pentecost Jackson b. abt 1761 Vir d. aft. 1820 Kentucky


Born abt 1761 Vir d. aft. 1820 Greene County, Ken, married MARY SMITH, she was b. abt. 1765 Middlesex Parish, Vir d. Greene County, Ken.

Child is:

1. WILLIAM P. JACKSON b. 1790 Greene County, KY d. 1867 Washington County, Missouri [GGG-Grandfather & Mahala Hamilton]


Born 1790 Greene Co, Ken, d. 1867 Washington Co, MO, he married [1] JINNY SALLY 9 Nov 1810 Greene Co, KY., she was b. in KY [2] **MAHALA HAMILTON 3 Jun 1835, daughter of Allen Hamilton & Jane, she was b. 1 Jan 1800 on Rolling Fork of Elkhorn River, Washington Co, KY and died 13 Jan 1896 of general debility, at age 96 years & 13 days in Washington Co, MO,Buried 15 Jan 1896 in Smith [Smith-Witt Cem] Burying Ground on Indian Creek, services were conducted by Elder Doty.


DIED: JACKSON...---At her home in Johnston Township, Washington County, MO., on Monday, January 13th, 1896, Mrs. MAHALA JACKSON of general debility, age 96 years, and 13 days. Mrs. Jackson was the daughter of Allen and Jane Hamilton born in Washington County, Kentucky on rolling fork of Elkhorn River on January 1, 1800. There in that country of blue grass she resided with her parents and received a limited education such as that country afforded in those days. She was married to JOHN GARRETT Sept. 18, 1816 and with him came to Missouri in 1819 and settled on Big Piney in Pulaski County. She bore Garrett, two daughters, now Mrs. Elizabeth Wise and Mrs. Paul DeClue, both living. In 1828 Mr. Garrett died, then with her parents she came to Washington County, Missouri and on 3 June, 1835 married WILLIAM P JACKSON, and to him bore five sons and three daughters of whom four are living, two sons and two daughters, viz: Jasper and Richard Jackson, Mrs. Visey Wise and Mrs. Lucinda Garrett. Jackson had 58 grand children 39 living and 19 dead 75 great grandchildren 62 living and 14 dead and 4 great great grandchildren 3 living 1 dead. Until about the first of March her health was remarkable good, since then she gradually grew worse until death relieved her on the 13th inst. The remains of Mrs. Jackson were interred in the Smith burying ground on Indian Creek, on Wednesday January 15th, followed to their last resting place by concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives. Services were conducted by Elder Doty.

Children by John Garrett are:

1. Elizabeth Garrett b. abt 1820 Pulaski Co, MO, m. [1] William Litton 25 Sep 1849 Johnson Twp, Washington Co, MO, he was b. 1826 MO [2] Peter Wise, born Feb 1850 Franklin Co, MO, [3] Richard Marshall 19 Feb 1858 Crawford Co, MO

Child by Peter Wise is:

1. William A. Wise b. 1873 Washington Co, MO

Child by Richard Marshall is:

1. Richard Henry Marshall b. 1867 Crawford Co, MO d. bef 1900 Washington Co, MO m. Martha J. Pope 19 May 1889 Washington Co, MO, she was born Jun 1870 Sullivan, Franklin Co, MO

Children are:

1. Herman L Marshall b. 26 Jun 1890 Washington Co, MO

2. Willis S Marshall b. Feb 1892 Washington Co, MO

3. Lida L Marshall b. Sep 1895 Washington Co, MO

4. Margaret I Marshall b. May 1898 Washington Co, MO

5. Emma M Marshall b. abt 1901 Washington Co, MO

6. Fannie Marshall b. abt 1904 Washington Co, MO

7. Joseph Arthur Marshall b. 1 Mar 1905 Washington Co, MO

8. Willie H Marshall b. 26 Dec 1908 Washington Co, MO





2. Sarah Ann Garrett, daughter of John Garrett & Mahala Hamilton, b. 25 Aug 1831 Aptus, Washington Co, MO d. 16 Mar 1910 Algire, Washington Co, MO, buried St Joachim Cemetery, Old Mines, m. Paul DeClue 20 Jul 1851 Washington Co, MO, [His Second wife] Son of Alexander DeClue & Julie Boyer, he was born 12 Mar 1822 Washington Co, MO died 1872, Johnson, Washington County, MO, Paul married first: May Boyer 22 August 1844 in Washington County, MO, they had two children: Paul Stephen DeClue b. July 1846 and John Alexander DeClue b. July 1846, both Washington Co, MO. His Third Wife was Celeste Marie Tibeau on 19 September 1865, she was born 15 October 1834.

Children are:

1. Martha Anne DeClue b. 15 Apr 1855 Washington Co, MO , Baptized 15 Dec 1855 Old Mines, d. 15 Oct 1935 Washington Co, MO, buried St Joachim Cemetery, Old Mines m. Paul William Golden 29 Jun 1882 Fourche A'Renault, Washington Co, MO, he was born 1 Apr 1857 Washington Co, MO

Children are all born in Washington County, Missouri:

1. Richard Golden b. abt 1881

2. John W Golden b. Apr 1884

3. George Thomas Golden b. 15 Aug 1884

4. Joseph H Golden b. May 1887

5. Sarah Elzonia Golden b. 30 Nov 1887

6. Stephen Eli Golden b. 1 Dec 1891

7. Mary J Golden b. 5 Sep 1894

8. Laurent Golden b. 8 Sep 1896

9. B. Clarence Golden b. 8 Sep 1896

10. Elmer Godrey Golden b. 21 may 1899

11. Unknown Golden b. bef 1883



2. *GEORGE LEON DECLUE b. 20 Dec 1860 Johnson Twp, Washington Co, MO, d. 23 Jan 1945 Richwoods, Washington Co, MO, married MARY ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" CHARBONEAU, 2 Nov 1885 Richwoods, MO, daughter of LOUIS JOHN CHARBONEAU & ADELAIDE HENRIETTE DELCOUR, she was born 20 Jul 1861 Richwoods, MO d. 4 Sep 1947 DeSoto, Jeffeson Co, MO

Children are:

1. Louis DeClue b. 14 Apr 1887 Richwoods, MO, died 20 Nov 1943 Richwoods, MO, married Lena Roderique, 22 Apr 1909 Richwoods, Washington Co, MO, two children: David Frederic DeClue b. 25 Sep 1909 Jefferson Co, MO, and Lester Eugene DeClue b. 4 Jul 1911 Missouri, died in California.

2. Lawrence DeClue b. 25 Jan 1893 Richwoods, MO, died 30 Mar 19362 Richwoods, MO, married Maria Matilda "Mollie" Rutledge, 4 Jul 1915, Webb City, MO, she was the daughter of jOhn James Rutledge & Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie" Nolan, she was born 9 Nov 1892 Richwoods, MO died 18 Oct 1971 Richwoods, MO, Three Children: Charles Joseph DeClue b. 2 Mar 1917 Richwoods, MO, Died 14 May 1984 Gilbertsville, KY, Christine Marie DeClue b. 30 Apr 1919 Richwoods, MO, Margaret Elizabeth DeClue b. 18 Sep 1926 St Louis, MO

3. George Leon DeClue b. 15 Nov 1896 Richwoods, MO, 26 Jun 1965, Richwoods, MO, married Julia Alexandra Delcour, 28 Nov 1923, she was born 20 Feb 1903, Richwoods, MO, died 12 May 1955, Richwoods, MO, they had 5 children: Bertha Mae DeClue b. 29 Sep 1928, Richwoods, MO, George Merlin DeClue b. 5 Oct 1930 Richwoods, MO died 1 Jul 1987, St Louis, MO, Mary Monica DeClue b. 16 Dec 1933, Richwoods, MO, Joseph Norman DeClue b. 7 Apr 1938, Richwoods, MO, James Donald DeClue b. 18 Jul 1940 Richwoods, MO died in Martinez, Georgia

4. Irene DeClue b. 20 Jul 1888 Goose Creek, MO, died 26 Mar 1986 DeSoto, MO, married Joseph Earl Halterman, 17 Aug 1912, He was born 2 Sep 1889, Blue Springs, MO died 13 Nov 1974 Helena, Montana, Three children: Joseph Merlin Halterman b. 13 Oct 1913 died 16 Jan 1981 Seely Lake, Montana, George R Halterman b. 4 May 1929, died in infancy. Unknown Halterman

5. Mary Cecilia DeClue b. 18 Jul 1890 Richwoods, MO, died 10 Nov 1967 Paris, MO, she married 3 times: Jack Baschoff, they had a child, Jack Henry Waldeck, b. 15 Aug 1872 Canada, died 8 Mar 1943 DeSoto, MO, they adopted Hattie Charboneau's child, Madelyn Black Waldeck, b. 1 March 1920, Mary was known as Aunt Mayme. Jacob C Miller b. 6 Jul 1890 died 22 Dec 1967 Paris, MO

6. Joseph Lester DeClue b. 15 Jul 1899 Richwoods, MO, died 24 Jun 1900 Richwoods, MO

7. Philip Neri "George" DeClue b. 17 Oct 1902 Richwoods, MO, died 18 Jul 1956 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, married Mary Klauber, 12 Apr 1927 St Louis, MO, Three Children: Helen Marie Klauber b. 19 Jan 1926 St Louis, MO, Philip Urban DeClue b. 10 Jul 1928 Richwoods, MO, Dorothy Jean DeClue b. 20 Oct 1930, St Louis, MO

8. Louella DeClue b. 16 July 1883 Richwoods, MO died 19 Nov 1909 Bonne Terre, MO, married Melvin Lewis 22 jan 1901 Washington Co, MO, he was born in 1876. Three children: Evertt Francis Lewis b. 25 Nov 1901 Bonne Terre, MO, David Newton Lewis b. 15 Aug 1905 died 19 Aug 1905, Elizabeth Catherine Lewis b. 10 Nov 1906.

3. William DeClue b. 1853 johnson, Washington co, MO

4. Joseph DeClue b. 15 Mar 1859 johnson, Washington Co,MO

5. Thomas Lafayette DeClue b. 1864 Johnson, Washington Co, MO

6. Richard Duclos b. 7 jun 1862

7. Mary Jane Duclos b. 10 May 1857 Source:



Children are:

1. Paul DeClue m. Sarah Ann Garrett

2. Mathilde DeClue b. 24 Dec 1807 Ste Genevieve, MO, Baptized 1807 Ste Genevieve, MO, d. aft 1880 Richwoods, MO, m. Daniel M Golden 17 Oct 1826 Washington Co, MO, he was b. 1800 KY

Children are all born in Washington Co, MO;

1. William Golden b. 30 Jul 1827

2. Anthony Golden b. 14 Feb 1829 Washington Co, MO, d. 17 Dec 1903, St Joachim Cem. m. Marie Isolie Olympia Boyer, 23 Feb 1851 Washington Co, Mo daughter of Paul Boyer & Caroline Armour Mayotte, b. 1 Apr 1835 Washington Co, Mo Baptized 6 Aug 1835 Old Mines

Children are:

1. Martha Golden b. 14 Jun 1853 Washington Co, MO d. aft 1900 Union Twp, Washington Co, MO, m Felix Sansoucie 24 Jun 1876 Johnson Twp, Washington Co, MO, b. 19 Jun 1858 Washington Co. MO

Children are:

1. John Anthony Sansoucie b. 11 Feb 1878 Washington Co, MO

2. Henry Sansoucie b. Nov 1879 Washington Co, MO

3. Joseph Adrian Sansoucie b. 27 May 1885 Washington Co, MO

4. Mary Louisa Sansoucie b. 23 Fwb 1887 Washington Co, MO

5. Felix Ferdinand Sansoucie b. 12 Sep 1889 Washington Co, MO

married second Felix Boyer 10 Jan 1892 MO b. 4 Mar 1817 MO



2. Stephen Golden b. 1856 Washington Co, MO

3. Paul William Golden b. 1 Apr 1857 Washington, MO

4. John Golden b. 1859 Washington Co, MO

5. George Washington Golden b. 3 May 1861 Washington, MO, Baptized 14 jul 1861 Washington, MO, m. Mary Honora Boyer 13 Oct 1884 Old Mines, b. 10 Nov 1862 Washington, MO Baptized 7 Dec 1862 Old Mines, daughter of Pierre Boyer b. abt 1825 MO & Veronique Villemere b. Abt 1835 MO

Child Is:

1. Peter Anthony Golden b. 15 Feb 1888 Washington, MO

6. Joseph Golden b. 11 Apr 1864 Washington, Mo

7. Daniel Golden b. 2 Apr 1866 Washington, MO

8. Peter Golden b. Sep 1873 Washington, MO

9. James Golden b. Jan 1875 Washington, MO



3. Martha Anne Golden b. 13 Jan 1831

4. Marie Golden b. 13 Feb 1833

5. George Golden b. 29 May 1836

6. Stephen Golden b. 9 Nov 1837

7. Julianne Nancy Golden b. 12 May 1843

8. Daniel Golden b. 21 Nov 1846



Children by William and Mahala Hamilton [Garrett] are:

1850 U.S. Cenaus Population Schedule Washington Co, MO Page 154, dwelling 926, family 929 29 Oct 1850

, William, W M 60, farmer b. KY

Mahala, W F 48 b. KY

Sally, W M [sic] 17, b. KY

Jasper, W M 14, B. MO

Thomas N W M 10 b. MO

Lucinda W F 7 b. MO

Richard W M 7 b. MO

Lafayette W M 6 b. MO

Bisay [Visey] W F 4 b. MO

1. RICHARD HENRY JACKSON [GG-Grandfather & Mary Pollite] b. 26 Feb 1841 Rock Springs, Washington Co, MO, d. 22 Oct 1919 Northcutt, Washington Co, MO, married [1] **MARY RAUBERT POLLITE 20 Aug 1863 Old Mines, Washington Co, MO, she was b. 1 Mar 1840 Ste Genevive, MO d. 30 Nov 1877 Washington Co, MO, [2] Susan Elizabeth Hulsey 7 May 1885 Johnson Twp, Washington Co, MO, she was b. 6 Apr 1847 [some have 7 May 1860]Washington Co, MO d. 28 Oct 1895 Birdie Po, Washington Co, MO, [3] Irene Hoff 24 Jan 1897 Sullivan, Crawford Co, MO, b. 16 May 1878 Prairie Twp, Franklin Co, MO d. 4 Jul 1964 MO. buried 7 Jul 1964 Upper Alton, Madison Co, ILL


Died at his home near Northcutt, Missouri, Mr. Richard H. Jackson, age 71 years, 7 months and 26 days. He was born Feb 26, 1841: died Oct 22, 1919. he was the father of 14 children and leaves a wife and eleven children to mourn his loss, besides many friends and relatives. "Uncle Dick" was an old soldier of the Civil War and belonged to Company B. 31st Regiment of Missouri Volunteers. He fought under General Sherman and was with him on his march to the sea. His death was caused from kidney and bladder trouble.


Military Service: 12 Aug 1862, 31 Reg Co. B at age 21

1860 Census Richwoods, MO

Joseph Polite, 56, miner

Margaret Polite, 48

Mary Polite 19

Clemit Polite 9

Living beside them is Catherine Horine 67, and a family of pages living with her.

Living in front of the Polite's are:

Mason Palmer 39 Farmer

Clara Palmer 33

Anna Palmer 3

Virginia Palmer 1

Children by Mary Pollite are. ***

1. ***SARAH JACKSON [G-GRANDMOTHER] b. 27 March 1866 Washington County, Missouri died 19 March 1920 Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri buried 20 March 1920 Carterville Cemetery, she died of Pulmanary Tuberculosis, her brother William A Jackson filled out the death certificate. She married CHARLES LEON "LEO" CHARBONEAU 10 July 1887 Franklin Co, MO, son of Louis & Adelaide Delcour Charboneau, he was born 13 Sep 1868 Richwoods, MO d. 31 Mar 1922 Richwoods, MO, buried beside his father on the farm his father owned.

Charlie and Sarah along with Hattie [age 17] are on the 22 Jan 1920 census for Quapaw, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma.


Mrs. Sarah Charboneau, 54 years old, formerly a resident of Bonne Terre but now of Picher, Okla., died at the tuberculosis hospital at Webb City, MO., Friday, March 19, 1920. She had been in ill health for some time. She is survived by her husband and one son, John Charboneau, who served overseas during the World War and is still overseas. Another son, Elmer Charboneau, was killed in France while serving in the A.E.F. [being the first here from Picher to die the legion was named after him], and one daughter, Hattie Charboneau. She is also survived by one brother W.A. Jackson, who resides here. The funeral services were conducted in Webb City and the remains were laid to rest in Carterville Cemetery.

Children are:

1. THEODORA "DORA" CHARBONEAU [grandmother] born 20 Jun 1888 Richwoods, MO Baptized 24 Aug 1890 St Stephen, Richwoods, MO, d. 1 Mar 1916 Webb City, Jasper co, MO,[cause of death was TB] buried 3 Mar 1916 in the original section called Wild Rose Cem, Webb City Cem, in Martin Bigley plot beside a child of Carl Bigley's, married [1] WILLIAM BOVARD BONSTEIN II, son of William Bovard Bonstein I & Selena Ann Lewis, he was born 1880 Stockdale, Kansas d. abt Oct, 1911 Webb City, MO, Diptheria or Thyphoid, his brother George Bonstein buried him behind the farm they were living in. [2] Carl W. Bigley son of Andrew Bigley & Susan Blanton, he was born 18 Jan 1866 St Clair Co, MO d. 10 Apr 1967 Pitcher, OK

Children by William B. Bonstein are:

1. Karl Marx Bonstein [living]

2. **WILLIAM BOVARD BONSTEIN III b. 13 Dec 1911 Webb City, MO d. 18 July 1993 Covina, Los Angeles Co, Calif, buried Forest Lawn Cem, Covina Hills, Calif. [Father] [Info under Bonstein Line]

Children by Carl Bigley are:

1. Ivan Gail Bigley b. 11 July 1914 Webb City, Jasper County, MO and died 31 August 1914 at 8 A.M. of Gastro Interitis, age 1 month 19 days. Buried Webb City Cemetery, undertaker J. T. Stubllund

2. Marvin Bigley b. Dec 1915 Webb City, Jasper County, MO, died September 13, 1916 "Did without medical attention. Probable cause Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Buried September 14, 1916 Webb City Cemetery at age 10 months.

3. Living Bigley

4. Living Bigley

Sources are Ivan's and Marvin's death certificates. sent to me by LoAnn Bonstein

Obit, Joplin Globe, Apr 11, 1967 page 6B

Carl W. Bigley b. 18 June 1896 St. Clair, Missouri, died 10 April 1967 Picher, Oklahoma. Moved to Picher in 1917 from Webb City, Missouri. Buried in Carterville, MO Cemetery [adjacent to Webb City and Joplin, Missouri]. Carl Bigley married second wife Dora Charboneau Bonstein. The first wife of his two daughters is currently unknown. His obit was published in the Joplin Globe April 11th, 1967, page 6B. His third wife was Ollie Jane Johnston b. 9 July 1884 Sarcoxie, Missouri, d. 13 July 1969 either in Picher, Oklahoma or Joplin, Missouri. This Obit was listed in the Joplin Globe, July 14th, 19969, page 5A

2. Marie Charboneau b. 20 Jun 1890 Richwoods, MO d. bef 1910, was baptized Aug 1890 St Stephen, Richwoods, MO

3. John Lennis Charboneau b. 11 Oct 1894 Richwoods, MO d. 1932 Albequerque, New Mexico married Alice Charboneau 18 Sep 1920 Franklin Co, MO, she was born 1900 Richwoods, MO d. 23 Feb 1925 St Louis, MO [cousin]John was Baptized 10 Mar 1895 St Stephen, Richwoods, MO, Cause of Death was TB, they sent him to New Mexico, they had discovered that TB was contagious.

4. Charles Elmer Charboneau b. May 1899 Richwoods, MO died 22 July 1918 in France, serving his country. Age 18


Oklahoma boy helped to drive back Germans in attack toward Paris, French Sent Memorial.

Miami, April 17-[Speical]-The body of Private Elmer Charbonea which was buried in the Belleau Woods cemetery in France after he gave his life there is on its way home to America with the first corps of American Soldiers dead, according to word recieved by his father at Picher, nearby mining town. It will arrive at Picher sometime before the end of April a letter from the war department says. Private Charboneau was wounded in the fighting on the Marne Hills on July 15, 1918, when the Americans assumed the offensive after stopping the Germans at Chateau Thierry and drove them out of the salient which was threatening Paris. He was gassed and hit by machine gun fire and died seven days later in a hospital near there. He was only 18 years old when he enlisted, but his father, Charles Charboneau really gave his consent. The young Oklahoma soldier fell when the Germans were putting up a determined defense against the whirlwind attack of the Americans and French. A short letter from him before he died said he had just gone through a hell of gas and bullets. Officers of his company wrote tha the fighting was the hitterest of any the Americans took in during the War. He was a member of the 30th Infantry. A fragment of shrapenal which hit the young soldier was sent to his parents by the Red Cross. The French government has also sent a memorial. The photographs shows Charboneau in France. The cross marks his grave which is just below the peak of Belleau Woods.

[I want to thank Nelda Bonstein Cox for sending me a copy of this newspaper clipping, it means so much.]

5. Chester Charboneau b. abt 1901 Richwoods, MO d. abt 1917 killed in Action in World War I

6. Eleanor Agnes "Hattie" Charboneau b. 1902 Richwoods, MO d. abt 1920 Richwoods, MO.

Child was:

Hattie knew she was dying of cancer and asked Aunt Mayme to adopt her baby, which she did, her daughter was Madelyn. Mary Cecila Declue Waldeck is Auntie Mayme who adopted Madelyn at birth.

1. Madelyn Black Waldeck b. 1920 Richwoods, MO

2. William Allen Jackson b. 2 Jun 1864 MO. d. 16 Jun 1926 [He is an inmate in a State Mental Hospital on two or three of the Census

[1920 census, 12th name down as a patient in the Washington County State Hospital No. 2, age 52]

William A Jackson married Julie DeClue


MR. WILLIAM JACKSON died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George Thurman, Wednesday afternoon, after an illness of a few weeks duration. Mr. Jackson has been a resident of Bonne Terre for the past 25 years and the American Legion Post here was named after his son, Norman R., who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War. His wife having preceded him in death by little more than a year, he leaves only a daughter, Mrs. Geo. Thurman of Bonne Terre, one son Bill Jackson of St Louis and a host of friends to mourn the passing of a wonderful man and friend. Funeral Services will be held Saturday morning at the St Jospeh's Catholic Church and interment will be made in the Catholic [Church] Cemetery.

Children are:

[Children from William's Obit]

1. Norman R. Jackson [Killed in World War I]

2. William "Bill" Jackson

3. Sarah Edna Jackson born 7 April 1894 Old Mines, Missouri died 12 September 1986 Farmington, St Francois, Missouri, buried St Francois Memorial Park, she married George Daniel Thurman, he was born 18 February 1891 Silver Springs, Missouri died 23 May 1960 Desloge, St Francois, Missouri, buried St Francois Memorial Park.

Children are:

1. Lora Vureen Thurman married James Crane

2. Maxine Thurman married Robert Ebersole

3. June Thurman married George Martin

4. Joan Thurman married F. W. Zuspan

[Children from Sarah's Obit]

Obituary SARAH THURMAN MO. Library Obituaries

[Source and Obit from William P Jackson Website]

SARAH EDNA THURMAN, 92, of the Presbyterian Manor in Farmington, formally of Bonne Terre, died September 12 at Farmington Community Hospital. She was born April 7, 1894 in Old Mines to the late William Jackson and Julie DeClue Jackson. She was predeceased in death by her husband, George Daniel Thurman. Mrs. Thurman was a member of the Church of Christ in Bonne Terre since 1914. She was a member of the Eastern Star No. 43 Bonne Terre and a charter member of the American Legion Auxillary and Legion Post No. 83 in Bonne Terre. She is survived by four daughters: Lora Vureen [Mrs. James] Crane of Desloge, Maxine [Mrs. Robert] Ebersole, of Grosse Point Woods, Mich., June [Mrs. George] Martin of Austin, Texas and Joan [Mrs. F.W] Zuspan, of Conroe, Texas; eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Services were held 1 p.m. today at the Boyer Chapel with Brother Jim Mabery officiating, assissted by Evanglist George Delameter. Burial was in St Francois Memorial Park. Local arrangements were under director of C. Z. Boyer Funeral Home in Desloge. If desired, memorials maybe made to the Church of Christ in Bonne Terre.



George D. Thurman of Desloge died May 23, at his residence. He was born February 18, 1891 at Silver Springs, Missouri, the son of Henry E Thurman and Emma Millen. The survivors are his wife, Sarah [Jackson] Thurman: four daughters; Lora Vureen [Mrs. James O Crane] of Florissant; Norma Maxine [Mrs. Robert H Ebersole] of Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan; June Jay [Mrs. Jerry S. Estes] of Springfiel, Missouri; Joan Joy [Mrs. Farris W. Zuspan] of Brentwood; six grandchildren, four brothers: Elbert C of Detroit, Michigan; Frank W, of Denver, Colorado; Lewis of Bonne Terre; Fenton B of Festus; Three Sisters: Laura [Mrs. Harry Hoskings] of Bonne Terre; Mrs. Elsie Hammack] of Flat River; Adelphia [Mrs. Ray Areuz] of Bonne Terre. Service will be conducted Thursday 2:30 p.m. at the Church of Christ Flat River by Evangelist Fred Kilbrew of Senath, Missouri. Burial will be at the St Francois Memorial Park, under the direction of the Murphy Sparks Funeral Home of Flat River. Remains will be taken in the church at 1 p.m. to be in state until service time:

Children by Susan Hulsey are;

1. Charles Jackson b. 25 Sep 1886 MO

2. Frank Jackson b. 4 May 1889 MO

3. Ferman Jackson b. 19 Jul 1891 MO

4. Susan Jackson b. 27 Oct 1895 Sullivan, MO d. 21 Jun 1967 Excelsior Springs, Clay Co, MO married David Lemuel McCormack

Children by Irene Hoff are:

1. Rosa Lucinda Jackson b. 28 Dec 1897 Washington Co, MO married Van Austin Booher 22 Apr 1914 St Francois Co, MO he died 16 May 1957, Lucinda died 26 Feb 1999 Henderson, Tennessee

2. Lyddi Ada Jackson b. 22 May 1900 Washington County, Missouri died 26 December 1918 at Wood River Emergency Hospital, Missouri of Influenza, she was 18 years 6 months and 28 days.



Miss Lydia Jackson of Alton, who was taken to the Wood River emergency hospital very much sick with influenza on December 19th, died there Thursday at 3:15. She had been in a bad way for several days and her death was expected. Miss Jackson was in her ninetheenth year and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jackson of Illinois Ave. The mother and three children are sick with the same disease. Alton is making use of the Wood River emergency hospital since the closing of the Alton emergency hospital when the epedimic of influenza began to subside.

3. Lucy Isially Jackson b. 12 Jan 1904 MO d. 22 Oct 1990 St Louis, MO married [1] Oscar Truman Doty, son of Benjamin Syrus Doty & Mary Tosh, he was born 15 May 1901 St Louis, MO d. 14 Feb 1978 Clayton, St Louis, MO, buried 17 Feb 1978, Upper Alton, Madison Co, ILL [2] Unknown Coleman

Child by Oscar Doty Is:

1. Ruby Doty married a Welp

4. George Washington Jackson b. 3 Mar 1907 MO

Child is :

1. Earnest Jackson

Child is:

1. Andrew D Jackson

5. Lula Lucinda Jackson b. 8 May 1908 Richwoods, MO, died 30 May 1990, St Louis, MO, she married her sister's ex-husband, Oscar Truman Doty,4 Dec 1927 Alton, Madison County, Illinois, they had 9 children: 1. Roland Doty died 14 Apr 1999

2. John Doty married Henrietta Virginia

3. Rose Marie Doty married Earl A. Teipleman

4. Loetta Doty

5. Irene Buelah Doty b. 21 Nov 1931 St Louis, MO d. 20 Dec 1984 Fredericktown, MO, married Rollie D "Dan" Zumwalt 11 June 1949, they had: Wesley Zumwalt b. 9 May 1952 St Louis, MO died 24 Oct 1996

6. Kenneth Richard Doty b 10 Apr 1940 St Louis,MO, married Wanda Smeathers, 12 Feb 1960 Mt. Olive, Macoupin County, Illinois, they had two children: Dawn Renee Doty b. 4 Oct 1971 Litchfield, Montgomery County, Illinois, Michael Oscar Doty b. 5 Sep 1974 Litchfield, Montgomery County, Illinois.

7. Robert Albert Doty b. 15 Jul 1941 St Louis, MO d. 22 Apr 1996 Columbia, Ohio, marrie Helen, they had 5 children: Tammy Doty, Bobby Doty, Vickie Doty, Wesley Doty, Oscar Doty.

8. Beatrice V. Doty b. 9 May 1930 St Louis, MO, died 5 Dec , Blytheville, Arkansas, married Earl Tiepelman 7 Jun 1973 St Charles, MO, 3 Children: John Tiepelman, Mary Tiepleman, Sandy Tiepleman 9. Charles Doty

2. Jasper Allen Jackson [Allen Jasper] b. Jun 1836 Washington Co, MO d. aft 1901 Washington Co, MO, married [1] Cecila Bryant: b. 1845 Washington Co, MO [2] Lucille Hulsey [3] Susan Cammel 1 Feb 1858 Crawford County, Missouri [4] Lucinda Jane Cordel 22 Mar 1877 Phelps Co, MO, she was b. May 1849 Phelps Co, MO [5] Leona Yates Cain b. 1879 Bliss, Washington Co, MO d. 1932 [6] Hannah Byran about 1866, born abt 1844 Johnson Township, Washington County, Missouri

Military Service: 1861 Missouri Infantry Volunteers Battalion 31 & 32

Children by Cecila Bryant are:

1. Susan C Jackson b. 1867 Washington Co, MO

2. John H. Jackson b. 1869 Washington Co, MO

3. Visy S. Jackson b. 1871 Washington Co, MO

4. Peter Jackson b. 1875 Washington Co, MO

5. Sarah Jackson b. 1877 Washington Co, MO

Children by Lucille Hulsey are:

1. Eliza Ade Jackson b. 17 Jun 1883 Richwoods, MO d. 18 Jun 1967 Palmer, Washington Co, MO buried Lost Creek Cem, married John William Cain, son of John Jesse Cain, he was born Feb 1866 Franklin Co, MO d. 27 May 1932 Breton, Washington Co, MO, buried Lost Creek Cem.

Children are:

1. George E Cain b. 1914 MO d. 1979 MO, buried Lost Creek Cem

2. Harry John Cain b. 1 Jul 1916 MO d. 23 May 1991 MO, buried lost Creek Cem.

3. Henry Andrew Cain b. 27 Aug 1920 MO d. 14 Jul 1995 MO buried Lost Creek Cem

4. Jesus Hunky Cain b. 21 Nov 1925 MO d. 28 Jan 1993 MO buried Lost Creek Cem.

5. Jesse Sam Cain b. 1904 MO d. 1977 MO

6. John Henry Cain b. 1908 MO d. 1973 MO

7. James Lydle Cain b. 1910 MO d. 1977 MO

8. Estella Cain b. 1913 mO d. 1997 MO

9. Stella Cain b. 1915 MO

10. Lewis Cain b. 1919 MO d. 1995 MO


Children by Lucinda Jane Cordel are:

1. Mary Jackson b. Sep 1879 Washington Co, MO died 27 August 1954 Bonne Terre, St Francois County, Missouri, married Charles Yates 25 July 1897 Franklin County, Missouri, son of John Jones Yates & Barbe Matilde Missey, he was born 13 September 1867 Washington County, Missouri died 13 September 1925 Valle Township, Jefferson County, Missouri

2. Eliza Addie Jackson b. 17 Jun 1883 Washington Co, MO died 16 June 1967, Palmer, Washington County, Missouri, married John William Cain, 5 July 1926 Potosi, Washington County, Missouri, he was b. Feb 1856 Washington County, Missouri died 27 May 1932 Breton Township, Washington County, Missouri son of John Jesse Greenberry Cain & Margaret V Benton

3. Thomas Jackson b. Sep 1885 Washington Co, MO

4. James Jackson b. Mar 1888 Washington Co, MO

5. Margaret Jackson b. Jan 1891 Washington Co, MO married Charles William Skaggs, he was born 2 June 1889, they had 4 children: Jesse Skaggs, Charles William Skaggs, Kennard Skaggs b. 20 July 1921, Katie May Skaggs b. 6 February 1918 Bonne Terre, Missouri

6. Rena Jackson b. Mar 1893 Washington Co, MO

7. Julia Elizabeth Jackson b. June 1882 Johnson Township, Washington County, Missouri died Feb 1926 Washington County, Missouri, married John William Cain 25 August 1900 Potosi, Washington County, Missouri, son of John Jesse Greenberry Cain & Margaret V Benton, he was born Feb 1856 Washington County, Missouri died 27 May 1932 Breton Township, Washington County, Missouri. [She married him after her sister died]

John William Cain was married to Three Women: [1] Susan Yates, 2 Oct 1884 Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri, daughter of John Jones Yates & Marie Barbe Matilde Missey, she was born 30 Jan 1856 Washington County, Missouri die about 1900. They had two children: Leona Yates Cain b. Dec 1879 Kingston Township, Washington County, Missouri died 25 Mar 1932 Pacifica, Franklin County, Missouri & Geneva Cain b. 13 Dec 1889 Kingston Township, Washington County, Missouri [2] Julia Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Jasper Allen Jackson & Lucinda Jane Cordel 25 August 1900, Potosi, Washington County, Missouri, and [3] Eliza Addie Jackson, sister of Julia, 5 July 1926 Potosi, Washington County, Missouri.

3. Sally Jackson b. 1833 KY

4. Thomas N. Jackson b. 1839 MO married Susan Elizabeth Hulsey Aug 1863 Washington Co, MO, she was b. 5 Aug 1842 Hulsey, Washington Co, MO

Children are:

1. Catherine Jackson b. 1867 Washington Co, MO

2. John Jackson b. Jun 1870 Washington Co, MO

3. Mahala Jackson b. 1874 Washington Co, MO

4. Elizabeth Jackson b. 1876 Washington Co, MO



5. Lucinda Jackson b. 10 Mar 1840 MO d. 25 May 1927 Sullivan Co, MO, married [1] Levi Garrett 1 Mar 1858, he was b. 1837, MO, d. 4 Mar 1892 Franklin Co, MO, he was married first to Judith Davis 7 Feb 1856, she died 1 Dec 1856 [2] Newton Eoff died abt 1924 Sullivan Co, MO.

Obituary, The Sullivan News 2 June 1927:


Mrs. Lucinda Eoff died May 25, 1927, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Albert Benson in Sullivan, MO, at the age of 87 years 1 month 15 days. Lucinda Jackson was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Jackson, and is survived by only one sister, Mrs. Thomas Wise of Sullivan, Mo, from a family of twenty-two children. Lucinda Jackson was married to Levi Garrett, March 4, 1852, and to this union eight daughters and one son were born. The son George Garrett, and one daughter, Mrs. Emma Benson survive, also 35 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren. Mr. Garrett died many years ago and late in life, his widow married Newton Eoff, who died two or three years ago. Mrs. Eoff had been a member of the Baptist Church forty years and lived a faithful Christian Life. The funeral service was conducted by the Rev. Edward Reed in the Baptist Church in Sullivan Friday afternoon and burial was made in Buffalo Cemetery.

Children by Levi Garrett are:

1. Betty Garrett

2. Alice Garrett

3. Martha Garrett b. 25 Dec 1859 Johnson, Washington Co, MO

4. Emily F. Garrett b. 1872 Washington Co, MO

5. Mary Belle Garrett b. 1878 Washington Co, MO

6. Daughter Garrett

7. Emma Garrett married Albert Benson

8. George W. Garrett b. 1868 Washington Co, MO

6. Lafayette Jackson b. 1844 MO

7. Levitha "Visey" Jackson b. 23 Dec 1846 Washington Co, MO d. 3 Apr 1931, Washington Co, MO, buried Smith Cemetery, married [1] McGeorge Golden 31 Oct 1865 Washington Co, MO, [2] Joshua Witt 1869 Washington Co, MO b. 1838 MO [3] William Thomas Wise 29 Oct 1873 Washington Co, MO, he was b. 7 Mar 1852 Franklin Co, MO d. 4 Jan 1936 Washington Co, MO, buried Smith Cemetery, son of Peter Wise b. 1820 KY & Mary Pauline Northcutt b. 1823 KY

Children by Joshua Witt are:

1. John Witt b. Nov 1869 Washington Co, MO married Emma S McDonal 11 Aug 1889 Washington County, Missouri, she was b. June 1872 Missouri, they had 9 children:

1. Visey Witt

2. Living Witt

3. Living Witt

4. Living Witt

5. Living Witt

6. Mahala C Witt b. May 1891 Washington County, MO

7. John J Witt b. Feb 1896 Washington County, MO

8. Nancy Witt b. Sep 1897 Washington County, MO

9. William T Witt b. Feb 1899 Washington County, MO

2. Richard Henry Witt b. 9 Nov 1871 Washington Co, MO died 21 May 1940 St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri, married Frances Marian Yarbrough, daughter of Thomas Griggs Yarbrough & Melvena Sancoucie, she was born 15 Nov 1871 Trout, Washington County, Missouri died 24 Mar 1953 Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri, they had 8 Children:

1. Living Witt

2. Living Witt

3. Cora Mahala Witt b. 20 Aug 1894 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri died 16 Sep 1987, Sullivan, Franklin County, Missouri 4. Annie Witt b. 8 Feb 1896 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri

5. Richard Mckinley "Mac" Witt b. 23 Mar 1897 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri

6. Ida Witt b. 9 Nov 1898 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri

7. William "Will" Witt b. 6 Feb 1902 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri

8. James Patrick Witt b. 28 Mar 1904 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri

3. William Allen Witt b. 21 Feb 1873 Washington Co, MO married Lorene "Mac" Witt and have 5 Living children

Children by William Thomas Wise are:

1. Lafayette Wise b. Washington Co, MO

2. Eugene Duglas Wise b. Mar 1888 Washington Co, MO


PETER WISE B. 1820 KY MARRIED MARY PAULINE NORTHCUTT, B. 1823 KY, daughter of Samuel Northcutt b. KY & Nancy Sally b. 1806 KY, daughter of John Sally, Samuel & Nancy Sally Northcutt m. 26 Apr 1819 Green Co, KY

Children are:

1. George W. Wise b. 1848 KY

2. Peter Wise b. Feb 1850 Franklin Co, MO

3. WILLIAM THOMAS WISE b. 7 Mar 1852 Franklin Co, MO

4. Bessey Wise b. 1854 Franklin Co, MO

5. Margaret May Wise b. 1856 Franklin Co, MO m. William Duclos [Declue] 13 Dec 1872 Washington Co, MO, he was b. 1853 Johnson Twp, Washington Co, MO

Children are:

1. Paul Duclos [Declue] b. 1873 Johnson Twp, Washington co, MO

2. Mary A. Duclos [Declue] b. 1875 Johnson Twp, MO

3. Emma Duclos [Declue] b. 10 May 1877 Richwoods, MO

4. Sarah Duclos [Declue] b. Oct 1879 Johnson Twp, MO

Samuel Northcutt and Nancy Sally's children are:

1. Unknown Northcutt b. Green Co, KY

2. Elizabeth Northcutt b. 1822 kY


4. John Northcutt b. abt 1824 Green Co, KY

5. George W. Northcutt b. 5 Dec 1825 Green Co, KY

6. Sarah Ann Northcutt b. 1827 Green Co, KY

7. Eliza Jane Northcutt b. 1833 MO

8. Martha Northcutt b. 1838 MO

8. Eliza Jackson b. 1850 MO

Children of William & Jinny Sally are:

1. Phillip Jackson b. 11 Apr 1810 KY d. 4 Mar 1875 Pulaski Co, MO, buried Pillman Cem, married Catherine Hamilton Apr 1836 Washington Co, MO, she was b. 1810 [sister of Mahala Hamilton ]

Children are:

1. George W. Jackson abt 1838

2. Andrew General Jackson

3. Louisa Jackson b. about 1843 Missouri, married Thomas M Snodgrass 16 july 1863 Phelps County, Missouri, they had 5 children:

1. Frederick Snodgrass b. Phelps County, MO

2. Ida M Snodgrass b. Phelps County, MO

3. Mary Ellen Snodgrass b. 1861 Phelps Co, MO

4. Franklin M Snodgrass b. 1865 Phelps Co, MO

5. Seymore Snodgrass b. 1869 Phelps Co, MO

4. Sarah Anne Jackson born 22 June 1848 Washington County, Missouri died 30 Sept 1918 Yancy Mills, Phelps County, Missouri, married William Harrison Fore 6 Mar 1866 Phelps County, Missouri, son of Benjamin Fore & Sabra Catherine Stogsdill, he was born 22 June 1848, Hardin County, Kentucky died 16 October 1916 Yancy Mills, Phelps County, Missouri

Child Is:

1. John Thomas Fore b. 8 Feb 1885 Yancy Mills, Phelps Co, MO died 13 Jan 1941 Phelps Co, MO

5. Nancy Adeline Jackson b. 29 April 1857 Edgar Springs, Phelps County, Missouri died 14 Sep 1940 Calva, Fresno County, California, married Ransom Amos Clark 7 July 1878 Phelps County, Missouri, son of William Amos Clark & Cynthia Christine Bradley, he was born 3 January 1855 Edgar Springs, Phelps County, Missouri, died 16 Sep 1940 Calva, Fresno County, California, both buried Belmont Memorial Park Cemetery,

Children are:

1. Arthur Waldridge Clark b. 29 Sep 1881 died 29 July 1953

2. Albert Ross Clark b. 15 April 1883 Phelps County, MO

3. Henry Nelson Clark b. 14 Oct 1884 Phelps Co, MO

4. Emma Catharine Clark b. 13 January 1891 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO died 22 August 1966 Concord, Contra Costa County, California

5. Effie Amanda Clark b. Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO

6. Raymond A Clark b. 25 Oct 1894 died 8 Nov 1975

7. Gracia "Grace" Clark b. 12 May 1889 died 28 Feb 1980 Moro Bay, San Luis Obispo, California

8. Lelah Pansy Clark b. 19 Sep 1892 died 1985

6. Charlotte Jackson

7. Elias Jackson b. abt 1850

8. Susan Jackson born 15 Nove 1831 [more likely 1836] Washington County, Missouri died 4 July 1898 Hulsey, Washington County, Missouri, married George W. Northcutt, son of Samuel Northcutt & Nancy Sally, he was born 5 December 1825 Greene County, Kentucky died 27 March 1863 Young's Point, Louisianna

Children are:

1. John Wesley Northcutt b. 10 May 1857 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri died 29 March 1916 Hulsey, Washington County, Missouri 2. Melissa E Northcutt b. 7 Nov 1850 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri died 25 July 1916 Washington County, MO

3. Nancy Jane Northcutt b. 25 Feb 1852 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri

4. William S Northcutt b. 14 Dec 1854 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri died May 1929 Washington County, Arkansas

5. Mary Ann Northcutt b. 18 April 1856 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri died 27 March 1890 Washington County, Missouri

6. Samuel Phillip Northcutt b. 4 Sep 1860 Rockspring, Washington County, Missouri died 26 Dec 1942 Sullivan, Franklin Co, MO

9. Hezekiah Smith Jackson

10. Thomas Jefferson Jackson 7 April 1841 Washington Co, MO died 29 August 1925 Pulaski Co, MO married Harriet Jane Fore, daughter of Benjamin Fore & Sabra Catherine Stogsdill, she was born 3 April 1843 MO died 11 February 1930

Children are:

1. William David Jackson b. 18 Jan 1861 Phelps Co, MO

2. Julia Ann Jackson b. 16 Feb 1864

3. Sarah Katherine Jackson b. 1866

4. Milford Elliot "Dick" Jackson b. 13 Dec 1868

5. Susan Jane Jackson b. abt 1885 Washington Co, MO

6. Laura Mae Jackson

7. Cynthia Jackson

8. Robert Lee Jackson

9. Unknown Jackson



He married Second, Unknown Spouse:

Children are:

1. Susan Jackson

2. Smith Jackson



2. William T. Smith Jackson b. 1814 KY d. bef. Oct 1853 Washington Co, MO married Susan Horine 18 Nov 1843 Washington Co, MO.

Children are:

1. Napoleon Bonaparte Jackson b. 19 August 1838 Washington County, Missouri died 23 July 1899 Washington County, Missouri, married Sarah Simpson 27 Dec 1860 Washington County, Missouri, daughter of Joseph Simpson & Lovy Coats, she was born 20 Dec 1838 Washington County, Missouri died 27 June 1880 Washington County, Missouri,

Children are:

1. Joseph H Jackson

2. William Raphael Jackson b. 1864 Washington County, Missouri 3. Samuel Sidney Jackson b. Feb 1866 Washington County, Missouri

4. Susan Lovey Jackson b. 2 Dec 1867 Washington County, Missouri died 20 Dec 1923 Washington County, Missouri married William H Kimberlin 22 Dec 1889 Washington County, Missouri, son of Jacob Kimberlin & Delilah Harper, he was born 17 Feb 1867 Anthonies Mill, Washington County, Missouri died 16 Dec 1958 Washington County, Missouri

Children are:

1. Living Kimberlin

2. Living Kimberlin

3. Living Kimberlin

4. Walter L Kimberlin b. 24 Oct 1890 Anthonies Mills, MO 5. Minnie Kimberlin b. 9 Sep 1892 Anthonies Mills, MO

6. Elba M Kimberlin b. May 1895 Anthonies Mills, MO

7. Oscar Bonaparte Kimberlin b. 23 June 1898 Anthonies Mills, Mo

5. Thomas Stephen Jackson b. 1870 Washington County, Missouri 6. Nancy Eva Jackson b. 1872 Washington County, Missouri 7. Walter N Jackson b. 1874 Washington County, Missouri

8. Herbert F Jackson b. 1876 Washington County, Missouri

9. Carter Jackson b. 1879 Washington County, Missouri

2. Catherine Jackson b. about 1851 Washington County, Missouri married John Agnew 11 Sep 1881 Old Mines, Washington County, Missouri, he was born May 1852 Ireland

Children are:

1. John Agnew b. 28 Aug 1883 Washington Co, MO

2. Henry Agnew b. 29 June 1882 Washington Co, MO

3. Nancy Jane Jackson b. 1842

4. Thomas Jackson b. 1840

5. Andrew Jackson b. 1844

6. Eliza Jackson b. 1846

7. Minerva Jackson b. 1848

8. Mary Jackson b. 1849

9. Elias Jackson b. 16 Jan 1853 Cruise, Missouri died 17 Aug 1938 Eureka, St Louis County, Missouri, married Helen Talbot Bouchard, she was born 24 Jan 1862 died 20 Mar 1904 Bourbon, Crawford County, Missouri Children are:

1. William Joseph Jackson b. 25 Sep 1880 Potosi, Washington County, Missouri died 23 Jan 1951 Alhambra, California, married Susanna Fleming 22 Oct 1915 St Louis, Missouri, daughter of Alexander Fleming & Hannah McCartney, she was born 18 Apr 1893 Cuba, Crawford County, Missouri died 18 Jan 1989 Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, California

Children are:

1. Myron Stanley Jackson b. 8 May 1920 Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona died 1 Apr 1997 Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California

2. Living Jackson

2. Irene Stella Jackson b. 11 Apr 1887 Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri

3. Minnette Clara Jackson b. 14 Dec 1889 Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri

4. Bertha Jackson b. 13 Sep 1892 Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri

5. Archibald Jackson b. 14 Dec 1896 Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri, died 1976 Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona married Stella Moonan 28 Oct 1922 Missouri, she died 24 July 1995 Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona, they have two Living Children.

6. Gerald Jackson b. 15 Jun 1899 Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri

7. Stanley Jackson b. 16 Nov 1901 Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri

8. Living Jackson

3. Molly Polly Jackson b. 1815 KY married Henry Capler 25 May 1834 Washington Co, MO He was born about 1810 Kentucky

Children are:

1. Phillip Capler b. KY

2. Stephen Capler b. 1840 Washington County, Missouri

3. Thomas Capler b. 1841 Washington County, Missouri

4. Elizabeth Capler b. 1846 Washington County, Missouri

4. Rueben Jackson b. 1816

5. John Jackson b. 30 Aug 1816 Harrison Co, KY d. 15 Apr 1898 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO, buried Renaud Cem., married Emily Payne 6 May 1837 Washington Co, MO, she was born 22 Jun 1816 Washington Co, MO, d. 10 Apr 1899 Mound Valley, Labette Co. Kansas, aged 82 years 9 mos 18 days., daughter of Joseph and Mary Payne.

Note: Emily Jackson was born in Washington County, Missouri, 22d, June 1816, and died 4 miles east of Mound Valley in Kansas, April 10th, 1899, aged 82 yrs, 9 ms, and 18ds. She was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Payne and of a family of 7 children, 3 brothers and 4 sisters. All are now dead. Sister Jackson was the divorced wife of John Jackson and mother of 14 children, 7 of whom survive namely: Sara C. Askins, Lydia Earp, Mrs. Emily Hopkins, Martha Saltsman, Cynthia Jackson, Nannie Clark, and Mandy C. Renaud. Her grand children no. 52, 15 of them are dead. 42 great grand children, 4 are dead. Early in life she joined the M.E. Church and in 1871 she joined the Baptist Church in Crawford Co., MO, and at the time of her death, she was a member to the Baptist Church at Edgar Springs, in Phelps Co., MO. A funeral discourse was delivered at Edgar Springs on Oct. 15th 1899 at 11 a/m/ from Psalms 35X14 and by her request-sang-Peaceful death of the Righteous and God be with you til we Meet Again.

Children are:

1. Mary Jane Jackson b. 1842 Arkansas died about 1878 Edgar Springs, Phelps County, Missouri, married Joseph Henry Mace, he was born 25 Sep 1835 Tennessee

Children are:

1. Martha Frances Mace b. 11 Nov 1857

2. Anna E. Mace b. 1859

3. Samuel E. Mace b. 1860

4. Rachel C. Mace b. 1861

5. Sarah E. Mace b. 1864

6. Amanda Jane Mace b. 30 Oct 1866

7. William Joseph Mace b. 1869

8. Thomas Edward Mace b. 15 Feb 1872 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO

9. Mary Lacy Mace b. 4 Dec 1875

2. Sarah Catherine Jackson b. 1846 married Askins

3. Lydia Elizabeth Jackson b. 1847 married Earp

4. Emily F. Jackson b. 1850 MO married Hopkins

5. Martha Ellen "Mat" Jackson b. 1854 MO married John Saltsman

Children are:

1. Albert Saltsman

2. Elmore Saltsman

6. Cynthia A. Jackson b. 1855 MO

7. Nancy Ann Jackson b. 29 Apr 1857 Phelps Co, MO d. 14 Sep 1940 Fresno, Fresno, Calif. married Ransom Amos Clark 7 July 1878 Phelps Co, MO, he was born 3 Jan 1855 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO

Children are:

1. Clark Clark

2. Unknown Clark

3. Unknown Clark

4. Henry Nelson Clark b. 14 Oct 1884 Phelps Co, MO

5. Gracia A. Clark b. 12 May 1899 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO

6. Emma Catherine Clark b. 13 Jan 1891 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO

8. Nanie Jackson

9. Amanda Caroline "Cally" Mandy Jackson b. 1 Jan 1859 Phelps County, Missouri married Albert C Renaud b. about 1852

Child is:

1. Louis A Renaud b. abt 1879

10. Unknown

11. Unknown

12. Unknown

13. Unknown

6. Elizabeth Jackson b. 1818

7. Martha Patsy Jackson b. 15 Jun 1820 MO, d. 17 Jan 1911 Flat, Phelps Co, MO buried 18 Jan 1911 Smith Cem. Rolla, Phelps, MO, married [1] Unknown 3 Feb 1837 Washington Co, MO, [2] MM 15 Feb 1874

8. Sarah Sally Jackson b. 1821 KY d. 30 Jun 1858 Washington Co, MO married 14 Feb 1836 Washington Co, MO Francis DeClue

9. Andrew W Jackson b. 28 Nov 1827 Washington Co, MO d. 11 May 1897 Phelps Co, MO, buried Anthonies Mill, Washington Co, MO.

10. Francis Minet Jackson born 11 January 1832 Washington Co, MO died 7 January 1923 Washington Co, MO, buried Renaud Cem. married Cecilia Renaud

Children are:

1. Smith Jackson born Washington County, Missouri married Eada Simmons 31 May 1855 Washington County, Missouri, daughter of John Simmons & Rachel, she was born about 1840 Tennessee

Child is:

1. Eugene Jackson

Child is:

1. Eugene Jackson

He has copies of Smith verses Esquires Speck & Melvin at Sullivan, MO, 7 Aug 1867

2. Susan Jackson b. abt 1856 MO

3. Martha Ellen Jackson b. abt 1858 MO

4. Rachel Jackson b. abt 1859 MO

5. Phillip Jackson b. 5 Dec 1861 Washington Co, MO

6. Sarah Catherine Jackson b. abt 1862 MO

7. Melissa Jackson b. abt 1863 Washington Co, MO

8. William Jackson b. abt 1865 MO

9. Mary Jackson b. abt 1866 MO

10. Austin Clark Jackson b. abt 1867 Washington Co, MO

11. John Jackson b. abt 1869 MO

2. Mary Adill Jackson born 1857 Rolla, Phelps Co, MO

3. Lucy Emma Jackson born 1859 Rolla, Phelps Co, MO

4. Sarah Josephine Jackson born 1864 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO 5. Francis M Jackson b. 1865 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO

6. William Andrew Jackson b. 1867 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO

7. Martha Isabel Jackson b. Jul 1870 Edgar Springs, Phelps, MO

8. George W. Jackson b. 1872 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO

9. Lewis A Jackson b. 1875 Washington Co, MO

Married Second: Sarah Jane Christian 12 Dec 1878 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO, daughter of Obed M Christian & Rachel, she was born 19 July 1851 Hartville, Wright Co, MO died 21 Jun 1938 Gracemont, Cadds Co, OK. Children are:

1. Amanda E Jackson born 3 Feb 1879 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO married Homer Jocoy

2. John H Jackson born 7 Mar 1880 Edgar Springs, Phelps Co, MO 3. James Edward Jackson born Jul 1881 Edgar Springs, Phelps, MO

11. George W. Jackson b. Jan 1833 Washington Co, MO d. 13 Sep 1913 Fetherville, Elmore, IDaho, buried Rocky Bar, married Margaret Ann Halbert 5 Feb 1871 South Carolina, daughter of Thomas M Halbert & Cecily Brush, she was born 23 Dec 1848 S.C. d. 23 Jun 1921 Mountain Home, Idaho, buried Rocky Bar

Census 1880 Alturas Co, ID. Supervisor's Dist. 4, p. 12

Jackson George W, W M 46, b. MO father b. KY

Margaret W F 31, wife, keeps house, b. SC father b. SC

George W. W M 6, son, at school, b. MO Father b. MO

Frankie W. M. 5, son, at school, b. Colorado, FAther b. MO

Grace W. F. 4, daugther, at school. b. Colorado, Father b. MO

Census 1900, U.S. Census Population Schedule, Elmore Co, ID. Supervisor's Dist. 1. Enumeration Dist. 4, p. 12, Junction Bar Precinct, dwelling 66, Family 66, 11-15-June, 1900:

Jackson, George W. W M 67, farmer; b. Jan. 1833 MO married 29 years: parents b. Ky., owns farm, free of mortgage.

Margaret A. W. F. 51, wife: b. dec. 1848 S.C. married 29 years: 8 children, 5, living: parents b. S.C.

Robert P., W M 19, son, farm laborer; b. Apr 1881 ID.

Laura A. W F 15, daughter, at school; b. Aug. 1886 ID.

Frank L. W M 24, son, day laborer: b. Oct 1875 Col.

Bickel, William D., W M 2, grandson; b. Dec 1897 ID fa. b. Germany, mother b. Col.

Bickel, Edna M. W F 1, granddaughter; b. Dec 1898 ID. Fa Ger. Mo. Col

Katz [?] Herman W M 17; servant; b. Dec 1883 ILL parents b. Ger.

Obit: Mountain Home, New Time, 20 Setember 1913 Page 1, Column 1.

Respected Pioneer Passes Away.

One of Idaho's most repected pioneers in the person of George W. Jackson quietly passed away at this home on the South Boise River, near Featherville, Ida., on Saturday, Sept. 13, 1913, after an illness of two weeks. Mr. Jackson was well and favorably known throughout this entire section of Idaho, having first journeyed overland to Boise Basin, and thence to Rocky Bar in the spring of 1862, coming from California, whither he had gone during the gold excitment of 1850. He was fairly successful in his mining ventures, and as one of the original owners of the famous "Elmore" mine made considerable money. He left Rocky Bar for his native state of Missouri in 1870, and there, in 1871, was married to Miss M. A. Halbert, returning with his wife soon after, to Rocky Bar, where he again engaged in mining until 1887, when he located on a homestead, where he died. Deceased had a family of eight childlren, and is survived by a widow and four children. Mr. Jackson joined the Masonic Order in California, and affiliated with the lodge at Rocky Bar until the last named lodge surrendered its charter for lack of membership. He was born in Washington County, Mo., in 1833, and was 80 years and 9 months old. The remains were interred at Rocky Bar on Monday, all of the oldtime residents in the vicinity and froma distance gathering to the funeral to pay their respect to their comrade of pioneer days. The floral offerings were many and beautiful, and the funeral services conducted at the cemetery by Wm. A. Nixon, were appropriate and impressive.

Obit for Margaret Ann Halbert Jackson:

Mountain Home Republican, 2 July 1921, Page 1, Column 1.

Passed from this life to the other life, Thursday, June 23, Mrs. Margaret A. Halbert Jackson at the age of 72 years and six months, at the home of her sons, Frank and Robert Jackson, in Mountain Home, Idaho. She was born in South Carolina in 1848. As Miss Margaret A. Halbert, she was married to George W. Jackson, at Steelville, Mo., February 5, 1871. To this wedlock eight children, four boys and four girls, were given. Her husband was furied at Rocky Bar eight years ago, and near him two children: other two lie, one in Missouri and one in Colorado. She is survived by two daughter, Mrs. Laura Hunter of Oakland, Calif., and Mrs. Grace Ryan of Hillsboro, Ore., and two sons, Frank L. and Robert P. Jackson. She has ten grandchildren, the two oldest being Mrs. Edna Schartt of Gilette, Wyo, and Willie D. Bickel of Mountain Home. All were present at her bedside at the last parting, and she knew them all. The deceased was an Idaho Pioneer. The same year of the marriage, 1871, Mrs. Jackson with her husband came on the overland route, by way of Salt Lake and the old Mountain Home near Rattlesnake Creek to Rocky Bar. Mr. Jackson at one time owned the Elmore Mine, and Mrs. Jackson helped to sack out the gold ore in belt pockets around the waist. Thirty-two years of her life were associated witht he Jackson Ranch, near the Boise River Bridge near Featherville. This valuable property was started and developed by Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. The past few years he rhome has been with her sons in Moutain Home.

1920 enumeration cites Margaret H. Jackson as a Widow, living at nearby Mountain Home with her son, Frank L., and her grandson, William D. Bickel. During the forty years spanned by these records, no other Jackson of compatible birthplace or age appears in the census for Rocky Bar, Junction Bar, or Mountain Home.

Children are:

1. Unknown Jackson

2. Unknown Jackson

3. Unknown Jackson

4. George W. Jackson b. Jun 1875 MO

5. Frank Lee Jackson b. Oct 1876 Col.

6. Grace Jackson b. 1877 Col.

7. Robert P. Jackson b. Apr 1881 Elmore, ID.

8. Laura A. Jackson b. Aug 1884 Elmnore, ID.

8. Unknown Jackson

5. Lula Lucinda Jackson b. 8 May 1908 Richwoods, MO d. 30 May 1990 St Louis, MO Buried 2 Jun 1990 Upper Alton, Madison Co, ILL, Religion was Pentecostal, married Oscar Truman Doty 4 Dec 1927 Alton, Madison Co, ILL, son of Benjamin Doty & Mary Tosh, he was born 15 May 1901 St Louis, MO d. 14 Feb 1978 Clayton, St Louis, MO, buried 17 Feb 1978 Upper Alton, Madison Co, ILL

Children are:

1. Roland Doty died 14 apr 1999

2. John Doty married Henrietta Ginney

3. Rose Marie Doty married [1] Earl A. Teipleman [2] Balke

4. Loetta Doty

5. Beatrice Doty b. 9 May 1930 St Louis, MO d. 5 Dec 1999 Ark married [1] Richard Mueller [2] Earl A. Teipleman [3] John Herzog 7 Jun 1973 St Charles, MO

6. Irene B. Doty b. 21 Nov 1931 St Louis, MO d. 20 dec 1984 Fredericktown, MO buried 29 Dec 1999, she married Rollie D. "Don" Sumwalt 11 Jun 1949

7. Kenneth Richard Doty b. 10 Apr 1940 St Louis, MO married [1] Candace White [2] Jean Kay Bohlen, she was b. 11 Dec 1940 litchfield, Montgomery Co, ILL [she had a Dog Groomer Shop]was Lutheran in Religion, [3] Wanda Smeathers 12 Feb 1960 Mt. Olive Macoupin, ILL

Child by Candace White is:

1. Alex Doty

Children by Jean Bohlen are:

1. Roxanne Louise Doty b. 25 Dec 1960 Staunton Macoupin, ILL married [1] James Edward West [2] Derald Edward Carney b. 27 Nov [3] Walter Clarance Leslie Holmes [4] Edward Giller 23 Jun 1979 Mt. Olive Macoupin, ILL [5] Walter Leroy Wallace 23 Jun 1979, born 14 Apr 1958 Granite City, Madison Co, ILL

2. Corine Marie Doty b. 27 Mar 1962 Staunton Macoupin, ILL married [1] Paul Maier [2] Ronnie Lee Crider 1984 Mt. Olive Macoupin, ILL born in MO [3] Donald Lee Malone 17 July 1986 Mt. Olive Macoupin, ILL born 1 Apr 1967 Carlinville, Macoupin, ILL.

3. Kenneth Richard Doty b. 14 Dec 1963 Staunton Macoupin, ILL married Paula Jo Funk 16 Mar 1989 St Louis, MO born 21 Nov 1955 Decatur, Macon Co, ILL

Kenneth is disabled of Lutheran religion and Paula is a Housekeeper in a nursing home and a Methodist in religion.

Children by Wanda Smeathers are:

1. Dawn Renee Doty b. 4 Oct 1971 Litchfield, Montgomery Co, ILL

2. Michael Oscar Doty b. 5 Sep 1974 Litchfield, Montgomery Co, ILL married Bonnie Jean Kramer 9 Sep 1995 Kentucky

8. Robert Albert Doty b. 15 Jul 1941 St Louis, MO d. 22 Apr 1996 Columbia, Ohio married Helen Unknown

Children are:

1. Tammy Doty married James Bowdre

2. Bobby Doty

3. Vickie Doty married Mentor Reynolds

4. Wesley Doty married Jennie

5. Oscar Doty

2. Sally Jackson b. 1833 KY

7. Julia E Jackson b. 1882 Johnson Twp, Washington Co, MO d. Feb 1926 Washington Co, MO [probably twin to Ada] married John William Cain, son of John Jesse Cain, he was born Feb 1866 Franklin Co, MO d. 27 May 1932 Breton, Washington Co, MO, buried Lost Creek Cem [cousin]

Children are:

1. Lewis L Cain b. MO d. 1920 MO

2. Sarah Laura Cain b. MO d. 1931 MO

3. Archie Albert Cain b. MO d. 1982 MO

4. Nellie Mae Cain b. 1901 MO d. 1966

5. Margaret Ellen Cain b. 28 Aug 1902 MO d. 1981 Washington Co, MO married [1] William Wesley Dobbs, son of Jacob Dobbs & Clara Ferguson, he was born 31 Oct 1899 Jefferson Co, MO [2] Roy Hennen Maness, son of Charles Maness & Arminta Cantrell, he was born 12 Jul 1895 Mount Hope, MO d. 31 Oct 1968 Potosi, Washington Co, MO [3] Elmer Stroupe

Children by Roy Maness are:

1. Living Maness

2. Living Maness

3. Living Maness

4. Living Maness

5. Living maness

6. Living Maness

7. Living Maness

8. Living Maness

9. Living Maness

10. Lula Ernestine Maness b. 24 Jan 1929 Potosi, MO


6. William Frederick Cain b. 1905 MO d. 1958

7. Eliza Jane Cain b. 1908 MO d. 1944

8. Ernest Noah Cain b. 1910 mO d. 1955

9. Rosie Alice Cain b. 1912 MO d. 1981

10. Clifford Cain b. 1924 MO d. 1995


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